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Chapter 608: Clash

Han Feng’s expression immediately changed drastically when the thunder sounded. Only at this moment did he recall that the allure of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ had caused him to forget about a great enemy who was looking on covetously from not too far away!

Xiao Yan’s figure appeared behind Han Feng in a ghost-like manner just as the latter’s expression changed. His five fingers were tightly clenched, and the green-colored flame repeatedly withered over his fist. Finally, it carried a hot wind and violently smashed into Han Feng’s back.

Han Feng had the intention of dodging as he sensed the sharp ear-piercing wind that contained a killing intent behind him. His intention was to dodge it, but due to his body suppressing the heart flame, the speed of his body and his reaction speed were all greatly weakened. Hence, he appeared to be only able to quietly wait for the arrival of the attack after his futile attempt to dodge it.

The sharp wind grew increasingly close and it pressed Han Feng’s robes tightly onto his back. However, when Xiao Yan thought that the former would sit still, a ruthlessness suddenly flashed across Han Feng’s face. His shoulder suddenly shook violently and a wave of deep blue flames immediately surged out from his shoulders.

Xiao Yan felt slightly surprised at Han Feng being able to divide his attention to defend at such a moment. However, this did not cause him to hesitate even a little. The force on his fist increased instead of weakening. Immediately, it carried a wild and violent wind as it penetrated through the dark-blue flame and heavily smashed into the former’s… shoulder.

The moment Xiao Yan struck Han Feng, the dark-blue flame that was spread on the latter’s back appeared to have been dragged by something as it suddenly shrank. It immediately became like a heavy hammer that heavily smashed into Xiao Yan’s chest.


The wild and ferocious force erupted at the point of contact. Two figures, which were wounded, shot back. They flew for over ten meters in the sky before slowly coming to a stop.

Xiao Yan extended his hand to pat his somewhat tattered clothes in front of his chest. His expression did not change much. The earlier attack may have appeared fierce, but it was merely a last minute counterattack by Han Feng. All it did was to merely cause his chest to feel oppressed.

Compared to Xiao Yan, Han Feng, who was firmly struck by Xiao Yan’s sneak attack, had a somewhat ugly expression. Although he eventually dodged Xiao Yan’s fatal blow at the very last minute, the ferocious wind that was contained on the other’s fist still caused half his arm to feel somewhat numb.

The human figures in the sky that were wrapped in green-colored flames and blue-colored flames faced each other from a distance. Each of their eyes carried quite an unfriendly killing intent.

Han Feng’s gaze glanced at the chaotic battle that had erupted in the air. He frowned slightly. At this moment, he was pressed for time and could not be delayed by this fellow for too long. Otherwise, when an expert from the Jia Nan Academy was to free their hands, it was likely that the difficulty of him obtaining the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ would increase greatly.

Han Feng raised his head as he mused. He narrowed his eyes and stared at the black-robed, young man who was smiling coldly in the distance. With a sudden smile, he cupped his hands toward the latter and laughed, “Ke ke, this little brother. I think that you are also an alchemist, no?”

Xiao Yan ignored this action of Han Feng who he was watching with cold eyes. He quietly maneuvered his Dou Qi and prepared to unleash an attack at any second.

“Since little brother is also an alchemist, I think that you should also know that only one kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’ can exist within a person’s body. If the body were to contain a second ‘Heavenly Flame’, the ‘Heavenly Flames’ would reject each other and there would be a risk of one’s body exploding.” Han Feng smiled as he explained, “Hence, this ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ does not have much use to little brother now. If you are willing to give me a favor, I will be willing to use a tier 6 medicinal pill to exchange for it. What do you say?”

The cold smile on the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth expended upon hearing Han Feng’s words. He gently flapped the green fire wings on his back as he coldly mocked, “Since you are also aware that an alchemist cannot have two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flame’ existing in his body at any one time, why don’t you give this opportunity to me?”

Han Feng’s expression changed a little. From the tone that Xiao Yan had used, Han Feng’s heart became clearly aware that the chances of persuading Xiao Yan to step back were basically insignificant. The smile on his face was slowly withdrawn as he raised his arm. His gaze watched the dark-blue flame that was flashing playfully on it as he spoke indifferently, “In that case, I will… also take your ‘Heavenly Flame’!”

As the last word sounded, the dark-blue flame that was wrapped around Han Feng suddenly exploded. A figure that moved in a ghost-like manner leaped toward Xiao Yan like lightning. The sound of the wind and killing intent spread all over the sky.

“I am coincidentally interested in your ‘Heavenly Flame’. It is difficult to say for certain who will end up taking the other’s flame!” Xiao Yan, who had been placing his attention on Han Feng’s body, sensed something the moment the latter’s body flashed. He let out a cold smile as rolling thunder sounded from under his feet. His body had similar disappeared suddenly. The next time it reappeared, it was surprisingly intersecting with that ghost-like figure!

“What a wild and arrogant little brat. You were still drinking milk at some unknown place when I became renowned in the continent!” Han Feng coldly smiled when he saw that Xiao Yan actually showed no signs of dodging. The dark-blue flame surged out from his body and swiftly agglomerated on both his palms. They appeared just like heavy waves that came layer upon layer. If one were to look carefully, it was surprisingly just like an actual sea wave that filled one’s heart with shock.

