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Chapter 638: Fight Between Those with the Same Teacher

"You… you changed your 'Heavenly Flame'?"

Han Feng's eyes stared intently at the dark-green flame writhing on Xiao Yan's body. Although that kind of flame did not overtly display a monstrous aura, Han Feng could still vaguely sense just how frightening that dark-green flame was by relying on his extremely sharp Spiritual Perception.

Xiao Yan smiled in the face of Han Feng's shocked expression. A wisp of dark-green flame mischievously ran about the tips of his fingers like a spirit. Occasionally, the space would be faintly distorted when the tail of the wisp passed by.

"Senior, I will help teacher settle the hurt that he suffered back then." Xiao Yan clenched his right hand tightly, and the large Heavy Xuan Ruler appeared. With a wave, the heavy ruler carried a pressuring wind before pointing at Han Feng from a distance.

Han Feng's expression was solemn. He clenched his hand tightly as the dark-blue flame swiftly flowed. Finally, it transformed into a fire longsword that he pointed toward Xiao Yan from a distance. He spoke in a sinister manner, "Don't use this kind of reprimanding tone to speak to me. I do not have the slightest regret for what I did back then. The only thing that caused me regret was that I still failed to obtain the 'Flame Mantra' in the end. However, that doesn't matter anymore because you have already come to hand it to me."

"You are indeed an animal…" Xiao Yan sighed and shook his head. He finally ceased speaking any nonsense to this animal who was blinded by the 'Flame Mantra'. A bright silver glow surfaced under his feet before the faint rumbling sound of thunder reverberated across the sky. Xiao Yan's body suddenly trembled the moment the thunder sounded.

"An afterimage huh? It is unexpected that you have indeed become much stronger during these two years. Now, you are able to reach this stage without using that old fellow's strength. However, do you think that this is of any use against me?" Han Feng laughed coldly as he watched the figure of 'Xiao Yan' remain in the air. The deep-blue fire wings on his back flapped slightly as his body withdrew a couple of meters in a gliding fashion. A black figure suddenly surfaced in front of him just as his body moved. An enormous heavy ruler carried a frightening pressure and wind-tearing sound as it violently and fiercely hacked down!

The figure twisted a little as it formed a somewhat strange posture while the heavy ruler moved along the front of Han Feng as it hacked down. The force that was contained on it did not cause Han Feng much harm under the protection of the 'Sea Heart Flame'.

"Junior, although your strength has currently increased greatly, the number of fights that this senior has undergone exceeds the number of meals you have eaten!" Han Feng dodged Xiao Yan's attack and smiled coldly. His arm shook abruptly, and the fire longsword in his hand drew an extremely vicious arc that bypassed the heavy ruler and pierced toward Xiao Yan's chest.


Xiao Yan's expression did not change in the face of this vicious attack by Han Feng. He twisted his wrist slightly, and the heavy ruler swiftly rotated and flew back up. Finally, it acted like a shield that blocked in front of Xiao Yan, completely defending him against the fire sword.

"Chi! Chi!"

This agile reaction of Xiao Yan caused Han Feng to raise his brows in surprise. His arm immediately shook, and the fire longsword in his hand immediately divided into a countless number of them. The many afterimages all alternated between being real and illusionary as they carried a hot wind that shot out in all directions, completely wrapping all around Xiao Yan. The attack was sharp and vicious.

Xiao Yan did not panic in the face of this sharp attack by Han Feng. Although he had recently lost the support of Yao Lao's strength, his original strength was no longer weaker than the him who had borrowed Yao Lao's strength back then. Moreover, the strength completely belonged to him now. Hence, it was extremely smooth to control.

A silver glow flickered under Xiao Yan's feet as he used some strange footwork. His body swayed left and right in a strange manner as he dodged all the sword shadows that came from every direction. His heavy ruler was waved occasionally and completely blocked some of the glows. The sparks that emitted from it lit up the young face which appeared to be extremely calm.

Xiao Yan's body suddenly paused while it was flashing about. A glow grew extremely bright at this moment as a low cry was emitted from his throat. Immediately, the heavy ruler in his hand carried a dark-green flame as it pierced forward. Immediately, it formed what seemed like a real, yet illusory sword afterimage amid the numerous afterimages in the sky.


A clear sound slowly resounded as the sword figures that filled the sky suddenly disappeared. Only the fire longsword collided heavily with the heavy ruler!


