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Chapter 681

Chapter 681: Bloody Battle

Chi! Chi!

The moment Yun Du’s cry sounded, the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples, which had completely surrounded the Primer clan until nothing could pass through, immediately carried a sharp sword aura and charged toward the enormous mansion like a tiger that had just descended from its mountain. The cries of killing intent that instantly erupted caused the faces of the many surrounding observers to become pale.


A clear, cold cry also resounded just as a countless number of Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples swarmed toward the Primer clan like flood water. Immediately, one could hear the sound of bows being strung throughout the mansion. A moment later, countless arrows tore through the air, transforming it into raining arrows that swarmed over the white-colored torrent!

The raining arrows quietly blocked some of the attacking momentum of the Misty Cloud Sect. However, soon after, countless clusters of bright Dou Qi surged and the effects of the arrows were greatly diminished. Using this momentum, that white-colored torrent moved much closer to the mansion. Some of the faster people were already in close proximity to the mansion itself.

Pop! Pop!

However, there was once again the unusually low, deep sound of bows being drawn just as the Misty Cloud Sect’s attack had entered within a hundred meters of the mansion. After which, numerous arrows, blood-red in color, suddenly shot explosively from the mansion!

These blood-red raining arrows clearly possessed a great difference compared to the ordinary raining arrows from earlier. This could be differentiated from the sound that was emitted when the arrow’s body flew through the sky. Moreover, when these raining arrows struck a Misty Cloud Sect’s disciple, the Dou Qi that was lingering on the surface of their bodies clearly did not pose much of a hindrance to the arrow. Instead, due to the overly great strength, the remaining strength of the arrow after it penetrated one’s body would even penetrate through the body of the person behind. This kind of frightening arrow attacking strength caused the people watching from afar to feel a chill all over their bodies.

The blood-colored arrows shot out wildly and left behind a faint imprint in the sky. Each time an arrow shot out, it would caused quite a number of Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples to weakly fall to the ground. From the looks of it, the Primer clan, being the top of the three large clans in the Jia Ma Empire, was not a soft persimmon that others could pinch as they like. Even with the strength of the Misty Cloud Sect, it was impossible for them to eliminate the Primer clan without sacrificing some blood.

The few people in the sky did not get distracted by the ferocious fight that had already started below. That Yun Du and Yun Sha paused in the air for a moment before the two of them moved their bodies at the same time. After which, they rushed toward Hai Bodong!

Seeing that the two actually charged toward Hai Bodong, Primer Tengshan immediately cried out coldly, “Two old bastards, have you forgotten about me?”

“Hee hee, Tengshan, how would we dare to forget about you? There is no need for Elders Yun Du and Yun Sha to get involved when dealing with you. Let them calmly finish off Hai Bodong.” Primer Tengshan’s voice had just sounded when two figures suddenly flew out from the large Misty Cloud Sect’s unit below. Finally, they flapped their wings and were suspended at a spot not far from Primer Tengshan.

“Yun Fu? Yun Xu? It is really unexpected that even the both of you have come!” Primer Tengshan’s heart immediately sank when he saw the sudden appearance of these two people. These two people were also Elders from the Misty Cloud Sect. Although they were not as strong as Yun Du and Yun Sha,

they were still experts of the Dou Wang class. From the looks of it, the Misty Cloud Sect had really put in the capital in order to deal with the Primer clan.

“Sect leader’s patience with your Primer clan has already reached the limit. Hence, don’t blame us. We are only acting on orders.” These two people seemed to be acquainted with Primer Tengshan. Hence, there was a helplessness in their faint voices.

Primer Tengshan’s face was dark and gloomy. His eye looked in the direction where Hai Bodong was located. Yun Du and Yun Sha had already approached the latter while Yun Fu and Yun Xu had blocked him. The three powerful auras from their bodies caused the Dou Qi in his body to be unable to circulate smoothly despite him being some distance apart. An elite Dou Huang was indeed far from what an ordinary Dou Wang could compare with.

“You should be careful, I will deal with these two people. You should just take care of yourself!” While Primer Tengshan was worried about Hai Bodong, the latter’s deep voice had been transmitted to him.

Primer Tengshan could only put down the worry in his heart when he heard this. His gaze turned toward his opponent in front of him. With a flip of his hand, a powerful Dou Qi surged out from his body. His strength might not be comparable to Hai Bodong but it was not something that should be underestimated.

“Sorry to offend you!” Yun Fu and Yun Xi did not dare to slight their opponent as they sensed the energy ripple that had already erupted from Primer Tengshan’s side. They cried out toward Primer Tengshan before immediately flapping their wings. Turning into a black shadow, they rushed toward the latter.

Primer Tengshan looked at the two human figures rushing over with gloomy eyes. A pride that had not appeared for many years also surged within his heart as he laughed to the sky, “Alright. Today, even if our Primer clan cannot escape this calamity, I will also severely hurt your Misty Cloud Sect!”

After the laughter sounded, the pair of Dou Qi wings on Primer Tengshan’s back were flapped and he charged toward Yun Fu and Yun Xu in front of a countless number of gazes without any fear. An instant later, a thunder-like energy explosion resounded across the sky above the Jia Ma Sacred City!

