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Chapter 742

Chapter 742: The Mysterious Black Figure

A black figure appeared in a strange manner on the wall where wild grass grew. The body of the figure was completely wrapped in a black cloak. An ordinary person was not even able to differentiate whether the figure was male or female. Only an indifferent gaze shot out from the cloak and looked at the three people in the valley without any emotion.

Xiao Yan was also slightly startled by this black figure which had suddenly appeared. It was unexpected that there was really someone in this mountain valley.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and stared at the black figure. His Spiritual Strength was spread out in a lightning-like manner, but he ended up frowning a moment later. He was surprised to discover that his Spiritual Strength had difficulty extending even a little further when it was still a couple of meters from the black figure. This kind of unusual circumstance was something that he had met for the first time in so many years.

“Remain behind? There has yet to be anyone who have the qualifications to say such things to this Queen!” Medusa also swiftly recovered. A cold smile immediately surfaced on her face. Killing intent brewed quietly in her eyes. An instant later, her finger was suddenly flicked and a seven colored energy pillar shot out from it. Finally, it flew through the empty air in a lightning-like manner as it shot toward the black figure.

Those indifferent eyes under the cloak stared at the seven colored pillar. The robes moved automatically without wind, and a dense gray-colored fog surged out from the black figure’s body. Following the appearance of this gray fog, the wild grass around that black human figure suddenly began to swiftly wither at a speed visible to the naked eye. In an instant, they were completely withered, devoid of all life.

The changes of that wild grass did not escape Xiao Yan’s eyes. Those eyes of his suddenly shrank. This person seemed to really specialize in poison attacks. It was unexpected that even this figures Dou Qi contained such potent poison.

The gray-colored fog surged out and lingered in front of the black human figure. The seven colored pillar instantly rushed into it. However, this attack that was sufficient to cause an ordinary expert Dou Wang to be afraid of randomly receiving had strangely begun to scatter after entering the gray fog. In merely a breath’s time, that seven colored energy was actually completely scattered and turned into nothingness.

“Get out of the mountain valley within ten breaths. Otherwise, die!”

Surprise flashed across Medusa’s eyes following the elimination of the seven colored energy. Immediately, she heard the black figure’s voice and the chillness on her face became denser. A majestic force slowly surged out from her body.

“Today, whether you leave or stay, this Queen will take this life of yours!” Medusa let out a cold laugh before she turned her head to Xiao Yan and Zi Yan and whispered, “The both of you should move a little further away. This person’s body is filled with lethal poison. It would be troublesome if you came into contact with it.”

Xiao Yan knit his brows tightly. A thought swiftly flew past his heart. Just who was this mysterious black human figure? It was impossible for this black figure to be an unknown person given that he or she possessed such a powerful strength. Why has nobody mentioned it in the past?

Ten breaths had passed while Xiao Yan was deep in thoughts. The eyes of the black figure on the mountain wall immediately turned cold. The figure waved its sleeves and a dense, gray fog surged out in all directions. Finally, it moved into the mountain valley, corroding everything as it passed by.

“You are seeking death!” A cold glint surfaced in Medusa’s eyes when she saw this. Her body

moved and she suddenly appeared in mid-air. She clenched her fist and a seven colored energy snake sword agglomerated and appeared. With her toes pressing on the air, she transformed into a fine line that shot toward the black human figure.

That mysterious black human figure had already sensed Medusa’s strength the moment they came into brief contact earlier. However, that figure still did not show any intention of withdrawing. Its gaze was indifferent as it looked at the former’s figure that was rushing over. With a sudden movement of its sleeves, a pair of unusually pale but somewhat long hands appeared. Gray fog was swiftly churning in its palm before it swiftly shrank. In the blink of an eye, the deep-gray had turned to a purple-gray one. An unusual fishy odor scattered from it.

The black human figure flicked its finger when the gray-purple fog appeared. The gray-purple fog silently shot toward Medusa.

A pungent stench spread from the fog. Medusa had only inhaled a little of it when her face changed slightly. The seal on her hand changed, and a seven colored energy swiftly agglomerated in front of her. Finally, it transformed into a seventy-to-eighty-foot-wide energy serpent. The huge serpent opened its mouth and swallowed the cluster of gray-purple poison fog into its mouth.

The moment the gray-purple poison fog was swallowed, an eruption occurred. Both parties eroded each other and the huge energy serpent along with the gray-purple poisonous fog were annihilated together.

“What a potent poison…” Medusa narrowed her long pupils. A seriousness slowly appeared on Medusa’s cold pretty face. It was not that she had never met a person who used poison. However, it was the first time in her entire life that she had met a person who was so outstanding at using poison.

Medusa’s mind moved and a layer of seven colored energy film slowly seeped out from her body. Finally it wrapped around her body as it flashed. The next time she appeared, she was on the mountain wall. With a cold laugh, the snake sword in her hand carried a sharp wind that shot toward the black figure’s throat.

The black figure also moved when faced with Medusa’s wild and violent attack. With strange soft footsteps, the figure coincidentally dodged the flashing sword of Medusa. After doing so, it tightened its hand and gray-colored fog agglomerate in its palm. Finally, it transformed into a gray longsword. A faint fishy scent was emitted from the longsword. Clearly, there was a potent poison on it.

Clang! Clang!

