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Chapter 733: Full Recovery

Xiao Yan was not able to stop Yun Yun's departure. This was because he clearly understood within his heart that despite Yun Yun not having developed too much hatred over the destruction of the Misty Cloud Sect, she was ultimately the sect leader of the Misty Cloud Sect no matter how one put it. It was impossible for her not to feel a slight grudge. At the same time, she may have been thinking of remaining by Xiao Yan's side to lend him a hand, but she still faintly felt some resistance to such an idea.

This resistance came from her feelings toward the Misty Cloud Sect. It came from the many years that the Misty Cloud Sect had groomed her.

Perhaps part of the reason Yun Yun wanted to leave the Jia Ma Empire this time around was to resolve the resistance she felt in her heart. She had mentioned that she would be able to return the day she was able to place the Misty Cloud Sect deep within her heart without it being brought back up.

It was not difficult for Xiao Yan to forcefully get Yun Yun to stay given his current strength and those of the experts beside him. He had special feelings for Yun Yun. Those matters within the 'Magical Beast Mountain Range' when he was young back then were things he had difficulty forgetting. The lovely events that had occurred within the mountain cave would cause his heart to vaguely wiggle at the slightest memory from those days.

Hence, he did not stop Yun Yun in order to allow her to resolve the knot in her heart

XIao Yan remained on the Misty Cloud Mountain for three days. Yun Yun finally ceased delaying any longer on the morning of the fourth day. She was afraid that if she continued to remain by his side, the difficult thoughts of leaving would scatter. Hence, she brought Nalan Yanran and quietly left while Xiao Yan Yan was training with his eyes shut.

Yun Yun, who had left quietly, did not realize that Xiao Yan, whose eyes had been tightly shut, had opened slowly when she turned around. His gaze was gentle as he looked at that moving figure, but he did not say anything to stop her, watching her leap into the sky. Finally, she disappeared from his sight.

Xiao Yan's expression quietly became dark during the time Yun Yun took to quietly disappear from Xiao Yan's line of sight. He extended his hand and picked up the deep-blue armor vest that was folded neatly by his side. A slight fragrance remained on it.

Xiao Yan's finger traced those tiny crack lines at the edge of the armor vest. The gentleness in his eyes grew even richer. This inner vest had rescued him a couple of times back then. Quite a number of fragments had fallen during the times it protected him. Finally, these fragments were quietly and bitterly searched for by Yun Yun before once again being set into the vest. Of course, some of those that were impossible to find due to various reasons were meticulously mended by Yun Yun with the same material.

Although this inner vest was Yun Yun's personal object that she had always kept close to her and ended up forming a slight relationship with it, attempting to search for those tiny fragments within this enormous Jia Ma Empire would require one to expand an incredible amount of effort. Hence, this point made Xiao Yan give up any grudges from the past.

Xiao Yan let out a deep sigh after storing the inner vest into his storage ring. He immediately stood up and his gaze glanced in the direction in which Yun Yun had disappeared. A moment later he muttered, "Take care."

Xiao Yan's shoulders trembled after he was silent for a moment. A pair of jade-green fire wings surfaced on his back. With a gentle flap, he immediately rushed in the direction of the capital. Xiao Yan's injuries had unexpectedly recovered during these three days. He sensed the barrier to the Dou Huang class a couple of times while recovering his Dou Qi. However, this was merely a feeling. A true breakthrough did not appear.

The difficulty of attempting to breakthrough to the Dou Huang class far exceeded Xiao Yan's expectations. Despite him having undergone a big life and death battle with Yun Shan, there was still a gap left.

Xiao Yan was not too anxious in regards to this. This was because he vaguely knew that it would not be long before he would advance to the Dou Huang class. Perhaps, all it required was a slight opportunity of luck and that breakthrough would naturally arrive.

