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Chapter 636: Cross Swords

Han Feng's expression was dark and solemn as he glared at the black-robed young man in the sky outside Feng City. His heart was involuntarily overwhelmed. He really did not expect that the person who caused even the 'Sea Heart Flame' to be afraid of was actually this fellow!

While his heart was churning, Han Feng also felt some doubt. Although Xiao Yan controlled the 'Green Lotus Core Flame', the ranking of this flame on the 'Heavenly Flame Ranking' was behind that of the 'Sea Heart Flame'. How could it cause the 'Sea Heart Flame' to be afraid? Such a situation did not occur two years ago.

"What exactly happened to this brat during these past two years?" Han Feng's eyes flickered unceasingly. He could vaguely guess that such a change should be very much related with Xiao Yan's disappearance during these past two years.

"Ke ke, I have not seen you for two years, but it is really unexpected that you have become increasingly impressive…" Xiao Yan's expression was volatile as he stared at Han Feng in the sky before he smiled and said, "You were lucky to keep your life back then. I wonder if you will have such luck today?"

Han Feng smiled with extreme anger in the face of Xiao Yan's words which were clearly offensive. He said, "What an arrogant brat. Back then, you dared to contend with me because you borrowed some strength. What is there to be arrogant about? That old man who wouldn't die should be within your body right?"

With Han Feng's perception that was comparable to an elite Dou Zong, he had naturally sensed something when Xiao Yan was borrowing Yao Lao's strength back then. However, he did not have time to bother about it because he was pressed for time. After calming down during these two years, the sudden surge in Xiao Yan's strength, and the somewhat familiar Spiritual Strength had swiftly given Han Feng his answer.

"Today, I will use my own strength to help clean house for teacher." Xiao Yan smiled as he replied. There was a denseness in his smile which was filled with killing intent that was not hidden.

"I'm afraid that you are not qualified, junior." Han Feng laughed coldly. Xiao Yan was still currently alive. In that case, Han Feng knew that he might no longer be able to hide the reason for Yao Lao's death. Therefore, he did not hide anything when he spoke. Moreover, he was even planning something even more vicious deep in his heart. Yao Lao might have died, but a spiritual form had remained. That ghastly and mysterious organization possessed an extremely great interest for these kinds of powerful spiritual bodies. As long as he spread this news out, that mysterious organization would naturally go and look for him. At that time, Xiao Yan would descend into a situation where his life was being unceasingly pursued.

Han Feng did have some connections with that mysterious organization that specialized in the capture of spiritual bodies on the continent. His murder of Yao Lao back then was only able to succeed because of their participation. Otherwise, it would not have been possible for him to succeed alone given Yao Lao's peak strength back then even if he had the opportunity to attack Yao Lao while he was off-guard. Dou Zun. How could this so-called legendary class elite be just an empty name?

The address which Han Feng had spat out from his mouth also caused the experts on both sides of the sky to be slightly startled. It was a long while later before their unusual gazes swept over both of them. Han Feng's teacher back then was Yao zun-zhe, Yao Chen, who was renowned throughout the continent back then. Despite the many years that had passed, there were still many people who firmly remembered this name that possessed a limitless fame. From the form of address which Han Feng used, it seemed that this Xiao Yan was actually the disciple of Yao zun-zhe? However, was it not rumored that Yao zun-zhe had died? How could he still have other disciples? Moreover, these two disciples not only did not have a relation such as that of brothers with the same teacher, but were instead enemies who wanted each other's life…

Clusters of questions without answers filled people's minds, causing their heads to be filled by a fog.

Whatever the case, this form of address by Han Feng faintly caused Xiao Yan's status to suddenly rise greatly. The disciple of Yao zun-zhe. If this status were to spread, it was likely that it would cause his name to soar. After all, as an alchemist grandmaster, Yao Lao's achievements in terms of alchemy were something that not many people were able to surpass even today.

"Ke ke, First Elder Su Qian, may I inquire what is your motive for leading such a large group of experts to Feng City today?" Han Feng's gaze turned from Xiao Yan to Su Qian by the side and asked with a smile.

"All of us know it very well, so why is there a need to utter such foolish words?" Su Qian smiled coldly, and did not give Han Feng any face when he spoke, "Back then, you led people to launch a sneak attack on my Inner Academy. You tell me if I should take revenge for that?"

"First Elder, your words are too grave. A 'Heavenly Flame' is born from nature. Everyone has the right to obtain it. The sealing method of the Inner Academy is not advisable. I was only hoping to allow it to escape that restrained life. What is wrong with that?" Han Feng smiled. His words were dignified as though they were filled with a righteousness. However, no one present was a fool. Even the city dwellers within Feng City were noncommittal toward these words. The word righteousness did not exist in the 'Black-Corner Region'. Only benefits to oneself would reign supreme.

Su Qian glanced indifferently at Han Feng and said, "I shall not argue with you. There is only one matter I am after by coming today…"

"What is it?"

"Dissolve the 'Black Alliance'."

Su Qian spoke in a calm manner. Currently, the 'Black Alliance' was basically the strongest alliance in the 'Black-Corner Region'. Moreover, this alliance frequently viewed the Jia Nan Academy with malice. During these two years, the 'Black Alliance' had already become a thorn in Su Qian's heart. If he did not remove it, this thorn would cause him to feel uneasy when he slept and ate.

