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Chapter 709: Decisive Battle, Misty Cloud Sect!

The atmosphere on the Misty Cloud Sect immediately became tense after Yun Shan's dense, cold cry sounded. The autumn wind blew past, lifting a couple of fallen leaves as it carried a chilly killing intent that caused one to involuntarily huddle one's body.

Those Misty Cloud Sect's Elders who were solemnly waiting all over the Misty Cloud Sect since some time ago slowly revealed the Dou Qi wings on their backs after hearing Yun Shan's chilly cry. They moved their hands and sharp weapons that contained cold glints leaped out. Numerous piercing, glowing eyes shot at the human crowd in the sky which possessed a similarly strong lineup.

Xiao Yan looked at Yun Shan's face, which faintly carried a savage smile. The corner of his mouth had similarly slowly turned dark and dense. He glanced toward Yun Yun by the side of the wedding stage whose face had become anxious because of the fighting atmosphere before softly saying, "Yun Shan, you need not use such vicious words. Old dog, you have caused my father to be missing and destroyed my Xiao clan. The Misty Cloud Sect and I are already in a state where neither would rest until the other parishes. Today, either your Misty Cloud Sect is eliminated from the Jia Ma Empire or I, Xiao Yan, will die here!"

Yun Shan was so furious at being repeatedly called an old dog by Xiao Yan that the corner of his mouth twitched. Yun Shan inhaled a deep breath of air a moment later in order to calm himself. He spoke in a sinister manner, "Little bastard, your father is not is my hands. Otherwise, I would have tortured him properly in order to extinguish the hatred in my heart!"

"Not in your hands?" Xiao Yan immediately narrowed his eyes when he heard this. The fist under his sleeve tightened as he laughed, "Old dog, you have finally admitted that my father's disappearance is related to your Misty Cloud Sect."

The glow in Xiao Yan's eyes suddenly became stern after his laughter sounded before he looked at Yun Yun under the stage. It was the first time that he had opened his mouth to speak to her ever since he had appeared, "Do you now understand? Back then, did you not open your mouth to prove that the Misty Cloud Sect had nothing to do with the matter regarding my father?"

Yun Yun's pretty face turned pale. She could clearly hear the anger and ridicule within Xiao Yan's voice. Back then, she had sworn that he must have misunderstood the Misty Cloud Sect. However, the words that were spoken today from Yun Shan's mouth were just like a slap that violently hit her face.

"So… so you really did that?" Yun Yun's face was filled with disbelief. Her red lips trembled as her mood began to fluctuate. Yun Yun's gaze turned toward Yun Shan and eventually could not resist roaring out angrily.

"Yun Yun! Remember that you are also a member of the Misty Cloud Sect! Now, you actually dare to shout at me because of a little bastard who thinks of eliminating our Misty Cloud Sect all day! Where have you thrown the many years of my teachings away?" Yun Shan softly roared out furiously. His face was filled with anger. Clearly, Yun Yun had caused him to lose all his face by publically roaring at him.

Yun Yun let out a grieved smile. Originally, she had always thought that it was because of Xiao Yan's moment of anger back then that caused him to perform a reckless act that turned the Misty Cloud Sect into his enemy. However, from the looks of it now, the most naive person was actually herself…

The Misty Cloud Sect caused Xiao Yan's father to be missing; therefore, Xiao Yan would definitely feel extremely sad about such a situation. Yet, she had insisted on being partial to the Misty Cloud Sect back then. It was likely that his heart must have been completely disappointed with her back then…

Yun Yun's delicate hand under her sleeves gripped with all her might. A heart-wrenching pain appeared as her fingernails pierced into her palm. Now,she recalled the ice-cold eyes of the young man who was chased by the Misty Cloud Sect for a great distance, Yun Yun was able to understand that he should have gained an extreme hatred for her since the beginning…

Although they were a great distance apart, Xiao Yan was able to see Yun Yun's suddenly swaying and unsteady body. His eyebrows twitched and he immediately hardened his heart and turned his gaze away before coldly speaking to Yun Shan, "If my father isn't at the Misty Cloud Sect, where is he?"

"He is in a place that you will never know. Moreover, even if you do know, you won't have the slightest ability to rescue him…" Yun Shan laughed in a dark, cold fashion. Since his words had already revealed everything, there was no longer any need for him to hide anything.

