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Chapter 715: Explosion of the Fire Lotus

Yun Shan's expression immediately became ugly when his gaze swept over the three different colored fire lotus that was suspended above Xiao Yan's palm. The frightening energy that seeped out from that strange fire lotus was something that caused even him to feel a kind of unusual pressure.

"How can this bastard perform such a powerful attack with his strength?" Yun Shan furiously roared within his heart. His forward charging figure immediately paused before his body swiftly rushed backward. A majestic deep-green Dou Qi suddenly surged out from his body like a torrent when he was hurrying away. His hair was all standing straight, appearing as though he had been electrocuted. In a mere instant, that powerful Dou Qi formed a green-colored tornado that was over a hundred feet large in the sky. His body was completely covered by that tornado.

Numerous gazes on the open ground looked at Yun Shan who managed to rely on his own powerful Dou Qi to agglomerate such a large tornado within a short period of time. They could not help but whistle a praise. He was indeed worthy of being an expert at the Dou Zong class. This skill alone was something that not a single elite Dou Huang present could display.

The enormous green-colored tornado covered Yun Shan's entire body, whizzing as it rotated at a fast speed. Wild wind raged and blew quite a number of people below until they were falling in all directions. Some of the weaker people ended up moving back continuously before eventually being pushed to the ground. Their faces were filled with shock as they looked at the large tornado that basically covered the entire sky. This kind of frightening nature-like strength was summoned using Yun Shan's own strength. It was indeed terrifying.

The whistling wild wind raged in the sky above the Misty Cloud Mountain. The sea of trees on the mountain range had begun to suddenly sway along with the wind. Waves of green-colored tree waves appeared from the middle before forming a circular shape that swept in all directions.

Xiao Yan was also startled when he saw Yun Shan suddenly create such a large commotion. A cold smile immediately surfaced on his pale-white face. He lowered his head and glanced at the three different colored fire lotus that was suspended in his hand. This kind of 'Angry Buddha Lotus Flame' that was formed from the merger of three kinds of 'Heavenly Flame' did not achieve a perfect stage during this short period of time. However, with the help of his outstanding Spiritual Strength, he was able to barely maintain it at an equilibrium. The wild, violent energy contained within was naturally many times stronger compared to the two 'Heavenly Flames' fire lotus of the past.

Just by merging the three types of heavenly flames had nearly used up all of Xiao Yan's Dou Qi to the point where even his spiritual strength started to dry up slightly. The three colored fire lotus might have an impressive amount of strength, it also took a scary amount to form. Thus, even with Xiao Yan's current strength, he could only barely maintain the three types of heavenly flames at an equilibrium with all of his strength.
Xiao Yan's eyes stared intently at the enormous tornado that had spread over the entire sky. The tearing force that was emitted from within still caused Xiao Yan's body to sway a little despite him being located quite far away. Of course, this was naturally also because of his body being extremely weary after having forcefully merged the three kinds of 'Heavenly Flame'.

The blackish-green wings on Xiao Yan's back had become much thinner at this moment. All of this proved that at this moment, Xiao Yan was completely spent!

Despite this, the fire lotus held in his hand that contained an unusually frightening energy caused even an expert like Yun Shan to be afraid of taking the initiative to attack. Instead, he hurriedly activated his firmest defense. He was afraid that should the fire lotus attack, he would be the first to perish under that fire.

The three different colored fire lotus slowly rotated above Xiao Yan's hand. Borrowing this momentary period of rest, the 'Flame Mantra' Qi Method within Xiao Yan's body also began to hurriedly absorb some of the natural energy. After which, it acted in concert with the medicinal strength that had not been completely digested within his body. The energy was swiftly refined before finally transforming into pure Dou Qi that flowed within his exhausted Qi Paths.

Xiao Yan used the gap where the Dou Qi in his body was recovering as he carried a gaze with deep thought and swept over the battleground that Yao Lao and Protector Wu were located. This was the first time that Xiao Yan had witnessed Yao Lao truly using his spiritual body to fight with someone. Although a spiritual body was unable to use Dou Qi, that majestic Spiritual Strength of his was not in any way inferior to the strength of Dou Qi. Moreover, it was without form or color and its attacks were strange and unpredictable.