Xiao Yan suddenly let out a low cry as he sensed the wild and violent force that surged over from the tip of the sword. Powerful Dou Qi surged out from each and every single part of his body before following his veins and quickly poured into his hands. Xiao Yan's arms quietly became a little stronger with the surge of this powerful Dou Qi.

Xiao Yan's arm trembled suddenly. An explosive strength surged out from the 'Heavy Xuan Ruler' before it charged into the interior of the fire longsword in a peremptory manner.


Strength was poured in in an overbearing manner. One could see that the fire longsword which had been agglomerated from the 'Sea Heart Flame', began to show traces of crack lines. Han Feng's expression sank a little when he saw this change, so he swiftly released the hilt of the longsword.

When his hand left the sword's hilt, the latter immediately burst apart with a clear sound after having lost its energy support.

"This fellow's 'Heavenly Flame' is a little strange!" A glint swiftly flickered in Han Feng's eyes when the fire sword burst apart. When the other party's strength swarmed into the fire sword earlier, he had clearly sensed that the other party's 'Heavenly Flame' was… splitting the 'Sea Heart Flame'!

Having gained the advantage with his attack, Xiao Yan ceased hesitating. His hand heavy struck the ruler's hilt, and the Heavy Xuan Ruler was immediately wrapped by the jade-green flame. It became just like a dark-green lightning bolt as it charged toward Han Feng who was close by!

Even with Han Feng's speed, he had some difficulty dodging at such close distance. Therefore, he could only wrap his hand with the 'Sea Heart Flame' and slam it violently against the heavy ruler.


A clear metal sound was immediately emitted when his hand slammed against the heavy ruler. The force surged wildly before sending the heavy ruler flying away. However, the moment that Han Feng's hand came into contact with that heavy ruler, the dark-green flame was like a sticky liquid that quickly stuck to his hand. While being burned by the green flame, that 'Sea Heart Flame' actually began to become thinner at a rate visible to the naked eye!

Some uneasiness finally rose within Han Feng's heart as he watched the increasingly thinner 'Sea Heart Flame'. From such close contact, he could already be certain that the 'Heavenly Flame' Xiao Yan used this time around was definitely not the 'Green Lotus Core Flame' from back then!

Surging Dou Qi suddenly spat out from Han Feng's hand. After the standoff, that dark-green flame which had stuck to his body was extinguished. Han Feng instantly stepped back. His expression was solemn as he stared at the warm smile of the black-robed, young man. This fellow had become even stranger and more difficult to deal with after having not met for two years.

Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan's face when he saw that Han Feng did not spend much effort to escape the dark-green flame. This fellow was indeed just as Yao Lao described. He had extremely outstanding talent both in terms of alchemy and training. Although Xiao Yan had grown much stronger during these two years, it was obvious that this fellow's strength had soared by quite a lot. Moreover, it might really be as he had said. The current Han Feng had already touched the barrier of an elite Dou Zong. Perhaps, he might be able to step into that extremely powerful class one day.

"A person who could catch the eye of that old fellow to take in as a student is indeed not ordinary… I underestimated you earlier." Han Feng lowered his head to study his somewhat charred black hand. He sighed and shook his head before gently inhaling a breath of air. He lifted his head and his gaze stared viciously at Xiao Yan. With a cold smile, he said, "Although your strength has grown greatly during these two years, I did not squander away this time either…"

The seal in Han Feng's hand changed as his voice sounded. Immediately, a majestic Dou Qi surged out explosively from his body. The strength of this Dou Qi had far exceeded that of an ordinary elite peak Dou Huang. It had even… reached the level where one already had a foot into the Dou Zong class!

The sudden appearance of such powerful Dou Qi caused the chaotic battleground not far away to become quiet. Numerous shocked gazes were thrown over. Moreover, these gazes immediately became excited when they paused on Han Feng's body.

"This fellow… has actually stepped into the Dou Zong class huh…"

Regardless of whether one was an Inner Academy expert or one was an expert from the 'Black-Corner Region', everyone felt their hearts were filled with shock as they watched the messy hair of Han Feng blow about while his majestic aura spluttered out. There was hardly anyone who had seen Han Feng fight during these few years. Hence, no one knew that this fellow had unknowingly reached this stage!

