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Chapter 627: The Moment of Life and Death

Wu Hao nodded his head. He took out a map scroll from his storage ring and slowly pushed it open. He used his finger to point to a certain area and said, "According to our intelligence, a few large factions of the 'Black Alliance' are heading to this place. I think that your second brother should be there. According to our speed, we should be able to reach there by tomorrow morning."

Xiao Yan nodded his head slightly. He slowly calmed his somewhat anxious heart, and sat cross-legged on the griffin before shutting his eyes to recuperate.

Xiao Yan's group avoided the fatigue of traveling by ground and also the numerous troubles within the 'Black-Corner Region' due to them possessing the griffins, a beast that specialized in long distance air travel. Hence, within a night, they had already begun to approach their destination. If they had walked instead, it would have been impossible for them to reach this place within four to five days even if everything had been smooth along the way.

Xiao Yan's gaze studied the mountains in the distance covered by a faint mist while he stood atop a griffin. The uneasiness in his heart grew even more intense the closer he approached. Xiao Yan had continued feeling this uneasiness for a couple of minutes before he could no longer endure the emotion in his heart. He turned his head and spoke to Lin Yan, Wu Hao, and the others, "I will make a move first, all of you should hurry up and follow."

Wu Hao and the others were startled when they heard this. However, they did not try to stop him. Given the former's strength, it was likely that one could hardly find anyone who would cause him to suffer a loss even in the 'Black-Corner Region'. Moreover, Xiao Yan was not some little novice who had just left home. He was extremely outstanding regardless of whether it was in terms of fighting experience or other areas. Hence, Wu Hao and the others were not worried about him. They merely reminded him to be careful out of habit.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded to Wu Hao and the others. His shoulders shook, and a pair of beautiful flame wings extended from his back. Perhaps it was because his Dou Qi had turned into a dark-green color after the merger of the 'Heavenly Flames', but the original green flame had transformed into an emerald color. At a glance, it appeared as though it was made of emerald, having an extremely beautiful appearance that caused others feel envy. This could be inferred from the envy that had appeared on faces of everyone on those griffins behind him the moment his wings appeared.

The jade-like fire wings flapped gently as Xiao Yan leaped off of the griffin's back. After a couple of immediate flaps from the wings, his body turned into a black shadow that swiftly disappeared in front of everyone's sight.

"Ke ke, looks like we need to increase our speed. Otherwise, everything might be settled by this fellow by the time we reach there." Wu Hao laughed as he saw Xiao Yan swift disappearance. With a wave of his hand, the ten plus griffins emitted an orderly low roar as they immediately flapped their large wings. Their enormous bodies rode the wind and rushed forward.

This was a mountainous region covered in complicated terrain. The enormous trees all around were like pillars supporting the sky as they penetrated the clouds. They also made it difficult for sunlight to enter, resulting in the mountains being very dark.

A large stockade stood under the cover of the enormous, dense trees in a certain spot within the deep mountains, causing this place to be quite hidden. It was difficult to find if one did not purposefully look for it.

The entire stockade was extremely quiet. However, there were quite a number of human figures who were coming and going. These black figures did not make any noise under their feet as they hurriedly rushed up and down the roads. The entire stockade was filled with an anxious atmosphere but it did not appear to be flustered.

A human figure who was completely wrapped in a black robe was standing tall and straight at a stage in the middle of the stockade. The dense bloody aura that was emitted from this person's body was something that could be clearly smelled even from a great distance away. However, the hundred plus black figures under the tall stage seemed to have not smelled it as they stood in a quiet and orderly fashion. Other than the 'hua hua' sound that was emitted by the black clothes when the wind blew passed, there was only the extremely slight sound of footsteps.

A black figure suddenly shot over from a distance amid the quiet atmosphere. Finally, he appeared under the tall stage, and knelt with one knee on the ground. His voice was low as he reported, "Chief. According to our secret investigation, around seven or eight secret sentry posts we had in the forest have been quietly destroyed. From the looks of some of the traces within the forest, it seemed that our trail seems to have been discovered. Now, this place is no longer safe."

"Has the 'Black Alliance' finally made a move on us." The black-robed person on the tall stage spoke in an indifferent voice. He slowly raised his head as scattering sunlight landed on that young face where a deathly aura was seeping out. That appearance was actually Xiao Yan's second brother, Xiao Li!