"He should be in the hands of the 'Hall of Souls' right…"

Yun Shan's eyes suddenly shrank when he heard the name that caused one's hair to stand on end softly floating out of Xiao Yan's mouth. His voice had also become more hoarse and denser than before, "You actually know about the 'Hall of Souls'? Oh, that's right, it should be the spiritual body within you that told you about them!"

Yun Shan's words had similarly caused Xiao Yan's expression to change slightly. He was actually aware of Yao Lao's existence… it seemed that this old dog was collaborating with the 'Hall of Souls'. Looks like today… he must be additionally careful.

"I will naturally settle the issue of my father. However, before this, I will need to finish off you, old dog…" Xiao Yan gradually calmed the fluctuation within his heart. A powerful Dou Qi gradually surged onto his palm as he slowly spoke.

Yun Shan smiled. However, a thread of cold darkness seeped from his smile. He waved his large hand and spoke with a dense smile, "This time, I will cause your Xiao clan to completely disappear from the Jia Ma Empire!"

"Everyone from the Misty Cloud Sect, listen up! Kill!"

The tense spreading atmosphere was immediately broken after Yun Shan's final word sounded. He looked at the flapping wings on the backs of the many Misty Cloud Sect's Elders suspended in the air before they swished into the sky and faintly encircled Jia Xing Tian and the others.

"Don't allow them to form their formation. Attack!"

Hai Bodong also let out a stern cry just as all the Elders from the Misty Cloud Sect moved. The icy wings on his back were flapped and powerful Dou Qi surged out explosively from his body. Having already consumed the 'Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill', his strength had gradually approached his peak within a short few days. Although he still possessed a gap compared to someone at the peak of the Dou Huang class, like Jia Xing Tian, he was not far from that. Hence, his powerful aura caused the faces of quite a number of people to change the moment it erupted.

Hai Bodong was the first to rush out after his aura erupted. An icy-cold blade-like Dou Qi pillar spread apart and locked onto a strong old person among the many Elders.

As the saying goes, an action would affect the situation as a whole. Hai Bodong's initiative to attack immediately caused a large scale commission. Behind him, Jia Xing Tian, Fa Ma, Old Yin Gu, Zi Yan, and the others instantly followed close behind. They unleashed their frightening Dou Qi one after another, spreading it throughout the sky of the Misty Cloud Mountain. The might that the Dou Qi created covered the entire mountain peak. Some of those weaker individuals felt short of breath just by being under this kind of pressure.


The Elders of the Misty Cloud Sect refused to be outdone by the attacking momentum of Hai Bodong's group. Their eyes revealed a fierce glow as they let out a stern cry. Under the many shocked gazes from below, they circulated the Dou Qi within their bodies to the extreme before violently charging forward.


The two terrifying lineups instantly collided in the sky. Immediately, numerous thunder-like energy explosions and energy ripples resounded and surfaced in the sky…


Xiao Yan was suspended alone in the air outside of the chaotic battle circle. Not a single Misty Cloud Sect's Elder came over to strike at him. This was because they knew that they were prepared to leave this person to Yun Shan to personally settle.

Yun Shan's gaze swept over the extremely intense fighting in the battleground before he turned his eyes toward the black-robed, young man in the sky who had folded his arms together. He let out a cold smile before striding forward. When he walked toward the edge of the wedding stage, he suddenly glanced at Yun Yun below before crying out coldly to a Misty Cloud Sect disciple at the side, "Look after her properly!"

Some of the Misty Cloud Sect's disciples hurriedly responded respectfully after hearing Yun Shan's order.

"I will come and teach you a lesson after I finish off this little bastard!" Yun Shan coldly glanced at Yun Yun before he immediately turned his body. After which, he suspended himself in the air and gently stepped forward with his feet. It was as though he was slowly ascending a flight of stairs. However, the stairs in this case were agglomerated from invisible air.

An elite Dou Zong could soar into the sky as though one was walking on flat land without relying on a pair of Dou Qi wings. This kind of battle without restraint naturally caused their agility and reaction time to increase.

Yun Shan's footsteps stepped on the empty air. A moment later, he was suspended at an area not far from Xiao Yan in front of the eyes of the many people in the open ground below.

Two dark, cold gazes, that were filled with killing intent, intertwined together as the two people faced off against each other. Sparks instantly shot out as the killing intent spread.