The earth-shaking Dou Qi that suddenly erupted caused Su Qian as well as the Gold Silver Brothers to be dull. Three pairs of eyes followed the source of the eruption of Dou Qi and looked over. Each of their eyes were immediately filled with different emotions.

"This fellow is really extremely scheming. Even we were not aware that he had reached that stage…" The Gold Silver Brothers exchanged looks with one another. There was an involuntary envy in their eyes. The both of them had stopped at the peak of the Dou Huang class for nearly ten years, but they did not even advance a little since then. Han Feng, on the other hand, actually revealed the signs of stepping to a higher level within less than five years. Such speed caused them to involuntarily feel envy in their hearts.

Su Qian's heart gradually sank when he discovered that the source of the Dou Qi was Han Feng. If Han Feng had truly stepped half a foot into the Dou Zong class, his fighting strength… would likely soar a couple of times. If he were to use his 'Heavenly Flame', even Su Qian had to admit that he might have difficulty defeating him, much less Xiao Yan.

Originally, Su Qian hoped that Xiao Yan would be able to hold Han Feng back. From the looks of the current situation, everything would likely fall through. Once Han Feng managed to free himself and join the Gold Silver Brothers, even he would be defeated. In that case, the Inner Academy might truly suffer great injuries and deaths this time around.

Su Qian let out a soft despondent sigh. He immediately forced himself to become alert. Now, he could only put his hope on that little fellow who frequently created miracles. All of his other worries would not be of any help…

"Little fellow, can you still block Han Feng this time around?"

Su Qian shifted his gaze, and muttered softly while looking at the black-robed young man whose expression could not be seen.

Chapter 639: Han Feng with Half a Foot into the Dou Zong Class

Xiao Yan's face gradually became solemn as he watch the majestic Dou Qi that suddenly surged out from Han Feng's body. He really did not expect this fellow to have taken half a step into the Dou Zong class within these past two years. Although Han Feng currently only had half a foot into the class, anyone knew that as long as one had half a foot in then one was already not very far from fully attaining that class.

This half a foot would also allow Han Feng to far exceed an ordinary peak Dou Huang expert. Adding the collaboration with his 'Sea Heart Flame', it was likely that his fighting strength would be truly able to stand shoulder to shoulder with a true elite Dou Zong!

Despite the great increase in Xiao Yan's current strength, he still possessed quite a great pressure when faced with such a powerful fighting strength. A strength that could stand shoulder to shoulder with a Dou Zong was something that no one could easily underestimate.

"During these past two years, you are the first person who has caused me to completely reveal my strength." The Dou Qi wings on Han Feng's back slowly disappeared as Han Feng's feet stepped in the air and spoke faintly to Xiao Yan. Remaining in the empty air without any support. This was something that only an elite Dou Zong could perform. At such a level, the sky would be just like flat land. One's agility and one's reaction would be increased by a couple of levels when fighting with others.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and stared at Han Feng who was suspended in the sky. He slowly exhaled and said, "You are merely someone who has half a foot in the Dou Zong class. Is it worth it for you to act so proud and arrogant?"

"At the very least, it is sufficient to finish you off… stubborn-mouthed 'junior'!" Han Feng flipped his hand, and a cluster of substance-like majestic Dou Qi writhed unceasingly in his hand. The energy ripples that faintly seeped out caused the space around him to shake.

"Is that so…" Xiao Yan smiled coldly. The dark-green flame in his hand suddenly rose and was shrouded as they attacked. With a pull of his hand, the dark-green flame was split apart, and transformed into two clusters of flame. One was green and the other was invisible.

Xiao Yan's left hand held the green flame, while his right hand held the invisible flame. He raised his head and watched Han Feng, whose expression had turned extremely ugly at this moment. He smiled and said, "Weren't you very uncertain as to how my 'Heavenly Flame' had changed? Now, you might be able to guess the answer, no?"

"Fallen Heart Flame!" Han Feng's eyes stared intently at the cluster of invisible flame in Xiao Yan's right hand. His teeth gnashing voice carried threads of cold wind as each word spilled out from his mouth. Only at this moment was the doubt in his heart completely settled.

"You… you have actually refined the 'Fallen Heart Flame'?" The majestic Dou Qi that lingered on Han Feng's body writhed intensely, much like the interior of his heart. A moment later, a furious and disbelieving voice was finally emitted from his mouth.

