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Chapter 631: Killing Spree

Xiao Yan watched the ashes that scattered with the wind indifferently, and gently shook the dust off his hands. There was not the slightest ripple in his heart. He knew that Fan Lao already possessed a must kill intent toward him two years ago. Given Xiao Yan's character, he was most afraid of allowing such a person, who possessed a vicious attitude toward him, to survive in this world. Fan Lao had luckily fled back then. This time around, however, he no longer had such good luck.

"Next should be Han Feng…" The jade-green fire wings on Xiao Yan's back slowly flapped. His gaze turned toward the northern sky. That place was the territory of the so-called 'Black Alliance'. That 'senior' of his was domineering over that place and leisurely becoming an overlord.

"You have lived quite well during these two years… but, soon…" A dark, dense smile gradually surfaced on Xiao Yan's face as he recalled the torturous pain he had felt during these two years.

The beautiful jade-green flame flapped slightly behind him. Xiao Yan's body swiftly moved closer to the ground. In merely a short moment, he was already able to hear the soul-stirring sounds of bloodshed within the stockade.

Xiao Yan's figure stood in the air, and looked down from a high vantage point and swept over the entire arena. At this moment, an extremely intense battle was occurring all over the stockade. The place with the most intense fight was naturally the two battlegrounds at the middle of the stockade. The main characters there was Lin Yan, Zi Yan, and the other two expert Dou Wangs from the 'Black Alliance'.

Xiao Yan's gaze paused on the battleground where the two people were fighting, for a moment, before he turned it away reassured. Although Lin Yan was merely able to be evenly matched with the other Dou Wang, Zi Yan's battle was basically a one-sided one. This little girl may look cute, but the frightening strength that her little fist carried when it was swung was something that even an expert Dou Wang would not dare to underestimate. If a punch were to make contact, one would at least hurt their muscles and bones even if their arms and legs did not break on the spot. Hence, the expert Dou Wang who was fighting with her could only dodge left and right to avoid Zi Yan's attack. He was basically in a complete disadvantage. From the looks of the situation, it was likely that he would be completely defeated by Zi Yan's hand, within a short period of time at that.

Once that expert Dou Wang was defeated, Zi Yan would be able to divert herself to help Lin Yan. Therefore, the battleground on this side already had a forgone conclusion. Xiao Yan no longer needed to worry about it.

Xiao Yan's gaze turned to the intense battleground that was filled with people outside of the stockade. He knit his brows slightly. This time around, the troops from the 'Black Alliance' not only had the numerical advantage, but each and every one of them were quite strong. Even with the strength of Xiao Li's subordinates, they found it difficult to gain an advantage. Instead, they suffered serious injuries in the couple of collisions where they were outnumbered by their opponents. Although Xiao Li was unstoppable by relying on the strength of a Dou Wang, the unceasing number of people from the 'Black Alliance' had caused him to descend into a situation where he was surrounded.

"The members of 'Pan's Gate' actually all arrived…" Xiao Yan's sweeping gaze suddenly stopped on some human figures in the stockade who were not wearing black clothes. From the looks of these young faces, they were clearly the Inner Academy elites who had followed Xiao Yan out from 'Pan's Gate'.

From the looks of the situation in the battleground, it seemed that it was due to the arrival of the people from 'Pan's Gate' that caused the originally somewhat retreating front to stabilize. Despite this, however, both parties had descended into an anxious stalemate.

The large scale killing was just like a meat grinder. Both parties continued gain some injuries and death. The sound of killing and the miserable screams mixed together before soaring to the clouds. One could even vaguely hear it outside of the mountain.

"It is best for this meaningless confrontation to end as soon as possible…"

Xiao Yan frowned intently. His body flashed and rushed to the outer parts of the stockade. He cried out in a deep voice, "Fan Lao has already died. Do you all still dare to stay in this place?"

The cry was like a sudden thunder that rolled unceasingly in the sky. It even caused an echo to reverberate across the entire mountain range.

The incomparably intense battle finally gradually quietened down after Xiao Yan's cry sounded. Numerous gazes turned toward the sky. The people from the stockade had faces filled with joy while the troops from the 'Black Alliance' outside were displaying panicking faces. Fan Lao was the strongest person in this unit. His death was quite a great blow to the morale of these people.

"Everyone, don't believe him. Sect leader is an elite Dou Huang. How could he have died in the hands of this sapling?"

A loud cry suddenly sounded just as all the people from the 'Black Alliance' were feeling uneasy in their hearts. A large number of voices sounded in agreement. From the way they addressed Fan Lao, it seemed that they were members of the 'Blood Sect'.

The troops from the 'Black Alliance' gradually became quiet after hearing the loud cry by the members of the 'Blood Sect'. They immediately turned their fierce gazes toward the interior of the stockade. The sharp weapons in their hands were raised and had actually become a little eager for battle.

Xiao Yan's face sank slightly when he saw the reaction from the troops of the 'Black Alliance'. He flapped the wings on his back and he was shockingly on top of a wooden pillar at the outermost part of the stockade the next time he appeared. He flipped his hand and an invisible flame curled up. A voice that did not carry the slightest bit of emotion slowly resounded in this area.

"If you do not want to lose your life, you should leave as soon as possible. Go home and tell Han Feng that I, Xiao Yan, have already taken Fan Lao's life. Next, it's his turn!"

"Xiao Yan?"

"He is that Xiao Yan who had defeated Medicine Emperor Han Feng back then?"

