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Chapter 721: Big Fight Between Dou Zongs

A countless number of gazes were immediately thrown over upon hearing the cool voice that had suddenly resounded through the sky. All of these gazes were momentarily absent-minded when they saw that bewitching lady. This kind of bewitching demon-like face really attracted too much attention.

Of course, some of those people whom were quite familiar with this face changed their expressions drastically and let out exclamations upon seeing it.

"Queen Medusa?" Jia Xing Tian, Fa Ma, and the other experts looked at the lady who had pulled Xiao Yan back as she withdrew with shocked faces as they involuntarily cried out.

The cries of these few people also caused a commotion within the open ground. The fierce reputation of Queen Medusa was extremely great within the Jia Ma Empire. Although her traces had vanished these couple of years, her fierce reputation was still not reduced by much.

Hai Bodong was a little better compared with the shock of Jia Xing Tian and the others. He had already seen Medusa once. Although he was not certain about the relationship between her and Xiao Yan, it did not seem like they were enemies.

"With her intervention, it is likely that this situation will be a little better…" Hai Bodong sighed in relief within his heart as he quietly muttered. This Queen Medusa was also a genuine elite Dou Zong. Although she might not be comparable to Protector Wu who had swallowed the spirits of many experts, it was likely that she would be able to protect Xiao Yan.

"There is no need to panic. She has quite a deep relationship with Xiao Yan…" Hai Bodong turned his head to look at the shocked expressions of Jia Xing Tian and the others before smiling and explaining.

After hearing this, Jia Xing Tian and the rest finally placed down the uncertainty in their hearts while feeling astonished. If a strong enemy like Queen Medusa were to appear in this kind of situation, it was likely that not a single person present could escape. Moreover, the most important thing was the current strength of Queen Medusa!

The Medusa back then was merely at the peak of the Dou Huang class. Although she was much stronger than Jia Xing Tian, she was not a true elite Dou Zong. However, from the looks of the speed in which she attacked and her ability to block one blow from Protector Wu, it was likely that she had already reached the Dou Zong class.

The peak of the Dou Huang class was only one step away from the Dou Zong class. However, the actual gap between them was just like a gulf. Jia Xing Tian was the most clear about this point.

"It is unexpected… that she has already broken through…" Jia Xing Tian sighed softly. His expression was somewhat bitter. He had remained at this stage for many years, but did not have the slightest improvement. Now that he saw that Medusa, who was of similar strength to him back then, had broken through, it was unavoidable for his heart to sob a little.

"It is really unexpected… Xiao Yan actually has some friendship with her." Fa Ma shook his head. He quietly felt extremely astonished about Xiao Yan's strength in his heart. If one included Yao Lao, Xiao Yan's side basically possessed two elite Dou Zongs. This lineup… was really too frightening.

The couple of people exchanged looks and smiled bitterly. It was completely unforeseen that the lone young man with limited strength would be able to gather such a powerful force within just three short years. This transformation was indeed too big.

Yun Yun and Nalan Yanran in the air were startled at Medusa's appearance. Their eyes immediately began to change a little but that change quickly became invisible.

"I predicted that you would intervene…" Xiao Yan softly coughed as he looked at the figure beside him and smiled.

Medusa knit her eyebrows slightly and spoke with a cold voice, "I am only doing this because of the 'Soul Recovery Pill'. Otherwise, who would be concerned about your life and death?"

Xiao Yan smiled. He had long experienced this lady's tough mouth. Hence, he did not continue to get entangled with her on this topic. His gaze stared at Medusa and he softly said, "Today, I will trouble you for one thing. If you are able to do it, I would not mind handing this life of mine to you."

Medusa's long narrow eyes that were filled with an unusual bewitching strength narrowed slightly upon hearing this. This was the first time since she had become acquainted with Xiao Yan that he had used such a begging tone in front of her. At this moment, there was an unknown emotion within her heart. She was extremely clear about the haughtiness in Xiao Yan's bones. However, today…

Queen Medusa slowly suppressed the unusual emotion within her heart. She glanced once at Protector Wu in front of her before looking at Yao Lao who was suspended not far away. She said, "You want me to intervene and protect that teacher of yours?"


Medusa slowly tilted her head away under Xiao Yan's searing gaze. Her pretty eyes looked at Protector Wu who was a short distance away. It was a long while later before her red lips moved and she spat out a sentence, "Difficult. This person is too strong even I am no match for him. If I protect you, I will be unable to divert any attention to protecting your teacher."

Xiao Yan's heart immediately sank when he heard these words from Medusa. Had the situation already become this terrible? Even an arrogant woman like Medusa actually said that she was no match for Protector Wu.

"Why don't you join hands with teacher to deal with this person?" Xiao Yan probed. Although she was no match for Protector Wu on a one-on-one fight. It was likely that they would be able to contend with Protector Wu if they join hands, no?

"Your teacher has already suffered some injuries from the big battle earlier. His fighting strength has already greatly decreased. Even if I join hands with him, it will be similarly difficult to stop this person. No one would be able to stop that person should he grab any weak point to come and capture you again." Medusa slowly said.

Xiao Yan's heart sank even further when his suggestion was once again rejected. The situation today was indeed extremely terrible…

"Queen Medusa?"

