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Chapter 620: The Sequelae From The Merger Of The Heavenly Flames

Jia Ma Empire, the west part of the capital.

An extremely large manor was sitting at this spot. The style of the manor was extremely similar to the position that the Primer clan held in the Jia Ma Empire.

A lady wearing a pale-purple robe was standing elegantly by the side of a quiet and clear lake deep within the manor. Although one could not see the lady's face, just this back was sufficient to daydream about her elegance.

The sapphire-like eyes of the lady were a little absent-minded as she watched the sparkling light ripples on the lake. Her beautiful melon-shaped face was enchanting and moving. That lovely body, which was wrapped by a luxurious purple robe, protruded and concave in perfect proportions, emitting a matured and juicy allture.

"Ke ke, are you thinking of that little fellow?"

A teasing old voice suddenly sounded from behind her. The lady was startled as she hurriedly turned her head around. A faint flush surfaced on her face when she saw the smiling old man walking over. She spoke in a lovely annoyed voice, "Old Hai, you are teasing Ya Fei again."

Hearing her address herself, this person was surprisingly Ya Fei who possessed quite a deep relationship with Xiao Yan back then. Turning one's gaze to the blue-robed old man, his appearance was that of the battle companion of Xiao Yan back then. Ice Emperor, Hai Bodong!

Hai Bodong smiled and walked closer. His shriveled hand patted Ya Fei's shoulders before he immediately stood with his hands behind his back. His eyes studied the middle of the lake. He was silent for a moment before sighing, "I wonder how that little fellow has been. It has almost been three years since he left the Jia Ma Empire."

Ya Fei nodded her head lightly before she smiled and said, "That fellow may appear to be harmless to both humans and animals, but he is actually extremely crafty. Old Hai need not be overly worried."

"Ke ke, I am not worried. I think that fellow will live a more exciting life than anyone else." Hai Bodong smiled. His expression immediately sank, "However, that fellow appears to hold his clan in great regard. Now, the Xiao clan has been chased by the Misty Cloud Sect in the Jia Ma Empire until they were like dogs that have lost their homes. If we had not quietly helped them, it is likely that all the Xiao clan members in the Jia Ma Empire would have completely disappeared."

"Back then, Xiao Li said that he wanted to go to the Jia Nan Academy to find Xiao Yan. I wonder if he successfully arrived. Given Xiao Yan's character, it is likely that he would immediately rush back if he knew that such a great disaster had befell the clan. Seeing the current peace, don't tell me that Xiao Li did not convey the news?" Hai Bodong muttered.

"Ugh, it is better if he doesn't return. Although he has quite a good training talent, it is really too difficult if he wants to contend with a large being like the Misty Cloud Sect… I hope that he would be able to endure longer. He is still young and has lots of time to take revenge." Ya Fei narrowed her bewitching peach blossom eyes as she laughed gently.

Ya Fei had already gained actual power over the control of the Primer clan during these years. Other than Hai Bodong who was in front of her, it was likely that there was no longer anyone in the clan who had a reputation that could exceed hers. She might have the support of Hai Bodong, but being able to muddle on to such a level despite being a lady meant that her ability was something that need not be doubted. The information network that she had developed over these years basically spread over the entire Jia Ma Empire. She was even clearly aware of every single action of the Misty Cloud Sect. How could such a woman be an ordinary person? Although she was not very well versed in terms of Dou Qi, but who said that someone without Dou Qi could not stand above others?

"You also know that he is still young and being impulsive is the special right of the young." Hai Bodong smiled before suddenly speaking, "I have heard that you have arranged for some of the members of the Xiao clan to be in the capital? This place is so close to the Misty Cloud Sect and may not be suitable."

Ya Fei's white-jade-like delicate hand randomly plucked a flower that extended out from the tree beside her. She smiled slightly and said, "The Misty Cloud Sect is searching with great intensity in the other cities. The capital is the territory where the imperial family has deep roots. Even if it is the Misty Cloud Sect, they would not dare to be overly presumptuous. Adding some of the tactics of our Primer clan, the Misty Cloud Sect would not be aware of their trace."

"Its up to you. You are much better at these matters than us Elders." Hai Bodong shook his head. His gaze immediately turned toward the eastern sky. A towering mountain peak that penetrated through the clouds was partially visible at that spot. He knit his brows tightly, "I really don't know just what exactly Yun Shan, that old man who won't die, is doing. Even if he had some grudge with Xiao Yan, he doesn't need to actually attack the Xiao Clan, right? What other use does his actions have other than angering Xiao Yan?"

