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Chapter 722: Captured

The pained expression on the illusionary human head that had expanded to hundreds of feet in size had immediately solidified when Protector Wu's laughter resounded over the sky. An unusually dense black glow erupted from all the holes on it. An instant later, it suddenly burst apart in front of numerous shocked gazes. Bang! The loud sound was like rolling-thunder that resounded across the mountain. An extremely frightening black-colored tide surged out in all directions from the illusionary human head that had burst apart like a volcanic eruption. Finally, it engulfed the entire area.

The darkness this time around was extremely complete. The sun in the sky appeared to vanish from the sky at this moment. The entire world was suddenly filled with darkness.

The darkness covered the land, causing everyone to voice their alarm. A moment later, numerous various colored Dou Qi erupted. However even with the help of the glow from the Dou Qi, one could merely see a radius of a couple of feet in this unusual world of darkness.

"What happened?"

"What exactly happened?"

The sudden darkness caused a commotion to immediately break out on the open ground. A countless number of people let out an exclamation as panic spread at this very moment.

Xiao Yan and the others on the treetop were also slightly surprised by the arrival of this sudden darkness. However, they swiftly recovered their calm a moment later. By relying on his outstanding Spiritual Perception, he knew that this strange black curtain was created from the spreading of Protector Wu's energy. As long as the energy scattered, the darkness would naturally automatically disappear.

"I wonder how teacher and Cai Lin are." Xiao Yan frowned intently as he looked at the dark empty sky. He clenched his fist tightly as an uneasiness gradually rose within his heart. From the looks of Protector Wu's actions, it appeared that he had taken out Yun Shan's spirit and caused it to self-destruct. The destructive strength from the self-destruction of the spirit of an elite Dou Zong… Xiao Yan's body could not help but tremble a little as he thought about it.

"Did this fellow create such a large activity just to create such a black curtain?" Hai Bodong's body was covered by a layer of white Dou Qi as he stood beside Xiao Yan. The faint Dou Qi glow covered a ten-foot-radius around him. His brows were knit as he looked all around him, and he inquired in a soft doubtful voice.

Jia Xing Tian and the others by the side also nodded slightly when they heard his voice. They also did not sense some overly powerful energy erupting other than this strange black curtain…

"That fellow has caused Yun Shan's spirit to self-destruct. The main attacking target of the spiritual ripple from that explosion should be Medusa and Xiao Yan's teacher. Hence, we are unable to sense much of it." Fa Ma frowned. Being an alchemist, he was naturally extremely sensitive to this kind of unusual invisible spiritual ripples. Other people might not be able to sense it but he could vaguely discover that an unusually frightening energy ripple was gradually surging and brewing in a certain part of the dark sky.

The expressions of Hai Bodong and the others changed slightly upon hearing Fa Ma's words. The Dou Qi in their bodies swiftly galloped. They were on alert for any spiritual ripple that could erupt at any moment.

An unusual awful sound suddenly resounded across the sky while the few people spoke.

This sound was quite soft and was impossible for an ordinary person to detect it. However, it was like a thunderous roar in Xiao Yan's ear.

Xiao Yan's expression changed drastically as he lifted his head in an abrupt fashion upon sensing the terrifying spiritual ripple that was contained in the sound. His gaze stared intently at a certain part in the sky. However, he was unable to see anything under this dark sky curtain.


Xiao Yan let out a furious curse when his observations were futile. He tightly knit his brows, and his heart suddenly moved a moment later. A thread of dark green flame flowed along his veins before leaping into both of his eyes, turning those dark-black pupils into fire eyes against the background.

When the 'Glazed Lotus Core Flame' surfaced in both eyes, the darkness which one's sight could not penetrate began to slowly scatter. A world that carried a hint of jade-green appeared in front of Xiao Yan's eyes.

Xiao Yan's gaze instantly paused on a certain spot in the sky the moment the darkness disappeared. A paleness gradually surfaced on his face.