"Congratulations, you have guessed correctly…" Xiao Yan raised his brows and spoke mockingly toward Han Feng whose face was as dark and solemn as the sky before a storm. The dark solemn expression on Han Feng's face began showing the trend of evolving into a much more ferocious state.

"How unexpected. It is really unexpected that did the 'Fallen Heart Flame' not kill you, but also allowed you to achieve a great deal! That jade-green flame of yours is actually the merger of the 'Green Lotus Core Flame' and the 'Fallen Heart Flame'. No wonder… No wonder it has the ability to divide my 'Sea Heart Flame'!" Han Feng's dark, solemn voice carried a powerful pressuring Dou Qi as it enveloped Xiao Yan.

"The 'Flame Mantra' is really a good thing. Hee hee. You have once again allowed me to recognize its value. Therefore, I will use all means, fair or foul to obtain it!" Han Feng's hands danced wildly as a craziness faintly appeared on his face. "However, so what if you possess two kinds of 'Heavenly Flames'? Do you possess the ability to perfectly control their strength? My strength far surpasses yours. As long as I defeat you, the 'Flame Mantra', 'Green Lotus Core Flame', 'Fallen Heart Flame', all of them will be mine!"

"Lunatic… I'm afraid that you don't have that ability." An arc was lifted on the corner of Xiao Yan's mouth. A ridiculing smile appeared within his eyes as he shook his head slightly. He slowly raised his right hand and aimed at Han Feng. The invisible flame immediately began to ripple…

The body of the crazy faced Han Feng not far away suddenly trembled as the ripple of the invisible flame became increasingly intense. The majestic Dou Qi on his body swiftly became chaotic. It finally slowly recovered after a couple of blinks. He held his chest, and his gaze looked at Xiao Yan in a dark and gloomy manner, "Summoning Heart Flame?"

The special effect that gave one the greatest headache was something that Han Feng was also quite afraid of. No one dared to ignore that Heart Flame which no one could sense. After all, the interior of one's body was ultimately the weakest and most important part of oneself. If one were to receive a slight injury within it, it was likely that it would result in the entire person's condition taking a blow. Hence, Han Feng swiftly maneuvered a large amount of Dou Qi to suppress it the moment it appeared.

Xiao Yan smiled as he witnessed the majestic Dou Qi on Han Feng's body become dimmer and paler than before. It appeared that the naughty Heart Flame had caused Han Feng to spend quite a great amount of effort to suppress. In this way, Han Feng's fighting ability would be reduced somewhat while he was splitting his attention on two things. This was extremely good news for Xiao Yan.

"You want to cause me harm by relying on this little Heart Flame?" Han Feng's face was gloomy and cold as he watched Xiao Yan. The cluster of surging Dou Qi on his hand was also swiftly activated. The powerful energy ripple seeped out at an increasing pace. From the looks of it, this cluster of surging Dou Qi was an extremely strong attack which he brewed!

Xiao Yan also sensed this increasingly wild, violently Dou Qi cluster. He immediately clenched his fist and a suction force surged out, sucking that Heavy Xuan Ruler, that was wrapped in dark-green flame suspended in mid-air, into his hand. He let out a deep breath, and the Dou Qi within his body was also being wildly extracted at this moment!

With the Dou Qi in Xiao Yan's body unceasingly pouring into the Heavy Xuan Ruler, the dark-black ruler's body gradually turned into a jade-green color. Moreover, the temperature on it was repeatedly rising.

The pouring in of the Dou Qi continued until a certain moment before it finally came to a sudden stop. At this moment, the Heavy Xuan Ruler was already like an emerald ruler, appearing extremely beautiful. However, the energy that seeped out of this ruler trembled slightly, causing the surrounding air to become hazy.

Xiao Yan raised his head to observe Han Feng in the distance as he held the ruler's hilt tightly with both hands. A moment later, a cluster of surging Dou Qi had already unleashed an eye-piercing intense glow that was just like a small scale sun that no one dared to look directly at.

"Little bastard, go and die!"

Han Feng's eyes stared intently at the cluster of sun-like Dou Qi in his hand. A moment later, he suddenly raised his head. His face was covered with a savage insanity. With a brutal cry, the cluster of majestic sun-like Dou Qi shot explosively toward Xiao Yan.

"Radiance Seal!"

An eye-piercing light drew across the sky. The light faintly revealed a large palm that appeared to be a sun falling from the sky as it carried a frightening energy that caused one's hairs to stand on end!