Ya Fei knit her brows tightly and played with the flower in her hand. She muttered, "According to my investigation, I discovered that the Misty Cloud Sect appears to be searching for something treasured by the members of the Xiao clan…"

"What are they looking for? Don't tell me that the Xiao Yan is still in possession of something that could attract them?" Hai Bodong frowned and asked.

Ya Fei's eyes flickered. A moment later, she shook her head slightly and softly laughed, "I am also not very certain. Perhaps it is a misconception."

"Alas, the Misty Cloud Sect is now becoming stranger and stranger. It is rumored that Yun Yun has already been temporarily stripped of her position of sect leader. Currently, the Misty Cloud Sect is within the control of Yun Shan. This old man who won't die seems to be a little different from before…" Hai Bodong sighed again as he voiced his thoughts.

"There has indeed been some changes… their activity is currently becoming increasingly larger. Even the Imperial Family has become somewhat anxious. They have dispatched quite a number of spies to monitor the Misty Cloud Sect. This is completely different from the way the Misty Cloud Sect handled things in the past." Ya Fei also nodded her head. Although the Misty Cloud Sect was powerful in the past, they did not bother with ordinary things. Now, however…

"I don't know what exactly they are doing… hee hee, just wait. I want to see how much longer they can be arrogant for. I have extremely great confidence in that little fellow. The next time he steps into this empire might well be the time when the Misty Cloud Sect is turned upside down." Hai Bodong raised his head as looked at the towering mountain peak which penetrated the cloud as he laughed in a strange manner.

"Moreover, I have a premonition that this day is not far away…"

The bright-red world was still lifeless. This place was as quiet as a dead zone with the exception of the sound emitted from the flow of magma.

If one's gaze penetrated through the magma, one would find a cluster of eye-catching white-colored flame drifting slowly in its vast depths. Two naked bodies were vaguely visible within it.

The merger of the two kinds of 'Heavenly Flames' was extremely slow and took a long time. However, regardless of how slow one progressed, there would be the moment that one would ultimately reach the end. At that time, flowers would open with the warmth of spring, and one would break through their cocoon and transform into a butterfly.

Xiao Yan mind was drifting dreamily. At a certain moment, a slight unusual sound was suddenly but quietly emitted from the vortex. When this unusual sound appeared, the flow of Dou Qi within his body suddenly came to a stop!

Xiao Yan slowly recovered his consciousness. He initially observed his surroundings while being at a loss before his mind immediately moved and the situation within the vortex appeared in his sight.

His mind had just entered the vortex when a warm, dark-green glow shot over. His mind swept across it and a joy that seeped deep into his bones slowly climbed from Xiao Yan's heart…

The originally green-white flame mixture within the interior of the Dou Qi completely disappeared. Replacing it was a kind of emerald-like dark-green flame. This cluster of flame was flowing slowly. At a glance, it appeared to be a kind of emerald-colored magma. However, this magma appeared somewhat tasty, just like nectar.

"Have I succeeded…"

Xiao Yan's heart was startled as he studied the cluster of dark-green flame. It was a long while later before he finally inhaled a deep breath of air. His heart immediately emitted a silent wild roar. How much had he given up for this day? How long had he waited for it?

A sleek redness also surfaced within Xiao Yan's eyes on top of the loud roar within his heart. Moisture slowly invaded his eyes. Back then, he had been chased out of the Jia Ma Empire like a dog, that had lost its home, before undergoing a long journey to the Jia Nan Academy. Even at that moment when he had heard that his clan was destroyed, he still clenched his teeth and swallowed that humiliation within his heart. Was that endurance not because of this day?

The roar within Xiao Yan's heart slowly disappeared. His agitated emotions gradually calmed down. He controlled the cluster of dark-green flame with his mind before pouring it into that small 'Acceptance Spirit' within the vortex.

Xiao Yan only sighed in relief after the dark-green flame was completely poured into the 'Acceptance Spirit'. This second kind of flame was finally successfully refined by him!

Xiao Yan's heart was filled with a joy that was difficult to describe. However, just as he was about to withdraw from his training mode, his expression suddenly changed. He could clearly sense that the 'Acceptance Spirit,' which the dark-green flame had just been poured into, abruptly began to tremble violently.