"Little fellow, you have fled from this place three years ago. Today, this ancestor (refers to a Dou Zong) shall let your life end in this place!" A savage smile surfaced on Xiao Yan's face as Yun Shan spoke in a sinister manner.

"I coincidentally need a skeleton belonging to an elite Dou Zong. Although I really hate you old dog, I shall just improvise and use you." Xiao Yan laughed.

"I have not seen you for three years but your mouth is still this stubborn. Since that is the case, this ancestor shall personally see just how much you have improved during these three years." Yun Shan smiled in a dark manner. He waved his sleeves and a majestic deep-green Dou Qi pillar erupted from the surface of his body.

The green-colored Dou Qi that surged out of Yun Shan's body was a color of extreme depth. At a glance, it seemed similar to the viscous like pressurized Glazed Lotus Core Flame from earlier. However, Xiao Yan had used all of his strength in order to pressurize and form a little of it earlier while this layer on the surface of Yun Shan's body was of an extremely deep color.

Due to Yun Shan's deep-green colored viscous Dou Qi being too powerful, it resulted in the surrounding space around Xiao Yan to fluctuate repeatedly. Seeing this scene, a solemness also surged up Xiao Yan's face as he quietly spoke within his heart: an elite Dou Zong was indeed frightening…

Yun Shan laughed out in a ferocious manner. He slowly lifted his hand horizontally and pointed it toward Xiao Yan from a distant. Energy was extended and formed on the surface, appearing much like an energy cannonball that was about to be spat out.

Xiao Yan's hand also slowly began to form a couple of seals as he sensed the increasingly powerful force within Yun Shan's body. He immediately let out a deep cry.

"Skyfire Three Mysterious Change: Glazed Change!"

The Dou Qi within Xiao Yan's body suddenly became violent after his cry sounded. Along with it, his aura had suddenly soared at this instant. A moment later, he was basically able to contend with a genuine elite Dou Huang!

"A Secret Technique to raise one's strength huh?" Yun Shan might have felt a little surprised when he saw the sudden soaring of Xiao Yan's aura but he immediately let out a savage smile. The deep-green energy within his palm had become much denser.

"This ancestor (refers to a Dou Zong) shall use my strength to tell you that any fake things will be annihilated in front of the strength of a Dou Zong!"

"Today, regardless of how many tactics you have, this ancestor (Dou Zong) shall let you regret returning once again!

Chapter 710: Decisive Fight With Yun Shan!

Xiao Yan gradually became cold and quiet after hearing Yun Shan's cold words that were filled with killing intent. Powerful jade-green Dou Qi curled and rose from his body like a flame and immediately encased his entire within.

Skyfire Three Mysterious Change. He had not used this ever since Xiao Yan had come out from under the grounds of the Jia Nan Academy. Currently, the 'Heavenly Flame' within his body was merged from the 'Green Lotus Core Flame' and the 'Fallen Heart Flame.' The strength this Secret Technique could procure was entirely dependent on the strength of the 'Heavenly Flame'. Hence, now that Xiao Yan had once again used it, the strength that it increased to was naturally much greater than when he used it back then.

Back when Xiao Yan was within the Dou Ling class, he was able to rely on this Secret Technique to fight with Liu Qing, Lin Xiuya, and other people at the peak of the Dou Ling class or even those expert Dou Wangs. Hence, after he had used the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, the strength on his surface was no longer inferior to that of a four or five star elite Dou Huang. Adding this to the uniqueness of the 'Flame Mantra' as well as his physical body which was refined by many spiritual medicines, the strength that his powerful Dou Qi could unleash was sufficient to contend with someone at the peak of the Dou Huang class!

Xiao Yan flicked his finger and an enormous Heavy Xuan Ruler surfaced in his palm. The heavy weight caused Xiao Yan's hand to sink slightly before he swiftly recovered. After having so many years of getting used to it, the weight of the Heavy Xuan Ruler did not pose much of an obstacle to Xiao Yan.

Although the suppression of the Heavy Xuan Ruler on the circulation of Dou Qi within his body would cause someone's fighting strength to be reduced slightly, this drawback had already been reduced until it almost had no effect after so many years of getting used to it. Hence, it naturally did not have much of an impact on Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan did not split his attention by even a little after hearing the intense energy explosion that was transmitted from the distant sky. His gaze blinked as it locked onto Yun Shan in front of him. His feet curled slightly and became just like a fierce hunting lion, where his shaking muscles hid an explosive strength.