Of course, an ordinary Spiritual Strength attack would have its strength greatly reduced for some unknown reason when used against an expert from the 'Hall of Souls'. However, Yao Lao was not an ordinary spiritual body. Being in possession of the 'Bone Chilling Flame', not only did he not need to fear the strange chain attacks of Protector Wu but the special effect of the 'Heavenly Flame' also caused that Protector Wu to appear quite miserable when dealing with it. The black fog that spread all over his body repeatedly fluctuated under that unusual temperature that appeared both hot and cold.

That Protector Wu clearly appeared as though he did not expect Yao Lao's strength. After chasing spiritual bodies for so many years, he had seldom failed. Hence, regardless of how strong those spiritual bodies were when they were alive, once they lost their physical body, they would appear to be like fierce tigers that had lost their fangs in the eyes of their 'Hall of Souls'. These spiritual bodies were entirely under the control of them. After this continued for a long time, it was unavoidable that they would have difficulty taking any of those spiritual bodies seriously. This time around, he had ended up paying a hefty price because of his underestimation.

The attacks that Yao Lao used were all fatal moves. His attacks were skillful and vicious. Under his nearly perfect control, the 'Bone Chilling Flame' caused Protector Wu to have problems keeping track of it. There were even a couple of times when the 'Heavenly Flame' came close to him. If not for his strong strength, it was likely that the 'Bone Chilling Flame' would have invaded his body and vigorously destroy it earlier.

However, despite him being able to occasionally dodge the attack, Protector Wu descended into a greater disadvantage following Yao Lao's increasingly sharper attacks. In the end, he was actually only able to defend and could no longer split his attention to launch a counterattack against Yao Lao.

Protector Wu's heart was filled with anger from the humiliation in the face of this situation in which he was becoming increasingly more disadvantaged. This was the first time he had been forced to such a miserable state after capturing spiritual bodies all these years. If this were to be transmitted back to the 'Hall of Souls', it was likely that those fellows who had been eyeing his position for a long time would trumpet this matter. The hall leader might really end up removing his protector position in his intolerance. He would really be somewhat miserable that way.

Protector Wu clenched his teeth violently as this thought flashed across his heart. Over ten dark-black chains suddenly surged out from his body and immediately pierced toward Yao Lao from all directions. From the looks of his manner, it seemed that he wanted to engage in a desperate fight.

Xiao Yan put down the large rock that was suspended in his heart after seeing that Yao Lao had already successfully obtain the upper hand in the battle. He raised his gaze and placed his mind entirely on the enormous green-colored tornado that had agglomerated in the distance. What he needed to do now was kill this old fellow Yun Shan and end the various grudges from the past.

The somewhat illusionary blackish-green wings on Xiao Yan's back were flapped slightly, suspending Xiao Yan's body steadily in the sky. An instant later, he gently raised his hand and the three different colored fire lotus was slowly raised in front of the numerous gazes focusing on it in the open ground.

Yun Shan, whose body was hidden within the enormous tornado, saw this action of Xiao Yan in the distance and felt his heart slightly tighten. He let out a low cry in his heart and all the surging Dou Qi within his body flowed out, causing the enormous tornado's color to become even deeper.

Xiao Yan shook his somewhat giddy head as a result of the over exhaustion of his Spiritual Strength. He silently gasped in his heart. It seemed that he could not delay any longer. He could rely on the 'Flame Mantra' to recover his exhausted Dou Qi but he could only slowly recuperate his Spiritual Strength. If he did not swiftly finish off Yun Shan today, it was likely that he would be the first to end up falling unconscious.

This thought flashed across Xiao Yan's heart as a ruthless glint flashed through Xiao Yan's somewhat blurry vision. Both of his hands suddenly began to move.

Following the change in the seal on Xiao Yan's hands, the three different colored fire lotus suspended in front of Xiao Yan immediately unleashed a glaring three different colored strong glow as it hung in the sky like a bright sun.


Xiao Yan flicked his finger as he suddenly let out a stern cry!

The three different colored lotus flame that was slowly rotating immediately turned into a blurry ray of light that rushed out in a lightning-like manner when his cry sounded.

Although the fire lotus contained a majestic, frightening, wild, violent energy, it was unusually quiet when it cut through the air. It did not even cause the slightest energy ripple. However, it was this completely silent manner that caused a chill to appear in people's hearts.