"Dou Huang…" Xiao Yan's figure flew through the air like lightning, leaving behind only a faint-black figure. He narrowed his eyes and the fists under his sleeves were tightened. Given his current fighting strength, all the Dou Techniques other than the three colored fire lotus that he used with all of his strength, were able to fight with a person at the peak of the Dou Huang class with high chances of victory. If he were to use the three colored fire lotus, he would definitely be able to kill an expert at the peak of the Dou Huang class. Moreover, even elite Dou Zong below that of three stars would also receive serious injuries. If one of them were to experience an unlucky moment, he or she would end up like Yun Shan, whose Dou Qi within his body had become sluggish from the explosion, and be faced with subsequent fatal blows.

However, the latter's chances of victory were not considered to be very likely. If not for some good luck that day, it would have definitely been impossible for him to kill Yun Shan. Moreover, this slaughter was not under the precondition of him fighting until he was seriously injured. There was a taste of risking one's life to go all out during such a battle. After all, no matter how one put it, Xiao Yan's actual strength was merely at the peak of the Dou Wang class. This level was too far from an elite Dou Zong. If Xiao Yan had not been in possession of a couple of strong Dou Techniques, it would have been impossible for him to endure twenty exchanges in the hands of a Dou Zong.

However, if Xiao Yan were to successfully breakthrough to the Dou Huang class, it was likely difficult for Xiao Yan to find an opponent that could match him in the Dou Huang class by relying on the mysterious 'Flame Matra' and his strong Dou Techniques. Even if he were to meet an elite Dou Zong, he would still be able to rely on his superimposed wings and frightening speed to gain the ability to flee. If he dared to forcefully use the three colored fire lotus and risk his life, he might be able to kill that person as long as they were a three or four star Dou Zong or a lesser rank.

Of course, this kind of opportunity was accompanied by far too much risk. After all, it was likely that Xiao Yan would meet his own demise should he fail to kill his opponent.

"That one protector of the 'Hall of Souls' already possessed the strength of a Dou Zong. I do not know how many such experts remained within that organization. It seems that I will at the very least need to reach the peak of the Dou Huang class or even the Dou Zong class in order to rescue teacher. Otherwise, I would only be allowing myself to get caught if I were to forcefully head over. At that time, everything would truly be over." The wild wind blew beside Xiao Yan's ears as the scenery below flashed past while this thought rotated within his heart.

"Xun Er has also said before she left that I cannot go and look for her before reaching the strength of a Dou Zong. I think that her clan's strength is not inferior to the 'Hall of Souls'. Ugh… this path seems to be very long…" Xiao Yan sighed softly within his heart. His expression gradually became determined. Xiao Yan had to put in a tremendous amount of effort to become a person whom all the experts within the Jia Ma Empire looked up to after being ridiculed as the trash of his clan. It was something that an ordinary person had difficulty doing it. Everything was difficult in the beginning. Since he had already passed through the hardest period, he no longer needed to withdraw nor feel the slightest fear.

The current him was no longer the young and ignorant man from back then!

"Father, teacher… Xun Er, wait for me. Xiao Yan will not disappoint you!"

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. His shoulders shook and the jade-green fire wings became much denser. His flying speed soared at this moment. Finally, he transformed into a black lightning bolt as he flew to the enormous capital that had appeared in his sight.

Xiao Yan flew to the capital and appeared in the sky above the Xiao Mansion a moment later. His body turned and he swiftly rushed down.

Some human figures in the dark corners of the Xiao Mansion flashed as Xiao Yan's body descended from the sky above the Xiao Mansion. Weapons containing cold glints flickered in their hands, emitting dense, cold lusters.

However, these black figures had just rushed out of the darkness, prepared to stop this uninvited guest, when a powerful aura descended from the sky. It suppressed their bodies which were about to leap forward. A faint voice was also transmitted into everyone's ears at the same time.

"There is no need to panic. It's me."

Those black figures finally paused after hearing this familiar voice. They knelt on one knee and greeted the black-robed, young man, who was suspended in the sky. They immediately shrank back into the darkness in a ghost-like manner after causing the entire Xiao Mansion to enter a defensive state.

