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Chapter 602: Extermination

The sound of rushing wind, that was brought about by the human figures flashing about, sounded repeatedly in the blue sky. The energy explosions were like that of firecrackers sounding again and again. Powerful energy ripples were something that one could still vaguely sense despite being over fifty meters away.

Most of the Inner Academy was currently destroyed by the remnant waves that had spread out from the fight. This caused some of the Inner Academy students to have little choice but to move to an even further place to avoid the remnant ripples.

While they withdrew, numerous gazes focused intently on the great chaotic battle in the sky. Most of the gazes carried a wild heat and excitement as they paused on a certain battleground. At this place, a young figure had erupted recklessly. His opponent, an expert Dou huang who had quite the reputation within the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ had fallen into a disadvantage, and appeared extremely miserable.

“Looks like Xiao Yan is about to win.” Liu Qing’s gaze was shining as he watched those two vague human figures from the top of a building. The shock in his voice was not the least bit concealed.

A beautiful figure stood prettily behind Liu Qing. Looking at that pretty face, it was surprisingly Liu Qing’s younger cousin sister, Liu Fei. At this moment, this beauty, who had borne a great grudge toward Xiao Yan, no longer showed the hateful look in her eyes as they watched the figure in the sky. Her delicate hand covered her red lips while her pretty eyes reflected a strange flicker. That lovely face of hers was covered with a complicated expression. She had never expected that the person whom she had once looked down upon would be currently displaying a frightening strength that even Liu Qing was shocked at. Such strength had already exceeded the boundary of a student. Even some of the Elders within the Inner Academy could not reach such heights.

If it was said that Liu Fei felt an additional fear toward Xiao Yan after the latter’s fight with Liu Qing ended up in a draw where both were seriously injured. The strength that Xiao Yan was currently displaying had completely caused this haughty and unreasonable girl to become a little kitten which did not have even the slightest courage to fight back in front of him.

This kind of strength had already reached the point where she no longer had the courage to fight or offend! This was because her current greatest support, Liu Qing, also had no ability to resist under this kind of strength.

Therefore, the instant that Xiao Yan suppressed the Dou Huang class Fan Lao until the latter ended up in a disadvantage, the grudge that was in Liu Fei’s heart automatically disappeared completely. Although she was rude and unreasonable, she was no fool. She knew just who she could offend and who she could not…


A noise suddenly sounded from around her just as this thought lingered in her heart. She hurriedly raised her head and her pretty eyes was thrown toward the battleground where all the students of the Inner Academy were focusing on. Even though they were far apart, she was still able to sense an extremely powerful wind suddenly surfacing.

“Octane Blast!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly became stern as he once again came close to Fan Lao’s body in the sky. The hand which was about to slam onto the latter’s shoulders suddenly tightened. His elbow protruded forward in a strange manner and his body charged forward. A wave of powerful wind agglomerated instantly at his elbow. Finally, it carried the deep exploding sound of air along with a cold cry as it violently smashed on the chest of the pale-faced Fan Lao.


The deep muffled sound from the clashing of physical bodies sounded in the sky. Everyone could vaguely see the layer of blood film that had been lingering on Fan Lao’s body broken apart completely as Xiao Yan’s elbow landed firmly on the former’s chest!

The wild and violent attack from Xiao Yan earlier had caused signs of superficial Dou Qi to appear within Fan Lao’s body. The blood film which was the only one used to protect his life was shattered by the former. Hence, the powerful force that came toward him completely erupted on his chest in an unbridled fashion.


With the blood film being shattered, Fan Lao, who had lost his greatest defense, finally began to show signs of defeat. The force spurted out wildly and a sleek redness immediately surged on Fan Lao’s pale face. A mouthful of fresh blood was involuntarily spat out. His body plummeted down from the sky like a cannonball. Finally, it landed heavily into some debris, causing rock fragments to shoot and spread out in all directions.

Fan Lao’s defeat caused the entire place to be silent. The defeat of an expert Dou Huang was quite a great loss for the side from the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Moreover, the moment that Fan Lao was defeated, there was no longer anyone who was able to keep Xiao Yan in check. If Xiao Yan was allowed to participate in the great chaotic battle, the stalemate would definitely be immediately broken. Finally, the ‘Black-Corner Region’ which had originally occupied the upper hand might well have the situation turned around by the Jia Nan Academy!

This point was something that not only the experts who were fighting understood, but the countless number of students from the Inner Academy below were also clearly aware about it. Hence, the instant that Fan Lao spat out blood and fell to the ground, wild, joyful, loud cheers combined with each other before rushing to the clouds. This cheer did not disappear for a long time!

The pair of green fire wings flapped slowly in the sky. Xiao Yan’s gaze was focused intently at the spot where Fan Lao had landed. He only let out a relieved sigh after sensing the weak aura. He was able to temporarily contend with an expert Dou Huang by borrowing Yao Lao’s strength. Although it would definitely not have consumed so much time to defeat Fan Lao if he had displayed Yao Lao’s strength recklessly; Xiao Yan clearly understood that there was a similar fear of Yao Lao’s identity being exposed. After all, there were so many experts in this place. If he were careless and allowed someone to see something, it would not be good news for Xiao Yan, whose current strength was insufficient to protect Yao Lao.