Yao Lao and Medusa were standing in the distant sky within the darkness together. At the moment, the situation of the two was not good. The latter was a little better but the former's originally illusionary body had become increasingly more transparent.

Protector Wu stood in the sky not far away, opposite the both of them. His shriveled hand was suspended on a cluster of large black light. A frightening Spiritual Strength agglomerated within the cluster of light. This somewhat familiar Spiritual Strength was the one erupted when Yun Shan's spirit self-destructed. At this moment, this Spiritual Strength that was born from the self-destruction was completely controlled by Protector Wu.

Although Xiao Yan's sight was able to see through this darkness, it seemed that this black sky curtain had even isolated the distant sound. Hence, Xiao Yan was uncertain if there was any conversation between the three. He could only see that the face of Protector Wu had turned savage after the three of them faced off for an instant. The enormous dark-black spiritual energy was lifted high up. Both of his palms pushed forward, and immediately the frightening spiritual energy became like a black-colored falling star as it flew through the sky and rushed toward Medusa and Yao Lao.

The dark-black spiritual cluster drew through the air. Despite being a great distance from it, Xiao Yan could still sense an extremely strong spiritual pressure.

This spiritual pressure that had suddenly appeared was also sensed by Hai Bodong and the others. However, they were unable to see through this darkness like Xiao Yan. Hence, they could only exclaim, "What happened? Are they fighting above?"

"What a frightening spiritual pressure." A paleness surfaced on Fa Ma's face. He discovered that under this spiritual pressure, his Spiritual Perception was completely suppressed within his body and was unable to seep out.

The enormous spiritual energy cluster suddenly appeared in front of the solemn-faced Medusa and Yao Lao while everyone was quietly shocked. It did not pause for even a moment before it violently smashed down. That frightening ripple shook the space until it trembled.

Poison! The wild and violent spiritual energy smashed into Medusa and Yao Lao who were unable to dodge it. Although the energy on the surface of their body was unleashed to the maximum, how could it be easy to deal with the force of an elite Dou Zong's spirit who self-destructed?

The seven colored energy and the dense white flame erupted forth, and tried their best to block the corrosion of the wild, violent spiritual energy. However, after merely a moment, the dark-black spiritual strength soared and forcefully pressed the majestic energy that swarmed out of the bodies of the two back into them! Gurg! The seven colored energy swiftly disappeared. A paleness also surfaced on Medusa's face. A moment later, her face turned red and a mouthful of fresh blood was uncontrollably spat out. Her body swiftly withdrew.

Medusa was able to withdraw in one piece but Yao Lao who was currently quite weak did not have such an ability. Moreover, the spiritual energy from the self-destruction had an unusually great amount of damage on this kind of spirit without the protection of physical flesh. Hence, that unusual black glow immediately poured onto his body like floodwater the moment the 'Bone Chilling Flame' protection in front of him scattered.

After Yao Lao's body received such a heavy blow, it nearly became as invisible as water. Clearly, this blow had truly caused Yao Lao to be seriously wounded. Moreover, Xiao Yan could also sense that Yao Lao's aura was becoming increasingly weaker.

"Tsk tsk, Yao Chen, this protector said that it would be difficult for you to escape from my hands today!" Protector Wu's dark, dense laughter immediately sounded from the enormous black curtain when he saw Yao Lao's spiritual body become almost transparent. His body flashed and instantly appeared at a spot not far from Yao Lao.

The face of the withdrawing Medusa changed slightly upon seeing this action of Protector Wu. Her body moved and rushed toward the latter in a lightning-like manner.

"Hmph!" Protector Wu let out a cold snort when Medusa's body had just moved. The seal in his hand changed and the black cloud around Medusa immediately began to wiggle in a strange manner. The space became swiftly distorted as it blocked the former rushing over.

Protector Wu was aided by the black curtain in blocking Medusa. A black glow suddenly surfaced on Protector Wu's shriveled hand. Immediately, a ghost-like claw grabbed toward Yao Lao's spirit which had already become transparent.