The troops from the 'Black Alliance' throughout the mountains emitted waves of shocked cries when they heard Xiao Yan mention his name. Xiao Yan's name was already something that was known by everyone within the 'Black-Corner Region'. The results of that great battle two years ago was something that even these people, who licked blood from their knifes and hacked at people's flesh all day, to feel extremely shocked.

Those troops from the 'Black-Corner Region,' who had once again become eager for battle, felt some of their fierce fire extinguish after hearing this name which contained quite a bit of weight within the 'Black-Corner Region'. They looked at one another, and did not dare to charge forward.

"Everyone, don't listen to him speak nonsense. Xiao Yan was killed by the Jia Nan Academy's 'Heavenly Flame' back then. How can he still exist in this world? Everyone, hurry up and destroy the stockade. The Alliance Head will have a rich reward waiting for us when we return."

There was another loud cry which lit the fuse just when all the people from the 'Black Alliance' could not make up their mind. Hearing that the Alliance Head would reward them, the breathing of those people who were still hesitating became rough and heavy. They clearly understood just how rich Han Feng's reward was.


The troops from the 'Black Alliance,' who treated killing people like eating a meal, were finally unable to resist any longer under the allure of this rich reward. Hence, their bodies came from all directions as they swarmed toward the stockade like a torrent while carrying a killing cry.

"Seeking your own death!"

Xiao Yan finally ceased wasting his breath as he observed the 'Black Alliance' troops, who were still not desuaded. He let out a cold laugh before slowly shutting his eyes. The invisible flame on his hand emitted waves of ripples that were difficult to discover.

The human figures came swarming over explosively from all directions. However, their bodies suddenly stiffened just as they entered a fifty meter radius of Xiao Yan. Their faces were flushed red. Even their heads emitted a white fog that was curling up.


The fluctuation of the invisible flame within Xiao Yan's hand became increasingly intense. Immediately, the body of the 'Black Alliance' human figure, who had charged right at the front, strangely transformed into a cluster of flame. His entire being turned into a pile of ashes at that instant. He did not even have the time to emit a miserable cry…

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Others sounds quickly followed one after another not long after the first low, deep sound appeared. Each time a low voice sounded, the troops from the 'Black Alliance,' whose bodies were filled with a killing intent, would strangely transform into a flaming person. Finally, they would erupt into ashes that spread all over the ground with a bang…

After these strange, low, deep explosions sounded twenty to thirty times, the 'Black Alliance' troops whose faces were filled with a killing aura and fierceness finally felt a fear. Their gazes swept all over the place, afraid that the next person who would transform into a flaming person was himself or the person beside him.

The entire area, whether it was inside or outside the stockade, had become quiet under that strange situation where one would explode into ashes without any forewarning.

Numerous gazes that contained shock and terror gathered onto the black-robed, young man who was standing on a wooden pillar at the entrance of the stockade with his eyes shut. Those human bodies that suddenly incinerated one after another was clearly his work.

"This little fellow… this attack is a little too terrifying…" Xiao Li gently inhaled a breath of cool air. This killing technique, that killed without anyone realizing how, was something that caused even him to feel a chill in his heart.

Xiao Yan opened his cold and indifferent eyes after appearing to have sensed the focus of the entire place. A faint cold glint flashed past his gaze as he stared at the troops from the 'Black Alliance,' who were as stiff as boards.


The body of a man who was wearing a bloody robe suddenly trembled when Xiao Yan's gaze looked over. His face was immediately flushed red, and a flame surged out from his body. His entire person strangely turned into a pile of ashes amid a low, deep sound.

The legs of the troops from the 'Black Alliance' trembled repeatedly as they eyed the man who had turned into ashes without any forewarning. This kind of ability that could kill someone without even moving his hand was really too frightening…


Another low, deep sound appeared. A bloody-robed human figure was also strangely incinerated. At this moment, some people finally realized that those people who were incinerated seemed to be people from the 'Blood Sect'. These people were the ones who had shouted most fiercely among those who had lit the fuse earlier.

Xiao Yan's face was impassive. He did not bother about the pressuring feeling that this strange death brought to everyone. His cold eyes slowly moved in all directions. There was one person who turned into a flame each time his gaze paused for more than a couple of seconds.

Everyone's heart beat violently under the sound of this seemingly pressing drum of death. A moment later, there was finally some people who could not endure such pressure of death. After emitting a crazy cry, they turned around and miserably fled into the forest.

The moment the first person turned around and fled wildly, it immediately triggered a chain effect throughout the entire mountains. Hence, those troops from the 'Black Alliance,' who had been prepared to destroy the stockade after being lured by the rich reward, began to flee in defeat…

No one could remain calm in the face of human bodies being strangely incinerated. The special ability of the 'Fallen Heart Flame' in controlling one's heart flame was really something that was hard to prevent. This was definitely a supernatural phenomenon in the eyes of those who were uncertain of the actual reason.

Xiao Yan finally sighed in relief in his heart as he watched the large panicking unit flee into the forest without choosing their routes. The invisible flame in his hand also gradually disappeared. He turned his head over and saw the somewhat stunned Xiao Li above the walls surrounding the stockade. He could not help but smile. The earlier coldness had completely disappeared.

Seeing Xiao Yan smile, those people on the walls whose bodies still felt cold, finally recovered. When they saw the large unit from the 'Black Alliance' scattering in defeat, a thunder-like roar immediately resounded across the entire stockade.

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