"These subordinates who are groomed by second brother are indeed quite good. Their bloody aura has an extraordinary fighting strength. With them protecting the Xiao Mansion, it is likely that an ordinary expert would have difficulty intruding into it. In the face of a stronger person, there was still Medusa, Zi Yan, and the others. Anyone would definitely be detected upon entry." Xiao Yan's gaze fluttered slightly as he looked at the black figures, who had shrank into the darkness, while he muttered softly to himself.

When Xiao Yan suddenly recalled Zi Yan in his heart, he suddenly remembered that that this little girl had actually blocked Protector Wu after his strength had soared from swallowing Yun Shan's spirit. This was really somewhat extraordinary. It should be known that a blow from Protector Wu in that condition was likely something that even experts at the peak of the Dou Huang class like Hai Bodong and Jia Xing Tian would not dare to easily receive. Yet this girl had actually received it head-on. Moreover, she did not receive any injuries other than feeling a little weak.

"Looks like this girl's original form is really quite extraordinary as teacher had mentioned. Once I advance to the Dou Huang class, I will have some confidence in refining a 'Body Transforming Pill'. At that time, I will definitely refine one for her and see just what being her original form is to actually possess such an ability."

Xiao Yan's figure landed in the Xiao Mansion. After which, he moved along the small path and arrived outside the living room a moment later. There was the sound of a conversation faintly transmitted from Xiao Ding and the others. He smiled slightly and pushed open the door to enter.

Xiao Yan, who had suddenly pushed open the door to enter, caused Xiao Ding and Xiao Li to be startled. They immediately rejoiced and came forward.

"If you continue to remain away, we would have had to invite Old Hai to go to the Misty Cloud to search for you." Xiao Li patted Xiao Yan's shoulders and helplessly spoke.

Xiao Yan smiled. He did not mention anything that happened during these three days. His gaze turned to Xiao Ding as he spoke with a soft laugh, "Big brother, we can invite chairman Fa Ma and the couple heads from the large clans over tomorrow. It is time to establish the faction that will protect our Xiao clan."

Joy flashed across Xiao Ding's eyes when he heard this. He said, "Have you completely recovered from your injuries?"

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He looked at the joyous eyes of the two people and muttered softly in his heart, "The Xiao clan will surpass the Misty Cloud Sect and become the overlord of this Jia Ma Empire! Father, I will definite fulfill your wish!"

Chapter 734: Alliance

When the warm sunlight gradually covered the entire capital the next day, the entrance to the Xiao Mansion that was seated in the middle of the capital continuously received people from the few strongest factions within the capital. Many people could see the coat of arms that represented the various factions pausing by the entrance from a great distance. They had a feeling that a major change was about to happen within the Jia Ma Empire.

The defense of the entire Xiao clan was unusually tight today. Any person not from the clan walking near it would immediately attract over a dozen eyes. If any person who arrived displayed even the slightest illegal activity, it was likely that that person would garner numerous attacks.

There was a large Meeting Room that was positioned in the middle of the Xiao Mansion. Not many people could enter this place. There were a couple of people there, but they were equivalent to the strongest few factions within the Jia Ma Empire.

However, the tension within the room was not as tense as expected. There were only a couple people that could enter into this room and they represented the largest factions within Jia Ma Empire.

A black-robed, young man was seated in the leader's seat within the hall. He would occasionally chat and laughing with Hai Bodong by his side. A cold pretty faced Medusa and Zi Yan, who was repeatedly looking all around, were seated on his left. Occasionally, some of the gazes in the hall would faintly sweep over this duo, one large and one small. Their gazes were filled with fear.

Everyone had arrived after Xiao Yan had chatted with Hai Bodong for awhile. Only then did he cease chatting and slowly sweep his eyes over the entire room. His eyes immediately paused on the figure of a lady and an old man on one side of the circular table. He smiled and said, "It is unexpected that even Jia Lao and Princess Yao Ye have come today. You are really important guests."

