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Chapter 680

Chapter 680: Blood Bath

The thunder-like cry carried some Dou Qi as it reverberated through every single corner of the Jia Ma Sacred City. Countless numbers of people raised their heads at this moment. They threw their gaze in a certain direction. The rising Dou Qi there was just like a surging sky pillar.

Ya Fei, Hai Bodong, and the others from the Primer clan rushed out of the hall. Their expressions were solemn as they observed the spot where Dou Qi had erupted.

“What do we do now?” Primer Tengshan asked in a deep voice.

“What else can we do? Since we don’t wish to surrender, we can only fight to our deaths!” Hai Bodong coldly snorted. A faint, cold air lingered around his body. Under the cover of this cold air, the deep-blue color in his eyes also became much darker.

“Everyone listen up, guard your posts securely. Do not panic. There is no need to report if anyone intrudes. Just kill!” Ya Fei’s pretty face was ice-cold. Her eyes contained an evilness as her cold cry spread throughout the entire Primer clan.

Hai Bodong nodded slightly as he watched Ya Fei transmitting the command in an orderly fashion and swiftly stabilized the somewhat panicked situation. He immediately narrowed both his eyes and coldly studied the spot where Dou Qi had erupted. Both of his fist under his sleeves were slowly tightened.

“Old roan Yun Shan. Since you want to destroy my Primer clan, the old me will injure your bones and let you bleed!”

While the members of the Primer clan were solemnly waiting, an orderly stern cry was suddenly emitted from the spot within the Jia Ma Sacred City where the Dou Qi had erupted. Everyone in the city immediately saw a large group of white-robed individuals surging out in all directions from a certain spot before bounding and rushing above the buildings of the city. When the white robes fluttered in the wind, the special cloud sword image on it allowed one to identify them as people belonging to the Misty Cloud Sect!

“Hiss… it is unexpected that the Misty Cloud Sect actually sent over so many people. It seems that he really wants to eat the Primer clan in one bite.”

Quite a number of people inhaled a breath of cool air as they looked at those white robes which were rushing over buildings like fleas. There was immediately some pity and indigent thoughts given out. The Misty Cloud Sect was really too arrogant to attack with such fanfare.

The white robe unit was just like a white-colored torrent that surged over from the northern part of the city. Finally, they moved in all directions, surrounding the spot where the Primer clan was located. That momentum and aura was such that it was likely that the Misty Cloud Sect had dispatched at least a thousand people. A scale like this was comparable to a small-sized army.

The entire capital became like a boiling pot of oil when the white-colored torrent surged by. It completely turned into an uproar. Countless numbers of people also leaped onto the roofs and remained a great distance behind this torrent. Finally, they stopped just as their eyes were able to see the Primer clan as they looked for a place with a good view to begin watching this big event that was the most sensational one in the Jia Ma Empire within the last century.

The three large clans of the Jia Ma Empire had been established in the empire quite a long time ago. During these years, the three large clans had become increasingly stronger and an ordinary clan would have difficulty surpassing them. The Misty Cloud Sect’s attack on the Primer clan was undoubtedly a collision of the greatest scale that had occurred within the Jia Ma Empire in the last couple of decades!

The hearts of quite a number of people were filled with curiosity with regards to such a collision between the strong. Hence, before the Misty Cloud Se

ct’s white torrent had arrived at the Primer clan, some of the surrounding tall areas were already filled with black masses of human heads.

“Big brother Xiao, you should hide in a corner if a fight were to break out later…” Ya Fei looked at the white-colored wave that was sweeping over from the distant before turning her head as she reminded Xiao Ding who was seated in a wheelchair.

“What is the use of hiding in a corner at that time? Moreover, do you really think I am really that kind of person who is too weak to fight?” Xiao Ding smiled and shook his head at Ya Fei’s good intention. He immediately raised his hand and an unusual rich-green Dou Qi, that was filled with life, swiftly surged out and covered his fist.

“Huh? You have advanced to a Dou Ling? When did this happen?” Hai Bodong by the side was immediately startled when he saw the aura that Xiao Ding suddenly unleashed and he asked with some surprise.

“Since I am unable to feel my legs, I can only quietly train. Hence, my progress is quite good… it is just that I usually do not unleash my Dou Qi so everyone is unaware of it.” Xiao Ding smiled as he replied.

“It is good that you have the ability to protect yourself. If the situation turns for the worse later, you and Ya Fei should seek an opportunity to flee… it is not a wise decision for all of us to die here. If that is the case, even if the Primer clan is totally exterminated, there will be someone who will seek revenge for us in the future.” Hai Bodong nodded as he suddenly whispered.

Xiao Ding and Ya Fei were startled when they heard Hai Bodong’s words. They were about to say something when the former’s expression became completely solemn as he said, “They’re here…”

The two people followed his voice and raised their heads. Their eyes looked around, only to see that some of the buildings outside this mansion were filled with a countless number of white-robed human figures. Their hands uniformly held sharp longswords that reflected a dense, cold glint under the sunlight. The glints scattered on the mansion, causing one to feel a chill all over one’s body.

