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Chapter 664

Chapter 664: The Three Yao Brothers

A couple of human figures were seated within the spacious Meeting Room within Feng City. Occasional laughing sounds could be heard as a couple of graceful female servants shuttled through the hall to serve tea and water to the various important guests.

“Ke ke, brother Xiao Li. Thanks to the medicinal pill auction idea some time earlier, the population within the current Feng City is sufficient to squeeze into the top three of the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Feng City wasn’t able to achieve such a peak even when the ‘Black Alliance’ was occupying this place back then.” A rough laugh sounded within the hall. The person who was speaking had bare arms with a tattoo of a fierce lion roaring toward the sky on his chest. His appearance was surprisingly the gang leader of the Wild Lion Gang whom others called Wild Lion Tie Wu.

After Tie Wu’s laughter sounded, the leader of the Dark Sky Sect and Luo Sha Gate who were seated beside him also smiled and nodded. Within a short three months, the profits that they had obtained were even richer than what they had obtained during the last half a year. This was all because they were collaborating with ‘Xiao Gate’.

“Chief Tie is too courteous. All of us are simply getting what we need.” Xiao Li, who was seated in the leader’s seat smiled and replied upon hearing this.

Tie Wu and the other two smiled. Their gazes involuntarily turned to the area behind Xiao Li. There were three men wearing similar colored robes quietly standing behind him.

The three men appeared to be around thirty years old. Their faces were filled with a dark brutalness. The three of them looked somewhat similar, and it was likely that they were related by blood. However, the most important thing was the aura that was emitted from the bodies of the three of them. By sensing a little, one could vaguely tell that the three of them were actually all experts at the Dou Wang class.

“Ke ke, it is really unexpected that brother Xiao Li was able to even recruit the three Yao brothers, it causes others to be envious. However, they had offended the Gold-Silver Brothers a few years earlier. Therefore, there aren’t many factions within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ who would dare keep them. The current Xiao Gate is the only one which possesses such a strength.” The shadowy-faced old man from the Dark Sky Sect, who was called Old Yin Gu, glanced at the three people behind Xiao Li and spoke with a smile.

Xiao Li smiled, waved his hand and said, “The three Yao brothers aren’t under my command. They have merely come to ‘Xiao Gate’ as guests.”

Tie Wu curled his lips in his heart when he heard Xiao Li’s words. These three fellows were renowned within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ for being stubborn. If they did not come willingly to join you, would they quietly stand behind you like pillars given their character?

The so-called three Yao brothers did not even raise their eyebrows because of the conversation within the hall. That manner was as though the conversation of Xiao Li and the others had nothing to do with them.

“Ha ha, brother Xiao Li, it seems that we have not seen any traces of Chief Xiao during these three months? This ‘Black-Corner Region’ is overly chaotic, and Feng City is currently attracting so much attention. If Chief Xiao is not around to keep watch, it is unavoidable that some trouble might occur.” The only female among the leaders of the three large factions, Chief Su Mei of Luo Sha Gate raised her eyes and randomly asked with a lovely smile.

Tie Wu and Old Yin Gu by her side also slowly paused their hands when these words were spoken. Their gazes partially swept toward Xiao Li who was on the leader’s seat.

With the

increasingly frightening population within Feng City, its profits had also become something that others were more and more envious of. Without a strength to satisfy others, it was likely that one would be replaced by another within a short period of time in this ‘Black-Corner Region’ where one was surrounded by many strong people who possessed malicious intent.

Although the three large factions had also reached an agreement with the ‘Xiao Gate’ under the pressure of Xiao Yan’s and Medusa’s powerful strength, the lack of appearance of Xiao Yan during these last three months, and the increasingly rich profits of Feng City inevitably caused the three large factions, which were not friendly to begin with, to get some other ideas.

Xiao Li merely smiled faintly in the face of the partially visible gazes of the three leaders. He carelessly said, “My third brother doesn’t like to be restrained. He told me that he was going to search for medicinal ingredients in the deep mountains to refine medicinal pills some time earlier. It is only natural that he doesn’t have time to show himself. I can inform the three of you once he is back if you are pining for him.”

The three of them smiled when they heard this. Old Yin Gu placed the teacup in his hand down and smiled and said, “Brother Xiao, although we have an agreement that we will follow you to the Jia Ma Empire to deal with your enemy, you should also know that the Misty Cloud Sect possesses an elite Dou Zong. Hence, we will not dare to go if chief Xiao and that person do not follow.”

Xiao Li knit his brows. These three cunning fellows were indeed seasoned people who had muddled along with the ‘Black-Corner Region’ for such a long time. They were actually leaving a means to escape at such a time in case of any trouble that might occur in the future.

“Ke ke, why? Do the three of you have any doubts about the agreement back then? If you have, you can directly mention it to Xiao Yan.” A faint laugh suddenly sounded from outside just as Xiao Li was prepared to open his mouth. Immediately, two human figures slowly entered in front of Xiao Li’s joyous eyes.

Tie Wu and the other two were startled when they saw the black-robed, young man who had suddenly appeared. They immediately forced a smile on their faces and stood up before cupping their hands together and spoke politely, “What is Chief Xiao saying? We will definitely not go back on our agreement back then. Otherwise, where would we have the face to continue staying within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ in the future?”