However, even though Xiao Yan was unable to unleash the complete extent of Yao Lao’s strength, it was not too difficult for him to rely on the strength of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ and the restraint it imposed on Fan Lao to defeat the latter.

“I cannot leave this old dog’s life. Otherwise, there will be no end of trouble in the future.” A viciousness suddenly flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes. He clearly understood just how troublesome it would be to form a blood feud with an elite Dou Huang. Hence, he would naturally not give up this chance to completely crush his weakened enemy.

This thought had just flashed in his heart when Xiao Yan’s body moved swiftly. One could see his wings flapping before his body transformed into a cluster of green flame. Immediately, it became like a meteorite falling to the ground as it smashed into the spot where Fan Lao had landed earlier in front of paa countless number of stunned gazes.

“Old dog, go and die!”

A cry that was filled with stern killing intent resounded across the sky. The green flame flashed and reached its destination in a lightning-like manner. It smashed into the debris with a ‘bang’. A forceful ripple immediately spread out and turned some of the surrounding rock fragments into powder. Numerous crack lines that were as thick as his arm began spreading out like a spiderweb.


A sharp cry quickly sounded as the green flame came smashing down. A bloody glow immediately shot out from the spot where the green flame spread. The bloody glow was dark and was completely different from the powerful majestic previous self.

The speed of the blood glow was extremely frightening. With a flash, it appeared in the sky a couple of hundred meters from the ground. Only then did the figure within it slowly appear. It was surprisingly Fan Lao whose body was covered in blood. However, the latter’s appearance was extremely miserable at this instance. Not only was his body covered in fresh blood but his entire body was much more frail. That manner was as though he was a dried corpse whose blood had been completely drained by someone…

“What great speed…” The green flame flashed on the ground and Xiao Yan once again rushed into the air. His gaze was dark and cold as he watched the distant pale-faced Fan Lao who appeared to be on his last gasp of air. From the looks of the other party’s appearance, Xiao Yan clearly understood that this old fellow had instantly vaporized the liquid blood within his body and unleashed a speed that even Xiao Yan could not hope to match. It was only this reason that he avoided inevitable death.

“Xiao Yan! You are actually thinking of exterminating me when I am down?” Fan Lao maintained a great distance from Xiao Yan as he cried out in a stern hoarse voice.

“Sect Leader Fan, isn’t it too laughable for you, a person from the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ to say these words? Isn’t such a thing only too common to people like you?” Xiao Yan laughed coldly as he ridiculed. His gaze firmly locked onto Fan Lao as the Dou Qi in his body churned and became ready to once again unleash a killing move.

Fan Lao’s expression was green and white. A moment later, he suddenly laughed and said, “Actually, this matter is but a misunderstanding…”

“Ke ke, I also share the same thought…” Xiao Yan fondled his chin as he thought deeply for an instant after hearing Fan Lao’s words. He actually nodded his head. However, just as Fan Lao was momentarily stunned by his reaction, a faint rolling thunder suddenly sounded. Xiao Yan’s figure abruptly disappeared!


Fan Lao’s eyes shrank the moment the sound of thunder appeared. He clenched his teeth violently and his fist smashed on his chest. A mouthful of blood was spat out violently and his body once again turned into a blood glow that disappeared from his original spot the instant it did so.

Xiao Yan’s body surfaced in a strange manner the instant that Fan Lao’s disappeared. A fist was violently punched out and struck the afterimage that remained, shattering it until nothing was left.

Xiao Yan frowned slightly. He raised his head and his gaze swept across the place. Finally, it stopped in the sky a couple of hundred meters away. Fan Lao, whose face was nearly transparent, once again flashed and appeared at that spot.

“Another afterimage huh… I want to see just how much fresh blood you can use.” The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth was lifted into a dense, cold arc. He was just about to go after Fan Lao with the intention of finishing him off when the clear sound of an energy barrier shattering suddenly reverberated through the sky.

That sound may not have been very loud, but it possessed a kind of magical strength, causing all the battlegrounds in the sky to temporarily pause. Numerous gazes suddenly shifted down. Finally, they paused at the top of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’, whose roof had already been broken. Everyone’s face immediately changed drastically!

“This is bad… that bastard is actually going to break the seal again…” Su Qian’s expression immediately change the moment the voice sounded. His gaze suddenly turned toward the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’, and his voice contained a shock that could not be hidden.

“Is this the ‘Heavenly Flame’ of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’? It is really unexpected that it has already gathered and form an intelligence…” Han Feng’s gaze also followed the voice and was thrown to the top of the tower. His eyes were filled with a fiery heat as his body was so excited that it began to tremble at this moment.

That black-colored energy film at the top of the tower had already broken apart at an unknown time. A pair of enormous snake eyes that contained a flame slowly surfaced from within the darkness. Finally, it swept over the body of every single person in the sky, causing them to feel a chill all over their bodies.

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