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Chapter 617: Turning the Tables, Capturing the Fallen Heart Flame

The 'Fallen Heart Flame' immediately appeared to have been angered as it emitted a sharp ear-piercing hiss after it seemed to have sensed the killing intent that slowly seeped out from Xiao Yan's body. That drifting faint green glow had become much denser.

Xiao Yan stretched his body lazily and raised his head toward the green glow. He laughed, "What? Aren't you satisfied after burning me for so long?"

The faint green glow became increasingly intense. When the furious hissing appeared once again, a circular light that appeared to be made of jade suddenly surfaced on the surface of the 'Fallen Heart Flame'. The jade light flowed slowly, seemingly in possession of a spirit. Not long after the jade light appeared, clusters of invisible flame suddenly surged out from the walls of fire around him before finally wrapping around Xiao Yan from all directions.

Moreover, the 'Fallen Heart Flame' had once again summoned fierce and intense heart flames within Xiao Yan's body aside from the vigorous exterior attack. From the looks of the situation, it clearly wanted to completely finish off this stubborn Xiao Yan through attacks from both within and outside.

"These tactics again…"

Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head as he watched the invisible flame that came swarming over. With a flick of his finger, a green-colored flame that was many times more powerful than before suddenly surged out from his body, and blocked all the invisible flames, keeping them away. Xiao Yan was about to direct Dou Qi to wrap around the heart flame within his body, which possessed the greatest destructive strength, when he was stunned to discover that a strange fluorescence had suddenly erupted from his body the moment the heart flame spread. Upon being lit up by the fluorescence, the heart flame, which contained a frighteningly high temperature, appeared to have met its nemesis as it shrunk swiftly back. Within a short few blinks of an eye, it shrank until it completely disappeared under this fluorescent light…

"This is?" Xiao Yan cried out in surprise and bewilderment. He looked at that strange fluorescent light within his body and felt somewhat at a loss. Where had this thing come from? Even the ''Fallen Heart Flame' was afraid of it?

After that long deep slumber, Xiao Yan was naturally unaware of all the things that had happened within his body. That strange liquid that was mixed from the green lotus, the countless number of medicinal ingredients and medicinal pills, not only managed to heal and strengthen Xiao Yan's terribly damaged body during the fight with the heart flame, but its resistance toward the heart flame had also become increasingly greater with the flow of time. In the end, the back and forth fight within the body had basically became a one-sided victory. With the gradual ineffectiveness of the heart flame, that strange medicinal liquid had slowly penetrated every corner of Xiao Yan's body. The fluorescent light was something that it emitted when it met with an old foe.

The resistance this fluorescent light possessed against the heart flame of the 'Fallen Heart Flame' was something that was obtained during the long, gradual grilling. One could bluntly say that as long as Xiao Yan's body possessed the protection of this fluorescent light, the burning effect of the heart flame from the 'Fallen Heart Flame' would be greatly reduced.

This was Xiao Yan's greatest support when engaging in a counterattack with the 'Fallen Heart Flame'!

The flame around Xiao Yan's body burned intensely, unleashing a frightening temperature. The naked, young man within revealed a warm smile. It was difficult to imagine that he had once suffered a fate worse than death while being grilled by this kind of flame before he had awakened…

Xiao Yan finally released the heavy weight within his heart as he sensed the heart flame becoming gradually weaker after being exposed to this strange fluorescent light. Although he was uncertain about what kind of strange things had happened while he was in his deep slumber, he understood one thing — the 'Fallen Heart Flame' was something that was no longer frightening to him…

"The river flows thirty years east and thirty years west. Next, let us change position…" Xiao Yan raised his head and parted his mouth to smile toward the faint light glow. Awe seeped out from those white teeth.


The sharp hissing sound carried a fury as it sounded. Those two faint green lights suddenly soared, and a large cluster of invisible-whitish flames suddenly surfaced. Following the appearance of this cluster of flame, the bright red magma outside suddenly began to boil. Countless numbers of effervescence churned unceasingly before they quickly exploded apart, emitting a faint wave of fire poison and heat.