Yao Lao's transparent body fluctuated slightly as he sensed the sinister ripple what was about to arrive. After which, it revealed a deeply frowning old face.

Yao Lao shifted his gaze down while this thought swiftly flashed in his heart. His gaze appeared to have seen through the darkness as it looked at the pale-faced black-robed, young man in the treetop. He gave a calm smile and a wisp of white fire suddenly shot out explosively from between his eyebrows. Finally, it rushed through the sky in a lightning-like manner and entered Xiao Yan's forehead.

"Little fellow, perhaps teacher is unable to continue accompanying you by your side in the future. You will have to rely on yourself for everything in the future. Ke ke, after so many years, you are also no longer the little boy from back then who needed his teacher to always accompany him. In the future, you will walk even further than what teacher expects… hopefully, I will be able to see that day."

A gentle, old voice suddenly sounded in Xiao Yan's head as the flame rushed into his forehead.

Xiao Yan's body immediately trembled intensely upon hearing these words. His teeth bit his lower lip tightly. The scene that he really did not wish to see had finally appeared.

"Relax, teacher will not die so easily. This fire glow is the essence of the 'Bone Chilling Flame'. I will leave it on your forehead. Once you are familiar with it, you will also be able to use the 'Bone Chilling Flame'. However, due to me having refined it long before, your 'Flame Mantra' will not be able to swallow and refine it. Of course, if I really end up meeting a misfortune one day, the fire seal on your forehead will automatically disappear. The 'Bone Chilling Flame' will become an item with no owner. At that time, you can treat it as the last gift that teacher has given you and swallow it…"

"Ke ke, additionally, the ring that I hid my spirit in is called the 'Bone Flame Ring'. There is a solution to resolve the 'Life Devouring Pill' issue of your second brother and some of the things that I have left behind. Moreover, if you end up meeting my old friend Feng zun-zhe, you can show this ring to him. He will believe all that you say… and will also help you."
TL: zun-zhe – respectful form of address for a Dou Zun

"Although I have fallen into the hands of the 'Hall of Souls', it will not be an easy matter for them to refine my spirit. Perhaps we will have the opportunity to meet again. However, you should remember not to act rashly before you have the ability. You cannot meet with the slightest accident if you want to rescue teacher and your father!"

"Ke ke, little fellow, you are the student that this teacher is most proud of. I have always been extremely satisfied with you."

The gentle laugh slowly disappeared within Xiao Yan's head and a white-colored fire seal gradually surfaced on Xiao Yan's forehead

Protector Wu's hand claw suddenly penetrated Yao Lao's body just as the fire seal was formed. A black glow surged and a dark laugh forcefully absorbed everything into a cluster of black fog!

Chapter 723: Pain

A slight tremble suddenly appeared in the black curtain that spread over the sky. A moment later, a couple of black lines were quietly spread out. The glaring sunlight immediately scattered in and expelled all the darkness within this area…

The black curtain swiftly disappeared and everyone on the open ground used their hands to cover the sunlight that had suddenly scattered down. A moment later, they finally raised their heads and looked at the distant sky.

Protector Wu stood in the air. His hand was dragging a cluster of black fog at this moment. There was a somewhat familiar fluctuation being emitted from the black fog.

Protector Wu's hand seal changed as his hand grabbed the cluster of black fog tightly. After which, it was swiftly sucked into a ring on his finger. He immediately heaved a long sigh of relief. He had finally captured this old fellow who had escaped for so many years. The hall's chief would be happy when he returned this time around.

Protector Wu glanced at Medusa who was rushing over after trapping Yao Lao's spirit into the storage ring. He merely laughed coldly as his body trembled slightly. After which, he turned into a black fog that rushed over to Xiao Yan who was standing still on the treetop in a ghost-like manner.

"Tsk tsk, brat, your teacher has already been captured. You should also go and accompany him!" Protector Wu escaped from being chased by Medusa in the blink of an eye, and shot directly to Xiao Yan while laughing in a dark, cold manner.