Yun Yun's eyes, as she stood by the wedding stage, remained unblinking as she looked at the blurry light figure that flashed across the sky. Although her Dou Qi was sealed, her perception as a Dou Huang was still present. Hence, she sensed a little of the terrifying energy within that fire lotus. Some panic and uneasiness immediately surged onto her pretty face. Her delicate jade-like hands were tightly clenched. In her heart, she clearly knew that Xiao Yan and Yun Shan had used their true killing moves. Next, it was likely going when the victor of this fight would be determined!

The fire lotus rushed through the sky in front of a countless number of eyes that contained various emotions. Finally, it was like a tiny falling star as it collided with the enormous tornado that was rotating in a crazy manner.

The tiny size of the fire lotus was on a completely different scale compared to that enormous tornado. That collision was just like a bird colliding into a mountain wall, an act that would not cause the latter to tremble even a little. However, not everything could be merely judged by its size…

"Boom!" "Boom!" A loud sound was transmitted over…

The fire lotus collided head on with the enormous tornado and a cold indifferent sound immediately resounded over the sky like thunder!

Bang! Bang! Bang!…

The sound resonated across the sky. Soon after, a three colored firework suddenly erupted in the tornado. A shocking explosion that was enough to make one completely deaf suddenly reverberated across the sky.

The explosion resounded across the sky. An extremely frightening energy storm instantly swept out from the point where the tornado and the fire lotus collided. It immediately spread over a radius of a hundred meters!

Under this kind of frightening energy storm, everyone present, including Yao Lao and Protector Wu, who were engaged in a desperate fight, became extremely surprise. Their eyes revealed a horror and an astonishment as they suddenly turned their heads.

"It is really unexpected that an 'Angry Buddha Lotus Flame' that is formed from the merger of three kinds of 'Heavenly Flame' would have a strength that was actually this terrifying… God! Just what kind of dreadful Dou Skill did this little fellow create?"

Chapter 716: Kill?


The thunder-like explosion resounded across the sky. The three colored fire wave and the deep-green Dou Qi were mixing with each other all over the sky. Finally, they acted like the churning ocean waves as they swept in all directions.

The sweeping of the frightening fire wave in all directions affected the chaotic battleground in the distant sky. Those who responded quickly managed to escape from the danger but those who were slightly slower were struck head on by the fire wave. Immediately, their chests seemed to have received a violent hammer-like blow and a mouthful of fresh bright-red blood that carried some heat was spat out. The blood swiftly vaporized under the high temperature of the fire wave.

The sunlight that scattered down from the sky had also vanished at this moment. A four colored fire wave appeared to be like layers of dark clouds that covered the sky above the Misty Cloud Mountain. Even sunlight had difficulty penetrating this thick fire cloud layer.

The fire wave carried a frightening energy that swept horizontally across the sky. With the exception of a small number of people, the remaining experts desperately descended, afraid of ending up in a miserable state if they were to be tainted by that fire wave.


The fire-red clouds shrouded the sky, reflecting a dark-red light that reflected on the numerous stunned faces in the open ground. A moment later, the sound of saliva being swallowed repeatedly sounded. The trembling hands of some people wiped off the cold sweat on their forehead. In front of this frightening strength that, could nearly be compared with that of nature, caused even experts at the Dou Wang class to feel extremely small and weak.

This kind of strength was far from what someone of their class could contend with!

Hai Bodong and the others rushed down from the sky and landed on the top of a tall tree. Their appearances were somewhat miserable. The fire waves frightening energy that had swept over a moment ago had caught them off guard. However, it was fortunate that their actual strength was quite great. Hence, they did not receive many serious injuries despite looking miserable.

"Are you alright?" Everyone revealed themselves, looked at each other before opening their mouths to check on everyone else.

Hai Bodong let out a bitter laugh. His gaze swept over the experts by his side and immediately knit his brows slightly. After the big battle earlier, their side had at the very least lost three expert Dou Wangs despite them having managed to cause the Misty Cloud Sect to lose some Elders. The intensity of this big battle had far exceeded everyone's expectations.

That old Yin Gu, Su Mei, and Wu Tie had a hint of a green color on their faces while everyone was doing a head count. This was because most of the few Dou Wangs who they had unluckily lost were their subordinates.