"How many people are surrounding us this time around?" Although he had heard this news that would make one uneasy, Xiao Li's face did not even change a little. He was emotionless as his eyes swept over the black figures below while he spoke indifferently.

"There are at least two hundred people. All of them have quite a great strength. Moreover they cooperate with each other quite well." The black figure reported without any hesitation.

"Who is their leader?"

"I have not seen him personally, but this subordinate has found members from the 'Blood Sect' among the factions surrounding us. The worst case scenario should be that they are led by the leader of the 'Blood Sect', Fan Lao."

"Fan Lao huh…" Xiao Li slowly narrowed his eyes. A moment later, a savage smile spread from the corner of his mouth. It seemed that third brother had quite a bit of a grudge with this old man who would not die? Back then, this fellow was also one of the top names who had participated in the attack on the Inner Academy.

"In any case, I don't have much time left. Today, I will stake my life and get him to be buried with my third brother." Xiao Li gave a dark, dense smile before immediately waving his hand gently. An indifferent voice reverberated over the entire place, "Assassination unit, hide yourself in the forest and withdraw as you fight. Try your best to weaken their fighting strength. Remember, even if you die, you must pull someone to cover you as a blanket. Otherwise, your death will be worthless."
TL: buried with does not mean physically buried with

"Yes sir!"

Nearly half the people below suddenly responded in unison. Their bodies immediately flashed, and the black figures penetrated through the shade one after another. Finally, they leaped out of the stockade and disappeared into the vast forest. They did not question their fates of imminent death. This was because anyone within this Assassination unit who questioned Xiao Li's words had already been removed. Those who could remain were basically people who had handed over their hearts and even their souls to Xiao Li.

"Everyone else will defend the stockade. Defend with all your strength!"

"Yes sir!"

The remaining people also responded in unison. Finally, their bodies flashed and entered into various dark and hidden corners of the stockade. The dark black sharp daggers in their hands slowly emitted a cold glint.

Xiao Li's gaze was cold and indifferent as he watched the black figures who had disappeared. He slowly shut his eyes and a faint death aura surrounded his body as though he was the god of death.

"Third brother, wait for second brother to pull someone down with me!"

Countless numbers of sharp screams were suddenly emitted from the lush green forest when morning arrived. The miserable screams reverberated over the mountains, causing one to feel a chill all over one's body.

Countless numbers of human figures filled with killing intent flashed about in the dark forest. They were just about to swiftly rush toward their target when numerous black figures suddenly shot out from the shadows of the forest. They carried a slight muffled sound of one's flesh being cut as fresh blood was spilled…

Although the sudden ambush killing caused that particular unit to suffer quite the losses, these people were clearly very experienced in combat. Hence, they were able to rely on their advantage in numbers to stabilize the situation in an extremely short amount of time. After which, both parties entered into an intense and fierce exchange…

Xiao Li, who had his eyes shut while in the stockade, suddenly opened them. He eyed those dozens of black figures who had rushed back from within the forest. These figures swiftly flashed into the stockade before they finally knelt with one knee on the ground in front of the tall stage.

"Chief, over half of the Assassination unit is dead. However, the other party's death toll is more than twice ours. This time around, the troops that have come to surround us are all the elites of a couple of large factions. Moreover, they have the help of three Dou Wangs and one Dou Huang! Our Assassination unit did not obtain the results we desired." A dark, deep voice was emitted from the mouth of a black human figure.

Xiao Li's face was indifferent. He merely nodded slightly.

"According to their momentum, they will reach the stockade within ten minutes!"

"Spread out. Prepare to fight to the death with those who have attacked." Xiao Li lifted his chin and spoke indifferently.

Although Xiao Li had ultimately not said anything about withdrawing, not one of these wood-like black human figures said anything. All of them completely did as they were ordered.

Xiao Li lifted his gaze as he watched those human figures who had begun to scatter. After which, he gazed at the distant forest as a wild savageness surged onto his face.

The actual situation was worse than reported by the black human figure. Around five minutes later, some human figures appeared from within the forest. After which, more rushed out repeatedly. Within a short couple of minutes, the entire stockade had been surrounded to the point where even water could not pass.

"You must be the leader of the organization which doesn't even have a name right?"