"Stubborn fellow…"

Xiao Yan laughed coldly when he saw this intense retaliation by the 'Fallen Heart Flame'. With the movement of a hand seal, the green-colored flame which was lingering around his body suddenly shrank swiftly into it. With the retreat of the green fire, the invisible flame which was surrounding it on the outside came pouncing over like ravenous wolves. Just as they were about to make contact with Xiao Yan's body, a wave of strange fluorescent light was slowly emitted from Xiao Yan's body.

The moment the invisible flame came into contact with the fluorescent light, it acted like a mouse which had just seen a cat or like snow meeting boiling oil. It swiftly fled back. Even the whitish flame which the 'Fallen Heart Flame' had just summoned, also had ripples forming on the surface. Clearly, that wave of fluorescent light was something that they were extremely afraid of.

The strange fluorescent light had relied on its own special compatibility in its long fight with the 'Fallen Heart Flame' before gradually transforming into a true nemesis of the latter.

Xiao Yan's eyes blinked gently as he watched the invisible flame swiftly withdraw. Those dark-black eyes actually had a wisp of strange fluorescent light.

The world that appeared in front of him immediately changed drastically as his eyes were filled with the fluorescent light…

Although the world was still bright red, the 'Fallen Heart Flame' around him had slowly turned transparent. Through this transparent body, a cluster of somewhat whitish palm-sized flame snakes flashed about repeatedly. The eyes of the small snake were filled with an invisible flame. As its pupils rotated, it gave itself an extremely smart appearance. Clearly, this small snake possessed some intelligence.

The small snake also appeared to have discovered Xiao Yan while the latter was watching it. A fierce glow immediately rose in the snake's eyes. Waves of frighteningly invisible flame slowly rose from its body.

"Is this where the essence of the 'Fallen Heart Flame' is located…"

Xiao Yan's eyes blinked slowly as he let out a soft laugh. Although the large cluster of flame around him appeared to be the 'Fallen Heart Flame', he must find the core position if he wanted to break through. That little fire snake was where this core was located.

As long as Xiao Yan captured it, he will have truly captured the 'Fallen Heart Flame'!

Xiao Yan slowly extended his long hand. He lifted the corner of his mouth. An intense green flame wrapped firmly around it. The dense fluorescent light appeared after the wrapping of the flame, covering the green fire with another layer.

Xiao Yan's hand was in the shape of a claw as it curled slightly. He smiled toward the spot where the little fire snake was hidden.

Seeing Xiao Yan's smile, the little fire snake, that could not be seen with the naked eye, felt an ominous feeling. It swung its tail, and its tiny body shuttled in all directions in a lightning-like manner, attempting to use this to hide from Xiao Yan's gaze.

Regardless of how it shuttled around, it was ultimately within the region of the surrounding flame. It could only control the surrounding flame to leave with it if it truly wanted to flee. If that was the case, however, the intention of swallowing and refining the 'Heavenly Flame' within Xiao Yan's body would go down the drain. This was something impossible for it to do.

Although the 'Fallen Heart Flame' possessed an intelligence, it would still need a long evolution in order to achieve the kind of open-minded thinking that a human had.

"You want to escape?"

Every single action of the small fire snake was clearly visible through the eyes that were filled with a fluorescent light. Xiao Yan smiled, and shook his head. His body remained quiet while a faint silver-colored glow carrying the weak rolling sound of thunder appeared under his feet.


Xiao Yan's body was quiet for a moment before it suddenly trembled. A substance-like afterimage remained on the spot while his figure appeared in front of the flame wall in a ghost-like manner. His fist that was wrapped by the green flame and the fluorescent light was violently extended, and it drilled into the wall. Immediately he clenched his fist, swiftly flashed and withdrew!


Xiao Yan's body was as fast as a ghost. In merely the blink of an eye, it had already rushed back to his original spot and completely merged with the afterimage that had yet to completely disappear. However, this time around, there was a small fire snake which was wildly struggling within his right hand that was wrapped by the fluorescent light. Sharp hissing sounds resounded repeatedly.