Both swords crossed each other in a lightning-like manner. A blurry shadow flew out and rock fragments broke from the mountain wall. Sparks shot around the place and numerous tiny crack lines swiftly spread in the hard wall.

Perhaps it was because Medusa was afraid of the lethal poison of the black human figure but she still had difficulty defeating this person after using most of her strength. From the looks of the situation, there was actually signs of a stalemate occurring.

“Just who is this person? They are actually able to be an even match with Medusa?” A solemn expression gradually surfaced in Xiao Yan’s eyes as he looked at the two human figures that flashed down from the mountain wall. It should be known that even Yun Shan’s strength back then was less than Medusa’s. It was unexpected that this mysterious black shadow was actually able to contend with her.

“This fellow is really strong… to actually be able to fight with Cai Lin jie for so long. Moreover, the scent on their body causes one to feel giddy.” Zi Yan frowned slightly. She held her forehead with her hand and her head felt somewhat dizzy.

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. He inhaled with his strength and was shocked to realize that there was an extremely faint unusual scent that had unknowingly appeared in the air.

“Stop breathing temporarily!” Xiao Yan’s expression was gloomy. He swiftly took out a medicinal pill from his storage ring and stuffed it into Zi Yan’s mouth. This poison was really terrifying. Despite it being present only for a short while, it was able to cause even Zi Yan to feel dizzy. If one were to inhale too much of it, it was likely that one would even leave one’s life here.

“I cannot continue to let that person emit poisonous air. Otherwise, all the living creatures in the mountain valley will be poisoned to death…” Xiao Yan mused for a moment within his heart before he immediately waved his sleeve. A jade-green flame suddenly surfaced above his palm. A high temperature swiftly spread.

Following the swift increase of the temperature within the mountain valley, the air turned unusually dry. The unusual scent within it also slowly disappeared…

“Zi Yan, stay here and don’t randomly run around!” Xiao Yan raised his head to look at the battle in the sky after eliminating the unusual scent. A cold glint flicked in his eyes. He turned his head to instruct Zi Yan before the fire wings on his back slowly extended. Finally, he abruptly flapped them and his body suddenly rushed into the sky. He charged toward the battleground.

Two black figures flashed and crossed each other in the sky. Seven colored energy and the strange gray fog appeared from all directions. They immediately collided and unleashed a soft muffled sound. At the same time, a nose-piercing scent pervaded the land.

The two swords struck each other once again and sparks flew in all directions. Medusa and the black human figure had just retreated when a human figure suddenly rushed over from below. It carried a fist with a hot wind as it smashed toward the black human figure.

The wind that had suddenly arrived did not caused the black human figure to panic even a little. Its body twisted in a strange manner and Xiao Yan’s fist rubbed along the former’s clothes as it passed by.

Xiao Yan withdrew in a lightning-like manner after his punch was futile. An instant later, he appeared beside Medusa. His eyes carried a dark, solemn look as he studied the black figure in front of him. He slowly asked, “Who exactly are you?”

The black figure gently drifted back for some distance. Those indifferent gaze under the cloak looked at Xiao Yan who was a short distance away. Those eyes were slightly startled when they swept over the young face. However, a struggling expression quickly appeared. A moment later, its eyes once again became cold and indifferent.

“Leave this place!”

“This friend, I am Xiao Yan. This place is one that a good friend of mine and I found years ago. The owner of this place is not you!” Xiao Yan laughed coldly.

“Xiao Yan… good friend…” A glimmer once again appeared in the eyes under the cloak. The gray fog that spread over the figures body weakened a little.

“Why are you saying such nonsense to this person? This poison might be strange but it will not be difficult for this Queen to kill them!” Medusa coldly spoke. The killing intent in her eyes was extremely dense.

Xiao Yan was unmoved by her words. He knit his brows slightly as he observed this black human figure who had suddenly turned a little strange. He cupped his hands together once again and spoke with a courteous voice, “May I know your name? Perhaps Xiao Yan has heard of you.”

The eyes under the cloak merely looked at Xiao Yan’s face. A moment later, it slowly shut its eyes. The figure slowly withdrew.

Xiao Yan frowned as he looked at the black human figure, who had suddenly began to act in a ridiculous manner. He quietly became cautious in his heart.

The black human figure gradually withdrew from the mountain valley. The figure suddenly paused. Something flew over with a wave of its hand.

Xiao Yan’s expression changed slightly when he saw this. His body hurriedly withdrew and a gentle force was unleashed before wrapping around the item that flew over. He looked at it and saw that it was actually a jade bottle.

“Although the two of you are powerful and might not fear the poison fog, the little girl below is unable to do so. This is the antidote that can remove the poison in her body…” An unusually hoarse voice was slowly emitted from the black cloak after she threw the jade bottle over.

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. He exchanged glances with Medusa. He sucked the jade bottle over but did not use his hand to touch it.

“Since this place is one that you and your friend found, I shall return it to you…” The black figure slowly turned around. Its figure flashed and rushed toward the mountain range.

Xiao Yan was shocked as he stared at the black human figure who simply just left. He was somewhat stunned. He frowned intently while his eyes glowed. An instant later, a glow appeared in his heart. He suddenly raised his head and shouted out to the black-colored figure that was about to disappear, “Little Fairy Doctor? Is it you?”

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