Cold laughter suddenly sounded in the air above the stockade. Xiao Li lifted his head only to find four figures suspended in the air. A powerful aura wrapped around the entire stockade. The person in front was surprisingly the leader of the 'Blood Sect' who had nearly died in Xiao Yan's hands back then, Fan Lao!

Xiao Li's gaze was dense as he stared at Fan Lao in the sky. However, he did not say anything. He clenched his hand, and a long, dark-black spear flashed and appeared. Powerful silver-colored Dou Qi carried a faint thunderous roar as it wrapped around the spear.

Fan Lao indifferently watched Xiao Li who was putting up a last bit of resistance before death. The former waved his hand. "Kill him."

A fierce glint immediately surfaced within the eyes of the three expert Dou Wangs behind Fan Lao upon hearing the order. With a low cry, the three human figures carried a powerful aura as they came rushing down explosively from the sky like meteorites. The combined strength of the three Dou Wangs even caused the air to emit a rumbling sound.

Xiao Li's face was ferocious as he watched the three human figures who had rushed over. His grip on the long spear in his hand had become much tighter. He would not even have the slightest fear against one Dou Wang. He might end up descending into an annoying battle against two Dou Wangs. On the other hand, fighting against three Dou Wangs would likely result in him being at a disadvantage.

Even though this was the case, Xiao Li did not even retreat in the slightest. Having not much time left, he need not even worry about his life. What else was there to fear?


A stern cry was ferociously released from the mouths of the three Dou Wangs. The three of them clearly cooperated very well with each other. Moreover, they were also ruthless individuals. Hence, the three of them joined hands to unleash a powerful blow as their first attack. Three powerful Dou Qi attacks flew through the sky before finally intertwining with one another like a trident that shot explosively toward Xiao Li!

"A mere Dou Wang also dares to offend the 'Black Alliance'. You really overestimate your strength!" Fan Lao lifted the corner of his mouth. He spoke in a dark, cold manner when he saw Xiao Li, who appeared exceptionally small under the three powerful attacks.

Xiao Li's watched the fierce attack that was rushing over with a savage gazes. His long spear quivered and a silver-colored glow soared. The sound of rolling thunder was brewed at the tip of his spear. An instant later, a lightning snake-like silver-colored Dou Qi suddenly shot out explosively before the three attacks collided heavily with one another.


A loud sound appeared in mid-air. Powerful energy ripples spread out from it. While this wind spread, Xiao Li and the three experts were shaken and forced to take a couple of steps back. However, it was obvious that Xiao Li suffered a greater disadvantage. If one heard the low muffled sound from his throat, it appeared that he had suffered some slight injuries during collision.

Fan Lao's expression had immediately become a lot darker and colder as he stood in the sky and watched Xiao Li manage to endure the attack from three expert Dou Wangs, and had clearly only suffered slight injuries from it. His gaze was filled with malice as he watched Xiao Li taking over a dozen steps back. His body suddenly quivered before it immediately disappeared.

On the ground, Xiao Li who had just stabilized his body, did not have the time to take a breath when his expression suddenly change. Immediately, his palms habitually shot out violently in front of him body.

Fan Lao's figure strangely appeared just as Xiao Li's palm struck out. With a cold, dark laugh, his shriveled hand firmly met with Xiao Li's palm. A frightening force immediately surged out explosively!


Xiao Li may be strong, but there was still an extremely large gap when compared to an elite Dou Huang like Fan Lao. It was natural that he would suffer a disadvantage in such a head on collision. Hence, he immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood while his legs were dragged against the ground as he was forced back. Finally, his back collided with a huge rock. The force was discharged and the enormous rock behind him was immediately filled with a countless number of crack lines. At a glance, it was about to fall apart.

Fan Lao coldly smiled as his eyes darkly glared at Xiao Li who had spat out blood. However, the former did not give the latter any time to recover. He clenched his fist, and a blood spear agglomerated in it. His hand shook immediately, and the blood spear carried a fishy scent as it rushed toward Xiao Li, whose Dou Qi within his body had become a little sluggish, in a lightning-like manner.

"You dared kill people from my 'Blood Sect'. Today, I will break all your limbs and rear you as a blood slave!"

Due to the sluggish Dou Qi within his body, Xiao Li could only watch as the blood spear shot over to him at this moment. He did not have the slightest ability to dodge it.

