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Chapter 610: Large Scale Angry Buddha Lotus Flame

The green-white lotus flame appeared to be cast of stone. It was crystal clear and extremely beautiful. However, under this beautiful exterior hid a strength that caused even an expert of Su Qian’s class to feel a great fear for it!

The green-white lotus flame was suspended at a spot around half an inch above his palm, rotating slowly. The latter watched this beautiful fire lotus that was as perfect as artistic work, and the redness on his face quietly became much paler.

The large scale Angry Buddha Lotus Flame was Xiao Yan’s final trump card. This trump card was something that he would never use unless it was a life or death situation. This time around the killing intent within Xiao Yan’s heart when faced with this ‘Senior,’ who had once caused Yao Lao an immense amount of damage, was not any weaker than the killing intent the latter felt toward Xiao Yan. The usually calm and kind Yao Lao would become extremely solemn, dark and chilly each time he heard this name. Xiao Yan could even guess just how agitated the hidden Yao Lao’s heart was when Xiao Yan had faced off against Han Feng earlier. Given Yao Lao’s calm character, he was actually unable to restrain himself and had loaned Xiao Yan all his strength despite risking his own exposure. Xiao Yan understood the meaning behind it very well.

Yao Lao wanted Xiao Yan to use all of his strength to kill this person who had once murdered his teacher!

Xiao Yan was able to reach this step after all these years mainly because of Yao Lao’s protection. If he had not been present, it was likely that Xiao Yan would not know which corner he would have perished in. The latter had indeed put in all his effect in order to get Xiao Yan to become strong. This old man who had once had his heart seriously injured truly regarded Xiao Yan as his disciple.

The effort that Yao Lao had given Xiao Yan also caused the former to possess an extremely high position in the latter’s heart. It was said that a teacher was like a father. There was nothing unsuitable in using this to describe the relationship between Xiao Yan and Yao Lao.

Since this was the case, if Yao Lao needed Xiao Yan to go all out to kill this person who murdered his teacher, Xiao Yan would naturally do his best to achieve Yao Lao’s desire!

The expression of Han Feng also became extremely solemn as the green-white fire lotus slowly rotated. He could similarly vaguely sense just how frightening the energy contained in the fire lotus was.

Perspiration faintly appeared on Xiao Yan’s forehead. Han Feng did not expect that this fellow, who could barely fight on par with him, despite having borrowed Yao Lao’s strength was actually hiding such a terrifying trump card. A merger of two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flame’. That destructive strength…

As an alchemist, Han Feng clearly aware that the strength of the flames would multiply after two kinds of flames merged. However, a fire was not only wild, violent and untamed in nature, but each also had their own characteristics. The chances of merger were extremely low. If one were to forcefully merge them, it was likely that he would be the first to be killed by the backlash. He had once experimented with it on a whim back then. However, how would the merger of flame be an easy thing? Even given that character of his, he could not help but give up after failing many times. It was the case for an ordinary flame, much less that of a ‘Heavenly Flame’, an extremely dangerous object that would explode upon contact. The merger of two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flame’ was likely something that anyone who had any sense of reasoning would not choose to try.

However, the Xiao Yan back then had somewhat lost his sense of reasoning when he forcefully merged the two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flame’. After which, he had even managed to find a unique equilibrium with extremely great luck. It was due to this that he had created the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’, something that could be called terrifying.

“This lunatic!”

Han Feng quietly cursed. He had just increased his defense when the black-robed, young man opposite of him moved. This caused Han Feng to hurriedly throw his focus over.

The green fire wings on Xiao Yan’s back flapped slowly. Although he could clearly feel a faint exhausted feeling within his body the moment the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ was formed, he was currently no longer the little novice who was just a Dou Shi back then. After nearly a year of training, his control over the flame had become increasingly practiced. Back then, when he used the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ for the first time, he had ended up unconscious for half a month and had even caused Yao Lao’s spirit to become exhausted, falling into a long and deep slumber. The second time he used it at the Misty Cloud Sect may have been better than the first time, but it also caused him to become as weak as a dying old man. However, this time around there may be still an exhausted feeling in his body but he was at least able to maintain quite a strong fighting strength.

The three time he used it at three completely different times was evidence of Xiao Yan’s swift growth. Perhaps, in the near future, he would be able to unleash a true ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ by simply raising his hand. At that time, the name ‘Xiao Yan’ would likely resound throughout the entire continent!

Xiao Yan slowly raised his hand and parted his mouth to smile at the solemn faced Han Feng in the distance, revealing his white teeth. “Senior, today, allow this junior to clean up the sect.”

Han Feng’s eyes became cold. The hand that enormous fire trident slowly tightened as his voice spoke in a hoarse manner, “Little brat really knows how to brag. What kind of scene have I, Han Feng, not seen after so many years?”