Xiao Yan lowered his head and stood on the treetop in a dull fashion. He appeared to have not sensed Protector Wu's attack and his body was completely still.

The expressions of Hai Bodong and the others by the side changed drastically when they saw Protector Wu rushing over once again. He hurriedly pulled Xiao Yan in an attempt to dodge. However, at this moment, the latter's body appeared to have been nailed to the treetop. It was momentarily difficult to move him.

Protector Wu suddenly rushed over during the instant when the few of them hesitated. Seeing this situation, Medusa who had hurried over from behind was clearly not in time to rescue him.

"Bring him away!" A lovely little figure suddenly appeared in front just as Hai Bodong and the others once again prepared to fight head on against Protector Wu. Purple-colored long hair drifted with the wind. It was surprisingly little Zi Yan who seldom fought. However, at this very moment, the small face of this little girl was covered with a solemn expression.

Hai Bodong was startled when he saw Zi Yan's action. He immediately clenched his teeth and nodded. His hand used some strength and forcefully dragged the dull Xiao Yan as he quickly withdrew.

"Little girl, you are seeking death!"

Protector Wu stared angrily when he saw that Zi Yan actually dared to come forward and block him. He immediately let out a furious cry and waved his hand. A surging black fog erupted.

Those gem-like eyes stared intently at the black fog that came rushing over. An unusual purple glow slowly filled both of Zi Yan's eyes. She clenched her small fists, and the purple glow covered both of her arms before solidifying into a strange purple-colored crystal layer on her fist. After which, it contained a frightening force that could shatter a mountain and crack a stone as it was ruthlessly thrown out.


A low, deep sound appeared and the couple of layers of black fog that gathered around Protector Wu actually fluctuated. It immediately disappeared. It was unexpected that Zi Yan's strength was actually able to block a blow from Protector Wu, who was an elite Dou Zong!

Of course, it seemed that using this kind of frightening strength placed an extremely large burden on Zi Yan. Hence, following this punch, the purple glow in her eyes immediately became weary. Even her aura had become much weaker.

"Huh?" That Protector Wu also let out a surprised cry when he saw that Zi Yan had actually blocked an attack by him. However, before he could attack once again, a colorful glow suddenly rushed down from the sky. Medusa's pretty, ice-cold face appeared in front of Zi Yan. She clenched her delicate hand and a seven colored snake-shaped longsword suddenly pierced forward, targeting Protector Wu's throat.

Protector Wu did not dare to easily slight Medusa's attack. His ghost-like claw-hand was extended out and it immediately slammed in a strange manner as it swiftly collided with the seven colored snake sword, carrying the sound of metal colliding as it did so.

Clang! Clang! The loud sound caused eardrums to feel a piercing pain.

"Medusa, do you really want to become enemies with our 'Hall of Souls'?" Protector Wu cried out furiously after being repeatedly blocked by Medusa. He had already delayed things for quite long. Just capturing Yao Lao had already caused him to spend a great amount of effort. The spike in energy due to the usage of the Secret Technique had also began to show signs of discontinuing. If this went on, it was likely that he would meet his end in Medusa's hands.

Medusa's expression was cold as her sword pierced toward Protector Wu's fatal spot. Without leaving a trace, her pupils glanced at the dull looking Xiao Yan who appeared to have lost his soul. Some fury also quietly surged from deep within her pupils. Her attack also became sharper and more vicious.

"Hand over the spirit!"

"Tsk tsk, you can continue dreaming…" Protector Wu laughed in a strange manner. He dodged the snake like sword and his eyes looked at the distant Xiao Yan somewhat pitifully. He laughed in a sinister manner, "Brat, consider yourself lucky today. However, our 'Hall of Souls' has quite a lot of interest in your Xiao clan. The next time, this protector will get you to accompany your teacher. Let's stop today."

Protector Wu's body flashed and began to flee after his cold laughter sounded.

