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Chapter 665

Chapter 665: Looking After

Xiao Yan stood on a spacious path within the Inner Academy. He watched the students who were filled with vitality coming and going, and his somewhat cold face, cold from having lingered within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ for a couple of months, finally became much warmer. Although the competitive atmosphere within the Inner Academy was quite strong, it was really like paradise when compared to the cruel ‘Black-Corner Region’.

The person who had followed Xiao Yan into the Inner Academy was still Medusa, who had been following closely beside Xiao Yan. These two people were standing on the main road where people came and went without any misgivings. Naturally, they attracted a countless number of surprised and curious gazes. With Medusa’s beautiful, demon-like appearance, she naturally possessed an unusual allure that was difficult to describe with words to these young students who had been living in the ivory tower. Some of the younger teenagers or young men felt a great interest to the mature woman. This was the so-called fondness for an elder sister feeling.

Medusa appeared to have totally ignored all the numerous amazed gazes from around her. Her bewitching, pretty face was still as cold as ice. The cold aura spreading all over her body that completely turned others away also caused some of the bold fellows, who had the thought of striking up a conversation with her, to dismiss such a notion.

Although Medusa was able to ignore those gazes from around her, Xiao Yan still felt somewhat helpless. Since the former had been following him around closely, those gazes could not help but fall onto him. However, the gazes that turned to him were naturally not of amazement but of extremely pure envy and a kind of jealousy within a man’s heart.

A person who was able to possess that kind of beauty, who could bring ruin to a country, was mostly a common enemy in the hearts of men.
TL: A beauty that could bring ruin to a country – idiom meaning extremely beautiful to the point that she can manipulate kings and bring about destruction because of terrible decisions

Xiao Yan could only helplessly shake his head in the face of those gazes that contained traces of enmity. He would naturally not find fault with those students, who were younger than him. Therefore, after he had identified his direction, he waved at Medusa before a silver glow flashed under his feet. In an instant, he disappeared in front of the numerous stunned gazes around him.

Only after the two people disappeared was the surrounding quiet atmosphere broken by numerous hushed conversations.

“That fellow is really fast. These two people don’t appear to be students of the Inner Academy right?”

“However, that man seemed to look a little familiar?” Some of the people blinked their eyes uncertainly as they tried to recall with all their might.

“That’s right, I have remembered. Isn’t he the leader of ‘Pan’s Gate’, Xiao Yan?” A surprised cry suddenly sounded. Immediately, many people had a look of sudden understanding on their faces. Everyone looked at one another as excitement leaped within their eyes. Many people held a kind of admiration for this legendary mysterious person who usually could not be seen. In the big battle for the survival of the Inner Academy back then, this young man had basically turned the situation around. Such a dazzling battle result caused these students to feel their hot blood boil by just hearing about it.

“Tsk tsk, no wonder he is able to get such a beauty to follow beside him. He is actually senior Xiao Yan…” Quite a number of people quietly smacked their lips after learning of Xiao Yan’s identity. They immediately sighed quietly in their hearts. It seemed that only heroes were accompanied by beauti


Xiao Yan naturally did not hear the various conversations of those students. After leaving the spot where everything occurred, he maneuvered at lightning-like speed to the area deep inside the Inner Academy where the First Elder Su Qian was located.

When Xiao Yan entered the study that Su Qian usually used, the latter also discovered his footsteps. He lifted his head to look at Xiao Yan who was the first to enter and could not help but smile. He was just about to get up when his gaze locked onto Medusa who was behind Xiao Yan.

“Ke ke, First Elder need not be worried. I have already settled the matter between the both of us.” Xiao Yan saw the suddenly solidifying of Su Qian’s face, and hurriedly opened his mouth to laugh. He knew that Su Qian was extremely afraid of Medusa within his heart. After all, this woman truly caused him to feel a sense of danger.

Su Qian’s tensed body only quietly relaxed a little after hearing this. Although most of his focus still remained on Medusa, he was able to reveal a smile on his face as he spoke, “You have been gone for a couple of months in one go. Were it not because I had confidence in you, I would have really thought that you had been quietly finished off by those fellows within the ‘Black-Corner Region’.”

Xiao Yan smiled and slowly walked into the study. After which, he sat down on the chair in front of Su Qian and spoke with a smile, “First Elder need not lie to me. How can the Inner Academy not sense it when I create such a big commotion within the ‘Black-Corner Region’?”

Su Qian was startled. He immediately could not help but laugh as he shook his head. He said, “Little fellow, you are indeed not an ordinary person. You have now occupied Feng City, set up an enormous medicinal pill auction, and attracted the attention of over half the ‘Black-Corner Region’. The Inner Academy naturally needed to pay some attention.”

Xiao Yan nodded. Being two enormous beings that were next to one another, the Inner Academy naturally needed to maintain an exceptional caution for that chaotic region. Originally, according to the Inner Academy plan, that Feng City was located far too close to the Inner Academy and it would not allow any faction within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ to occupy it. This was to avoid any unnecessary trouble that might appear in the future. However, due to Xiao Yan’s relationship, the Feng City ended up belonging to ‘Xiao Gate’. Despite this, some essential monitoring tactics were unavoidable. After all, Su Qian and the others needed to think of the safety of the entire academy.

