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Chapter 712

Chapter 712: Protector Wu

Yun Shan, who had received a heavy blow in the sky, swiftly fell in front of many shocked gazes. However, when he was still a few dozens of meters from the ground, both of his feet suddenly pressed on the empty air and his body once again stabilized. However, the remnant blood trace on the corner of his mouth and his savage, frightening face still proved that the sudden attack earlier had only caused him some injuries.

Who could actually turn an elite Dou Zong like Yun Shan into such a miserable state? This thought flashed across the hearts of many people. Their gazes immediately shifted up before finally stopping at the black-robed, young man in the sky… the somewhat illusionary human figure beside him.

“Who is that?”

Their faces were all stunned and at a loss when they saw that illusionary human figure, who was suspended beside Xiao Yan. Clearly, they were extremely unfamiliar with this mysterious expert who had suddenly appeared.

Other people might be unfamiliar with this illusionary figure but the faces of Jia Xing Tian, Hai Bodong, and the others were suddenly filled with joy when they saw the former intervening. The strongest trump card of Xiao Yan had finally appeared. With the help of this mysterious teacher of his, it should not be much of a problem defeating Yun Shan.

Everyone took the opportunity in the interspace between the battles to exchange looks with one another. All of them saw a hidden joy within the other party’s eyes. From the looks of it, the advantage in this big fight today would gradually shift toward them. As long as Xiao Yan and that teacher of his joined hands to kill Yun Shan, it was likely that the Misty Cloud Sect would fall apart on its own without the need to attack. It would be difficult for it to rise again in the future.

Compared to the joy of Hai Bodong and the others, the hearts of many Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples and Elders had sunk greatly at this moment. This was especially the case after they saw Yun Shan actually spit out blood and be forced back. An uneasiness instantly surfaced within their hearts. Being the pillar of the Misty Cloud Sect, if Yun Shan were to be defeated today, the impact on the morale of the Misty Cloud Sect would be extremely great.

Yun Shan naturally did not have time to bother about the different emotions between both parties. At this moment, he was staring intently at the old human figure suspended beside Xiao Yan’s side. A moment later, he slowly wiped off the blood traces on the corner of his mouth as he spoke with a dense, cold voice, “Back then, I faintly felt that this fellow’s strength was a little strange. Only now am I aware that the strength was actually you.”

Yao Lao in the sky glanced indifferently at Yun Shan below. He laughed faintly, “How can I allow you to randomly humiliate and bully my student? You are merely a little Dou Zong. If this were back then, this venerate (refers to a Dou Zun) would only require a single sentence in order to eliminate this Misty Cloud Sect of yours from the Dou Qi Continent.”

The words from Yao Lao were not an exaggeration to frighten. With his reputation on the continent back then, an ordinary elite Dou Zun would not be able to compare with him. Moreover, he was extremely sociable with many friends. There were even some extremely powerful people who possessed a strength that was comparable with him and had a close relationship with him. Although the Misty Cloud Sect had one elite Dou Zong, the Yao Lao back then would indeed not even be slightly concerned about it.

This venerate (refers to a Dou Zun)? Yao Lao’s form of address immediately caused Yun Shan’s eyes to shrink slightly. This form of address was something that only an elite Dou Zun was qualified to use. In other words, this old fellow was actually an elite Dou Zun

back then?

The shock in his heart continued for an instant before it slowly faded away. Regardless of how strong Yao Lao was back then, he was merely just a spiritual body at this moment. The fighting strength that he could unleash was not even fifty-percent of his peak. There was no need to be overly afraid of him. Moreover… he did not need to fight with this person. There was someone who would deal with him.

“You are but a mere spiritual body yet you actually dare to act this arrogant. Since you dare to appear today, I will get you to remain here along with Xiao Yan.” Yun Shan suddenly smiled and said.

“By just relying on you?” Yao Lao slowly said. The dense white flame appeared to possess a spirit as it continued to linger up and down around his body.

“Hee hee, there will naturally be someone to deal with you. Moreover he has been waiting for you for a long time…” Yun Shan laughed. He immediately clapped and the clear sound slowly reverberated over this sky.

“Protector Wu, I shall hand this person to you.”

A large cluster of black fog suddenly came from within the grand hall of the Misty Cloud Sect from all directions after Yun Shan’s voice sounded. This black fog swiftly agglomerated in the sky before transforming into a deep profound fog that was over ten feet wide.

Xiao Yan and Yao Lao looked at the black fog that had appeared. Their faces simultaneously turned solemn. This damn old dog Yun Shan really was collaborating with the ‘Hall of Souls’…

“Teacher, be careful!” Xiao Yan turned his head and spoke to Yao Lao in a deep voice.

Yao Lao nodded slightly. His eyes did not blink as he looked at the cluster of black fog. The dense white flame that was leaping around him also quietly became much hotter.

“What is this?” There was a commotion that had immediately broken out among the disciples of the Misty Cloud Sect below when the black fog appeared in the sky. Their gazes were filled with surprise. They actually did not notice when such a mysterious person had hidden away within the sect.

Yun Yun’s pretty face was shocked as she looked at the cluster of black fog from the side of the wedding stage. She could tell that this was not a good person from the way that this fellow had appeared. However, why did he appear within the Musty Cloud Sect? Why did nobody mention it to her in the past? She felt somewhat uneasy as this thought rotated within her heart. Just what was the origin of this faction known as the ‘Hall of Souls’? When did Yun Shan gain a relationship with them?

