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Chapter 651

Chapter 651: Shock and Awe

The eyes of the leaders of the three large factions involuntarily shrank a little as they watched this black-robed, young man quietly appear in a ghost-like manner. This fellow had unusual agility, and was actually able to enter this large hall without making any noise. Moreover, he had escaped their notice. Such a level of agility did indeed cause others to be extremely afraid.

The anxious swords drawn atmosphere within the hall had also become dull following the appearance of the black-robed, young man. That atmosphere that was about to collapse slowly calmed down due to their fear for each other.

A joy surged onto Xiao Li’s face when he saw the sudden appearance of the black-robed, young man. Since Xiao Yan had managed to rush over, it was likely that they could smoothly settle the calamity today. He had always held a confidence that exceeded common sense toward the former’s ability.

“Who are you?” The first person to open his mouth was the old man from the Dark Sky Sect. His gaze was filled with shadows as he stared at Xiao Yan and asked in a hoarse, cold voice.

“Friend, I shall warn you that this is a matter between us and the ‘Xiao Gate’. It is best that an outsider doesn’t intervene. Getting involved in something that doesn’t concern you is the most illogical act within the ‘Black-Corner Region’.” The large man with exposed arms locked his gaze firmly on Xiao Yan as he spoke in a solemn voice. The strange agility that the person in front had displayed caused them to be shocked. Hence, no one dared underestimate this person.

“He is the true leader of our ‘Xiao Gate’. How can you say that he is an outsider?” Xiao Li smiled faintly.

The leaders of the three large factions were slightly startled when they heard these words. Their expressions slightly sank. It was unexpected that what Xiao Li had said earlier was actually the truth. The leader of ‘Xiao Gate’ was indeed someone else. The three of them looked at each other before that shadowy old man laughed dryly, “This friend looks a little foreign? It seems that I have not seen you in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ before? May I know your name?”

“I am Xiao Yan. I have just entered the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Please do bear with me if I offended you in any way.” Xiao Yan smiled slightly. However, the simple name suddenly caused the atmosphere of the entire hall to abruptly stiffen. The smile that hung on the faces of the leaders of the three factions slowly stiffened.

“Xiao Yan? You are the Xiao Yan who killed Fan Lao and Han Feng?” The sexily clad beautiful woman’s face was filled with surprise before she involuntarily cried out a moment later.

Xiao Yan smiled as he said in a casual manner, “Although it is not some honorable thing, the two of them did indeed lose their lives by my hand. Ke ke, why? Don’t tell me the three of you have come here this time around to seek justice for them?”

The faces of the three of them immediately became volatile upon hearing Xiao Yan’s acknowledgement. The recent death of Han Feng and the dissolution of the ‘Black Alliance’ was basically a huge matter that had shaken the entire ‘Black-Corner Region’. The person who had caused all of this to happen was this fellow in front of them. He looked extremely young. Moreover, they were terribly unlucky to actually meet this fellow.

The strength of the three of them was at the very most a little stronger than Fan Lao. They would undoubtedly be much weaker when compared with Han Feng. Even Han Feng had died in the hands of this fellow. If they were to really fight, it was likely that their chances of victory would not be high even if they were to join hands.

The eyes of the three of them crossed each other as they involuntarily frowned. Originally, they had thought that this was merely a small faction. It was unexpected that they actually ended up dragging this fierce god over…

“Ha ha, what is brother Xiao saying? We are not familiar with Han Feng. How could it be possible that we are here to seek justice for him?” The sexily clad beautiful woman covered her mouth as she laughed in an enchanting manner.

“The three of you have launched such a big campaign to come to my ‘Feng City’. Is something the matter?” The smile on Xiao Yan’s face might be calm, but the three people on the other side did not think that Xiao Yan’s character was this kind since he was the young man who had killed Fan Lao and Han Feng. One did not only rely on strength to be able to muddle along in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ to such an extent.

Being aggressively pressed for answers by Xiao Yan, the faces of the three leaders also changed slightly. Their motive was already extremely obvious. Yet, the other party was acting stupid. This had a little mocking taste to it.

“I believe that chief Xiao should be clearly aware of our intentions. Feng City is a big cake. Its rich profits are something that would cause anyone’s eyes to turn red. We are naturally no exception.” The large man with exposed arm was the first to be unable to control himself, so he replied with a deep voice.

“So, the three of you are thinking of snatching my ‘Xiao Gate’s’ controlling rights of Feng City?” Xiao Yan laughed softly as his eyes narrowed. There was, however, no sign of any emotion on his face.