"Bastard, hand over my teacher's spirit!"

Xiao Yan, who was in a dull state, immediately recovered when Protector Wu's laughter sounded. His eyes instantly became crimson as he let out a furious roar. A pair of jade-green fire wings flashed and appeared on his back. Both of the wings were flapped as he wildly shot toward the former. While he was flying, the jade-green flame suddenly surfaced in both hands and quickly began to merge.

Although Xiao Yan was currently seriously injured, he was unconcerned about anything in the face of the blow from Yao Lao being captured.

Instead of being angry, Protector Wu rejoiced when he saw that Xiao Yan actually dared to attack. This fellow was basically allowing himself to be caught!

Medusa's figure flashed and moved just as Protector Wu waited for Xiao Yan to come and look for him. She appeared in front of the crimson-eyed Xiao Yan and grabbed him. She talked to him in a deep voice, "Don't act recklessly. You need to be a little calmer if you do not wish for your teacher to be disappointed in you. There will no longer be anyone who can rescue him if you are caught!"

Xiao Yan only quietly recovered some reasoning after hearing Medusa's voice. He rubbed the somewhat warm fire seal on his forehead and clenched his teeth tightly. The jade-green flame that was on both of his hands slowly became much fainter.

Protector Wu immediately shook his head in disappointment upon seeing Medusa intervene. He coldly smiled and said, "Indeed, brat, your teacher is not an ordinary spiritual body. Even the hall's chief holds him in high regard and will not do anything to him within a short period of time. Hence, come. Come to the 'Hall of Souls' to save him. This Protector awaits you."

Protector Wu also ceased to remain any longer after his cold laughter sounded. His body flashed and transformed into a black fog before rushing to the horizon in a lightning-like manner. He swiftly disappeared. That speed was something that even Medusa had difficulty catching up with.

Xiao Yan's eyes stared intently at Protector Wu who had disappeared. A moment later, he suddenly grabbed his head and let out a roar. His roar was filled with pain and sadness.

Medusa softly sighed as she looked at the tear-filled crimson eyes of Xiao Yan. That pretty face which was usually indifferent suddenly became much gentler. Her delicate hand patted Xiao Yan's head as she softly said, "You will need to train hard if you wish to rescue your teacher. He has placed all his hope in you. Do not disappoint him… moreover, it is not as though you are alone any longer. The Xiao clan needs to rely on you if it is to revitalize within the Jia Ma Empire!"

Hai Bodong, Jia Xing Tian, and the others became silent as they looked at Xiao Yan, who was crying out painfully like a wounded wild beast in the sky. The great strength of Protecter Wu had exceeded everyone's expectations. It was unexpected that even someone of Yao Lao's caliber would end up with such a fate…

Yun Yun and Nalan Yanran were also startled as they looked at the pain that was revealed on the young man's face from the air above the open ground. They had only seen this usually rational young man display such an emotion twice during these years. The first time was when his father was missing and the second time was today…

"Teacher, what do we do now? He… he killed grand-teacher Yun Shan. We…" Nalan Yanran looked at the mess of the open ground. When her gaze swept over the corpses of those Elders, her eyes revealed a shocked expression. This Misty Cloud Sect was truly destroyed.

Earlier, Yun Yun had already told Nalan Yanran in detail about what had happened within the Misty Cloud Sect. Of course, she naturally did not conceal the death of Yun Shan. Hence, at this moment, Nalan Yanran also knew that the main culprit for the Misty Cloud Sect turning into this state was Xiao Yan in the sky.

Yun Yun tightly clenched her hand. Her face was also filled with a struggling expression. She clearly understood that this time around, Xiao Yan had come seeking revenge. The acts that the Misty Cloud Sect committed against the Xiao clan made it such that there was no chance of reconciliation. What she did not tell Nalan Yanran was that it was likely that today's matter was not over. Now that the old man who seemed to have quite a deep relationship with Xiao Yan was captured, it was likely that Xiao Yan's fury would be completely turned against the Misty Cloud Sect. After all, that mysterious Protector Wu was some helper that Yun Shan had found from some unknown place.