"Third brother, second brother is useless and is actually unable to even drag someone down with him."

A bitterness slowly surfaced on the corner of Xiao Li's mouth as he watched the blood spear that was swiftly magnified in his eyes. He quietly shut his eyes and muttered with a sigh, "It really seems that the heavens want to destroy our Xiao clan…"


A slight thundering sound suddenly resounded in the sky just as the blood spear was about to strike Xiao Yan. Immediately, a dark-green fire wall suddenly surfaced in front of Xiao Li, causing Fan Lao's face to suddenly change drastically. That blood spear appeared to be like a snow meeting boiling oil and swiftly melted. Moreover, it even emitted waves of 'chi chi' sound.

"Who is it? Our 'Black Alliance' is performing a mission. Please do not put your nose in other people's business!"

Fan Lao's expression was dark and cold when he saw the dark-green flame which had suddenly appeared. He raised his head and cried out sternly.

"Ke ke, Sect Leader Fan, I have not seen you for two years, but you have really become more impressive. Back then, you luckily escaped with your life. I wonder if you will still be this lucky today?"

A faint laugh slowly sounded in the sky. Immediately, a black-robed human figure strangely appeared in the sky in front of numerous shocked gazes.

Chapter 628: Withdrawal from Shouting

Xiao Li, who had shut his eyes while awaiting death, suddenly shook his entire body when the faint laugh sounded in the sky. He immediately opened his eyes, and his gaze was filled with disbelief as he stared at the tall straight-backed black figure in the sky.

"Third brother?" Xiao Li's gaze trembled as he stared at the somewhat familiar back. His face, which did not change even a little when facing death, was at this moment filled with stunned disbelief.

"Xiao Yan? You have not died? How is that possible!"

Fan Lao turned his gaze over the instant that Xiao Yan appeared. The expression on his face immediately became still when his gaze swept over the familiar young face. Shock and fear surfaced together. At the end, a voice that had become sharp due to fear was emitted from his mouth.

"Xiao Yan? He is that Xiao Yan who defeated Fan Lao and nearly killed Medicine Emperor Han Feng?"

The three expert Dou Wangs at the side did not have any specially great reaction to Xiao Yan's appearance. However, when Fan Lao's sharp voice involuntarily cried out the name that reverberated like thunder in the ears of everyone within the 'Black-Corner Region', shock instantly swarmed up their faces as they muttered.

"Are you very disappointed that I have not died?" Xiao Yan's figure slowly descended from the sky before appearing in front of Xiao Li. He laughed coldly toward Fan Lao before immediately turning his head to look at Xiao Li, whose face was still filled with disbelief. He smiled and spoke gently, "Second brother, do you not recognize me?"

"You… are you really Xiao Yan?" Xiao Li widened his mouth. He extended his hand in an attempt to touch Xiao Yan's body, but he seemed to be afraid of something and ultimately did not dare to actually touch him. He seemed to be afraid that this was an illusion before his death.

Xiao Yan smiled and extended his arm to hold Xiao Li's white hand. He laughed softly, "Second brother, it's me. How can I easily die when the Xiao clan has such a great vengeance that needs to be repaid?"

A redness gradually swarmed onto Xiao Li's originally white face as he sensed the temperature that was transmitted from Xiao Yan's hands. His eyes trembled as he stared at Xiao Yan. The strength of his hand which was holding onto Xiao Yan's arm increased. Those eyes of his had even become red at this moment. Xiao Li had revealed this moving scene despite his cold and indifferent character. One could just imagine just how excited his heart was.

"Ke ke, second brother, I will catch up with you properly after finishing off this old dog." Xiao Yan patted Xiao Li's hand and laughed.

"Don't. That fellow is an elite Dou Huang." Xiao Li's expression changed slightly when he heard this. A glint flickered in his eyes as he said, "They are superior in numbers. I think that we should withdraw first. There's a lot more time in the future with many opportunities to take revenge. Nothing wrong must happen to you now!"

Originally, Xiao Li had long carried the will to die. If it was him alone, he would naturally not think of fleeing. However, things were different now. Xiao Yan's appearance had caused his gloomy heart, which had been shrouded by the aura of death, to be filled with the will to live. Therefore, he overturned his earlier normal behavior, and the thought of fleeing emerged from within his heart.