The people who had suddenly appeared were naturally Xiao Yan and Medusa who had returned from the deep mountains. The former smiled and glanced at the heaps of smiles on the faces of the three of them. However, his heart scoffed at their words. How much was the word ‘trust’ worth in the ‘Black-Corner Region’?

“Ke ke, I think that the three of you have obtained quite the profit during this period right? Everyone should earn it if there is money. I never had any objection to this. However, the people who want to part ways after getting the money… ke ke, Xiao Yan may be young but I am not a soft person. I think that the three of you should be very clear about this point.” Xiao Yan glanced at the three people and spoke with a faint voice. Appropriate beatings were extremely useful toward these cunning people. The people of the ‘Black-Corner Region’ were cowed by force, but did not respond to soft persuasion.

As expected, the expressions of the three of them changed a little upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words, which carried a threat. They immediately hurriedly nodded their heads to prove his point.

“The three of you need not be anxious. I am merely randomly saying this.” Xiao Yan spread his hand when he saw the changed expression on the three faces. He smiled and said, “We might be going to the Jia Ma Empire within these two months. The three of you should make preparations. When things succeed, I will definitely deliver all the ‘Huang Class Pill’s’ that I promised you.”

“Within these two months?” Tie Wu and the other three were startled when they heard this. Was this amount of time not a little too rushed? Although they muttered a little in their hearts, they did not dare to utter any objection at this moment. Moreover, under that enormous temptation of the ‘Huang Class Pill’, the three of them hesitated only a little before nodding and agreeing.

“Looks like we should quickly settle all the matters within the sect.” This thought flashed within the three of them simultaneously. They conversed a little more with Xiao Yan before hurriedly bid him goodbye.

Xiao Yan sent the three backs off with his eyes before curling his mouth slightly. He coldly said, “Those three cunning fellows. Did they really think that it is so easy to take advantage of me?”

“Little fellow, you are finally back. The matters within the Feng City during this half a year have really agonized me badly.” Xiao Li stepped down from the leader’s seat and came to Xiao Yan’s front. He patted the latter’s shoulders as he spoke with a smile.

“How is Feng City now?” Xiao Yan smiled and asked.

“Not bad. Perhaps it is because you have shown yourself and deterred the Gold Silver Brothers, but there is hardly anyone within this ‘Black-Corner Region’ who dares obstruct us now. Some of the large shops who possess some capital have also settled into the city one after another. The population within Feng City is likely to have reached the top three cities within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Just think of the profits. What we have earned in these couple of months is something that cannot even be matched by two years of work by the mercenary company back then.” Xiao Li shook his head and sighed emotionally.

Xiao Yan smiled as he saw Xiao Li’s emotional sigh. His gaze suddenly turned to the three human figures behind Xiao Li and raised his brows slightly. He could sense that these three people were actually all experts at the Dou Wang class.

“Who are these three?”

“The three Yao brothers greet chief!” Without waiting for Xiao Li to call them, the three men who had maintained an indifferent expression suddenly cupped their hands in an orderly and respectful manner as they spoke.

“These three are brothers related by blood. They share the surname Yao. Although they did not join any factions in the past, three elite Dou Wangs are also quite powerful. Hence, they do have some reputation within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. They offended the Gold Silver Brothers a few years earlier. Therefore they have been hiding within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. I discovered them some time ago, so I called them over.” Xiao Li explained by his side.

Xiao Yan came to a sudden understanding. He immediately nodded and spoke to the three of them, “Since you have joined ‘Xiao Gate’, we are naturally one family. You need not be worried about the Gold Silver Brothers. Now, it is likely that those two old fellows don’t have the courage to appear in Feng City.”

Since his relationship with the Gold Silver Brothers was originally extremely terrible, Xiao Yan would naturally not shut the door on these three expert Dou Wangs. Naturally, it was best that he had as many subordinates as possible when he returned to the Jia Ma Empire.

Joy surged onto the faces of the three Yao brothers when they heard Xiao Yan’s words. They had lived quite miserably during these past few years. The name of the Gold Silver Brothers was too renowned within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. It was to the point that many factions did not keep them and dare offend those two old fellows who would not die.

“Chief, I am the oldest among us three brothers. There is no longer a need to mention my old name. If you have any instructions in the future, you can call us Big Yao, Second Yao, Third Yao.” The man who looked the oldest spoke respectfully to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan also smiled at this simple and interesting form of address. He immediately nodded, turned his head around and spoke to Xiao Li with a smile, “Second brother, start gathering everyone… Gather all the strong people that our ‘Xiao Gate’ can spare. Perhaps we will be return to the Jia Ma Empire within these two months.”

“Ugh? Alright!” Xiao Li was initially stunned when he heard this. His face was immediately filled with joy as he nodded rapidly. He had waited far too long for this!

“Next, I will have to make a trip to the Inner Academy. I shall leave the matter of gathering helpers to you.” Xiao Yan smiled and said.

“No problem! Leave it to me!”

Xiao Li parted his mouth and smiled. His gaze turned toward the distant southern sky outside. A savage arc faintly surfaced on his cold, stern face.

“Misty Cloud Sect, the person seeking revenge is about to come… are you prepared?”

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