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Chapter 607

Chapter 607: True Body

The invisible fire python had suddenly become illusionary in the sky under a countless number of shocked gazes. While its body became thinner and illusionary, a cluster of invisible and unusual flame glow, whose existence could be clearly felt by people, grew increasingly bright at a certain spot under the huge mouth of the fire python.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief after seeing the large body of the invisible fire serpent becoming increasingly illusionary. He wiped off the perspiration that was like a stream on his face. Only after his mind quietly became relaxed did he feel the searing pain that filled his entire body. After being in such close proximity with the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ earlier, he still ended suffering quite a bit despite being isolated by the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’.

“There will be a period of time in which the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ will be in a weakened state after revealing its form. This period of time would be the golden opportunity for you to snatch it. Originally, I had wanted others to force it to this state, but it is really unexpected that you need rely upon yourself in the end.” Yao Lao’s laughter sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart.

Xiao Yan nodded his head slightly. He focused all his attention on watching the increasingly illusionary invisible fire python. Silver-colored glows once again flashed and appeared underneath his feet.

“There is quite a significant difficulty in snatching the ‘Heavenly Flame’. If it cannot be helped, unleash the strength that you borrowed from me to the maximum. That will allow your strength to be on par with Han Feng in a head on collision… although this may expose my existence, you must definitely get your hands on the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’.” Yao Lao was quiet for a moment before he suddenly voiced his thoughts.

Xiao Yan hesitated a little when he heard this before slowly nodding his head. He clenched his fist tightly as he softly spoke in his heart, “Relax, teacher. You have protected this disciple for so many years. In the future… it should be this disciple’s turn…”

“Ke ke.”

The old spirit that was hidden within Xiao Yan’s body laughed softly. A faint warmth caused the spirit to emit a weak glow. He was blind once. However, the Heavens did not treat him poorly. They did not allow him to experience the same harm once again. The kind of heart felt pain that came from being betrayed by one’s kin penetrated deep into his bones.


The sharp hissing sound once again venerated throughout the sky. Suddenly the invisible flame that had spread through the sky vanished, appearing as though it had never existed.

The high temperature in the sky also gradually fell following the disappearance of the flame that spread throughout the sky. However, no one paid much attention to this. At this moment, their gazes were all paused on the spot in the sky where the invisible fire python had disappeared. At that spot… a cluster of strange ‘Heavenly Flame’ that was around five feet in size was slowly rising.

This cluster of flame appeared to be invisible. However, no matter who it was that looked at it, they would feel a substance-like unique sense. The flame appeared to have something that was slowly flowing in it, much like a spirit.

Although this was merely a cluster of flame from its outer appearance, it gave people an extremely unusual feeling. This cluster of flame seemed to possess a human-like intelligence and spirit.

The entire sky was silent. Everyone had a surprised face as they watched the cluster of invisible flame. Was this cluster of flame the true body of the ‘Heavenly Flame’?

“Xiao Yan, do it!”

Yao Lao’s low cry sud

denly sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart while everyone was momentarily absent-minded.

Yao Lao voice had just sounded when the wings behind Xiao Yan’s back were flapped. Finally, his body turned into a flowing light that shot toward the cluster of invisible flame.

The moment Xiao Yan’s body moved, a wild joy also erupted onto Han Feng’s face below. The dark-blue flame in both of his hands swiftly rolled like a tidal wave. With his knowledge of the ‘Heavenly Flame’, he naturally clearly understood that after having just revealed its true body, the ‘Heavenly Flame’ would be at its weakest. When would he act if he did not act now?

“Stop Han Feng!”

Su Qian, who had been paying great attention to Han Feng and the experts of the ‘Black-Corner Region’ had a sunken expression when he saw Han Feng’s actions. He waved his sleeves and cried out sternly.

During the time that Han Feng and Xiao Yan were entangled with the ‘Heavenly Flame’ earlier, all the Elders within the Inner Academy had taken the opportunity to recuperate the Dou Qi in their bodies. Hence, numerous human figures instantly rushed to the sky when they heard Su Qian’s loud cry. Dou Qi wings leaped out and they formed a large human wall at the spot where Han Feng was.

“Gold Silver Brothers, friends from the ‘Black-Corner Region’, lend me a hand! Han Feng will thank you properly after we succeed!” Han Feng’s expression also changed a little when he saw the numerous interceptions. He immediately turned to the various experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ and cried out loudly.

“Hee hee, you only need to concern yourself with snatching the ‘Heavenly Flame’. We will help you stop these people!” The Gold Silver Brothers let out a strange ‘tsk tsk’ laugh. With a wave of their hands, the large group of human figures behind them rushed out like a sharp blade that pierced directly toward the hindering web of Elders from the Jia Nan Academy, twisting it until it was in tatters.

The chaotic great battle in the sky once again erupted as the large troops from both parties once again gathered.

Su Qian’s expression was dark and solemn as he watched the defensive web that was broken. He was just about to act when two human figures flashed and appeared. One was gold and the other was silver. Clearly, they were the strongest Gold Silver Brothers from the ‘Black-Corner Region’s’ side.