"Ke ke, second brother, you can rest assured. I was able to cause him to flee while being at death's door two years ago. Today, I will be able to do the same." Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. He flipped his hand, and he strangely escaped from Xiao Li's hand like a swimming fish. He smiled at the latter and his gentle voice was filled with a confidence that caused others to feel calm, "Believe me, second brother."

"Then… be careful. I will help you block the remaining three Dou Wangs." Xiao Li was startled when he saw the confidence in Xiao Yan's smile. He immediately clenched his teeth and stood up. The black-colored long spear in his hand was slammed heavily on the ground. A powerful aura spread out from it.

"Leave all of them to me. You are currently quite badly injured." Xiao Yan shook his head. He did not wait for Xiao Li's protest before turning around. The smile on his face slowly turned dark and cold.

Xiao Yan flipped his hand and the large Heavy Xuan Ruler flashed out from a low grade Storage Ring First Elder Su Qian had given him. He carelessly waved the heavy ruler, and a wave of low, deep explosive sounds formed below it. Finally they completely shattered the rocks on the ground.

"Sect Leader Fan. I will take this old life of yours today!" Xiao Yan pointed the heavy ruler toward Fan Lao opposite of him. There was a laughter in his voice, but it was filled with an incomparable killing intent.

If Xiao Yan had arrived a moment later when this old dog unleashed a killing move on Xiao Li, it was likely that he would only be able to see Xiao Li's body. This fear in addition to their earlier conflict had caused Xiao Yan's heart to be filled with a surging killing intent. The name Fan Lao had been crossed with a blood-colored line on his must kill list.

Fan Lao's face was volatile as he stared at the black-robed young man on the opposite side with a killing intent that spread throughout the sky. The disbelief in his heart was gradually withdrawn under this reality. It was replaced with a kind of unusual fear and fury. Back then, he was defeated by Xiao Yan's hands. This had caused him to be ridiculed by quite a number of people in the 'Black-Corner Region' during these two years. This also caused the reputation of the 'Blood Sect' to fall greatly. All of this was caused by this fellow in front of him.

"Two of you should go and capture that injured fellow. Remember, you cannot kill him. As long as he is captured, Xiao Yan can only surrender… the remaining person should delay Xiao Yan with me. The reward if you can take his life will definitely make you extremely happy. Don't all of you want a 'Dou Spirit Pill'? As long as you can kill Xiao Yan this time around, your wish will definitely be granted!" Fan Lao turned his head and spoke in a dark voice to the other three Dou Wangs.

Fan Lao had a phobia from being defeated in Xiao Yan's hands back then. Therefore, it was unavoidable that he would feel uncertainty in his heart if he were to fight with Xiao Yan. This caused him to ignore his status and ask someone to help him defeat his opponent.

A hot fieriness immediately flashed across the eyes of the three expert Dou Wangs when they heard Fan Lao's words. 'Dou Spirit Pill'. This was a medicinal pill that they had coveted for a long time. However, they needed to commit an extremely great contribution to the 'Black Alliance' in order to obtain it. Although they had been acting as fighters for the 'Black Alliance' these few years, there was still quite a big gap to the needed contribution points to exchange for it.

The three Dou Wangs merely hesitated for a moment in their hearts under the strong allure of the 'Dou Spirit Pill' before the hesitation was defeated in the face of the allure. They exchanged looks with one another before fiercely nodded their heads.

Xiao Yan's gaze was densely cold as he watched the four people on the opposite side. A faint dark-green Dou Qi surged out from his body like a substance-like flame. It withered repeatedly on the surface as a powerful aura covered half of the stockade.

Fan Lao's expression changed slightly just as Xiao Yan's surging aura was about to attack. He appeared to have sensed something and lifted his head. His expression immediately became much uglier when his gaze swept over the red-dressed bewitching beauty that had unknowingly appeared in the sky. What did this woman want to do by appearing at this moment.

The person who had suddenly appeared was naturally Queen Medusa who had been following Xiao Yan. This queen, whom he had forcefully possessed, had a pair of alluring eyes that were still filled with coldness.

"This time around, who will be here to help you?" Queen Medusa's body was suspended in the air. Her cold and indifferent voice slowly reverberated through the sky.

