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Chapter 626: Gathering Helpers

Xiao Yan's expression was somewhat gloomy as he walked out from the meeting room. He lifted his head only to see that Lin Yan was standing not far away. The gloominess on his face was slowly withdrawn as he smiled toward the latter.

"It is really unexpected that you actually remained in the Inner Academy." Xiao Yan slowly walked forward and spoke with a smile.

"Didn't I say back then that I wanted to follow you to the Jia Ma Empire?" Lin Yan smiled and shrugged his shoulders. He had become much more mature compared to two years ago. Quite a lot of his original impulsiveness had also disappeared.

Xiao Yan was startled. His face immediately became gentle as he smiled. It was really unexpected that Lin Yan had actually remembered those words back then. This caused Xiao Yan to be moved on top of being surprised.

"You can rest assured that once some of the things here are settled, I will return to the Jia Ma Empire. I will definitely bring you along at that time." Xiao Yan laughed before turning his gaze over to Lin Yan's body. He smiled and said, "Looks like you have also been doing quite well during these two years. You have even broken through to become an elite Dou Wang."

"Ugh, how can I compare with an abnormal fellow like you." Lin Yan smiled bitterly, and shook his head. Even though his training talent was quite great, he had merely reached a three star Dou Wang during these three years. He definitely felt a sense of inferiority when compared with Xiao Yan. However, he was unaware that the amount of suffering that Xiao Yan had to undergo in order to swiftly rise in strength was many times more than what an ordinary person had to face.

Xiao Yan smiled, but did not continue to be entangled in this topic.

"You are planning to go to where your second brother is next, right?" Lin Yan spoke, "I am also aware about the issue with your second brother. This is because I was coincidentally sent by the First Elder to protect him back then. However, he discovered me after his strength had soared and we nearly exchanged blows."

"What is my second brother's current strength like?" Xiao Yan knit his brows slightly and felt an uneasy feeling in his heart.

"Very strong. If it is one against one, I would not be a match for him. Additionally, his Dou Qi is of the lightning affinity with extremely strong offensive strength. An ordinary elite Dou Wang is no match for him. However… I kept having the feeling that his aura is somewhat strange, but I cannot quite describe it." Lin Yan mused for a moment before speaking.

Xiao Yan nodded quietly before speaking in a soft voice, "I will make a trip to 'Pan's Gate' first to take a look at Wu Hao and the others. After which, I will hurry to the 'Black-Corner Region'."

"Ke ke, this time around, you might need to bring along some helpers." Lin Yan smiled and spoke, "According to our information, those factions that have gone to encircle your second brother this time around are all extremely strong. There are at least three people among them who are elite Dou Wangs. Moreover, there is also one Dou Huang. Although your strength is currently extremely strong, as long as the Dou Huang is able to delay you for a moment, it is likely that the other three expert Dou Wangs will be able to kill your brother within a short amount of time."

Xiao Yan was slightly startled. He mused for a moment before nodding. He would naturally not try to be brave since the matter concerned his second brother but…

"Where can I go and gather helpers? The Elders within the Inner Academy need to prepare for the big battle with the 'Black Alliance'. It is likely that they wouldn't be able to lend a hand." Xiao Yan was somewhat troubled as he replied.

"Have you forgotten about 'Pan's Gate'? Currently, Wu Hao and Hu Jia are all at the peak of the Dou Ling class and are even experts who have half a foot in the Dou Wang class. Moreover, other than the two of them, there are at least ten people within 'Pan's Gate' who are experts at the peak of the Dou Ling class. This is quite a great strength. Moreover… there's still that 'Brute-Force Queen'. Additionally, I am also free during this period of time. If we gather all this strength, it is sufficient to contend with a first tier faction within the 'Black-Corner Region'." Lin Yan laughed.

"It is really unexpected that the small 'Pan's Gate' back then is already this strong now. Looks like Wu Hao and Hu Jia have managed it very well." Xiao Yan was momentarily stunned before he let out an emotional sigh. Back then, when he was dragged underground by the 'Fallen Heart Flame', it seemed that the 'Pan's Gate' did not even have one peak Dou Ling. Now, it was actually this strong.

"It is not overboard to call this little foundation as the strongest faction within the Inner Academy. Of course, Xun Er and your influence enabled 'Pan's Gate' to have its current strength which cannot be matched by anyone." Lin Yan smiled and said, "With your reputation within 'Pan's Gate' it is likely that there would be over a hundred hot-blooded people who would charge with you into the 'Black-Corner Region' to rescue people with just a wave of your hand. Your existence is just like a god in their hearts."

Xiao Yan rubbed his head. He felt somewhat strange that he was able to possess such a reputation after having been missing from the Inner Academy for these past two years.

"That's right. Among those factions that have gone to encircle your second brother, one of them is your old enemy, the 'Blood Sect'. That so-called expert Dou Huang, Fan Lao, from back then." Lin Yan appeared to have suddenly recalled something as he spoke.

"Fan Lao?" Xiao Yan was slightly startled. A cold smile slowly surfaced on the corner of his mouth as he spoke, "It's just as well. He was lucky to have escaped back then. Let's see if he has such good fortune this time around."

"Since that's the case, lead me to 'Pan's Gate' now. This matter cannot be delayed lest some unexpected changes occur."



Pan's Gate.