“Hee hee, Elder Su. Isn’t it just a cluster of flame? Why do you need to go all out like this…” The gold-robed brother smiled as he spoke to Su Qian while the silver-robed brother laughed strangely and agreed by the side.

Su Qian’s gaze was filled with fury as he watched the two people appear next to him. A moment later, the fury on his face suddenly became calm. Both of his palms were extended out from his sleeves as his tone became dark and cold due to its indifference, “Looks like the Jia Nan Academy has been too nice to the ‘Black-Corner Region’ during these few years, resulting in all of you climbing onto our heads now. Alright… quite a lot of time has passed since the great battle back then. Looks like we need something that will shock and awe. In that case… I will start with the two of you.”

The surrounding space suddenly began to ripple after Su Qian’s words sounded. A majestic aura slowly surged out from the interior of the former’s body. That aura was enormous to the point that no one present could match it.

The expression of the Gold Silver Brothers also changed a little as they sensed Su Qian’s frightening aura that was basically raised to the limit. They crossed their hands and their two auras agglomerated together. Only then did they manage to endure against Su Qian. Although they were known to be able to fight with an expert Dou Zong when they joined hands, the party which would be at a disadvantage when they met with a more troublesome elite Dou Zong. After all, the gap between a Dou Huang and a Dou Zong was really too huge…

The entire sky began to vibrate because of these two majestic Dou Qis. While this was happening, Xiao Yan was the first to arrive at the cluster where the true body of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ due to the absence of anyone stopping him.

Although this cluster that was the true body of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ did not move in the sky, the frightening temperature that it emitted still caused the surrounding space to be repeatedly distorted. Even Xiao Yan, who was close to it, had no choice but to use the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ and swiftly form a thick green fire armor around his body.

With the help of the isolation by the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’, Xiao Yan managed to successfully approach the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’. His gaze passed through the flame armor and eyed the invisible flame that was within close proximity, appearing as though he could obtain it just by extending his hand. Even with Xiao Yan’s mental strength, he could not help but feel his breathing becoming hurried at this moment.

The green-colored flame surged swiftly on Xiao Yan’s hand. Finally, it agglomerated into a large fire arm. Xiao yan had just controlled it to grab the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ when the face that was hidden under the armor suddenly turned a flushed red. His entire body instantly stiffened.

A cluster of hot Heart Flame had strangely surfaced within Xiao Yan’s body at the spot where his heart was. It immediately unleashed a recklessly high temperature that was filled with destructive strength. Its intention was as though it wanted to completely incinerate everything within Xiao Yan’s body.

The appearance of this Heart Flame seemed to be stronger than any other prior experiences that Xiao Yan had experienced. However, the Heart Flame did not help to refine his Dou Qi this time around. Instead, it was filled with a kind of destructive strength that Xiao Yan had never experienced before…

“Dammit…” A voice that contained hot air seeped out from the gap between Xiao Yan’s teeth. The ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ within Xiao Yan’s body surged swiftly. Immediately, it firmly wrapped around the cluster of ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ before the latter’s high temperature was completely unleashed!

“Be careful. This ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ specializes in summoning Heart Flames. Such a flame is very hard to prevent. If one is careless, one would be completely incinerated from inside out.” Yao Lao reminded solemnly.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His body did not dare to make the slightest movement. This was because he had sensed that the closer he was to the cluster of ‘Fallen Heart Flame’, the hotter and more terrifying the Heart Flame that appeared in his heart was…


During the time that Xiao Yan was at a stalemate with the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’, a ferocious wind suddenly shot over from behind. Xiao Yan’s heart was cold. He could not be bothered about the standoff with the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’. A silver glow flashed under his feet and his body suddenly disappeared. It was already over a dozen meters away from the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ when it reappeared.

The heart flame that was writhing within Xiao Yan’s heart gradually weakened after having withdrawn by a distance. He turned his head in a dark and cold manner only to coincidentally see Han Feng who had already broken through the circle blocking him. Clearly, the attack earlier was unleashed by him.

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed as he watched Han Feng who had charged up and rushed to where the true body of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ was. The green flame in his palm writhed as wisps of dense cold killing intent flashed across his eyes. This fellow was in such a rush to charge over but he had no idea that the closer he was to the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’, the more dangerous it was. At that time, it would be the best opportunity to take action to kill him!


A wild joy involuntarily surfaced on Han Feng’s face as he looked at the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ in such close proximity. At this moment, he no longer had any mood to be bothered about Xiao Yan whom he had forced to withdraw. As long as he grabbed the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’, it was possible for him to swiftly leave this place, hide himself and refine it. Once his refinement succeeded, forget about Su Qian, even that old headmaster of the Inner Academy would not be able to do anything to him should he return!

“The ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ is mine!”

Han Feng’s body flashed and charged into a radius of five meters from the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’. The wild joy in his eyes had yet to completely disappear when his body suddenly stiffened just like Xiao Yan’s did earlier!


The moment Han Feng’s body stiffened, Xiao Yan’s body disappeared from the distance in a lightning-like manner. Only the faint sound of rolling thunder resounded across the sky.

The expression of the stiffened Han Feng also changed the instant that the rolling thunder sounded!

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