Jia Xing Tian laughed upon hearing this, "Our imperial family naturally needs to come over and join the liveliness of such a big matter. We have come to look at how the future second generation 'Misty Cloud Sect' will be established in the Jia Ma Empire." His gaze swept over Medusa and Zi Yan by Xiao Yan's side when he spoke these words. A deep fear flashed across his eyes.

Xiao Yan smiled. He slowly stood up and looked over the entire room. The private conversations within the large hall were reduced under his gaze and many eyes gathered onto him.

"Since everyone has been gathered, we shall begin to discuss some official matters."

Everyone hurriedly braced their attention upon hearing these words.

Xiao Yan gently inhaled a breath of air. He did not speak any nonsense and started on the main topic with a deep voice, "The Misty Cloud Sect has already disappeared from the Jia Ma Empire. Yun Shan's wild ambition have also been destroyed with it. However, everyone should also know that the position of our Jia Ma Empire isn't very high within the northwestern region of the continent. Although we have eliminated the big threat the Misty Cloud Sect posed, the position of our Jia Ma Empire will seriously decline because of this. Being the citizens of the Jia Ma Empire, I think that no one is willing to watch such a scene occur, right?"

Everyone nodded slightly upon hearing this. However, their gazes were still placed on Xiao Yan. This kind of situation remained consistently like this since a long time ago. The Jia Ma Empire did not have a high position within the northwestern region. It even resulted in the people who had come from the Jia Ma Empire to receive unequal treatment outside. It was due to this that the business of the few large clans was ultimately restricted to the empire and was not released out. This was because they needed to retain their strength to protect themselves within the empire. Once they gained such an ability to guarantee their reputation outside of the empire. The few empires around them outside of the Jia Ma Empire refused to bother with them!

"I think that everyone should be aware of some of my plans. The empire that possesses some strong factions within it would also raise the position of the country. However, now that the Misty Cloud Sect has disappeared, I, Xiao Yan, would like to establish an even stronger faction!" Xiao Yan's gaze suddenly became stern as he spoke in a deep voice, "My hope in gathering everyone here today is for everyone to join this alliance. Your position and your benefits in the future will definitely be far from what you can compare with now."

The hall became slightly quiet when Xiao Yan's voice sounded. It was a long while later before Mu Chen coughed softly and took the lead to speak, "Mister Xiao Yan's intention seem to be trying to gather our few large clans together to form a single faction?"

Other than Hai Bodong and Ya Fei, the other few clans nodded slightly after Mu Chen's voice sounded. Although Xiao Yan's hope was distant and great, the meaning of his words seem to be intending to get the few large clans to be under him. This point did not seem to be too different from the Misty Cloud Sect back then…

"Ke ke, let me say these words. Third brother's meaning is to invite everyone to join and form an alliance. This alliance would protect all the strengths of its members. As the saying goes, 'glorious together and miserable together'. Speaking unceremoniously, the three large clans within the empire might indeed possess some strength within the Jia Ma Empire. However, in the northwestern region, they do not possess the qualification to say a word in the northwestern region. Your three large clans will definitely be stronger than any one time after such a merger. All of you would also be able to obtain quite a number of things from it." Xiao Ding smiled slightly while he opened his mouth to softly speak.

Everyone's expressions became slightly warmer upon hearing Xiao Ding's words, They immediately nodded. If this was true, they would not be without any good things by entering the so-called alliance. There would be nothing bad from it.

Xiao Yan and Xiao Ding exchanged glances with one another. The latter laughed softly and said, "Once the alliance is established, we will create a hall that specializes in grooming experts for the alliance. It will help provide the alliance with a never-ending stream of new blood. All of you, being the members of the alliance, can recommend sending your outstanding younger generation to it. They will be able to receive the most perfect training and grooming there. The Qi Methods and Dou Techniques present there will be something that your clans will be unable to provide. Their achievements in the future will definitely exceed your earlier expectations."

The eyes of Mu Chen, Nalan Jie, and the others brightened upon hearing this. This welfare was something that would attract them.

"Ke ke, may I know what must we give up if we were to join?" Nalan Jie smiled and politely inquired.