“What are your plans now that you have returned? However, strictly speaking, you are still a student of our Inner Academy. Looking at the date, you have yet to graduate. Yet, you have not been training within the Inner Academy. This kind of behavior is sufficient to allow me to give you the title of a ‘bad student.’” Su Qian first asked a question before immediately rolling his eyes at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan gave an embarrassed smile. He was also somewhat helpless as he spoke with a bitter smile, “First Elder should also know that the Inner Academy no longer has much benefit to me anymore.”

Su Qian curled his mouth. Xiao Yan’s current strength would not be able to increase much within the Inner Academy. Even training all day long at the bottom of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ would not have much attraction to Xiao Yan who possessed the real ‘Fallen Heart Flame’. However, he still felt a little displeased when he thought about it. This fellow really did not engage in honest work.

“First Elder, I might perhaps return to the Jia Ma Empire within these two months.” Xiao Yan’s gaze looked at Su Qian as he spoke with an increasingly solemn expression.

Su Qian was slightly startled. He knit his brows slightly as he voiced his thoughts, “Are you returning to the Jia Ma Empire already? So soon?”

Xiao Yan sighed softly and spoke with a faint voice, “I have already left for three years. Some grudges must eventually be settled.”

“Ugh, naturally I can’t really say anything to stop you when it comes to such matters. Although your strength has currently soared, you should still act carefully. The Misty Cloud Sect has a very deep foundation within the Jia Ma Empire, and its strength is far too enormous. Moreover, that Yun Shan is a true elite Dou Zong. If you were to act carelessly, it is likely that you won’t have a chance at a comeback. I know that it is likely that you had the thought of increasing your strength and taking revenge when you arrived at the Jia Nan Academy back then. After these three years, you are already no longer that young man who was filled with vigor.” Su Qian mused for a moment before speaking earnestly.

“Xiao Yan will remember First Elder’s teaching deep in my heart… thank you very much for your care during these past few years.” Xiao Yan felt a little touched in his heart when he heard Su Qian’s sincere reminder. He stood up and bowed to Su Qian with a solemn expression. The care and favor that Su Qian had given him these couple of years while he was in the academy was something that anyone could see. This favor was not something that he could slight.

“Ke ke, why are you saying all this? You are a student of our Inner Academy. All of these things are within my responsibility.” Su Qian smiled and waved his hand. He eyed the young face before suddenly sighing, “I really envy Yao zun-zhe. He was actually able to find such an outstanding disciple. Ke ke, honestly speaking, I also had such intentions back then…”

Xiao Yan was stunned when he heard this. He immediately spoke sincerely, “First Elder is also a good teacher whom one could not ask for more in Xiao Yan’s heart.”

Su Qian smiled and said, “You are about to leave. Is there anything that I can help you with?”

Xiao Yan rubbed his head and spoke with an embarrassed smile, “There is actually nothing much. It is just that I hope First Elder can help me look after ‘Xiao Gate’ after I leave. This is not a bad development place. Once I settle the matter in the Jia Ma Empire, I will formally send someone to take it over. However, before this, First Elder might need to help look after it. After all, you should also know about the kind of place the ‘Black-Corner Region’ is. Without me sitting around, it is likely that Feng City will be occupied by other factions within a short period of time.”

“Little fellow, you actually want me, a person from the Inner Academy, to help you look after a faction within the ‘Black-Corner Region’?” Su Qian felt neither able to laugh nor cry. However, he ended up nodding a moment later. He voiced his thoughts, “This is not too much trouble. The ‘Black-Corner Region’ has many big and small factions who could form a force that even the Jia Nan Academy would have difficulty contending against if they united together, but it is fortunate that each of these fellows harbor sinister motives and have difficulty joining hands. Given our strength, taking care of ‘Xiao Gate’ should not be much of a problem.”

“In that case, thank you very much, First Elder!” Xiao Yan rejoiced when he saw Su Qian nodding his head, and he cupped his hands together to thank with a grin.

Su Qian smiled and immediately said, “Although I know that returning to the Jia Ma Empire is an extremely important matter to you, you should not blame me for not providing you much help on this matter because of the special status of the Jia Nan Academy on the continent.”

“Xiao Yan is not an unreasonable person. First Elder has already given me enough help.” Xiao Yan laughed softly. He had naturally not dreamed that Su Qian would use the Jia Nan Academy’s strength to help him seek revenge. After all, this academy did not belong to him alone.

Su Qian smiled and nodded as he looked at the cheerful smile on the delicate, handsome, young face. His finger gently knocked on the table. A moment later, he randomly said, “Of course, some elders, especially those like Lin Yan who have been promoted from a student, may be an Inner Academy Elder in name, but they are free individuals. Whatever they wish to do naturally does not have much relationship with us. This… do you understand?”

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard these words of Su Qian which were pointing in a certain direction. He immediately smiled and nodded.

“Since that is the case, thank you very much, First Elder!”

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