The unwelcomed guest who had appeared also caused Fan Lao and the others to be startled. The aura of Queen Medusa caused them to feel an uneasiness. However, a wild joy immediately filled their faces when they discovered that this mysterious strong person was against Xiao Yan. If she and Xiao Yan were to fight, they would be able to easily capture Xiao Li. At that time, Xiao Yan would naturally not dare to attack for fear of harming Xiao Li.

"Ke ke, this friend. Is your target Xiao Yan? If that is the case, we can cooperate. This fellow is extremely crafty. Just you alone might not be sufficient." Fan Lao gave Xiao Yan a sinister smile before immediately speaking with a smile to Queen Medusa in the sky.

"You don't have the qualification."

Queen Medusa glanced indifferently at Fan Lao in the sky and spoke in a manner that did not give the latter any face. This also caused Fan Lao's expression to become much uglier. Originally, he had thought that it would be the best of both worlds if they cooperated since they had similar intentions. However, it was unexpected that Medusa did not appreciate his offer.

"If you are not willing then please do as you please." Fan Lao laughed dryly as he slowly lowered his head. A viciousness and obscenity flashed across his eyes. "Damn woman. I will definitely look for an opportunity to capture you after everything is settled, and get you to beg for mercy under my body!"

"Third brother, who is she? She seems to be after you." Xiao Li's face had also become somewhat ugly at this moment. The situation was originally disadvantageous to them. It was unexpected that another mysterious woman of unknown background had suddenly appeared. Moreover, it appeared that her strength was quite great.

Xiao Yan's face sank. His gaze was like chilly ice as he stared at Queen Medusa in the sky. This gaze which did not carry the slightest emotion actually caused Medusa, who had always killed for fun, to feel an uneasy feeling. She turned her gaze aside.

However, she had just turned her gaze aside when Queen Medusa suddenly sensed it. With her haughtiness, how could she withdraw under Xiao Yan's gaze?

"Medusa, we can settle the matter between us in the future. If you intervene today, I, Xiao Yan will force you to die here even if I risk my life to do so. If you don't believe me… you can come and try!" Xiao Yan's gaze was dark and cold. His face had a slight wildness to it. He was similarly clearly aware that if Queen Medusa were to stop him at this moment, Xiao Li would end up in the hands of Fan Lao and the others. That kind of situation… was sufficient to really cause him to become crazy.

Queen Medusa's eyebrows slowly became vertical amid Xiao Yan's words which contained a chillness. No one had dared to threatened her in all her life. Yet, these words of Xiao Yan now…

A cold glint flickered in Queen Medusa's long beautiful eyes. A moment later, those eyes suddenly turned toward Xiao Yan's face which contained traces of craziness when a killing intent was rising within her heart. She was immediately startled. An unknown emotion quietly spread out from somewhere deep within her spirit, and slowly suppressed the killing intent in her heart.

Queen Medusa knit her brows slightly as she sensed the gradually reducing killing intent within her heart. An unknown frustration quietly rose within her heart.

"Xiao Yan, remember. Your life is mine! I will take it away sooner or later!"

Queen Medusa suppressed the unusual frustration within her heart. She violently swung her sleeves and let out a cold laugh. Immediately, her graceful figure quietly disappeared amid the stunned gazes of Fan Lao and the others.

Xiao Yan was also startled for a while when he saw that Queen Medusa had really did as she was told and left. This woman who was renowned for her ferocity was actually really bothered about his threat? He had originally already made plans to really go all out…

Of course, if Xiao Yan really dared to speak these words in front of Queen Medusa, she would definitely be infuriated given her usual character. However, the current Queen Medusa had already firmly possessed this body of hers and had merged her spirit with that of the 'Heaven Swallowing Python'. This kind of merger may have allowed Queen Medusa to gain the leading role but her emotions would be somewhat mixed with that of the 'Heaven Swallowing Python' to a certain extent. Queen Medusa was filled with killing intent toward Xiao Yan, but the 'Heaven Swallowing Python' was extremely attached to Xiao Yan. The mixture of these two was the cause of the current complicated emotions that Queen Medusa had for Xiao Yan.

While being filled with killing intent, she had difficulty really performing the killing move. This conflicting emotion was the source of the frustration within Queen Medusa's heart.

Nevertheless, Queen Medusa at least retreated after being shouted at by Xiao Yan. Next, he, without any burdens, would be able to calmly settle the old and new grudges with Fan Lao!

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