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Chapter 688: Situation

The faint sound of rolling-thunder reverberated in the distant sky. A black figure suddenly surfaced and two human figures seemed to have suffered a serious blow. Their bodies trembled and their expressions instantly became white. A mouthful of bright-red fresh blood involuntarily spat out from their mouths. The two human figures were like birds with broken wings as they weakly fell from the sky in front of the countless number of shocked gazes in the city below.


The two human figures carried a sharp wind as they fell into the city. Finally, they smashed into the hard road like cannonballs. Immediately, a wild and violent strength swept out like floodwater. The enormous deep pit made an enormous crack line swiftly spread from the spot where the figures landed. Finally, it formed an extremely conspicuous crack line leading to a deep pit in the middle of the city.

Dust drifted out from the deep pit before it was finally blown by the breeze and completely scattered. The two miserable human figures within it slowly appeared in front of the many gazes on the surrounding buildings.

Yun Du and Yun Sha lay in the deep pit like corpses. Their clothes were in tatters and their faces were pale-white. Bright-red blood traces spread from their chests. Their originally powerful auras were extremely frail at this moment. The heavy thunderbolt-like attack by Xiao Yan earlier had sent them into a seriously wounded condition where even death was imminent.

The two people in the deep pit tried their best to widen their eyes. Their eyes stared intently at the indifferent face of the black-robed, young man in the sky, who was carrying a heavy ruler on his back. Their mouths moved slightly, they seemed to intend to say something. However, the sweetness that surged out from their throats caused them to spit out fresh blood from their mouths, drowning out their words.

Fresh blood flowed down from the corner of their mouths. The spirit and life within the wide eyes of those two people swiftly elapsed. A moment later, both of their eyes gradually turned gray and their frail aura completely vanished…

Following the disappearance of the aura of these two people, these two elite Dou Huangs, who possessed quite a high position within the Misty Cloud Sect, had undoubtedly died in an extremely miserable fashion in front of the countless number of gazes within the city…

Numerous gazes were startled as they eyed the enormously deep pit that occupied an entire street. At this moment, almost everyone's thoughts had instantly become dull.

The ones who had died in front of them were not some Dou Ling or whatever Dou Wang. They were instead two genuine elite Dou Huangs. An expert of this level was basically an existence that most people looked up to. Countless numbers of people had worked hard, forgetting to eat and sleep as they trained to become such an existence However, there were still very few people who could stand out among all these people and achieve this class.

In the senses of many people, an expert who was able to reach this stage was undoubtedly one who had the ability to summon the wind and rain. Today, however, these incomparable experts, who had the ability to summon the wind and rain in their eyes, were defeated in an extremely miserable manner by the hands of this young man who was only around twenty years old…

This somewhat cruel reality completely broke the thought that an elite Dou Huang was invisible in the hearts of many people. Only at this moment did some people understand that it was not impossible for an elite Dou Huang to be killed by another…

No matter what would happen in the future, the young man flapping his beautiful jade-green fire wings in the sky, called Xiao Yan, would forever be imprinted deep in the minds of everyone. This would be the case even when some would people gradually forget the names of the two elite Dou Huangs who were defeated today.

Moreover, from today on, this name, which had been silent within the Jia Ma Empire for three years, would once again erupt with a brightness that was even more dazzling and shining than ever. Moreover, this glow would be something that no one could block!

Jia Xingtian, who had his hands behind him on the tall tower in the imperial city, also let out a long breath the instant that Yun Du's and Yun Sha's auras disappeared. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the black-robed, young man suspended in the distant sky. It was a long while later before he softly and slowly said, "This little fellow is really no longer that sentimental young man of the past…"

Within less than an hour, there were at least four Dou Wangs and two Dou Huangs who were defeated by Xiao Yan's hands. These kinds of merciless, vicious tactics were something that caused even an old wily fox like Jia Xingtian to quietly inhale a breath of cold air. He gradually understood in his heart that the current Xiao Yan was likely someone who was more difficult to deal with compared to three years ago.