"Anyone who joins the alliance cannot concern itself only with itself in the future. Instead, it must view the alliance as a family and protect all its interest." Xiao Ding spoke faintly. The words that he said were simple to utter but one had to give up a lot in order to commit to such words.

Nalan Jie and the others were slightly startled upon hearing these words that Xiao Ding casually mentioned. Their faces immediately revealed some hesitation. They were naturally able to hear some meaning behind them. If they were to join the alliance, the structure of their clan would no longer exist. They must treat the alliance as a clan in the future and contribute all they could to it.

"Everyone, the alliance does not belong to any single individual. It will have an Elder's Council that will be the highest decision maker. Even the Alliance Head can only obey them. Now that we are just starting to establish it, every clan will be given a seat on the Elder's Council for being the founding members. However, it will definitely not be so simple in the future." Xiao Ding smiled as he explained.

The hesitation on the faces of Nalan Jie and the others only weakened after hearing these words. They still had difficulty making an instant decision. After all, what they needed to contribute to was the entire clan.

"Ke ke, my Primer clan does not have any objections. Let me be the first Elder in this so-called Elder Council." Hai Bodong laughed in a clear voice while everyone in the hall was hesitating.

Everyone curled their mouth when they heard this. Your Primer clan is basically in the same boat as Xiao Yan. Would you lose out by joining the alliance?

A cold and indifferent gaze suddenly swept over while everyone hesitated. Nalan Jie and the others appeared to have sensed some denseness within the gaze. Their hearts became slightly chilled as they raised their heads, only to see Medusa beside Xiao Yan staring at them.

Their throats rolled slightly. The faces of Nalan Jie and the others became slightly pale. Only at this moment did they realize something. Given Xiao Yan's current strength, it was already enough for him to forcefully get them to join the alliance. However, the latter did not choose to do this. Instead, he tried to persuade them with nice words and attract them with inducements. This was perhaps the greatest difference between him and Yun Shan.

However, regardless of how big the gap was, the two of them had something in common. That was that they both possessed a powerful faction that could easily destroy the few large clan. They always had the initiative in this kind of discussion.

Mu Chen sighed quietly and laughed bitterly. He lifted his head and said, "Since Old Hai has agreed, our Mu clan also agrees to join the alliance. Hopefully, Mister Xiao Yan will treat our Mu clan well in the future."

"We are one family now that you have joined the alliance. Whoever dares to touch the Mu clan will have to get permission from me, Xiao Yan." Xiao Yan spoke in a deep voice.

Nalan Jie also let out a bitter smile upon seeing that two of the three large clans had already joined. If he did not agree at such a moment, it was likely that their ending would not be good in the future. Originally, Xiao Yan did not have much of a favourable impression towards him. If they were to continue offending him, it was likely that…

"Since that is the case, our Nalan clan will also agree to join…"

Xiao Yan also quietly sighed in relief after seeing that the three large clans had agreed. He also did not wish to use force unless it was absolutely necessary.

Xiao Yan's gaze shifted away from Nalan Jie and the others before turning to the back of the Meeting Room toward Fa Ma, who had chosen to remain silent. He laughed faintly and asked, "Chairman Fa Ma, may I know your opinion?"

Fa Ma laughed bitterly in his heart upon hearing Xiao Yan's words. His turn had still arrived and he was really unable to escape…

"Little friend Xiao Yan, our Alchemist Association is different from a clan. The association does not have any overly strict restrictions. There are many alchemists who are free. The Alchemist Association is unable to represent their choice. Hence…" Fa Ma sighed.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. His gaze looked straight at Fa Ma. Even though he knew that the latter was telling the truth, he still did not intend to give up on the Alchemist Association. This was because this was the faction which he held in the highest regard. Hence, he had to get the alchemist association to enter the alliance no matter what. With these alchemist, the strength of the alliance would swiftly soar in the future!

No matter how one put it, an alchemist was the most important and rarest occupation on the Dou Qi continent.

Hence, he must not give up on the alchemist association!

This was the most important objective among the many other plans!

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