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Chapter 630: Killing Fan Lao

The reinforcements that had suddenly appeared caused Fan Lao's face to turn much paler. This was especially so when he saw Xiao Yan's dark, cold, ferocious face. His expression had become ghastly, as though it had been covered with frost.

The moment Xiao Yan had displayed two kinds of 'Heavenly Flames', Fan Lao understood that it was likely that even if the four of them were to attack together in a head on battle, it would be very difficult to defeat him. Moreover, the battle had just started when Xiao Yan had disposed of one of the expert Dou Wangs. At the same time their fighting strength was reduced, their chances of victory swiftly fell.

Hence, he had intended to capture Xiao Li alive and use him to put a leash on Xiao Yan. However, Lin Yan and Zi Yan had appeared at a crucial moment, completely dashing all of his plans. Next… he would have to face Xiao Yan's fury, which was filled with killing intent, all by himself!

"Kill everyone in the stockade!" Fan Lao suddenly recalled something while his face was white. He suddenly let out a loud cry. From the looks of the situation, he really did have to fight until death.

The few hundred people from the 'Black Alliance' who had been waiting for orders outside of the stockage suddenly gave a united earth-shaking response. Immediately, countless numbers of human figures shot out in all direction and began to unleash an attack on the stockade.

Xiao Yan frowned slightly as he saw the unceasing number of people who were swarming out from the forest. The people within this stockade were clearly the subordinates of his second brother, Xiao Li. It would not be too good if they suffered too many injuries and deaths.

"Third brother, you should finish off this old dog. I will lead people to stop those attacks from the outside!"

Xiao Li suddenly flashed down from the tall stage as the thought was lingering in Xiao Yan. With a stern roar, black figures rose from the dark shadows of the stockade. Finally over a hundred people rushed out in an orderly fashion. In a mere instant, the originally spacious street was completely packed with people.

"Everyone, follow me!"

Xiao Li let out a deep cry and immediately took the lead to rush toward the entrance of the stockade. The large group of black figures behind him followed close behind without any hesitation. Even though they were faced with such a desperate predicament, the footsteps of these black figures did not appear to be even slightly chaotic as they orderly obeyed Xiao Li's orders. They spread out toward different parts of the stockade.

Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan's eyes as his gaze studied those black figures who had rushed out from the shadows. Immediately, he ceased being overly worried. Although Xiao Li was currently injured, other than Fan Lao and these few others, the large unit attacking did not have a single Dou Wang. Even though Xiao Li was injured, he should be able to easily deal with any ordinary Dou Ling.

Xiao Yan withdrew his gaze and turned it toward Fan Lao a short distance away. He smiled and his bright white teeth gained a denseness that chilled one's heart.

"Old dog Fan. You were able to luckily escape two years ago. I wonder if you will be so lucky today?" Xiao Yan's laughter was as cold as a chilly glow, causing a cold feeling to seep through one's bones.

Fan Lao's face was green after he was called old dog time and time again by Xiao Yan. However, he knew that the former was no longer that little brat from two years ago. The current Xiao Yan possessed sufficient strength to play with him in his palms.

"Xiao Yan, the grudge between us all started because of you. If you had not killed my son, I would not have formed a grudge with you!" Fan Lao's gaze flickered. His eyes drifted in all directions without leaving a trace as he clenched his teeth and spoke.

"What is there to feel strange about your son being killed by someone while he was in this chaotic 'Black-Corner Region'? The number of people who have died in your hands is likely many times more than those who have died in mine." Xiao Yan coldly laughed. He immediately lifted the heavy ruler in his hand slowly and pointed it toward Fan Lao from afar. He spoke faintly, "It is useless for us to say anything now. There is not the slightest room to reconcile the grudge between us. Today, you must die!"

"Arrogant bastard! I, Fan Lao, am not afraid of you!"

Fan Lao's face twitched. Finally, he could not resist roaring out loud. His eyes contained a certain ferocity as blood-colored Dou Qi surged out from his body in all directions. Finally, the Dou Qi rose and transformed into an enormous bloody sea that was around thirty to forty feet wide. His figure was completely hidden within it.

"It has been two whole years, yet you are still using these same old tactics. These things are useless against me." Xiao Yan glanced at the blood sea that was spreading over. The green flame and invisible flame in his hands were gently pressed together and the two swiftly merged, transforming into a cluster of dark-green flame.

Xiao Yan's palm slowly tossed the dark green flame. His sleeves abruptly waved, and one could see that the cluster of dark-green flame had suddenly swelled. In a short few seconds, the dark-green flame, which was not even the size of a head, had swelled until it was two to three meters wide.

Xiao Yan's finger supported that enormous dark-green flame as the corner of his mouth slowly lifted into a smile. He flicked his finger and the enormous dark-green flame immediately swept out in all directions like a storm.

The blood sea that spread everywhere began to churn as the dark-green flame swept out. The fishy stench swiftly disappeared and the dense blood sea had also turned thinner. The sea of blood even faintly emitted Fan Lao's extremely furious roar.