If one looked at it this way, both of Xiao Yan's closest people were directly or indirectly destroyed by the Misty Cloud Sect. Even Yun Yun knew that there was no possibility that the feud between both parties could be reconciled.

Hence, it is likely that the Misty Cloud Sect would no longer exist within the Jia Ma Empire in the future…

The corner of Yun Yun's mouth had a bitterness as this thought rotated swiftly within her heart. She did not expect that things would actually develop until this stage. Moreover, she also possessed a responsibility that she had difficulty shedding in all of this. If she had not quietly promised to allow Nalan Yanran to go and cancel the engagement back then, it was likely that none of these matters would exist. Xiao Yan and the Misty Cloud Sect would all be in one piece and they might even be related by marriage…

Xiao Yan in the sky finally began to gradually quiet down as time slowly flowed by. He gently pushed Medusa aside before using his cold crimson eyes to sweep over the open ground of the Misty Cloud Sect below, Yun Yun and Nalan Yanran…

Chapter 724: Dealing With The Misty Cloud Sect

The open ground immediately became quiet when Xiao Yan's crimson eyes swept down. Some of the Misty Cloud Sect's disciples quietly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. They felt an uneasiness in their hearts. Now that the mysterious great demon had fled, it was likely the time to come and look for the Misty Cloud Sect to settle their debt.

Hai Bodong and the others were startled when they saw Xiao Yan's expression. They immediately moved their bodies and appeared beside Xiao Yan and stared at the area below with ill intent.

Yun Yun's pretty face changed slightly when she saw the lineup in the sky. She pressed her delicate hand down and suppressed the commotion on the open ground. Currently, Yun Shan was already dead. Therefore, she had once again become the person in charge of all matters within the Misty Cloud Sect. It was due to this that she could not just watch the Misty Cloud Sect be destroyed by Xiao Yan's hand.

"You… what exactly do you want to do? It's already at a time like this. Why don't you just speak forthright? What exactly do you want to do?"

Yun Yun clenched her silver teeth. Her drifting eyes finally paused on Xiao Yan's unusually chilly face. Her emotions were extremely chaotic at this moment. Although her relationship with Yun Shan had become much paler over these few years, the latter was ultimately her teacher. Now that Yun Shan had died by Xiao Yan's hand, she ought to be helping him take revenge. However, given the various acts of Yun Shan during these few years, he could only blame himself for having come to such an end. This point was something that even Yun Yun could not refute.

Yun Shan died by Xiao Yan's hands. Reasonably speaking, he deserved to die. However, on the emotional side, Yun Yun held the responsibility to help take revenge for him as a disciple of the Misty Cloud Sect. However, forget about the issue about the Misty Cloud Sect being at a great disadvantage. Even if Yun Yun had the ability, it was extremely difficult for her to kill Xiao Yan and take revenge. Hence, Yun Yun's struggle was quite intense amid this hesitation.

Xiao Yan's face twitched upon hearing Yun Yun's voice. However, he lifted his head and laughed to the sky. The laughter was filled with a misery and fury, "What do I want? The Misty Cloud Sect abducted my father then destroyed my Xiao clan. Now, it has even caused my teacher to be captured by the 'Hall of Souls' with his fate unknown. You are still asking me what I want to do?"

Yun Yun held her delicate hands tightly as she sensed the misery and fury within Xiao Yan's words. Her fingernails pierced her palm until it was painful. She was able to know the kind of fury and pain in the former's heart. She too had no excuse to give for the actions that the Misty Cloud Sect had done these few years.

"The actions that teacher committed these couple of years indeed harmed you greatly. However, you have already turned the Misty Cloud Sect into such a state. Can't you just stop?" Yun Yun's full breasts rose gently as she lightly bit her lower red lip. She finally involuntarily spoke a moment later. That voice contained a begging tone to it.