The surrounding fire wall had also become much more illusory after the small fire snake had been captured. However, it did not break apart because of this.

Xiao Yan's eyes carried a wild heat as he stared intently at the small, cream-white fire snake in his hand. A mad joyful expression involuntarily formed on his face. It was really unexpected that not only had he not lost his life in a situation where death was imminent, but he had also accidently advanced to become a Dou Wang. Now, he had even managed to easily capture the 'Fallen Heart Flame'!

It is said that one sought wealth in a dangerous situation. These words were indeed true!

Although Xiao Yan's hand was isolated by both the green flame and the fluorescent light, the temperature that was emitted from the body of the 'Fallen Heart Flame' still caused Xiao Yan's hand to feel a slight searing pain. This caused Xiao Yan to rejoice somewhat. If he lacked either of the strange fluorescent light and the 'Fallen Heart Flame', it was likely that he would be helpless against this 'Fallen Heart Flame'. After all, a flame that had accumulated from an unknown number of years was really too frightening.

However, Xiao Yan had successfully captured it. Next, were the most important steps, refinement and swallowing…

Xiao Yan's gaze stared intently at the wildly struggling little fire snake within the fluorescent light. Awe gradually surfaced in his eyes. He lowered his head to look at the dark-black ring on his finger as he muttered softly, "Teacher… protect this student to successfully refine it… success and failure will be determined by this!"

Xiao Yan must settle this 'Fallen Heart Flame' if he wanted to escape from this vast magma!

Xiao Yan did not hesitate after his voice sounded. His body sat down, and he crossed his legs while being suspended. The green-colored flame in his hand suddenly soared. Under the wild and violent incineration by the green flame, the small fire snake slowly sank. Finally, it followed Xiao Yan's hand and swarmed into his body.

Xiao Yan's body instantly stiffened after the entry of the 'Fallen Heart Flame'!

The true great battle was finally about to begin. If Xiao Yan was able to refine and swallow this second 'Heavenly Flame', it was likely that his strength would once again soar. That mysterious 'Flame Mantra' would truly enter a matured stage!

The benefits that Xiao Yan would gain from enduring this would be incomparable!

If Xiao Yan failed to endure it, he might well be completely turned to dust from the remnant waves emitted from the collision of the two kinds of 'Heavenly Flame'. At that time, regardless of whether another miracle would appear, it was likely that he would not saved!

Chapter 618: Erode, Refine, Merge!

The 'Fallen Heart Flame' immediately unleashed a frightening temperature the moment it entered Xiao Yan's body. Under this high temperature, Xiao Yan gradually became boiling hot, resulting in a searing pain despite having the protection of the strange fluorescent light and his 'Heavenly Flame'. This essence of the 'Fallen Heart Flame' may not be large, but it took shape only after accumulating for a countless number of years. Therefore, its temperature was extraordinary.

Despite the searing pain once again appearing within his body, it was not to an extent where it was impossible to endure after Xiao Yan had experienced the intense pain which was worse than death the last time. He forcefully stabilized his mind. Surging green flames flowed out from his body and immediately formed a dragnet shape before surrounding the 'Fallen Heart Flame', which was causing destruction within Xiao Yan's body.

At this moment, the 'Fallen Heart Flame' clearly still possessed its own awareness despite having been absorbed into Xiao Yan's body. Hence, it was crafty as it wiggled in all directions after being surrounded by Xiao Yan. The frightening high temperature no longer caused Xiao Yan to feel pain to the point where he no longer wanted to live. However, it was unavoidable that it would cause a frustration to form in a person's heart if this was prolonged.

The capturing continued for nearly ten minutes before Xiao Yan finally ceased this pointless action. Dragging things out in this manner was useless…

"I don't believe that I cannot capture you…"

Xiao Yan's mind slowly became quiet. Threads of dense fluorescent light suddenly seeped out from all over his body before spreading to every single corner of it.