“The two of you should command the interior of the mansion. I will lead people to block the people from the Misty Cloud Sect.” Hai Bodong spoke to Ya Fei. His feet immediately pressed on the ground and his body shot to the sky. Behind him, Primer Teng Shan hurriedly let out a loud cry after seeing this. After which the numerous strong clan members of the Premier clan followed closely. Finally, they flashed and appeared on the exterior of the mansion, facing off against the large unit of the Misty Cloud Sect.

Hai Bodong’s body was suspended in mid-air. His shoulders shook and a pair of ice Dou Qi wings were extended out from his back. Both of his wings were flapped to keep him in the air. Both of his eyes contained an iciness as they looked at the white-colored wave of the large Misty Cloud Sect’s unit. Powerful Dou Qi surged out from his body. Following the flow of Dou Qi, a majestic aura shrouded the sky and an unusual pressure covered a radius of a hundred meters.

Given Hai Bodong’s Dou Huang class strength, the aura that he unleashed not only caused some commotion within the large Misty Cloud Sect’s unit but the numerous observers on the surrounding tall buildings also let out waves of exclamations. Being one of the few elite Dou Huangs that one could count with one’s fingers within the Jia Ma Empire, Hai Bodong’s reputation had once again recovered to a level similar to his peak back then.

“Hai Bodong, don’t bother putting up a resistance. Are you actually thinking of turning the tide with your own strength? If you are sensible, you should quickly hand over the remaining members of the Xiao clan!”

Two sharp cries suddenly erupted from the city just as Hai Bodong’s aura surged. Immediately, two auras that were comparable to the former suddenly appeared.

The rushing sound of wind quickly followed when these two auras surfaced. Finally, two rays of light drew through the sky in front of a countless number of gazes, and eventually appeared in the air outside the Primer clan.

The two people who appeared also had an elderly appearance. They wore white robes with drawings of clouds. The two powerful auras were clearly emitted by these two people.

The two Elders from the Misty Cloud Sect who had suddenly appeared also attracted gazes from all over the city. This was especially when they sensed the pressuring feeling that was faintly released from within the bodies of these two people. Some shock surged in the hearts of quite a number of people. These two people were actually all elite Dou Huangs? Since when had two additional Dou Huangs appeared in the Misty Cloud Sect?

Hai Bodong’s eyes were focused intently on these two people after their appearance. This was especially when his gaze swept toward the faces of the two of them. His heart was immediately greatly shocked. A low, deep voice that carried some disbelief resounded across the sky, “Yun Du? Yun Sha? How could the two of you have advanced to the Dou Huang class?”

“Hee hee, don’t tell me that only you can advance to a Dou Huang and others cannot?” That old man who was called Yun Sha laughed coldly when he heard Hai Bodong’s words.

“Old Hai, these two old fellows were at most four star Dou Wangs three years ago. How could they breakthrough to the Dou Huang class in three short years?” A human figure flashed toward Hai Bodong side. It was Primer Tengshan. At this moment, his face was also filled with disbelief as he looked at the two people in the distant sky.

Hai Bodong’s expression was gloomy. He narrowed his eyes as his gaze swept over Yun Du and Yun Sha. A moment later, he shook his head and said, “The aura of these two aren’t quite right. Although their aura might appear to have reached the Dou Huang class, their breaths are far inferior to the mellow and natural feeling of an elite Dou Huang. I think that Yun Shan must have used some strange Secret Technique to forcefully raise their strength…”

“What should we do now?” Primer Tengshan hurriedly spoke. Even though Yun Du and Yun Sha were not true elite Dou Huangs, it should not be difficult for one of them to delay Hai Bodong. The remaining person was clearly going to be extremely difficult to stop given his strength. Moreover, once those Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples outside were to unleash an attack, it was likely that those experts within the clan would not be able to hold out for long.

“What else can we do? Don’t tell me we should surrender at such a time?” Hai Bodong frowned and coldly reprimanded. He immediately spoke in a deep voice, “I will try my best to kill one of them as quickly as possible. After which, I will help you kill the other person. As long as these two leaders are killed, we need not be afraid of the other Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples!”

Primer Tengshan laughed bitterly. They could only do this given the current situation. However, even if they were defeated today, they would be considered to be honorably defeated in front of the eyes of so many people!

“Hai Bodong, I will ask you once again. Are you going to hand over the people today?” Yun Sha’s gaze was dark and cold as shouted while he glanced at Hai Bodong and Primer Tengshan, who were suspended in the sky above the mansion.

“The actions of the Misty Cloud Sect these few years has really shamed all of your ancestors! Is that old roan Yun Shan not afraid that his ancestors will come after him to settle the score?” Hai Bodong laughed and ridiculed.

Yun Sha and Yun Du’s expressions also completely sank when they heard this. The two of them raised their hands in front of the countless number of gazes. An instant later, they suddenly swung them down. A cold cry that was filled with killing intent also resounded across the sky as their hands fell.

“Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples, listen up. Today, we will bath the Primer clan in blood!”

Dense, cold sword auras suddenly surged from the white-colored torrent of people as the cries of the two people sounded. It blotted out the sun and covered the entire city!

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