"Just what is happening? Don't tell me it is the sequelae from the merging of the 'Heavenly Flame'? Back then, teacher had indeed mentioned that there might be some problem appearing after the merger of the 'Heavenly Flame'. Don't say…"

Xiao Yan's heart appeared to be tightly seized by a large invisible hand. He did not dare to imagine just what like of craziness he would descend into if some unexpected turn of events were to happen at this last minute… Just as his heart became extremely uncertain, the leaping of the 'Acceptance Spirit' suddenly halted. However, he could clearly sense that an unusual nefarious flame had suddenly spread out from within the 'Acceptance Spirit' before finally transmitting over to every single part of Xiao Yan's body in an instant.

This unusual nefarious flame did not have any special harm to Xiao Yan. However, it caused Xiao Yan's entire body to feel somewhat hot. This kind of situation was similar to when consuming a certain kind of potent aphrodisiac.

"Dammit… that little problem is actually this thing?"

Xiao Yan cursed softly. Dou Qi flowed wildly within his body in an attempt to suppress that nefarious flame. However, this flame was quite stubborn. The more Xiao Yan suppressed it the greater its retaliation. Hence, after only a couple of exchanges, Xiao Yan's eyes were actually completely occupied by a bright redness.

"I cannot control it any longer…"

Xiao Yan was panting like a bull as he stood up. His reasoning had finally been suppressed by his desire. Those bright red eyes swept in all directions before suddenly stopping on a naked lovely bewitching beauty not far away.

Xiao Yan's throat rolled. His face appeared to be burning as he slowly walked toward Queen Medusa who had her eyes tightly shut.

If Xiao Yan was awake, he would never dare to to perform such profanity toward that temperamental Queen Medusa even if he doubled his courage. At this moment, however, his mind was occupied by the nefarious flame and had already completely forgotten the reason for him to be afraid.

Xiao Yan took slow steps as he approached Queen Medusa. The latter appeared to have faintly sensed something. The spirit above her head had completely become calm. She suddenly opened her eyes, shooting a gaze that was filled with a dense cold killing intent toward Xiao Yan.

"Are you courting death?"

The spirit swiftly entered her body, and Queen Medusa's tightly shut eyes were instantly opened. Those bewitching long pupils were filled with killing intent as she watched the approaching Xiao Yan while she cried out sternly.

Having lost his sense of reasoning at this moment, Xiao Yan simply let Queen Medusa's cry that was filled with killing intent fill his ears without listening. His face was flushed red, and his breathing was as heavy as a bull.


Queen Medusa coldly watched Xiao Yan come increasingly closer. The next moment, a killing intent finally flashed passed her eyes. With a wave of her delicate hand, an energy agglomerated and formed a red-colored dress on the surface of her body. After which a seven-colored pillar shot out from her finger and heavily smashed into Xiao Yan's chest. In the end, however, it merely caused his body to become sluggish for a moment.

"Dammit…" Queen Medusa was initially stunned as she watched the attack which had suddenly become much weaker. She immediately came to an understanding. Due to her spirit having just completed the merger, she was unable to unleash even half of her previous strength. Hence, the current Queen Medusa was at her weakest moment!


A low and deep roar was erupted from Xiao Yan's throat. Those bright-red eyes carried a flame of desire as they stared at Queen Medusa's lovely body, which was enough to cause any man to go crazy. He waved his hand and a circle of dark-green flame flashed, firmly tying Queen Medusa's hands.

At this moment, Xiao Yan no longer had any intention of treating this lady nicely. He even completely ignored how Queen Medusa's jade-like wrists were being burned by the dark-green flame until a red circle was formed.

Xiao Yan stood in front of Queen Medusa. His expression was flush red as he looked down at the queen who had never gave him a nice look, from above.

"Xiao Yan, if you dare to do that thing to me, this Queen will definitely tear your body into ten thousand pieces once my strength recovers!"

Even at this moment, the arrogant Queen Medusa did not show the slightest softness. Her silver teeth were clenched while her tone was dense and cold.

The current Xiao Yan naturally paid no heed to such a threat by Queen Medusa. His throat once again emitted a low, deep, wild roar. Immediately, the bright redness within his eyes grew wilder. With a leap, his body became just like a savage, violent tiger that pressed Queen Medusa's lovely body under him. His hand danced around wildly as the clear sound of a dress being torn appeared in this magma world.

An intimate act was being quietly performed within the blood-colored magma. Unfortunately, no one had the luck to witness it…

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