"The Misty Cloud Sect has destroyed the Xiao clan and Xiao Yan has killed many Elders and disciples of the Misty Cloud Sect. If one thinks in this way, there is not the slightest chance of them reconciling. Looks like the Jia Ma Empire will become even more chaotic in the future…"

Jia Xingtian knit his brows and immediately sighed. He did not expect that Xiao Yan would bring so many experts with him when he returned. From the looks of the large lineup that had appeared earlier, it was likely that it was not any weaker than the Misty Cloud Sect. Originally, the Jia Ma Empire was in a situation where there was one tiger and many wolves. That tiger was naturally the extremely powerful Misty Cloud Sect while the many wolves were the three large clans and some of the somewhat stronger factions. With Xiao Yan's return, there was an additional vengeful tiger with a ferocity that was not inferior to the Misty Cloud Sect in this area. As the saying goes, a mountain cannot accommodate two tigers. Moreover Xiao Yan and the Misty Cloud Sect already possessed an extremely deep blood feud. Hence, it was impossible for the two to coexist. There would be one group among the two completely eliminated before the other would rest!


Regardless of which party was the one destroyed, this Jia Ma Empire would descend into bloody chaos that no one would be able to escape from!

"From the looks of it, I will need to make contact with the Nalan clan, Mu clan, and the Alchemist Association. Since Xiao Yan has already returned, it will not be long before the decisive battle with the Misty Cloud Sect. If one were to stand on the wrong side in this battle, it is likely that there will be trouble…" Jia Xingtian laughed bitterly and shook his head as he sighed. His gaze once again looked at the black-robed, young man in the distant sky. Only then did he turn around and slowly descend the tall tower…

The disappearance of the two Dou Huangs' auras of Yun Du and Yun Sha also stirred quite a big commotion in some other places. An expert of such a level was considered the top existance even when placed within the three large clans. Moreover, the Nalan clan and the Mu clan did not even possess a single elite Dou Huang. Hence, their inner hearts were extremely shocked and frightened when they saw two elite Dou Huangs fall to the hands of that black-robed, young man in the distant sky with their own eyes.

After they were shocked, they began to hesitate a little just like Jia Xingtian. With the current situation, Xiao Yan would definitely join together with the Primer clan. If he were to really defeat the Misty Cloud Sect, the benefits that the Primer clan would gain would likely enable it to completely shake off the other two clans. Hence, at this moment, they needed to begin thinking of the benefits and losses involved whether they were willing or forced to do so.

The current situation was really one where the wind would not stop blowing even if the tree wanted to be quiet. It is likely that the other large factions within the empire would have difficulty escaping from being involved in the fierce collision between Xiao Yan and the Misty Cloud Sect…

Hence, what they needed to consider now was which side they would stand with!

Xiao Yan, who was in the sky, was naturally unaware of just what kind of impact he had brought to those factions in the capital after killing all of the Elders from the Misty Cloud Sect. All that he knew now was that any person from the Misty Cloud Sect was someone whom he could kill. At the present, he was no longer the young man who had just come out to train. The fresh blood of quite a number of people had dyed his hand during these few years. Killing people no longer caused him to feel any uncertainty. Moreover, these people were people who did not have any right to be pitied in his eyes.

Xiao Yan's gaze slowly swept over the enormous city below. He immediately stopped for a moment in a couple of places. Those people in these places involuntarily felt their hearts pound when they discovered that his gaze was looking over. After which, they unnaturally shifted their gazes away.

The places that could cause Xiao Yan's gaze to pause were naturally the imperial palace, the Alchemist Association, the Mu clan, and the Nalan clan…

Xiao Yan withdrew his gaze and waved his hand at Lin Yan and the others a short distance away. He immediately turned his body and looked toward Hai Bodong who was focused on the two corpses in the deep pit below. He smiled and said, "Old Hai, I'm sorry. I could not resist snatching your opponents away a moment ago."

Hai Bodong smiled bitterly and shook his head when he heard this. There was, however, some lingering fear in his heart. Even he was only able to vaguely see a silver-colored glow flashing past when Xiao Yan attacked earlier. After which, he saw the both of them give over ten exchanges within a split second. A moment later, two elite Dou Huangs, leaping around in a lively manner earlier, fell with serious injuries. That speed caused even his heart to feel a chill. He understood that if he were Xiao Yan's opponent, it was likely that his endurance would not be any better than these two fellows.

"Old Hai, these three years… thank you very much." Xiao Yan flapped his flame wings and stopped in front of Hai Bodong. He looked at the latter's smiling old face before whispering.

"Ke ke, you little fellow. You have become a little maudlin after leaving for three years…" Old Hai shook his head, laughed, and scolded him.

Xiao Yan also smiled softly when he saw the smiling face of Old Hai. The 'Serene Sea Storage Ring' on his finger flickered and a transparent jade bottle flashed and appeared. There was a deep-purple-colored round medicinal pill within the jade bottle emitting an alluring luster.

Old Hai was startled when he saw this medicinal pill.

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