"Flame Splitting Tsunami!"

The emerald-like Heavy Xuan Ruler was lifted high above Xiao Yan's head. An instant later, both of his arms suddenly hacked down with great force. A hundred-foot-long emerald energy glow shot out explosively from the tip of the ruler. That stance was as though it wanted to split the ground. Its momentum was frightening!

The two extremely frightening energies zoomed through the sky like lightning. Finally, they became like two meteorites as they collided violently together in front of a countless number of shocked gazes!


The moment they came into contact, a frighteningly loud rolling-thunder energy ripple began to set off an energy wave that spread all over the sky, much like a stormy sea.

The entire area became silent at this moment. The roiling energy waves were earth-shattering. Even the sun that floated high in the sky was shadowed by this energy at this very moment.

The energy remained in a stalemate for nearly ten minutes before it gradually scattered. Countless numbers of people within the city were still completely silent. Each and every one of their faces contained some shock. If the explosion from those two attacks had occurred in the city, it was likely that this Feng City would have turned into flat land in an extremely short period of time.

This kind of terrifying destructive force was something that one could rarely see even during a decisive battle between peak Dou Huangs!

The energy wave that spread through the sky slowly scattered. The two bodies in the sky were slowly revealed. Han Feng was at this moment a little better. Although his hair was messy and his breathing was somewhat hurried, he did not suffer much damage from the backlash of the energy. On the other hand, Xiao Yan's face was pale-white. Even his breathing had become much weaker during this collision.

Looking at the gap between the two, it was obvious that Han Feng had the upper hand in this collision.

"Ha ha, junior, it looks like your strength is not as tough as your mouth. Why? Your Dou Qi is exhausted just as we were starting? Looks like this senior has really overestimated you!" Han Feng was also startled when he saw Xiao Yan's pale face. He could not help but laugh out loud.

Xiao Yan glanced at Han Feng who was laughing out loud with a lifted head. The corner of his mouth was curled slightly as he spoke with a faint smile, "Isn't it a little too early for you to be so happy?"

Han Feng revealed a cold laugh filled with disdain when he heard that Xiao Yan still had a tough mouth. He could clearly sense that the other party's aura had become much weaker. Clearly, he had received quite serious injuries from the collision earlier. However, the smile on his face had not continued for long when it stiffened following Xiao Yan's subsequent action.

Xiao Yan slowly raised his hand in the distance. A deep-green glow gradually surfaced on his hand. An instant later, the green glow flew out, and a flawless emerald fire lotus the size of a palm immediately surfaced on Xiao Yan's palm.

"Hu… creating this thing still exhausts so much Dou Qi." Xiao Yan stared at the emerald-like fire lotus before raising his head and laughing at Han Feng, who had suddenly stiffened.

"Senior, you will suffer the same loss twice. Looks like I have also overestimated you…"

At this moment, Han Feng's expression had instantly turned extremely ugly!

Chapter 640: Emerald Fire Lotus

The fire lotus may have only been the size of a palm, but it was even more frightening in Han Feng's eyes than the enormous ruler glow from earlier that had basically spanned the entire sky. This was because it was this damn thing nearly cost him his life two years earlier!

The current flame was no longer the green-white color back then. Its entire emerald-like color appeared even more beautiful. However, Han Feng understood that this current fire lotus was likely even more frightening than the one back then!

The strongest 'Angry Buddha Lotus Flame' shape in the past was merged from the 'Green Lotus Core Flame' and the 'Bone Chilling Flame.' Since the 'Bone Chilling Flame' was ranked a little higher on the 'Heavenly Flame Ranking' compared to the 'Fallen Heart Flame', it seemed that this current merger was weaker than that of the past from a certain point of view. However, the 'Bone Chilling Flame' was Yao Lao's 'Heavenly Flame'. Even though Xiao Yan could control it, it was basically impossible for him to reach the familiarity he had with the 'Green Lotus Core Flame'. Therefore, the merger of those two 'Heavenly Flames' would more or less have some conflict. Although this kind of conflict was difficult to sense under the suppression of Xiao Yan's powerful Spiritual Strength, it would still limited some of the strength of the fire lotus.