Yun Shan smiled as he looked at Xiao Yan's cautious manner as though he was faced with a powerful enemy. His sleeves shook and the soft cloth he wore had gained a hardness that was not inferior to steel after Dou Qi was poured into it. If one's strength had reached the level of a Dou Zong, almost every portion of one's body, including even a strand of hair, would be able to become a sharp killing weapon.

"Come, allow this ancestor to take a look and see just what kind of support you have to actually dare to return once again." The deep-green energy in his palm rotated swiftly in a swirl as Yun Shan laughed in a dense, cold voice.

Xiao Yan's face was expressionless, and he did not say a single word. A dense bright silver glow swiftly appeared on his feet. His body trembled slightly…

Yun Shan narrowed his eyes and looked at the unmoving Xiao Yan on the opposite side. The finger under his sleeves moved, and with a cold laughter, he suddenly waved his sleeves. Immediately, it carried a terrifyingly sharp wind that viciously hacked through a certain part of the air.


A hard steel-like sleeve cut through the air. Just before it reached a certain part of the air, it fluctuated suddenly and a black figure strangely appeared. The heavy ruler carried a ferocious strength and unceremoniously smashed violently against the sleeve. The two made contact in mid-air and a thunder-like muffled sound immediately resounded across the land. Ripple-like force swiftly spread out and the air vibrated slightly as it spread.

Yun Shan's arm trembled when the two collided as it shed all the force it received. That black figure, however, repeatedly took a couple of steps back before it stabilized and revealed itself. That person was surprisingly Xiao Yan who was supposed to be on the other side.

"Your speed is indeed fast but that is merely only useful against an expert Dou Huang. Against me…" Yun Shan looked at Xiao Yan who had clenched his five fingers tightly before at his back. The afterimage that Xiao Yan had left behind in that place had scattered until only a faint image was left. Yun Shan could not help but shake his head and laugh coldly.

"Is that so? What about this?"

Xiao Yan glanced indifferently at this old man who was quite arrogant. A low snort was emitted from his throat before his hand seal suddenly changed. A purple-black glow immediately appeared on his back. A pair of substance-like purple-black wings appeared once again.

This pair of purple-black wings followed the jade-fire wings as they extended out. That manner was as though the fire wings were wrapped by a layer of black wings.

This pair of purple-black wings was naturally the Purple Cloud Wings that Xiao Yan had not used for a long time. Ever since he had advanced to the Dou Wang class, the flying speed of the wings that were formed from Dou Qi had far exceeded that of the Purple Cloud Wings. Hence, he had not used this kind of flying Dou Technique for a long time. However, this did not mean that it had lost its use. Being able to be called an extremely rare Dou Technique on the continent, it naturally did not only have such little ability. Its other effect was the reason that caused its value to multiply.

The effect was superimposition!

The so-called superimposition was just as its name suggested. It was to overlap two different things together. This was the case for the flying Dou Technique. Once one's strength had reached the Dou Wang class, one would be able to superimpose the two kinds of wings together. The speed that this kind of superimposition could produce naturally far exceeded that of an ordinary pair of Dou Qi wings. The only disadvantage was that it consumed quite a lot of Dou Qi. Otherwise, if it was used to cover distances quickly, that speed would truly allow one to feel what was called chasing the stars and the moon…

The superimposition of the wings was similar to the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change in that it was also displayed by Xiao Yan for the first time after his strength had soared. However, the shock that this kind of superimposition brought could be somewhat seen from the surprise that appeared on Yun Shan's face.

One could unceremoniously say that with the superimposition of the wings and a Di Class Low Level agility Technique like the Three Thousand Lightning Movement, Xiao Yan's speed would once again soar to a new level. This kind of speed was something that even someone of Yun Shan's ability would not dare to easily underestimate!

After the superimposition of the wings, the pair of Dou Qi wings on Xiao Yan's back had turned from jade-green to a blackish-green color. The wings were flapped and numerous rays of light lingered on them. Although it was a little less beautiful compared to the earlier jade-green fire wings, the deep, restrained color caused one to not dare to underestimate it.

The blackish-green wings were flapped slowly and a substance-like wind lingered over Xiao Yan's entire body before scattering with a whistle.