"This damn Misty Cloud Sect!" The three people exchanged glances with one another before clenching their teeth and quietly cursing. These expert Dou Wangs were not people whom they could just randomly groom. The loss of a few of them was sufficient to cause their flesh to feel a great pain.

"I wonder how is Xiao Yan?" Lin Yan's face was currently somewhat pale. However, his eyes had an unusual heat flickering within. From the looks of it, their fight this time around might be extremely brutal but it was to his taste. Based on his perspective, one should live a life that was filled with stimulation. The sparing feeling from the academy was far from able to satisfy his battle addicted heart.

Lin Xiu Ya and Liu Qing beside him shook their heads when they heard this. The faces of these two were not very good either. Each of them had some injuries on their bodies but these were not considered too serious.

"I don't know… but this fellow really hid a lot of strength. Even though I already thought highly of him, I still did not expect that he could fight with an elite Dou Zong. It should be known… that this fellow's strength is merely at the peak of the Dou Wang class. If the matter here were to be transmitted back to the Inner Academy, it is likely that even First Elder Su Qian would be greatly surprised." Lin Xiu Ya's and Liu Qing's words contained a helpless feeling. It seems that the difficulty of them surpassing Xiao Yan had grown by a limitless amount.

"I don't know if he is dead or alive within that fire wave. This fellow is unable to even escape from some of the Dou Skills that he uses." Zi Yan's gem-like eyes looked toward the thick fire cloud that covered the sky. She clenched her teeth. Although she had spoken in this manner, there was still some worry on her little face.

Lin Yan and the others raised their heads. Their gazes looked at the thick cloud layer that faintly revealed three different glows of color. They frowned slightly and felt somewhat uneasy within their hearts. The opponent that this fellow faced was a genuine elite Dou Zong…

During the time that Hai Bodong and the others clustered together, the Elders from the Misty Cloud Sect also appeared on the wedding stage in the open ground. They looked at each other's miserable appearances and their faces became much uglier when they discovered that they were missing one-quarter of the people present before the fight.

Yun Yun, who was around the wedding stage, felt her heart sink violently when he saw the reduced number of Misty Cloud Sect's Elders who had appeared. It was really unexpected that the Misty Cloud Sect's losses would actually be this severe.

Moreover, no one knew whether Yun Shan was alive within the fire cloud in the sky. Although everyone knew the great strength of an elite Dou Zong, everyone had clearly sensed just what kind of frightening energy was contained in the three colored fire lotus that Xiao Yan had unleashed. Hence, despite them being extremely clear about Yun Shan's strength, they were still filled with uncertainty.

All the Elders displayed similarly uncertain faces as they raised their heads and looked at the sky. A moment later, they exchanged glances with one another and involuntarily threw their gazes to Yun Yun below. Although Yun Yun had already been stripped of her position of sect leader during these few years, she was still someone who had been the sect leader for a long time. Hence, Yun Yun's reputation within the Misty Cloud Sect could at the very least be a steady second despite it not being comparable with Yun Shan. Now that it was uncertain whether Yun Shan was dead or alive, these Elders naturally thought of Yun Yun as the person in charge.

Yun Yun did not bother about the gazes of all the Elders. She clearly knew just what kind of dangerous situation the current Misty Cloud Sect faced. It is not overboard to say that it was a situation of survival or death.


While everyone had thrown their gazes toward the fire cloud of an unknown thickness in the sky, a part of the fire cloud suddenly began to fluctuate intensely. Two human figures immediately rushed forward with one at the front and one at the back.

The two human figures, that suddenly appeared, naturally attracted all the eyes present the moment they did so. However, after everyone had a clear look, they realized that these two were not Xiao Yan and Yun Shan but Protector Wu and Yao Lao.

The two people's bodies descended quite a lot after being forced out of the fire cloud before they stabilized their bodies. At this moment, the appearances of these two people were completely different from earlier. The strange black fog that covered Protector Yun's body had completely scattered at this moment. His chest was rising and falling intensely and a heavy, rough panting sound repeatedly rang out. A large black-colored cloak covered his entire body and a faint dark-red glow was revealed on his dark-black face.