The entire capital had at this very moment, thrown all their gazes toward this great battle between the strong. This battle would determine the survival of the Primer clan!

While the Primer clan and the Misty Cloud Sect had begun this life and death struggle, there were a couple of places within the capital which were completely silent.

There were a couple of human figures quietly standing on a tall tower situated within the imperial city, which allowed one to overlook the entire city. Their gazes were studying the soul-stirring battle that had erupted in the distance.

The person who stood at the front was an old man in a linen robe. The old man’s face was filled with winkles. At this moment, that old man’s face, which was usually like a rippleless old well, was currently filled with an unending struggle and uncertainty.

“Great grandfather, are we really going to do nothing?” A tall, young lady in a purple gown, who was standing behind the linen-robed old man with a somewhat stern look on her pretty face, finally spoke after being unable to resist any longer while watching the great battle in the distance. Looking at the purple-gold phoenix crown on her head, that represented her status, it seemed that her status was quite high.

“Yao Ye, you should also know just how strong the Misty Cloud Sect currently is. If we were to anger that old roan Yun Shan…” The linen-robed old man sighed as he replied

Yao Ye, this tall, elegant woman who wore a purple-gold phoenix crown on her head, was surprisingly the elder princess of the imperial family whom Xiao Yan had met a few times back then.

“But great grandfather, you should also know just what kind of wild ambition the actions of the Misty Cloud Sect these couple of years have contained. We might still be able to contend with them if we were to join hands with the Alchemist Association and the three large clans. However, if we were to sit back and watch them be eliminated by the Misty Cloud Sect one at a time, it is likely that our imperial family will eventually end up with the same fate!” At this moment, this female emperor, who was already gradually starting to manage the entire empire, knit her eyebrows and spoke somewhat anxiously.

Jia Lao was silent in the face of Yao Ye’s sharp words. That Yun Shan was ultimately a heavy rock that was pressing on his heart. He clearly knew that it was likely not very difficult for that old roan to kill him given the former’s strength. Once he died, the imperial family would lose his protection. At that time, it was likely that the danger that faced them would likely be even greater. Hence, it was still extremely difficult for him to decide even in the face of such a crucial moment.

“Ugh, let’s wait and see…” Jia Lao still sighed after a long silence. He waved his hand and looked at the energy fireworks that had erupted in the sky not far away with a dark expression.

Some helplessness and disappointment flashed across Yao Ye’s bright eyes when she saw that Jia Yao was still acting so indecisively at such a moment. She lifted her eyes and looked in the direction where the Primer clan was located. She could only pray in her heart that the top of the three large clan could create a miracle and survive this attack by the Misty Cloud Sect.

An old man wearing an alchemist robe looked at the spot where energy was exploding with flickering eyes on the roof of a building in the Alchemist Association. He would occasionally tighten and relax his fist. Clearly, his heart was not calm.

“Chairman Fa Ma…” Another elderly man behind this old man, who was also wearing an alchemist robe, could not help but open his mouth to speak.

Fa Ma, who also had some relationship with Xiao Yan back then, was still managing the Jia Ma Empire’s Alchemist Association three years later.

“Let’s wait first…” Fa Ma shook his head slightly as he spoke with a hoarse voice.

“Ugh…” The old man behind could only sigh softly when he heard Fa Ma’s words.

The core members in the Nalan clan were also standing on a tall building looking at the fight that had erupted in the distance. The person who was standing in the leader’s spot with an uncertain expression was naturally the strongest person within the Nalan clan, Nalan Jie!

“Father, this matter…” Nalan Su revealed a solemn expression as he softly spoke behind Nalan Jie.

“Wait!” Nalan Jie tightened his old face. It was a long while later before he spat out this word. He similarly did not dare to offend the enormous being known as the Misty Cloud Sect. Although Nalan Yanran was also a member of the Misty Cloud Sect, not only had Yun Yun been placed under house arrest but Nalan Yanran had also entered the so-called ‘Gate of Life and Death’. There had been no news of her for three years. Even he did not know whether she was dead or alive.

“Ugh, hopefully, the Misty Cloud Sect will let our Nalan clan off on account of Yanran…” Nalan Su bitterly laughed as he quietly spoke in his heart. However, at that time, the dignity of the Nalan clan would be completely lost.

A similar hesitation and struggle was also enacted in the Mu clan, which was one of the three large clans. However, the final conclusion was that not a single person dared to step forward and say something at such a moment. This was because they knew that on the Misty Cloud Mountain located in close proximity to the capital, there was still an elite Dou Zong who had the strength to eliminate any clan, Yun Shan!

At such a moment, all they could do was place their hope on a miracle. If the Primer clan was able to endure this, the other few factions would have the courage to discuss a collaboration with them by relying on the momentum of this victory…

While the Primer clan and the Misty Cloud Sect fighting entered into a white hot state, over ten enormous flying Magical Beast were swiftly rushing through the sky over a hundred kilometers from the Jia Ma Sacred City. A force that would shake the entire Jia Ma Empire was about to arrive!

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