However, things were different now. The 'Green Lotus Core Flame' and the 'Fallen Heart Flame' were completely refined by Xiao Yan. It was much smoother for him to control it. When the current Xiao Yan used the two kinds of flame to merge an 'Angry Buddha Lotus Flame' the exhaustion of his Dou Qi or Spiritual Strength was much less than before. Moreover, the strength wasn't even the slightest bit reduced. Moreover, speaking from a certain point of view, the merger of these two kinds of flames without any gap caused the 'Angry Buddha Lotus Flame' strength to reach an extremely great degree.

Therefore, the 'Fallen Heart Flame' might not be comparable to the 'Bone Chilling Flame' on the 'Heavenly Flame Ranking', but the strength of the 'Angry Buddha Lotus Flame' created was not the least bit weaker than back then!

Han Feng could vaguely sense the current strength of this emerald-like fire lotus by relying on his outstanding Spiritual Strength. Therefore, his expression gradually grew darker and more solemn. He understood that he had once again been tricked by Xiao Yan.

The strength of the 'Angry Buddha Lotus Flame' may be extremely great, but it required quite a lot of strength to agglomerate. If the merger was interrupted during this period of time, the fire lotus would naturally fail to merge successfully. However, Xiao Yan had used the collision between the 'Flame Splitting Tsunami' and the 'Radiance Seal' earlier as cover as he quietly completed the merger of the fire lotus. It was little wonder why his expression would be so pale after the energy scattered. It was not because he had received a backlash during the collision, but because he had agglomerated the 'Angry Buddha Lotus Flame'!

Xiao Yan smiled as he watched the dark and solemn expression of Han Feng. He lowered his head to watch the slowly rotating emerald fire lotus above his palm. His heart was hissing and sobbing a little. This was the first time he had completely relied on his own strength to create this large-scale strong fire lotus ever since he created the 'Angry Buddha Lotus Flame'. The strongest 'Angry Buddha Lotus Flame' form which he had used in the past not only relied on the support of Yao Lao's Spiritual Strength, but also needed to borrow a wisp of 'Bone Chilling Flame' in order to completely use it. Now, however…

Xiao Yan gently dragged out the fire lotus in his hand. A pleased arc was lifted from the corner of his mouth. It appeared that the pain he had suffered underground during these two years had allowed him to obtain quite the good results…

Xiao Yan raised his head and watched the dark and solemn face of Han Feng. He smiled and his finger gently flicked the fire lotus. The latter immediately drifted out slowly…

The emerald fire lotus strangely began to expand upon leaving Xiao Yan's hand. Within the short blink of an eye, its palm-like size was expanded until it was around five feet wide. Raging dark-green flames rose on it and set it off like a lotus platform that buddha sat on. It appeared holy, and secretly contained a frightening destructive strength.

After the emerald fire lotus expanded until it was around five feet wide, the surrounding space began to fluctuate abruptly. Numerous dark-black tiny tendrils spread out into the sky. The strength that was contained in the fire lotus had actually reached the frightening point of shaking space!

Quite a number of small black-colored tendrils repeatedly appeared from all around as one watched the fire lotus rotate slowly. Han Feng's eyes suddenly shrank tightly in the distance. This frightening destructive strength was something that caused even him to feel uneasy. If he were struck by this attack, it was likely that he would be killed on the spot!

"Damn fellow!"

Han Feng clenched his teeth violently. He did not dare to slight it even a little. A low, deep roar suddenly sounded from his throat, and the deep-blue flame from within his body erupted out unceasingly. Finally, it transformed into a deep-blue fire sea that was around seventy to eighty feet wide. His body was at the middle of this sea of fire. Flames churned all around him, emitting the loud sound of ocean waves slapping against rocks, causing everyone's hearts to feel some pressure. That feeling was as though they were alone in the face of a never ending large sea, causing people to be unable to pick up the courage to resist.

The blue flame spread over the sky and a high temperature covered the area. Some of those experts who were stronger were a little better off, but for the rest, perspiration rained down their bodies. Some of those who were even weaker felt their eyes become white before they fell head first to the ground.

A 'Heavenly Flame' possessed the frightening strength to change the environment. These words were indeed true. With Han Feng using his full strength to maneuver it, the surroundings of this Feng City immediately appeared as though it had experienced a drought for a long time. Even the water in the air was completely vaporized. The dry air caused people to feel a dry pain in their throats each them they inhaled air into their bodies.


Under Han Feng's gaze, Xiao Yan flicked his finger and the slowly turning large green fire lotus trembled before it shot forward with an ear piercing sound. With a green light, it flew towards the blue fire with heated winds.