Protector Wu's condition might not be good but the illusory body of Yao Lao on the opposite side had also become much thinner. His face also appeared much older. Clearly, the two people from earlier had already undergone an extremely fierce and dangerous fight. The result of that ferocious battle seemed to be that both ended up seriously injured.

"Tsk tsk, old fellow, it is unexpected that you are still this stubborn despite not having a body. You are really worthy of being the Yao zun-zhe who is renowned throughout the continent…" The black-colored cloak shook slightly as Protector Yun laughed in a strange manner. His voice panted a little.

"It is not so easy to take the spirit of this old me." Yao Lao laughed coldly.

The dark-red glow under the black-colored cloak became much denser after hearing this. A somewhat low, deep sinister voice was slowly emitted, "Is that so? Do you really think it is so easy to deal with this protector? Today, I will definitely capture you and return to the 'Hall of Souls' even if I have to pay a hefty price for it. Tsk tsk, the hall leader is extremely interested in your spirit."

Yao Lao's eyes involuntarily narrowed when he heard the unusual gloominess in Protector Wu's words. An uneasiness also began to rise within his heart. He knew extremely little about these monsters from the 'Hall of Souls'. He was however unaware of just what ending tactics they used…

The thick fire cloud in the air suddenly rippled just as this thought rotated within Yao Lao's heart. An enormous swirl appeared and the swirl began to rotate. Following the increase in the intensity of the rotation, the spreading fire cloud began to show a torrent-like disturbance.

Two slight 'puff' sounds suddenly appeared when the swirl reached a certain rotation speed. Two human figures were immediately violently spat out by that swirl-like garbage.

The appearance of the two human figures immediately caused everyone present to throw their gaze over. Everyone sighed in relief when their gaze swept over the two people. Clearly, these two fellows were the main characters of that battleground, Xiao Yan and Yun Shan.

The two human figures fell toward the ground after being spat out by the fire cloud. From the looks of their appearances, the two people seemed to have descended into an unconscious state during the soul-stirring energy explosion.

During the time everyone was stunned, a human figure, who was to the back, suddenly trembled. His tightly shut eyes were also slowly opened amid the whirling wind by the side of his ear.

"That person had woken up? Who is he?"

The human figure who woke up controlled his descending body immediately stirring the attention of the countless number of people in the open ground. Numerous exclamations immediately sounded.

The awakened human figure did not bother about the exclamations that the people below had transmitted over. His body paused for a moment before his shoulders shook and a pair of jade-green fire wings surged and appeared from his back.

"Xiao Yan! It's Xiao Yan!"

The familiar fire wings immediately revealed the identity of the human figure. Immediately, numerous exclamations and cheers sounded in the open ground.

The moment the jade-fire wings on his back appeared, Xiao Yan suddenly charged toward the repeatedly descending Yun Shan below. The little remaining Dou Qi within his body was completely drawn out before being wrapped around his fist which he viciously smashed downward. He clearly understood that despite the unusually great strength possessed by the 'Angry Buddha Lotus Flame' formed from the merger of three 'Heavenly Flames', it would still be quite difficult for one to kill an elite Dou Zong by just relying on this. Hence, he must grab the opportunity when Yun Shan's internal body was weak to beat him when he is down. Otherwise, once Yun Shan were to recover by even a little, the one who had his eyes shut while awaiting death would be Xiao Yan instead.

This action of Xiao Yan once again stirred a countless number of exclamations from the open ground. Anyone could tell that Yun Shan's defense was at its weakest at this very moment. Should he receive a heavy blow now, he would definitely die or become disabled.

Xiao Yan swiftly rushed to Yun Shan's front under the countless number of gazes filled with shock and wild joy. At this moment, the latter was able to open his eyes and possess some consciousness. Hence, a terror finally involuntarily spread out from his heart when he saw the savage smile and killing intent that surfaced on Xiao Yan's face. He could sense that if Xiao Yan were to really use a killing move at this very moment, his ending…

The sinister smile on the corner of Xiao Yan's mouth also grew increasingly wider as he looked at the shock and terror that had surged on Yun Shan's face. A weak voice was transmitted into Yun Shan's ear.

"Old dog, I already said back then that I will definitely make you regret allowing me to flee on my last breath. Xiao Yan has remembered this debt for three years. Today, I shall repay it all to you!"

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