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Chapter 657: The End of the Auction

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth curled slightly as he observed the Gold Silver Brothers wave their sleeves and send someone flying. The tactics of these two old fellows were indeed shameless. However, since the other party had already softened their stance, he was too lazy to argue with them in this kind of occasion. The auction was the most important matter today. Using this matter, he had already perfectly achieved the deterrent effect he wanted. After this, it was likely that there wouldn’t be any blind fools who came and sought trouble.

“Since the two of you don’t have any objections to our ‘Xiao Gate’ taking charge of Feng City, can you two please take your seats. The auction is about to begin.” Xiao Yan smiled and spoke.

The face of the Gold Silver Brothers twitched a little upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words. They had thrown away their face today. However, there was no other choice… they sighed in their hearts. The two of them looked at the cold, ice-like Medusa beside Xiao Yan fearfully. Only then did they smile and sit in their seats.

“Everyone, what happened earlier is but a farce. Please don’t blame us. The main event for today, the medicinal pill auction, will happen next.” Xiao Yan’s gaze shifted away from the Gold Silver brothers as he smiled at the countless number of people in the auction hall and laughed.

The area below the stage was briefly silent after Xiao Yan’s words sounded. Waves of agreement began to immediately appear. After the scene earlier, even a stupid person knew that the strength that this ‘Xiao Gate’ possessed was something that far exceeded their expectations. Hence, no one dared to open their mouths to provoke them. Instead, various boot-licking and agreeing voices began to repeatedly appear.

There were similarly quite a number of people in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ who followed the direction the wind blew.

Amid the agreement and boot-licking that sounded from all directions, Xiao Yan turned his head to Xiao Li, who had also sighed in relief, and spoke smile, “I shall hand the matters after this to second brother. The auction will likely be able to progress smoothly today.”

Xiao Li smiled and nodded. Even the Gold Silver brothers were snubbed despite their strength. Who else would possess the courage to create trouble?

Xiao Yan finally opened his stride and walked toward the backstage after seeing Xiao Li nod his head. Medusa followed close behind him like a shadow before disappearing in front of a countless number of gazes…

Xiao Li sent Xiao Yan and Medusa off with his eyes. After which, he smiled and waved his hand. A couple of female servants carrying silver trays came onto the stage in sections. The tiny jade bottles on the silver plates were extremely eye-catching.

“Ke ke, next, the first medicinal pill in our auction…”

Xiao Yan sat quietly in the living room backstage. He held a warm teacup and occasionally sipped from it. From this place, he could vaguely hear the fiery auction that was transmitted from the auction ground. It seemed like those medicinal pills had obtained quite a good effect.

“Thank you very much for this.” Xiao Yan held the teacup as he suddenly turned around and softly spoke to the cold-faced Medusa.

Medusa still retained her cold pretty face in the face of Xiao Yan’s thanks. Her delicate waist revealed a graceful arc that was filled with allure under her dress, causing one to involuntarily have an impulse to hug and play with it. At this moment, Medusa’s emotions were extremely chaotic. According to her character she should have ignored him when Xiao Yan asked her for a little help. However, when she saw the earnestness and hope on the other party’s young face, a kind of unusual emotion quietly seeped out from deep within her spirit, causing her to swallow the rejection that had reached her mouth.

Although she knew that this kind of unusual emotion was definitely due to her merger with the spirit of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’, this kind of creeping influence also caused her to be quite frustrated. On one hand, she really wanted to slap and kill this fellow who actually dared to violate her. On the other hand, the influence deep within her spirit created an involuntarily desire to linger beside this fellow. These two conflicting emotions caused Queen Medusa, who was renowned for killing decisively, to struggle and hesitate repeatedly.

“Don’t continue to give a cold face. I know that the reason you have agreed to my request is partly because of the influence of the spirit of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’. Therefore, I will not feel some fond hope and think that you really have some special emotion toward me.” Xiao Yan could not help but shake his head and speak with a bitter smile when he saw Medusa’s ice-cold face.

Medusa lifted her eyebrows, but continued to remain silent.

Xiao Yan placed his teacup gently on the table and rubbed his head. He immediately spoke somewhat awkwardly, “Actually, there is not much grudge and hatred between us, right? Back then, in the underground… *cough*, I was really unable to control myself. All the trouble was caused by that damn ‘Fallen Heart Flame’.”

“Back then, if you had not brought the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ that I had evolved into away after I successfully evolved, I would naturally not have any involvement with you. Moreover, if I was given sufficient time, I would have been able to merge with the spirit of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ sooner or later. It was originally born because of my evolution. Speaking from a certain point of view, the both of us are one.” Medusa’s eyebrows immediately became vertical when she heard that Xiao Yan actually wanted to push aside all his responsibilities. She clenched her silver teeth and spoke, “If you did not bring the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ with you, all of these troublesome matters would not exist now. I would also not be brought underground by you… now you still dare to tell me that we don’t have much of a grudge with one another?”