Being shined upon by the fluorescent light, the 'Fallen Heart Flame,' which was moving in a strange manner, finally became slightly slow. Xiao Yan grabbed this opportunity and used the 'Green Lotus Core Flame' to wrap around it.

The 'Fallen Heart Flame' did not give up despite being surrounding by the green flame. Instead, it began to struggle intensely, like an imprisoned beast. It repeatedly emitted a frightening temperature. Under that increasingly intense temperature, Xiao Yan's originally calm face slowly revealed some pain.

Xiao Yan forcefully endured the searing pain. His mind moved, and the green flame whistled within his body. Finally, it swiftly moved and formed a bright green fireball. The interior of the fireball was the 'Fallen Heart Flame' which was struggling with all its strength in an attempt to escape.

Xiao Yan's mind passed through the flame and carried a sternness as he watched the 'Fallen Heart Flame' within it. His mind turned and the flame rolled. Immediately, waves of green flame came spreading out before finally becoming like numerous tunnels that were inserted into the palm-sized cream-white 'Fallen Heart Flame'.

Following the pouring in of the green flame, that cluster of 'Fallen Heart Flame' began to feel threatened. It immediately rolled intensely. However, due to the various interceptions from the 'Green Lotus Core Flame', it was difficult for it to escape this dragnet-like lock no matter how it leaped and struggled.

At this moment the 'Fallen Heart Flame' already possessed its own will. Hence, Xiao Yan needed to remove its will if he wanted to swallow and refine it. Otherwise, swallowing it forcefully would only incur the resistance between the two kinds of 'Heavenly Flame'. If they were to erupt at that time, the one who would be the most unlucky would be him. This action of Xiao Yan was controlling the 'Green Lotus Core Flame' to completely removing the will of the other flame!

The 'Fallen Heart Flame' was also clear about Xiao Yan's intentions. Hence, it went all out in an attempt to resist it. However, at this moment, it had already become a fish on the chopping board. It was all up to Xiao Yan whether to kill it or cut it up…

Everything in this world was basically a cycle with ups and downs. Earlier, the 'Fallen Heart Flame' could have refined Xiao Yan, but had failed due to various reasons. At this moment, it had become Xiao Yan's turn to call the shots. With his tactic, it was only natural that he did not give it up!

The retaliation of the 'Fallen Heart Flame' was not of much use. Following the 'Green Lotus Core Flame' being poured in unceasingly, the resistance of the 'Fallen Heart Flame' was gradually reduced. However, this had at the very least transmitted a message to Xiao Yan. The will of the 'Fallen Heart Flame' had already begun to be eroded by the 'Green Lotus Core Flame'…

Xiao Yan could suddenly hear a faint sound from the 'Fallen Heart Flame' during the erosion. Although he was uncertain what the specific wording of this sound was, the taste of begging for mercy was extremely clear.

"Begging for mercy…"

The corner of Xiao Yan's mouth was lifted in a dense and cold manner. He laughed coldly, "Back then, why did I not see you showing mercy to us when you were refining teacher and me? If not for my good luck, it is likely that I would have been swallowed by you…"

Xiao Yan's mind moved after the voice sounded. The speed at which the green flames were delivered became increasingly swift and ferocious. Xiao Yan was expressionless, and was not the least bit swayed by the 'Fallen Heart Flame's' attempt to beg for mercy.

The erosion proceeded extremely slowly. However, Xiao Yan was not in a hurry. No matter how one put it, a 'Heavenly Flame' was something that possessed the greatest destructive strength in nature. The time needed for it to agglomerate its own will was a frightening number of years. Attempting to remove this will might not need such a long period of time, but one would be daydreaming if one thought they could achieve it in a short period of time.

Time gradually flowed by under this dull erosion. Xiao Yan also appeared to be like an old monk meditating, unaffected by anything in the outside world. He gathered his mind and placed all his attention on that cluster of cream-white flame.