“I want to see whether your ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ is stronger or this ‘Sea Heart Flame’ of mine is better!”

With a sharp cry, Han Feng pushed both his hands forward. The deep blue flame that swiftly agglomerated on his palm immediately erupted in a loud wave-like sound as it rumbled and swept toward Xiao Yan!

Han Feng had unleashed a lethal attack as his first move. It appeared that he was no longer concerned about retaining his strength in order to save time.

“Be careful. This ‘Heavenly Flame’ condenses into a shape. The formed shape of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ has an extremely frightening strength!” Yao Lao solemn cry suddenly sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart, causing the expression of the latter to change slightly.

Xiao Yan’s expression was serious as he watched the dark-blue flame that came sweeping over from all directions. Being engulfed by the fire wave, he even felt a feeling as though he was present in a large ocean. He inhaled a deep breath of hot air and all the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ within his body that could be maneuvered surged out from Xiao Yan’s body!

The ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ that agglomerated above Xiao Yan’s head also became increasingly emerald-like in color as the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ surged out unceasingly. In the blink of an eye, the flame began to wiggle in a strange manner. A moment later, a green-colored lotus that was completely formed from the gathering of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ suddenly surfaced.

This green-colored fire lotus was like a transparent emerald. Threads of green-colored lava-like strands were flowing unceasingly within it, appearing extremely beautiful.

“Condensing into form… is not something that you alone know!”

The green-colored lotus rotated slowly. Xiao Yan suddenly widened his eyes and watched the surprise in Han Feng’s eyes not far away. He let out a cold laugh as he pushed his palm. That green-colored lotus appeared in front of his palm as though it had teleported. Immediately, it carried an incomparable force as it heavily collided with Han Feng’s overlapping waves.


The entire space became silent the moment the two came into contact. Immediately, a furious thunder-like explosion suddenly reverberated across the sky!

Green and blue fire waves adulterated with one another as they swept out in all directions. Even the clouds high in the sky were shattered by the fire waves wherever they passed, forming white spots that came shattering down from the sky.

The frightening energy ripples that suddenly erupted in the sky also caused the chaotic battleground to be slightly quiet. Quite a number of people quietly sucked their tongues as they sensed the terrifying energy that was contained in the fire waves. Was this the destructive strength when ‘Heavenly Flames’ collided? It did indeed cause people to feel a chill…

Two human figures which were shaken by the ferocious strength until they were forced back dozens of meters slowly appeared in everyone’s eyes only after the fire waves had gradually subsided. The moment they saw the two miserable figures, the expressions on everyone’s faces immediately changed a little.

Xiao Yan was panting hard. The sleeves on his arms had been completely shattered. A large charred black scar was on his hand. Even his face was also mixed with a faint paleness.

Although Xiao Yan appeared miserable, Han Feng in the distance was similarly not any better. His robe was in tatters, his hair unkempt and his breathing was ragged. However, he did not pay even the slightest attention to his miserable body at this moment. His eyes were filled with shock and disbelief as they watched Xiao Yan on the opposite side. That manner was as though he had seen a ghost.

Xiao Yan’s gaze watched that comical manner of Han Feng and could not help but part his mouth to laugh. His white teeth caused the latter to feel a chill all over his body, “Have you discovered it?”

Han Feng’s finger trembled as it pointed at Xiao Yan. He panted heavily for quite a while before his sharp hoarse voice sounded through the sky, “You… you… what is the Qi Method… that you practice? Speak! Tell me! Otherwise I will kill you!”

The chaotic battle in the sky had stopped because of the ferocious and intense collision between Xiao Yan and Han Feng. Hence, all of them faced each other when they saw the somewhat crazy Han Feng, not knowing what they should do.

Xiao Yan merely smiled when he saw the somewhat crazy Han Feng. His smile may be brilliant, but that coldness caused one to feel a chill in one’s heart, “Aren’t you already clearly aware of it?”

These words from Xiao Yan were somewhat ridiculous in the ears of some people, but it caused Han Feng’s eyes to shrink to the size of a pinhole after it entered his ears. That uneasiness that had been hidden within his heart slowly spread throughout his body. After that ferocious collision from earlier, he could clearly sense that the Qi Method which the other party practiced was shockingly very similar to his own! If he was to carefully sensed it, Han Feng even realized that the Qi Method which Xiao Yan practiced was purer and more orthodox than his.

Flame Mantra!

Back then, he did not hesitate to secretly murder his own teacher in order to obtain this Flame Mantra. However, he did not accomplish his aim. In the end, all he did was merely obtain an incomplete Qi Method. However, it was this incomplete Qi Method that allowed Han Feng to subdue the ‘Sea Heart Flame’ and allowed him to possess his current status and strength!

However, the instant he collided with Xiao Yan earlier, he could clearly sense that the other party’s Qi Method was even more orthodox compared to his!

There was only one kind of Qi Method that was even more orthodox and purer than an incomplete Flame Mantra.

That was a complete Flame Mantra!

Only at this moment did a wild killing intent for Xiao Yan surface from all directions within Han Feng’s heart!

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