"Stop? You are asking me to stop at such a time? Do you think it is possible?" Xiao Yan let out a cold laugh. A fury surged into his crimson eyes as he thundered, "I will not stop as long as the Misty Cloud Sect continues to exist within the Jia Ma Empire. Only blood can wash away the blood feud of my Xiao clan!"

Yun Yun's bright eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan's face which had somewhat lost his sense of reasoning. A sadness surfaced on the corner of her mouth. Her voice was hoarse as she spoke, "Must you really turn things to such a stage in order to be happy? The Misty Cloud Sect has currently paid for the blood debt. Can't you show mercy?"

"Ha ha! Ha… ha…"

Xiao Yan merely laughed crazily when he heard Yun Yun's words. However, everyone could hear the fury within his laughter.

"Show mercy? Did the Misty Cloud Sect show mercy when it crushed my Xiao clan? If not for the help of the Primer clan, it is likely that the members of my Xiao clan would have been completely wiped out by your Misty Cloud Sect. Did anyone show any mercy back then?"

A paleness surfaced on Yun Yun's pretty face. Her lovely body trembled slightly. Each word that Xiao Yan spoke was sharp, causing her to lack any reason to retort. This was because all of these matters were all started by the Misty Cloud Sect. The Xiao clan had been the victim from the very start.

"I know that the Misty Cloud Sect is at fault with regards to the matter of the Xiao clan. No matter how one put it, however, I am the Sect Leader of the Misty Cloud Sect. I will do my best to stop you if you want to destroy this sect. Even if I have to risk this life of mine…" Yun Yun's face was bitter as she inhaled a deep breath of air and slowly spoke.

Xiao Yan's fist trembled as it tightened when he watched the bitterness and determination on Yun Yun's face. A moment later, he furiously roared, "Yun Yun, don't think that I will let the Misty Cloud Sect off because of this. I have said that between the Xiao clan and the Misty Cloud Sect, only one party can exist within the Jia Ma Empire. I will not change this for anyone, including you!"

Yun Yun let out a bitter smile as her bright eyes stared at the young face which was covered with anger. She had caused him to be disappointed back then. Today, she was afraid that she would have to disappoint him once again.

"Since that is the case, you should defeat me first. I think that it should be very easy given your strength now." Yun Yun tightened her delicate hand and a green-colored longsword flashed and appeared. She lifted her pretty face and spoke quietly.

"Yun Yun! You better not go overboard!"

Xiao Yan's heart was immediately furious when he saw that Yun Yun actually lifted her sword toward him. His face was ferocious as he cried out.

"I'm sorry… sorry…" The back of Yun Yun's teeth bit her lower lip as she looked at the savage fury on Xiao Yan's face. She shook her head slowly, knowing that this action had caused Xiao Yan quite a lot of harm. However, she was the Sect Leader of the Misty Cloud Sect. Having the concept poured into her since she was young caused her to be unable to abandon it.

Xiao Yan's eyes furiously looked at the gently trembling lovely figure of Yun Yun. He clenched his teeth firmly. A moment later, he suddenly took out a large amount of medicinal pills from his storage ring and wildly threw them into his mouth. His weakened aura recovered a little as the medicinal pills entered his body. However, this kind of forceful overdraft method was not considered a good one. Once the medicinal strength was over, that weakness would increase by many times than what it was before. However, the current Xiao Yan was totally unconcerned about all this.

"Xiao Yan, you should not fight. There are still us around…" Hai Bodong looked at Xiao Yan's action and hurriedly spoke. He clearly understood that this fellow was already somewhat irrational after having received so many blows.

"I will do it myself!" Xiao Yan's voice was hoarse as he spoke. His mouth did its best to chew the medicinal pills while his gaze firmly started at Yun Yun below.

Yun Yun also let out a bitter smile as she sensed the Dou Qi that was slowly surging out from Xiao Yan's body. Her hand clenched the longsword. What awaited her was the fight that she dreaded the most within her heart.