The smile on Han Feng's face was slowly withdrawn as he laughed and shook his head. "Since when has the First Elder become so childish? Does your Jia Nan Academy have the qualification to get me to dissolve the 'Black Alliance'?"

"You can try." Su Qian was expressionless. He did not waste his breath as his foot slowly stepped forward. Immediately, the frightening aura of an elite Dou Zong surged out from his body. Like a dense cloud, it covered all the experts within the 'Black-Corner Region'.

Su Qian had gathered a large group of experts to this place because he wanted to completely remove the tumor known as the 'Black Alliance' and to wash away the previous humiliation. Hence, any words were simply a useless prelude. The final result would still be a fight that would determine the victor.

"Tsk tsk, Elder Su Qian is really impressive. Have you not suffered many disadvantages over these past two years? Yet you still stubbornly come and seek more bitterness." A strange laugh suddenly sounded. A gold figure and a silver figure rushed out from their side of the sky in a lightning-like manner, and immediately stood facing Su Qian from a distance. Two powerful auras intertwined with one another before agglomerating together and charging through the clouds, completely suppressing Su Qian's pressuring aura. Other than the so-called Gold Silver Brothers, there was no one else in this 'Black-Corner Region' who could contend with Su Qian.

"Since First Elder Su Qian stubbornly wants to find trouble with our 'Black Alliance', you should not blame us for not giving you face." Han Feng laughed coldly. His gaze immediately turned toward Xiao Yan and laughed savagely, "However, on the account that you have presented me with such a gift, I will not let the Jia Nan Academy appear too miserable."

"All members of the 'Black Alliance' listen up!"

Han Feng's eyes suddenly became stern as he waved his hand and cried out coldly, "As the strongest alliance within the 'Black-Corner Region', it is likely that no one will want to join us if we allow these people to step on our face today. Hence, show everyone your true abilities, and let these old fellows who only know how to teach students understand that our 'Black Alliance' is not a softie that they can pinch as they please!"

"Yes sir!"

The various heads of the 'Black-Corner Region' who had become somewhat impatient responded in unison as Han Feng's voice rang out. Immediately, numerous powerful auras surged out. Their faces were filled with savage smiles as they looked at the line-up of the Jia Nan Academy outside the city. During the conflicts within these two years, the Jia Nan Academy would return dispiritedly each time they came to look for trouble. Hence, they were no longer afraid of the Jia Nan Academy like they were in the past.

"Everyone, these fellows launched a sneak attack on the Inner Academy back then and nearly destroyed our Inner Academy. We must definitely seek revenge. Today, shall be the time in which we completely end this grudge. Stake your life to fight if you don't wish to return in a miserable manner!" Su Qian's cry was somewhat heavy at this moment. There was a thread within his eyes. The fights with the 'Black Alliance' these two years were the most depressing moments in his entire life. Now that he had the help of a strong person like Xiao Yan, it was no longer farfetched to wash away this humiliation!

The faces of the experts from the Inner Academy instantly became flushed red when they heard Su Qian's cry. The dispirited feeling they felt in their hearts was not any weaker than what Su Qian felt. Although there were many small repeated actions within the 'Black-Corner Region', no one dared to provoke the Jia Nan Academy in this manner. However, after they suffered losses during these two years, these people from the 'Black-Corner Region' were becoming more arrogant. Now, they actually did not view the Inner Academy seriously. This was absolutely a kind of humiliation for those from the Inner Academy!

Numerous powerful auras spread out. Although the individual auras of the experts from the Inner Academy were weaker than the 'Black Alliance', they were larger in number. Hence, both parties were similar in terms of the fight between auras.

"Xiao Yan, I'll leave Han Feng to you. He is an extremely critical figure. Once he manages to get rid of you, it is likely that he can influence the victory or defeat of the fight. Hence, you must delay him until I defeat the Gold Silver Brothers!" Su Qian turned his head and spoke to Xiao Yan seriously, "Therefore, your importance is something no one can compare with!"

"Although I won't brag and tell you that I will kill him, at the very least, he will not have the time to interfere anywhere else. I can guarantee you on this point." Xiao Yan smiled slightly and spoke.

"That's good! Whether our Inner Academy will once again withdraw miserably in this battle today is all up to you!" Su Qian sighed in relief. He clearly understood that given Xiao Yan's character, he would definitely not say such words if he did not have the confidence.

Xiao Yan smiled slightly and nodded. He raised his head and slowly locked his gaze onto Han Feng in the sky of the city. His mouth moved slightly and a voice that could only be heard by the two of them was transmitted over in an extremely soft and weak manner.

"I will take the 'Heavenly Flame' within your body!"

Han Feng's brows trembled a little. A viciousness flashed across his eyes. He slowly lifted his hand and aimed it at Xiao Yan from a distant before clenching it abruptly.

"Junior, no matter what happens, you will not leave this place today!"

A savage smile was contained at the corner of Han Feng's smouth. He immediately tilted his head and a faint voice reverberated in the sky. It completely caused the anxious swords-drawn atmosphere to erupt!

"Kill them! Don't show any mercy!"

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