Numerous gazes that were filled with a wild heat and reverence were staring intently at the smiling black-robed young man in the spacious hall. Some of the old members of 'Pan's Gate' from back then had even reached the limit of their excitement.

"Ke ke, everyone. Chief says that he need some helpers. Anyone who knows they have reached the qualifications and have the courage to follow us to roam the 'Black-Corner Region' can step forward." Wu Hao watched the black masses of human heads in the full hall as he spoke with a smile.


An orderly sound of footsteps suddenly sounded in the hall. Dozens of human figures strode forward with excited faces.

Even with Xiao Yan's mental strength, he could not resist feeling somewhat moved as he watched the human figures who had stepped out in unison without even the slightest hesitation. A gratified feeling slowly climbed out from within his heart.

"Fourteen people at the peak of the Dou Ling class. The remainder are all expert Dou Lings. How is it? Enough?" Zi Yan glanced at those people who had stepped forward before turning her head to speak to Xiao Yan.

"Yeah, it's sufficient." Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He patted Zi Yan's head and spoke with a smile, "You still have not grown up after not having seen you for two years. Ke ke, rest assured that I will help you refine a true 'Body Transformation Pill'. At that time you will be able to transform your body as you please."

The face of Zi Yan, who was originally unhappy after hearing those initial words, immediately became joyful upon hearing the remainder of Xiao Yan's words. Although the two years did not hinder the growth in her strength, this young body of hers had caused her some headaches.

"This is much better. You have been missing for two years and also caused me to eat two years of awful medicinal ingredients. Treat this as compensation." The little girl purposefully acted old as she patted Xiao Yan's arm. Those gem-like pupils were filled with a smile that was extremely cute.

Xiao Yan smiled, lifted his head and studied the human figures in the hall, who had faces filled with excitement. He smiled and said, "I, Xiao Yan, shall not say any unnecessary words. Once we settle everything and return, I will definitely drink with everyone!"

Everyone in the hall parted their mouths and smiled when they heard Xiao Yan's words. Although Xiao Yan had been missing for two years, his reputation had been brewed with time until it became increasingly mellow. It even reach the point that as long as they thought that the true leader of 'Pan's Gate' had appeared, their bodies would be filled with fighting strength.

"Let's go!"

Xiao Yan's gaze looked around the hall before suddenly waving his hand a moment later. He lead the way and strode out of the main entrance. A large unit followed closely behind him with fanatical expressions.

It was natural that quite a big commotion was created when such a large group walked within the Inner Academy. Quite a number of people cried out in surprise when they saw the black-robed young man leading the huge group. Clearly, they had already recognized the identity of the latter.

Xiao Yan ignored the varying gazes from around him. He and his group rushed to the exit of the academy. After passing through the dense forest, they could see that the hidden spacial door had already been opened. Low griffin roars sounded repeatedly from the outside.

"There are already over ten griffins waiting outside. They will fly all of you to your destination." Lin Yan's figure suddenly flashed and appeared, while Xiao Yan was feeling somewhat surprised. The former smiled and spoke to everyone, "These were all prepared for us by the First Elder."

Xiao Yan was startled. It seemed that Su Qian was also clearly aware about him gathering helpers. Originally, one was not allowed to use the people from the Inner Academy to settle a personal matter according to the rules. However, seeing Su Qian's meaning, it was obvious that he not only did not oppose them, but had instead given them help.

"Ke ke, Xiao Yan will definitely thank First Elder for his good intentions when I return." Xiao Yan cupped his hands toward the position of the Inner Academy before immediately waving his hand. He softly cried out, "Let's go!"

The large group rushed out in a lightning-like manner the moment his voice sounded. Finally, they disappeared outside of the large silver-colored door.

After Xiao Yan and the others disappeared, the large silver-colored door fluctuated a little before slowly becoming faint and eventually disappearing.


Su Qian had his hands behind him in a building deep within the Inner Academy. His gaze was looking at the exit of the Inner Academy. He softly spoke a moment later, "They have already left."

"First Elder, you allowed Xiao Yan to bring the students from the Inner Academy to the 'Black-Corner Region'. Isn't it a little…" An Elder spoke somewhat hesitantly behind Su Qian.

"Ke ke, relax. Given Xiao Yan's strength, there should not be any injuries or deaths. Moreover, it is beneficial to the students to allow them to experience some true fights to the death." Su Qian waved his hand and spoke with a smile.

That Elder could only nod his head while smiling bitterly upon hearing this. The 'Black-Corner Region' was filled with people who would not blink their eyes even when they killed.

"Inform all the Elders within the Inner Academy. Prepare to gather three days later. This time around, we must completely annihilate the 'Black Alliance'!" A stern, cold, glint flashed across Su Qian's old eyes as he waved his hand and spoke in a cold voice.

"Yes sir!"

That Elder was also startled when he heard this. He immediately gave a deep bow of positive acknowledgement before moving his body and quietly withdrawing from the room.

The interior of the room slowly became quiet. Su Qian's gaze flickered. A moment later, he abruptly clenched his fist tightly. His thick cold voice reverberated unceasingly in the quiet room.

"Let all grudges completely disappear this time around!"


Over ten tiny black dots faintly appeared in the vast sky. A moment later those black dots gradually became larger and eventually transformed into over ten enormous griffins which whizzed past.

On top of the leading griffin, Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and observed the distant sky. He turned his head toward Wu Hao beside him and asked, "We have already entered the area of the 'Black-Corner Region' right?"

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