Xiao Yan smiled. A dense coldness drew past his dark-black eyes. With a flick of his finger, the green-white fire lotus, which had been suspended in his hand, immediately emitted a ‘chi’ sound as it shot out. The entire sky appeared to have become like the surface of a lake where a stone was cast, as it vibrated intensely.

“Brat, go and die with that old one who will not die!”

“Sea Fire Halberd!”

Han Feng let out a stern cry as he watched the green-white fire lotus that came shooting over. His palm pushed forward with great force. Immediately, that enormous fire trident shot out explosively across the sky. It eventually turned into a dragon-like glowing flame as it collided with the green-white lotus flame!

Two glows rushed through the sky. The momentum of that green-white flame was not very special, and did not have many points which attracted one’s attention. On the other hand, that fire trident had a shocking aura, leaving behind a trace of vacuum wherever it passed. A fire tail that was a couple of dozen feet long appeared to be like a comet that drew past the sky, carrying a frightening force that cracked the ground.

“All Inner Academy Elders, Move Aside!”

Su Qian’s expression changed the instant the green-white fire lotus was shot out. With one palm, he shook the pale faced Gold Silver Brothers continuously back. Subsequently, he turned around and cried out toward the chaotic battleground which was not far from Xiao Yan and Han Feng.

The Elders retained some doubts after suddenly hearing Su Qian’s loud cry, but they still immediately moved their bodies. They abandoned their opponents and flashed toward the ground in a lightning-like manner.

The experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ were startled as they saw the fleeing action of the Elders from the Inner Academy. They did not have time to make inquires when that fire lotus and the enormous trident collided like meteorites not far above their heads!

The instant the collision occurred, the free energy of the entire area descended into a dull state in an instant. The clear sky had also become slightly dark.


The dull state lasted for merely an instant before the two frightening energies violently erupted in the sky. The entire space had become extremely distorted at this moment, much like it was a tower that was twisted by two great force. Deep folds could clearly be seen.

With the collision of the energy, a storm that contained the energy from the three ‘Heavenly Flames’ spread out from the center at a swift pace. The speed of this flame storm was extremely quick. In the blink of an eye, it descended onto the heads of the somewhat clueless experts of the ‘Black-Corner Region’ in the sky.


Some of those strong people at the spot where the storm swept over could only flee in a miserable state as the flame burned. However, those who were weaker had fresh blood splattering out from them the moment of contact. Their clothes instantly turned into powder. If they had not went all out to use their Dou Qi to protect their bodies, it was likely that their bodies would have turned into powder within the fire storm.

All the experts in the sky where the fire storm swept over fled in a miserable state. Black smoke floated from their buttocks, much like a flying bird whose back had been lit with a flame. All the experts from the Inner Academy who had run away quickly were completely stunned when they saw the members from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ had suddenly suffered such a great loss. That firestorm was merely an energy ripple formed from the collision. It was really unexpected that that was already sufficient to turn those experts into such a miserable state. It was difficult to imagine just how frightening it would be at the point where the energy collided.

“Is this Xiao Yan’s true strength? How frightening…”

Quite a number of Elders who usually had some relationship with Xiao Yan began muttering at this moment. It was really unexpected that this fellow who usually revealed nothing would actually be this frightening the moment he erupted.

The firestorm swept willfully around. However, amid all the chaos, no one discovered the cluster of Essence ‘Fallen Heart Flame,’ that remained still in the air, was completely swallowing the ‘Heavenly Flame’ that was sweeping over without leaving any trace, much like a living being. As it swallowed this remnant of ‘Heavenly Flame’, its originally invisible body quietly became substance-like…

The space where the fire lotus and the fire trident collided in the sky had already become extremely distorted. Three kinds of ‘Heavenly Flame’ had collided at this spot. Even Xiao Yan and Han Feng could not clearly see the exact situation of the spot where the collision occurred.

“The trident’s energy is becoming increasingly weaker. The enormous energy that the fire lotus has unleashed should also have reached its limit, right?” Han Feng’s face was similarly completely pale at this moment. The so-called ‘Sea Fire Halberd’ also exhausted him quite badly.

Xiao Yan in the distance slowly lifted the corner of his mouth into an arc that was filled with a coldness while Han Feng was muttering to himself. “You want to block my ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ with this? Isn’t that thinking just a little too simple…”

Following the voice, the distorted space where the energy collided appeared to have become a high tension rope that was suddenly released. It once again recovered its original shape. However, a green-white glow shot out from within it in a lightning-like manner as the space recovered. With a couple of flashes, it appeared in front of Han Feng under the latter’s shocked gaze.


Xiao Yan’s seal quietly changed as his indifferent voice was slowly spat out from his mouth.

His voice had just sounded when the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame,’ which had shrunk greatly after the collision with the ‘Sea Fire Halberd,’ expanded and shrank again. Finally, it appeared like a bomb as it suddenly exploded under Han Feng shocked gaze!

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