The three leaders quietly looked at one another before they instantly clenched their teeth. The profits of Feng City were extremely great. It was quite difficult to get them to give it up even with Xiao Yan’s appearance. As people from the ‘Black-Corner Region’, the blood in their bones were filled with a restless seed. Taking a risk was something that frequently occurred. Moreover, given their strength, if the three of them were to join hands, it was not certain that they would be defeated by Xiao Yan. If they managed to delay Xiao Yan, it should not be difficult to bath the ‘Xiao Gate’ in blood with their numerous powerful subordinates.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and studied the faint fierceness that slowly and obscurely surfaced in the eyes of the three leaders. A cold smile surfaced on the corner of his mouth. The people from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ were indeed a group of greedy fellows who placed profits as the highest priority.

Xiao Li, who was behind Xiao Yan, also seemed to have sensed something. His expression gradually became cold as he quietly gave a hand sign. The large group of black-clothed individuals behind him slowly tightened their grip on their weapons.

A graceful figure suddenly appeared behind Xiao Yan without any forewarning just when the atmosphere in the hall had turned quiet and tense.

The woman who had appeared immediately caused the atmosphere in the hall to become stiff. Xiao Li’s face was shocked. He was also acquainted with this frightening woman who had been chasing after Xiao Yan with the intent to kill him. By appearing at this moment, she was undoubtedly exacerbating their situation.

The three leaders on the opposite side had similar expressions as Xiao Li. Their faces had become shocked at this moment. This was because they did not discover the slightest trace of air movement. It was as though this woman had been standing there without moving, only to reveal herself at this moment. This clearly told them that she was no ordinary woman…

This kind of speed was even more frightening and shocking compared to when Xiao Yan had appeared earlier. Earlier, Xiao Yan’s speed was as fast as ghost. However, one could at least vaguely identify the direction he had come from. This lady, however… did not allow them to sense anything.

Moreover, the thing that caused them to be most terrified was that this woman might appear to be carelessly standing in that spot but the aura which faintly seeped out from her was sufficient to cause their hearts to feel stagnant…

The strength of the three great leaders were all at the Dou Huang class. Despite their strength, they still felt such a feeling of pressure. That meant that this bewitching beauty in front of them might be an ultimate expert of the Dou Zong class!

“Dou Zong…” The throats of the three great leaders quietly rolled a little. Cold perspiration surfaced on their foreheads. Back then, the ‘Black Alliance’ did not even possess a true elite Dou Zong despite its strength. It was unexpected that this small ‘Xiao Gate’ currently possessed such a frightening person.

Xiao Yan also sensed Queen Medusa suddenly appear behind him. He turned around and smiled toward her before giving Xiao Li a comforting hand sign. Only after seeing Xiao Yan’s action did Xiao Li, who was drenched in cold sweat, quietly sigh in relief. From the looks of the situation, it seemed that Xiao Yan had already reached some sort of agreement with this terrifying woman.

Medusa did not have the slightest reaction toward Xiao Yan’s smile. Her narrow and long pupils were filled with an unusual allure coldly swept across the hall. Anyone who was caught by her gaze would feel their skin turn cold. Some of those who were weaker could not help but feel their knees turn soft. The pressure of the aura of a Dou Zong was actually this strong.

The heads of the three leaders turned numb as they stared at Medusa’s gaze. It was a long while later before the sexily clad beautiful woman forced a smile on her face and said, “It is unexpected that there is actually such a strong person sitting in ‘Xiao Gate’. The three of us were really somewhat blind this time around.”

The other two leaders laughed dryly and nodded after these words were spoken from the pretty woman. Even the gang leader of the Wild Lion Gang who appeared to be a little ill-tempered did not dare to provoke them with his words. Although he was not considered weak in the Dou Huang class, he was just like a hungry dog that met a lion in the hands of a true elite Dou Zong.

Xiao Yan rubbed his hands on his sleeves as he watched the three of them with a half-smile.

The three leaders became somewhat unnatural under the somewhat malicious gaze of Xiao Yan. A moment later, that shadowy looking old man finally laughed dryly, “Today’s matter is actually a misunderstanding. It is only natural that we don’t dare offend since Feng City belongs to chief Xiao. You must inform the others not to do any foolish things after returning today.”

“Ha ha, that’s right.” The pretty woman covered her mouth and immediately stood up before bowing toward Xiao Yan. She spoke with a loving laugh, “Chief Xiao, please don’t take our offence today to heart. We will definitely come and apologize in the future. It is already late today. There are still some things that need to be settled in the sect. We shall not disturb you any further.”

This pretty woman hurriedly turned around after speaking and immediately left this place, that caused her to feel a great uneasiness. The two others by her side also hurriedly stood up with the intent of quickly leaving.

“The three of you need not be in such a hurry.” A faint laugh caused them to immediately paused their footsteps with frustration just as they were about to exit the door. They looked at each other. All they could do was clench their teeth and turn around to look at the smiling black-robed, young man in the hall.

“Since the three of you are so interested in Feng City, why don’t we engage in a business transaction…” Xiao Yan interlocked his ten fingers. His laughter reverberated within the hall, causing the three leaders to be stunned.

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