Such slow corrosion proceeded for an unknown period of time. Perhaps it was a month, perhaps it was longer. The concept of time had became extremely vague in this place…

The green fire was being cycled without knowing fatigue within the green fireball. That cluster of cream-white flame had also transformed to its current silent and peaceful state compared to its intense struggle and resistance of the past. This clearly indicated that the will of the 'Fallen Heart Flame' was gradually disappearing…


A slight cracking sound suddenly appeared within the quiet body. Following the appearance of this sound, Xiao Yan's quiet mind also leaped violently. He turned toward the 'Fallen Heart Flame' wrapped by the layers of green flame. At this moment the 'Fallen Heart Flame' was suspended within it. The cream-white cluster was warm and peaceful.

The thread of will within the 'Fallen Heart Flame,' which had been originally filled with offensive and destructive properties, had finally disappeared after prolonged corrosion by Xiao Yan. The current 'Fallen Heart Flame' appeared as though it had just been born, and did not possess the slightest offensive properties.

"Have we finally succeeded?"

Xiao Yan's mind awoke from the dormant-like state following the disappearance of the 'Fallen Heart Flame' consciousness. Although he did not exactly count the time, he could faintly feel that the erosion this time around had likely taken quite a bit of time.

"No matter how much time was consumed, it is far better than being trapped here forever…" Xiao Yan comforted himself within his heart. His mind moved, and the green fireball that had wrapped around the 'Fallen Heart Flame' swiftly disappeared. That 'Fallen Heart Flame' was also suspended quietly. Its temperature was lowered such that Xiao Yan no longer felt a searing pain.

"Next, it should be the refinement…"

Xiao Yan smiled as he watched the cluster of 'Fallen Heart Flame'. His mind controlled the cluster of 'Fallen Heart Flame', and slowly moved it into his veins. After which, he began to move it along the route of the 'Flame Mantra' and quietly circulated it…

The refinement of the 'Fallen Heart Flame' without its consciousness was much easier than Xiao Yan had expected. Perhaps this was due to his body having been burned by the damn flame for such a long period of time, resulting in a tacit understanding that had faintly formed between the two. In any case, the refinement of the 'Fallen Heart Flame' this time around was smoother than when Xiao Yan had first refined the 'Green Lotus Core Flame'.

Of course, despite the process being smooth, there was a similarity with the erosion of the will of the 'Fallen Heart Flame'. That similarity was that it was still slow… slow to the point that it gave one the feeling of being about to collapse.

Fortunately, no matter how frighteningly slow the process was, it would at the very least, ultimately reach its destination.

Xiao Yan once again woke up from his dormant state the moment the 'Fallen Heart Flame' was successfully refined. His mind was watching the 'Fallen Heart Flame' flowing within his Qi Paths. A joy slowly climbed from deep within his heart before eventually causing a happy smile to appear on the young man's face.

Xiao Yan was in no hurry to control its merger with the 'Green Lotus Core Flame' after having refined the 'Fallen Heart Flame'. He clearly understood that this step was the most important one in the practice of the 'Flame Mantra,' and also the most dangerous step.

Xiao Yan slowly opened his eyes and observed the whitish flame which was wrapped around him. He let out a soft laugh. Currently, the flame which originally had a great offensive strength against him had already become like his arm. Commanding it was extremely easy with no feeling of sluggishness.

Xiao Yan's gaze turned toward the bewitching beauty within the flame. The latter was still in a state where spirits were being merged. However, from looking at the increasingly substance-like spirit above her head, it was clear that she had already entered the final stage. Perhaps in only a short time, this Queen Medusa will have complete control over that body. At that time, she would truly make a complete transformation and turn into an extremely powerful person of the Dou Zong class!

Xiao Yan's eyes carelessly swept over Queen Medusa's lovely, naked body before quickly shifting it away. This woman was entirely filled with a kind of unusual allure toward men. Even without moving, as was currently the case, she still caused a nefarious flame to leap within one's heart.

Xiao Yan finally controlled his mind after being quiet for a period of time. His expression was solemn as he extended his heart deep into his body, and began to attempt this last extremely critical step.

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