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Chapter 707

Chapter 707: Defeat!

Xiao Yan glanced at the cold smile on Gu He’s face and heard the private conversations that had sounded. He randomly waved his hand and sheathed the Heavy Xuan Ruler before laughing in a faint voice.

“There are still two more moves. Why do you need to celebrate so early? Two moves is enough to finish you…”

Gu He immediately let out a cold laugh when he heard Xiao Yan’s words. The purple fire longsword in his hand was swung and also disappeared. He raised his head and looked at Xiao Yan with a chilly gaze while he said, “I want to see just how you will defeat me with just two exchanges left!”

Xiao Yan grinned. The Dou Qi in his body surged and rolled turbulently like a big flood. Waves of powerful energy filled every single part of his body. Such a condition basically allowed Xiao Yan to be able to unleash an extremely frightening force by simply raising his hand.

Gu He also sensed the turbulent Dou Qi within Xiao Yan’s body. His expression immediately became solemn as he circulated the Dou Qi in his body with all his might. If he really did lose to Xiao Yan within ten exchanges under the focus of the experts from all over the Jia Ma Empire, there would undoubtedly be an extremely serious blow to his reputation. Most importantly, he would lose a great amount of face in front of Yun Yun. This was something that he could not endure. Hence, had to receive all of Xiao Yan’s remaining attacks even if he had to use all his strength to do so!

Gu He’s heart became ruthless. A stern look flashed across his eyes. He curled his five fingers, and they formed a strange claw-like shape. The purple flame in his hand was partially visible. It seemed to be attempting to brew something.

The two people in the air who had suddenly descended into silence attracted the attention of everyone. Some of those who were quite strong could feel the increasingly powerful Dou Qi being brewed within their bodies. Clearly, the next exchange might be the most intense. This exchange would clearly indicate whether it was Xiao Yan who was arrogant and ignorant today, or it was Gu He who had an inferior strength.

Quite a number of people became quiet as they sensed the wave of powerful fluctuations that surged out from the two people in the sky. Their expressions were solemn and filled with anticipation. It was not common to see such powerful collision between Dou Huangs within this Jia Ma Empire…

Yun Shan sat calmly on the wedding stage. His shriveled finger gently knocked on the armrest as his narrowed eyes locked onto the two people in the sky. With his sharp eyes, he was naturally able to see Xiao Yan’s class from the lightning-like exchange between the two earlier. He had not truly broken through to the Dou Huang class. Perhaps it was because of Xiao Yan’s Qi Method and other reasons but his fighting strength was comparable to that of an elite Dou Huang. However, attempting to defeat Gu He within ten exchanges by relying on this was undoubtedly a daydream. The reason for Xiao Yan being able to kill so many experts from the Misty Cloud Sect in the capital back then was likely because he had the help of the spirit of the one called Yao Cheng in his body…

“I thought that he had grown much within three years but he is still merely borrowing the strength of others. I have overestimated him…” The corner of Yun Shan’s mouth was lifted with a dark coldness and disdain. A dense chill flashed across his eyes as he softly spoke, “If you only have this much ability, then I must tell you that your ending will be even more terrible than it was three years ago!”

Xiao Yan was naturally unable to hear Yun Shan mutterings. He slowly opened his shut eyes while the Dou Qi in his body became even more turbulent. His eyes studied Gu He opposite of hi

m who was already awaiting him solemnly. With a faint smile, Xiao Yan stepped forward and a layer of bright silver glow appeared.

With the appearance of the silver glow, Xiao Yan’s figure abruptly trembled and immediately disappeared strangely amid the sound of low rolling-thunder!

Xiao Yan’s sudden disappearance immediately stirred exclamations all over the place. Numerous experts had stunned faces. They realized that they did not sense anything when Xiao Yan’s figure vanished. This speed… was really as frightening and difficult to defend against as a ghost.

Yun Shan eyebrows were slightly lifted at this moment. The speed Xiao Yan displayed had caused him to be somewhat surprised.

The one who was most anxious at Xiao Yan’s disappearance was naturally Gu He. However, the latter did not lack combat experience. Hence, his Spiritual Strength swiftly spread out from the middle of his brows after being slightly surprised. His Spiritual Perception covered the entire sky like a spider web.

“Come out!”

Gu He let out a cold smile after his Spiritual Perception had just been extended out. The wings on his back were flapped and his body rushed toward a certain spot not far from him in a lightning-like manner. A sharp wind was waiting to be released from his curled claws.

Those sharp claws viciously attacked a certain space. However, before the wind from the claw could approach, there was a slight fluctuation in the air. A black robe strangely surfaced.

The black robe person surface with both of his hands having formed a strange hand seal. His mouth also bulged, appearing like a frog. This appearance caused Gu He to be shocked. He had just moved his body to retreat when a cold glint flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes. A powerful Dou Qi immediately and suddenly erupted with a cry from his throat!

Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar!