Xiao Yan laughed bitterly once again. He knocked his somewhat painful head and said, “Back then, I was unaware that the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ is something that you had transformed into. Moreover, you had also said that the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ and you are one. Did I neglect that little fellow by even a little?”

“You keep saying that I treated that little fellow like a pet as I reared it. Therefore, it caused you as a Queen, to lose face. However, the heavens can witness that I usually provided for it like it was my little ancestor. I even let it drink the ‘Amethyst Lion Birth Essence’ like water. It is something that even I was reluctant to consume. Is this not good treatment?” Xiao Yan loudly professed his own innocence.

Medusa was startled when she heard this kind of retort by Xiao Yan that suggested he had been greatly wronged. She was unaware of whether Xiao Yan was providing for the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ like a little ancestor in his heart. However, he did indeed frequently give the precious ‘Amethyst Lion Birth Essence’ to the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ to consume. This was something that she was clearly aware of.

Queen Medusa cold and indifferent face began to melt a little as this thought lingered in her heart. However, before Xiao Yan could rejoice in his heart after discovering this scene, she appeared to have suddenly recalled something as her face once again became cold. She coldly spoke, “Even if I can stop caring about that matter, you are unable to find excuses for the shameless thing that you did to me while I was still in a weak state. According to the rules of our Snake-People race, if our body is violated when we are unwilling, we must take the human head of the one who violated us back. After which, we must throw it into the ‘Holy Pond’ of our clan and allow it to corrode away!”

Xiao Yan’s face stiffened when he heard this. He suddenly sensed that his neck had become chilly. This woman… did she really plan to bring his head back to settle this?

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth twitched. He could not resist the impulse to cry out his innocence. When he was underground, his reasoning was completely controlled by the desire that was formed from the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’. Hence, he was merely able to recall the matter after everything had happened. Moreover, he did not even have the slightly feeling in that kind of situation… it should be known that it was similarly the first time for him…

“You must refine the ‘Soul Recovery Pill’ once our agreement is over. At that time, I will settle these grudges myself.” Medusa completely ignored Xiao Yan’s stiffened face as she spoke with a cold smile.

“Moreover, you can forget about trying to delay the matter. The moment the one year agreement arrives, your ending will similarly not be any good if I am unable to see the medicinal pill!” Medusa’s body shook once her words sounded. After which, she slowly disappeared from the chair.

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head as he looked at Medusa’s disappearing figure. It was indeed not easy to hoodwink this woman. From the looks of it, he could only take things slow. Fortunately, there was still quite a bit of time until the agreement was over. He could still try to think of ways to change the woman feelings toward him for the better.

“What a headache…”

Xiao Yan’s finger rubbed his temples. A moment later, Xiao Yan, who was unable to think of any solution, could only raise his head and wail.

The auction continued for nearly an entire day before it ended perfectly just as the sky gradually turned dark.

The gains from this auction might be something that Xiao Li and Xiao Yan had anticipated, but they still felt joy when they heard their subordinate report the profits. With this amount of money, not only was Xiao Yan able to obtain all those necessary medicinal ingredients he needed, but the excess would also allow ‘Xiao Gate’ to widely gather experts.

Of course, since Xiao Yan still required the strength of the three large factions, who had put in some effort for the auction this time around, Xiao Yan did not act stingily. Instead, he took out quite a large sum of money from his revenue and divided it equally among the three factions. When he saw their stunned expressions, Xiao Yan clearly knew in his heart that the results of gifting this amount of money were achieved. It was impossible to simply rely on a big stick if one wanted others to submit.

Hence, the successful auction this time around had not only allowed the ‘Xiao Gate’ to make a great profit, but had also allowed Feng City, which had become a little bleak following the dissolution of the ‘Black Alliance,’ to once again return to its popularity at its peak. Moreover, it even exceeded this peak by a little. This point somewhat exceeded Xiao Yan’s and Xiao Li’s expectations.

Xiao Li sent out his men to purchase all those expensive medicinal ingredients he had ordered from all over the place at the fastest possible speed the day after the end of the auction.

The joy on Xiao Yan’s face was not the least bit hidden when he received the medicinal ingredients, which had been stored in good condition, from Xiao Li’s hands. He understood that with these medicinal ingredients, the day Yao Lao would reawaken was not that far away…

Once Yao Lao awakened, the day he returned to the Jia Ma Empire was similarly not far away…

All the grudges would end at that time!

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