"Teacher…" Nalan Yanran's body by the side flashed and appeared in front of Yun Yun when she saw the Dou Qi surging out from his body. She softly said, "Allow me to do it… things developed to this stage because of my stubbornness back then."

"You are not wrong in not wanting to marry a person you did not like back then…" Yun Yun sighed.

"However, I am at the very least a member of the Misty Cloud Sect. This disciple will naturally not sit idle if he wants to destroy the Misty Cloud Sect. Leave this battle to me." Nalan Yanran smiled toward Yun Yun before immediately raising her head to look at Xiao Yan in the sky. He clear voice sounded, "Xiao Yan, I also regret what happened during these three years. However, I am also a member of the Misty Cloud Sect. Hence, if you want to destroy the Misty Cloud Sect…"

"You should fight with me first!"

Nalan Yanran inhaled a deep breath of air. A powerful Dou Qi suddenly surged out from Nalan Yanran's body!

"Yanran! This is a matter between the Misty Cloud Sect and Xiao Yan. You should not meddle in other people's business!" The expressions of Nalan Jie and Nalan Su in the sky immediately changed when Nalan Yanran stepped forward. They hurriedly cried out a warning. It was obvious that the current Misty Cloud Sect was in a precarious state. Given Xiao Yan's current strength, it was not difficult for him to destroy it. Nalan Yanran was naturally unable to win if she opposed him. If she was not careful, she might anger Xiao Yan once again and even cause the Nalan clan to suffer for it.

Nalan Yanran slowly shook her head as she raised it and looked at Nalan Jie and Nalan Su. A stubbornness surfaced in her pretty eyes, "All of my abilities are passed on to me by teacher and the Misty Cloud Sect. I will definitely not sit idly and watch at such a time!"

Nalan Jie and Nalan Su were so angry at seeing Nalan Yanran being so stubborn that the two of them jumped on the spot. However, they did not have any choice. At this moment, the latter's strength had clearly exceeded theirs.

"Mister Xiao Yan, please do not attack just yet. Allow the old me to properly pursuade this girl!" Nalan Jie suddenly saw Xiao Yan's slowly darkening face and hurriedly spoke while he was jumping on the spot.

Xiao Yan waved his hand and interrupted the words from Nalan Jie's mouth. He did not even look at him. His gaze was focused intently on the stubborn-faced Nalan Yanran below. A silver glow flickered and appeared under her feet. An instant later, he flapped his wings and his figure transformed into a light figure that suddenly rushed down.

The frightening speed that Xiao Yan suddenly displayed caused Nalan Yanran's face to change slightly. Her hand immediately moved and a sharp sword aura shot out from her palm before piercing toward the blurry figure.

"Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!"

The black figure moved strangely in the sky and immediately dodged that sword aura. The blackish-jade-green flame suddenly became darker and a faint thunder roar resounded in the sky. Immediately, the black figure that Xiao Yan had transformed into disappeared!

Nalan Yanran was startled by Xiao Yan's sudden disappearance. Shock immediately surfaced in her eyes. This speed… how was it possible that an expert Dou Wang could possess it?

The space in front of her rippled unusually just as Nalan Yanran was absent-minded because of this. A ghost-like black figure suddenly appeared.

Nalan Yanran's eyes shrank slightly. She moved her hand and a powerful Dou Qi was ruthlessly shot out.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A wisp of dark-green flames flashed and appeared. It collided with that Dou Qi and immediately burst apart amid a low, deep sound.

The two attacks swiftly annihilated each other. Nalan Yanran had just withdrawn when a black figure instantly penetrated the resistance of the air. He firmly grabbed her long neck, causing her lovely body to stiffen.

"Although the both of us are at the peak of the Dou Wang class, I only need a few exchanges to kill you!"

The cold voice slowly sounded before Xiao Yan's body appeared in front of Nalan Yanran like a ghost. At this moment, his hand was firmly grabbing the latter's throat. All he needed was to unleash a little force in order to break her neck!

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