"Sea Heart Magical Beast!"

Han Feng watched the emerald flowing light that shot explosively over with a serious expression. His palm moved and a cry yelled out from his throat. Immediately, that enormous sea of fire churned intensely. The flame whizzed and rotated before actually becoming an extremely large dark-blue beast!

The appearance of this enormous beast caused some blood color to disappear from Han Feng's face. Clearly, this thing exhausted quite a bit of Dou Qi.

The size of the enormous beast was large, and was not the least bit smaller than the fighting form of the 'Heaven Swallowing Python'. Its shape was like a lion, but it possessed a large scorpion-like tail. A deep-blue-colored horn, that protruded from its head, displayed a flickering blue glow. The horn would occasionally sway and tiny black scars would surface in the empty space.

Xiao Yan was also startled when the large head of the deep-blue enormous lion-like fire beast appeared. It was unexpected that Han Feng's control over the 'Sea Heart Flame' had already reached such a stage in the two years they had not met. Xiao Yan questioned himself, and found that it was likely that even the current him would have difficulty using a 'Heavenly Flame' to agglomerate and form such a complex beast shape.

Xiao Yan was shocked, but the emerald fire lotus which had already locked onto its target did not hesitate. It appeared to have teleported, and within a couple of flashes, it was only a short distance from Han Feng. The frightening wind was something that caused even the deep blue sea of fire spread throughout the sky to form some ripples.


Han Feng's expression was extremely solemn as he stared at the large fire lotus that was coming at him head-on. The seal on his hand changed, and with a low cry, the large fire lion, that had been agglomerated from his own strength, raised its head and emitted a loud thunder-like roar. Its four hooves moved immediately as it became tank-like, and fearlessly charged toward the fire lotus!

The distance between the two was instantly covered. Immediately, the two frightening energies, which were enough to incinerate the mountains and boil the seas, collided with a bang, like meteors, in front of Han Feng's and Xiao Yan's tense minds!


The entire sky was momentarily silent when the two made contact. Immediately, the natural energy began to become violent. Multicolored energy flew all over the sky. At a glance, it seemed as though they were wildly fleeing the area where the collision occurred…

The sudden uprising of the energy in the area also caused all the experts in the sky to suddenly cease their actions. Numerous gazes carried shock that was difficult to hide as they watched this area that had suddenly turned into a vacuum of space. The terrifying energy ripples which seeped out from the fire lotus and the fire beast caused their hearts to be filled with fear. If this energy were to touch their bodies, it was likely that their bodies and bones would burst apart on the spot.


The silence merely lasted for an instant before a catastrophic energy storm erupted from the center!

The frightening fire energy storm spread and covered an area that was over a hundred meters in radius. Even the people from both sides of the chaotic battle in the sky moved their bodies and fled in all directions in a miserable manner. They clearly understood that if they were to be struck by this thing, it was likely that they would suffer despite their strength.

Therefore, a comical scene appeared. The fiery hot chaotic battle that was raging in the sky had, at this very moment, turned into a scene of frightened birds fleeing. Everyone abruptly fled the area. All that remained was a countless number of stunned gazes on the ground.

Su Qian struck his palm out and a powerful force shook the Gold Silver Brothers until they stepped back rapidly. A faint paleness also surfaced on the latter's faces. Although they could contend with an elite Dou Zong by joining hands, they would still end up losing if things really did drag on. In the past, Han Feng would have long escaped from the opponents pestering him to come and help them deal with Su Qian. Now, however, not only was he held back by Xiao Yan until he could not leave, but there was also the taste of him not being able to even protect himself. As more time passed, it was only a matter of time before the two of them would be defeated in Su Qian's hands.

Su Qian smiled coldly as he observed the Gold Silver Brothers whose faces were alternating between white and green. Su Qian did not grab his advantage and give chase. He turned around and watched the center of the frightening firestorm with a solemn expression. This kind of energy collision was something that caused even someone of his strength to feel afraid.

"I have really underestimated Xiao Yan. He was actually able to delay Han Feng even in such a situation… however, I wonder who will be victorious in the end."

Su Qian glanced at the frightening firestorm. He clearly understood in his heart that the victor would be determined after this exchange. He was unable to decide just who would laugh in the end…

"Ugh, hopefully it will be that little fellow…"

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