Protector Wu had also recovered during the time that Xiao Yan was conversing softly with Medusa. The red glint under the cloak flickered when he heard the cries of Jia Xing Tian and the others. He had also heard about this name. That expert Medusa back then had a reputation on the continent that was not inferior to Yao Lao. Hence, the 'Hall of Souls' also paid some attention to the experts from this race. It was unexpected that they would meet here.
TL: Apparently there are many Medusas over the generations and the Medusa that is being referred to here is one from a long time ago.

"I would advise you not to intervene in the matters of our 'Hall of Souls'. Otherwise, it would be too late when trouble strikes." The red glow in Protector Wu's sharp eyes flickered as he spoke in a sinister manner upon sensing the strength being spread from Medusa's body that could not be underestimated.

"His life is mine. No one can touch it before I take it." Medusa glanced indifferently at Protector Wu and replied.

The unusual red glow suddenly flickered under that cloak when he heard this. A powerful black fog surged out from Protector Wu's body before finally shooting to the sky like a smoke signal. The might that erupted from his body would cause even an expert Dou Wang to be struck down.

Medusa' s cold face also revealed a seriousness for the first time as she felt the majestic aura that surged out from Protector Wu's body. This kind of expert was the first that she had met in such a long time. From the looks of it, it was impossible for them to part amicably today.

"In that case, we will give your suggestion a try. I will join hands with your teacher…" Medusa exhaled gently before turning to speak to Xiao Yan. With the current situation, it was likely that Yao Lao would be defeated in the hands of Protector Wu within a couple of exchanges if she merely protected Xiao Yan. Once Yao Lao was captured, it was likely that Xiao Yan would become ballistic.

"Thank you very much, Xiao Yan will remember this favor!" Xiao Yan cupped his hands toward Medusa with a solemn expression as he spoke in a deep voice.

"This Queen does not have whatever relationship with you. I am only doing this because of the 'Soul Recovery Pill'!" Medusa coldly hooted. Her eyebrows immediately became vertical upon hearing Xiao Yan's words.

Xiao Yan gave an embarrassed smile. It was difficult for him to argue with this woman who was so quarrelsome at such a time.

Medusa let out a low snort when she saw that Xiao Yan had swallowed his voice and remained quiet. Her delicate hand moved and a dense seven colored energy rushed out. Finally, it became like a rainbow and agglomerated on her hand. A beautiful glow flickered from it.

Yao Lao in the distance also hesitated a little upon seeing Medusa's actions. He once again summoned the 'Bone Chilling Flame'. The both of them attacked from the front and back as their auras were firmly locked onto Protector Wu in the middle.

"Tsk tsk, why? The both of you want to join hands?" The crimson glow under Protector Wu's black cloak soared as he coldly laughed upon sensing the powerful strength both in front and behind him.

Medusa and Yao Lao ignored the cold laughter of Protector Wu. Their bodies moved a little and instantly appeared at a spot not far from the latter. Powerful strength wiggled and they were ready to unleash a fierce attack at any moment.

The red glow flickered and Protector Wu's gaze swept over Medusa's and Yao Lao's body. He frowned slightly under the cloak. From the looks of the current situation, he could not afford to drag things out any longer. The strength of these two people were quite strong. Should an accident happen, not only would he be unable to obtain the spirit today but he might even end up losing his life in this place.

"Looks like I can only use that move. It is really unfortunate. The spirit of an elite Dou Zong is not something that can just be randomly found…" Protector Wu sighed unwillingly within his heart. An unusual red glow erupted within Protector Wu's eyes and the seal on his hands suddenly changed!

Following the change in the hand seal of Protector Wu, the black-colored armor that was covering his body suddenly became like a living thing and began to wiggle. An old face within it was slowly being pushed out. Finally, it transformed into a foot large illusionary human head. The human head was covered with pain, looking as though it was suffering an unusual torture.

The people present were all familiar with this old face. This was because it was the spirit that Protector Wu had swallowed earlier, Yun Shan!

Waves of low, deep, unusual tooting sounds suddenly sounded when Yun Shan's illusionary head appeared. Dark wind blew repeatedly over the sky, causing one's body to be covered with a chill.

Yun Yun's and Nalan Yanran's gazes were staring intently at the illusionary head that was suspended beside Protector Wu. The back of their teeth tightly bit their lower red lips. Although their hearts were filled with an extreme fury, the powerful pressure that spread through the sky caused them to be afraid of making any unusual movements.

Protector Wu's actions had also attracted the attention of Medusa and Yao Lao. The both of them quietly became cautious within their hearts.

A ghost claw hand was slowly extended out from under Protector Wu's sleeves. He gently grabbed that illusionary human head and let out a ferocious smile. A strange black glow erupted from his palm and it immediately poured into the human head.

Following the wild and violent pouring in of the black glow, that illusionary human head swiftly expanded. In the blink of an eye, it was over a hundred feet wide. When the head expanded, the painful expression on the face had also become much clearer. An unusual miserable spiritual streak faintly seeped out before following the dark wind to be spread all over the place.

"All of Nature: Funeral of Spirits!"

A sinister, cruel laugh suddenly resounded over the sky when that illusionary human head gradually expanded to around three to four hundred feet in size!

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