Fan Lao was indeed really unlucky. This sea of blood attack of his was an attack that he had relied on to dominate the 'Black-Corner Region' and become renowned. Once it was activated, it was able to hide his body. While being in it, his Dou Qi recovery and other aspects attained great enhancements. Back then, many experts were helplessly defeated when faced with this blood sea. However, this blood sea was just like a mouse that had seen a cat when it met Xiao Yan, who controlled a 'Heavenly Flame'. It did not have the slightest ability to resist. Although Fan Lao was also an elite Dou Huang, the fighting strength that he could unleash against Xiao Yan was likely only similar to that of an ordinary Dou Wang. It must be said that there was always something that could restrain another thing.


When the blood sea had become very thin, Fan Lao, who was inside, finally could not resist any longer. With a low roar, a five-foot-long blood spear shot out explosively. The air shook wherever the blood spear passed, and the sharp wind it created was something that could be clearly heard throughout the entire stockade.

Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head as he watched the blood spear that had shot out explosively from the blood sea. He flicked his finger, and a wisp of the dark-green flame shot out from his finger. Finally, it collided heavily with that blood spear and the two were immediately and simultaneously annihilated under a loud sound.

"You really put up a stubborn resistance…" A powerful dark-green flame surged out from Xiao Yan's body. It immediately wrapped him within it. His feet stomped heavily on the ground and his body shot into the increasingly thin sea of blood.

After Xiao Yan charged into the blood sea in such an open manner, the churning of the blood sea immediately became wild. The clear sound of metal clanging repeatedly sounded from within. A moment later, the blood sea completely disappeared with an energy ripple.

The blood sea disappeared, and the two human figures within it slowly surfaced. Xiao Yan was fine with the exception of his breathing being a little hurried. On the other hand, Fan Lao's clothes were shattered. His palm was repeatedly dripping blood. Clearly, Fan Lao had fallen into a disadvantage during the earlier exchange.

Fan Lao's gaze was just like that of a dark, vicious snake as he stared intently at Xiao Yan while the entire stockade was filled with the sounds of killing. His heart was u. If his Dou Qi had not been restrained by the 'Heavenly Flame', he would have no problem ending up in a draw with Xiao Yan even if he could not defeat the latter. Unfortunately…

"Xiao Yan, you need not be pleased. You will not have a good ending in the future after offending our 'Black Alliance'!" Fan Lao's chest rose and fell as he spoke in a hoarse voice, attempting to perform his final struggle.

"Ke ke, sect leader Fan need not be worried. In two days time, I will naturally go to the 'Black Alliance' to settle the feud between Han Feng and myself." Xiao Yan smiled as responded, "However, this time around, sect leader Fan might have to die before Han Feng."

"Tsk tsk, Xiao Yan, I admit that I am now no match for you. However, killing me won't be so easy!" A strange smile suddenly surfaced on Fan Lao's face. The seal his hands formed suddenly changed, and a mouthful of fresh blood was immediately spat from his mouth. When the fresh blood scattered, Fan Lao's body strangely disappeared from the original spot.

Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head as he watch the spot where Fan Lao had disappeared. He sighed, "He is really still using these old tactics…"

Xiao Yan's voice had sounded when a silver glow surfaced on his feet. The low sound of rumbling thunder roared across the sky as his body instantly disappeared.

The space around a hundred plus meters above the stockade suddenly fluctuated. A bloody figure surfaced and a pale face Fan Lao appeared. He watched the stockade below him which was only the size of a fist. He coughed intensely before speaking in a dense voice, "Little bastard, wait for me to gather everyone before I come to settle my account with you. I will definitely tear you into thousands of pieces at that time."

Fan Lao's voice had just sounded when a laugh suddenly sounded from behind him, causing the pores all over his body to tense up at this moment, "Ke ke, Sect leader Fan. Perhaps you may not have the chance to return…"

Fan Lao's body was stiff as he turned his head around with great difficulty. A young man with a warm smile hanging on his face and a cluster of dark-green flame in his hands was imprinted in his eyes!

"It's over… sect leader Fan."

Xiao Yan smiled. The dark-green fireball in his hand suddenly began to spin rapidly. Finally, the surrounding air appeared to be sucked into it as the fireball spun. Xiao Yan's arm shook during the high speed rotation, and the rapid spinning dark-green fireball carried a frighteningly hot temperature as it viciously smashed into Fan Lao's back.

At that instant, an incomparably fierce wind exploded from the fireball. Fan Lao did not have the time to form even the slightest defense against this wild, violent attack. His expression instantaneously turned pale as a mouthful of fresh blood accompanied by his shattered internal organs was spat out.

The dark-green flame also surged out as the storm erupted. It wrapped around the seriously injured Fan Lao. Immediately, a sharp miserable cry resounded in the distant sky…

The dark-green flame continued for nearly half a minute before it was gradually extinguished. However, that human figure within it had turned into a pile of ash that scattered with the wind…

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