The sudden change of events also caused the faces of the originally joyous Hai Bodong and the others to become slightly ugly. They were able to faintly sense that the cluster of black fog was extraordinary. Moreover, the most important thing was that this strange fellow clearly stood on Yun Shan’s side. In this way, their advantage would completely vanish…

“Just who is this fellow?” Jia Xing Tian shook and forced back the Misty Cloud Sect’s elite Dou Huang with a palm before he cried out in a deep voice to Hai Bodong a short distance away.

“I don’t know.” Hai Bodong shook his head. He immediately and suddenly moved his body and unleashed a wild and violent attack at the elite Dou Huang who was repeatedly pestering him. “There is a change in the situation. Let’s hurry up and finish off our opponents and join hands with Xiao Yan to attack Yun Shan!”

Jia Xing Tian and Fa Ma nodded heavily when they heard this. They did not dare hold anything back at such times of emergency. Their powerful Dou Qi was unleashed to their limits and they used a fierce, powerful attack on their opponents in front of them. Under such vigorous attacks from everyone, the Elders from the Misty Cloud Sect descended into a disadvantage and were repeatedly losing ground. There were also some weaker people who were the first to be killed during this period of time. However, they also gave the other party an attack just before they died, causing quite a bit of damage.

In an instant, this chaotic battleground and become unusually hot and intense.

The cluster of black fog was naturally unconcerned about everyone’s thought. A sinister strange laughter was emitted as the black fog rotated continuously, much like a crow’s cry resounding across the sky.

“Tsk tsk, Yao Chen, it is really unexpected that you will actually come to us. You were lucky to have fled back then and wasted quite a bit of effort from our ‘Hall of Souls’… the hall’s chief will likely rejoice if I capture you today.”

“A group of mouse-like monsters. Back then you borrowed the hands of that bastard Han Feng to attack me. I will come and count this debt with you properly!” Yao Lao’s gaze coldly observed the custer of black fog called Protector Wu. His voice was also filled with fury and killing intent.

“This protector might have been a little afraid of you if you possessed a physical body. However, against a spiritual body, tsk tsk, our ‘Hall of Souls’ have many different method to deal with you…” The black fog rippled and shrank before finally slowly agglomerating into a human figure whose entire body was covered within a black smoke in front of everyone. There was a faint pair of bright-red eyes revealed from the darkness.

Yao Lao’s eyes narrowed as they looked at Protector Wu who had appeared in this form. The dense white flame leaped slightly as he spoke to Xiao Yan, “It is as I have expected. The ‘Hall of Souls’ is hiding within the Misty Cloud Sect. From the looks of it, I am unable to divert myself to help you. This fellow is also not an ordinary person. It is very difficult for me to kill him even if I attack.”

“Teacher, you can just focus entirely on pestering that fellow. I will deal with Yun Shan.” Xiao Yan looked at the serious expression on Yao Lao’s face and knew that it was likely that the big battle today would really force him to use all of his triumph cards. He immediately nodded and spoke in a deep voice.

Yao Lao sighed softly. The situation today was indeed a little risky…

“Protector Wu, I will leave that Yao Chen to you.” Yun Shan laughed darkly as he looked at the increasingly solemn expression of the two people. Finally, he spoke to Protector Wu.

“Yes.” Protector Wu nodded his head. He immediately glanced at Xiao Yan and said, “You better not kill this little fellow. Their Xiao clan still possesses something that our ‘Hall of Souls’ needs…”

Yun Shan frowned slightly when he heard this. He could only nod his head and laugh, “Relax, I will leave him with a breath left.”

“Our Xiao clan has something that your ‘Hall of Souls’ need?” Xiao Yan’s eyes immediately shrank when he heard Protector Wu’s words. Thoughts rotated swiftly within his heart. An instant later, his mind moved and he muttered to himself within his heart, “Don’t tell me… the aim of the ‘Hall of Souls’ is that ‘Tou She Ancient God’s Jade’? They also captured father because of this thing?”

Only at this moment did Xiao Yan understood why a mysterious faction like the ‘Hall of Souls,’ which covered the entire continent, would attack their Xiao clan…

“These bastards…” The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth twitched slightly. He clenched his fist tightly as his gaze stared intently at the strange black fog.

Protector Wu merely glanced at Xiao Yan’s dense gaze before looking away. His palm moved and a dark-black chain carried a ‘clang’ sound as it was extended out from his palm. After which, it shook slightly and meandered around his body like a poisonous snake.

The black-colored chain trembled slightly. A moment later, Protector Wu let out a strange laugh. His hand trembled and the chain instantly broke through the sky and turned into a black line that pierced toward Yao Lao in an explosive manner.

Yao Lao’s expression became ice-cold when he saw that Protector Wu had attacked. The dense white flame on his hand writhed and rushed out.

Yun Shan’s dark, dense eyes slowly turned toward Xiao Yan after seeing Protector Wu and Yao Lao clashing together in an instant.

“Little bastard, now, I will see who else will come and help you!”

Xiao Yan slowly exhaled a breath of air as he looked at Yun Shan whose face was filled with a dense, cold killing intent. Since this was the case, he could only use his trump cards!

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