A tiger roar like that of thunder sounding in a clear sky resounded throughout the sky. The frightening sonic wave that erupted at that instant caused a countless number of experts who had been caught off-guard to feel a deafness. Some of those weaker Misty Cloud Sect disciples felt giddy and those who were even weaker were shaken until they fainted.

The sudden wild, violent sonic wave had an extremely great impact on Gu He, who was in close proximity. Hence, despite the latter being strong, he was still momentarily absent-minded The Dou Qi in his body also became dull!

This kind of absent-minded state merely lasted for a breath before Gu He swiftly recovered. The first thing that he did after recovering was to wildly maneuver the Dou Qi in his body. After which, the Dou Qi flowed like a torrent toward both claws. He clearly understood that in the fight between the strong, an instantaneous split of one’s attention would determine the victor. Given Xiao Yan’s eyesight and his scheming self, it was naturally impossible to easily let this kind of loophole escape. Hence, the first thing that he did when he recovered was to go all out!

Due to him being prepared earlier, the summoning of his Dou Qi this time around merely lasted for an instant. After which, Gu He’s palm was covered with a dense purple coloured flame. The fire withered before finally agglomerating into a fist-sized purple eagle shape. It even faintly emitted an eagle cry.

Xiao Yan’s final attack swiftly completed when the purple flame agglomerated in Gu He’s palm. The jade-green flame lingered over his body while a fierce flame covered both his fists. The strength of the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame was completely unleashed at this moment!

“Purple Eagle Incineration!”

Gu He took the lead in letting out a cry after he seemes to have sensed the terrifying energy that had been agglomerated on Xiao Yan’s fist. The purple eagle on his claw instantly expanded. It transforms into dozens of feet in size in the blink of an eye before wrapping over his body. A eagle cry immediately sounded and the enormous wings were flapped. Gu He’s claw danced viciously and tore at Xiao Yan.

Both claws cut through the air and an intense ripple intensely expanded out like a water ripple. The terrifying pressure that the flapping of the purple eagle’s wings immediately caused everyone to involuntarily change their expression despite the two being high above the open ground. This attack by Gu He caused even an expert like Hai Bodong to reveal a solemn expression.

The enormous fire eagle was swiftly expanded in Xiao Yan’s eyes. An instant later, Xiao Yan’s body finally moved. In the face of the attack that came toward his front, Xiao Yan did not take even half a step back. He curled his feet slightly and the dark-green flame on his fist suddenly began to swiftly suppress itself. In merely a couple of breaths. The originally bright dark-green flame had shrunk into a slime like layer. It was even somewhat similar to a strange cuticle like substance. This kind of dark green flame that was similar to a slime like object covered Xiao Yan’s fist.

Xiao Yan glanced at the strange slime that was formed from the pressurized Glazed Lotus Core Flame. This was a special object he had discovered by change. Such a substance that was formed from the pressurized Glazed Lotus Core Flame was able to unleash all its strength in an instant!

However, this kind of pressure creating task was not simple. Even with Xiao Yan’s current strength, he was only able to barely cover his fist with it. He really did not know just what extent he needed to reach if he wanted to cover his entire body. Should he really be able to achieve that stage, it was likely that any random collision by Xiao Yan would possess a frightening destructive strength!

Xiao Yan raised his head and looked at the enormous purple eagle in close proximity. He faced the cold face of Gu He within the fire eagle and smiled. After which, he clenched his five fingers and the fist, covered by the dark-green slime, immediately smashed violently against the enormous purple eagle without any fancy moves.

This punch did not have the slightest skill to speak about. In the eyes of the countless number of gazes below, it was as though Xiao Yan had raised his fist and collided with the enormous purple eagle that Gu He had created head-on without any fear of death.

This kind of disproportionate collision caused a countless number of people to quietly shake their heads. A young man was after all a young man. He was too impulsive…

Yun Yun involuntarily bit her lower red lip in the face of such a collision. The delicate hand under her sleeve gently trembled. This attack by Gu He was something that caused even her to feel a pressure that was difficult to describe.

Compared to the pitiful gazes of the others, Yun Shan’s gaze, who ultimately maintained a cold smile, was looking at the layer of thin dark-green slime. A solemness surfaced in his eyes. He did not expect Xiao Yan to be able to pressurize energy given his strength, which was not even at the Dou Huang level…

Xiao Yan’s seemingly weak fist finally collided with the enormous eagle that Gu He had created in front of everyone’s eyes. The entire sky was silent at that instant!

“The final move!”

Gu He’s saw Xiao Yan’s mouth open and close and the cold smile that was contained on the corner of the latter’s mouth the instant the fist and claw collided. He could vaguely hear the words that were emitted from the other party’s mouth.

Gu He did not have the time to react after the words sounded when an energy that frightened him until his soul nearly came out suddenly erupted from Xiao Yan’s punch in front of him, exploding forth in a torrent of flood waters!

This strength was frightening. Gu He’s eyes shrank even with his strength!


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