Xiao Yan only smiled after sensing that his body had suddenly become much lighter than before. He looked at the gradually weakening smile on Yun Shan's face and said, "Old dog Yun Shan, do you still dare to say that it is useless now?"

Xiao Yan did not give the slightest amount of time for Yun Shan to reply after saying those words. The wings on his back were flapped abruptly and he immediately disappeared amid the faint sound of rolling-thunder. He was surprisingly above Yun Shan's head the next time he appeared.

Xiao Yan held the heavy ruler tightly with both hands. He let out a stern cry and the heavy ruler gained a mountain-breaking momentum as it cut through the sky and hacked down toward Yun Shan's head.

This attack by Xiao Yan was void of any fancy moves. All it possessed was a surging strength. Under the pressure of this strength, all the air that was half a meter below the ruler was suppressed until it scattered in all directions, resulting in a vacuum area forming as the heavy ruler swung down!

"Your speed is still alright but this strength is really insufficient!" Yun Shan coldly laughed as he looked at the heavy ruler that was swiftly expanding in his eyes. He clenched his fist tightly and immediately gave Xiao Yan a punch across the air!

When his punch was thrown forward, an arc immediately surfaced in the air in front of him. An invisible air cannonball swiftly took shape before it finally carried a sharp sound that resounded through the air. It suddenly shot forward and collided with Xiao Yan's heavy ruler.


The heavy ruler was around half a meter from Yun Shan's head when it collided with the invisible cannonball. The rebound force that was transmitted to the heavy ruler shook it until it repeatedly trembled. If Xiao Yan's strength had not been similarly quite great, it was likely that this attack would have already thrown the heavy ruler out of his hand!

Xiao Yan's body trembled, and completely resolve the force that was being transmitted from the ruler. Xiao Yan did not withdraw even a little. The wings on his back were flapped as he transformed into a black line and entered Yan Shun's side. At the same time, he suddenly tightened his right hand and his arm shook in a strange manner. A powerful force swiftly agglomerated on his fist. An instant later, it smashed toward Yun Shan's chest in a Techniqueful manner.

"Octane Blast!"

A low, deep voice was transmitted from Xiao Yan's mouth. The wind on his fist suddenly soared and the frightening strength was something that caused even someone of Yun Shan's ability to raise his eyebrows slightly.

Although Xiao Yan's speed was extremely fast. Yun Shan, being an elite Dou Zong, was naturally not weak. At such an urgent time, his feet violently stomped down and the sea-like surging Dou Qi within his body immediately surged in front of his body. In the blink of an eye, it agglomerated and formed a deep-green viscous energy liquid on his body.


Xiao Yan's fist carried a frightening force as it violently smashed against the viscous energy liquid. The two collided and merely emitted a slight sound. The frightening strength on Xiao Yan's fist swiftly scattered as though it was swallowed completely.

"You already used this move three years ago…" Yun Shan laughed coldly when he saw the surprise that flashed across Xiao Yan's face.

"This similar move can also cause you to feel uncomfortable!" Xiao Yan also laughed coldly. His arm suddenly twisted and a bone cracking sound was swiftly emitted. His fist violently trembled!

A hidden force swiftly surged out like an undercurrent as the fist shook. It immediately passed through the viscous liquid like defense and exploded like a bomb on Yun Shan's clothes…

Yun Shan's expression gradually became dark and cold as his body firmly received the hidden force of the attack by Xiao Yan. His chest shrank and it beat suddenly. A majestic force erupted out from all directions and the first one it struck was Xiao Yan who was the closest to him!

Xiao Yan's footsteps landed in the empty air and the wings on his back also flapped. It was a long while later before he shed the force away. A muffled feeling was also transmitted from Xiao Yan's chest.

Yun Shan's gaze was dark and cold as he looked at Xiao Yan who was swiftly withdrawing. He slowly lowered his head and looked at the tattered robes at his chest area. The torn robe revealed his chest where a bright-red fist mark was imprinted on it at this moment. Clearly, it was left behind by Xiao Yan earlier.

"Ke ke, good. Very good. You are the first person who has left behind a fist mark on my body ever since I advanced to the Dou Zong class…" Yun Shan's face completely turned dark and cold as he looked at the fist mark. A killing intent that caused a person's heart to feel cold gradually spread out from his body.

"Since you are able to reach this stage, this ancestor shall allow you to see what is an elite Dou Zong!"

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