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Chapter 589

Chapter 589: Breaching the Seal!

The colorful energy barrier was like a cover with a beautiful hue, sealing the deep hole in an extremely firm manner. The moment the energy barrier took shape, the surrounding space immediately began to form waves of ripples. Clearly, the energy contained within this energy barrier, which appeared to have been carelessly agglomerated, was extremely powerful.

This kind of extremely powerful energy barrier was a seal that the Inner Academy had already set up a long time ago. Any Elder was able to activate it during a critical moment. Its purpose was to guard against the sudden eruption of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’.

Although the energy barrier was powerful, its body appeared to be like the surface of a lake where a giant rock had been thrown in. A wave of extremely great heat approached in the blink of an eye. Waves of extremely rapid fluctuation were stirring.


The enormous blood-red magma suddenly erupted out from the endless underground before carrying a strength that could move mountains and flip seas as it violently struck at that colorful energy barrier. Immediately, a muffled sound reverberated over the entire bottom level of the tower. The instant that the sound rang out, numerous tiny crack lines suddenly began to snake across the energy barrier under Su Qian’s changed expression. Finally, it burst apart under a clear sound!

After accumulating over a long period of time, the degree of intensity of the eruption of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ this time around was wilder and fiercer than any previous time. Hence, the energy barrier which had an extremely powerful defensive strength only endured for a moment under the initial collision of the two of them before it completely broke apart.

As the saying goes, the first drum boosts courage, the second lowers morale, and the third exhausts courage. The ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ had prepared well this time around. The wild, violent energy that it had displayed was something that caused even Su Qian to harbor fear in his heart.

Following the energy cover bursting apart, a blood-colored magma pillar that was dozens of meters long immediately erupted from that deep hole like the eruption of a volcano!

Just before the blood-colored magma pillar erupted, the wild, violent circular pillar energy barrier once again surfaced by the edge of the deep hole, blocking the magma that was intent on spitting in all directions.

“Hah! Seal!”

Although there was some change in Su Qian’s expression when the first seal was broken in the blink of an eye, he did not appear to be overly alarmed. The seals in his hands were repeatedly formed, and a low cry was once again emitted from his mouth.

As the cry sounded, a wave of energy fluctuation instantly rose at the exit hole located on the ceiling that was dozens of meters above. Immediately, another powerful multicolored energy barrier was instantly formed.


Xiao Yan and the others had just woken up from the refinement of their bodies by the ‘Heart Flame’ at the eighth level of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ when they heard Su Qian’s rolling thunder-like cry that reverberated by their ears. They were immediately startled. A moment later, the eyes of Xiao Yan, who appeared to have understood something, immediately revealed an excited expression. He knew that it was likely that only the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ would cause Su Qian to be this solemn…

The two Elders who had been taking care of Xiao Yan and the others also heard Su Qian’s cry. Their expressions immediately changed drastically. They exchanged looks with one another and saw shock in each other’s eyes.

“All of you should leave the tower quickly. Do not stay here!” The gray-robed

Elder from earlier turned his head around and spoke to Lin Yan and the others who had expressions indicating they were at a loss.

Lin Yan and the others looked at one another but did not delay any longer. The current situation clearly indicated that there was an extremely great problem that had occurred within the tower.

The few of them stood up. After which, they hurriedly turned around and swiftly walked toward the route that they took to arrive.

Xiao Yan mused for a moment before looking at that deep hole in the middle without leaving a trace. With the help of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’, he was able to clearly sense an extremely hot temperature that was being agglomerated underneath from that deep hole. Moreover, an energy ripple that was shockingly wild and violent was also rising swiftly.

“Xiao Yan, hurry and leave this place!” An Elder once again pressed Xiao Yan when the former saw the latter lagging behind.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He did not say anything as he pulled the curious Zi Yan by his side and swiftly caught up with Lin Xiuya and the others. After which, the group entered the tunnel through which they arrived under the gaze of the two Elders.

Only after seeing Xiao Yan and the others leave did these two Elders sigh in relief. They exchanged gazes with one another before they bodies flashed hurriedly. Finally, they swiftly disappeared from the empty interior of the tower.

Xiao Yan’s group hurriedly walked forward in the dimly lit tunnel. Perhaps it was because they did not have Su Qian leading the way just like when they came, but the atmosphere was much livelier than when they came.

“Hey, Xiao Yan, do you know what has happened in the tower?” Lin Yan’s expression was filled with mystery as he moved to Xiao Yan’s side and asked with a laugh.

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. He immediately smiled and shook his head.

Lin Yan was somewhat proud when he saw Xiao Yan shake his head. He was just about to reveal some secret when Zi Yan by the side curled her lips with disdain. Her tender voice reverberated in the tunnel, “Isn’t it merely the uprising of the flame underneath the tower. It is not as though this is the first time that such a thing has happened during these past few years.”

Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he heard these words of Zi Yan. She actually knew about the flame sealed underneath the tower?

Lin Yan smiled in an embarrassed manner. Immediately, he frowned at Xiao Yan, “However, it seems to be a little different this time around. Although the tower would have some energy eruptions in previous years, I have never seen the First Elder sound this solemn.”

“The energy in the tower has indeed become a lot more violent. I was unable to clearly sense it in the past. However, after the ‘Heart Flame’ refined my body, this kind of feeling is becoming increasingly clear.” Lin Xiuya at the front suddenly turned his head around and spoke with knit brows.

Lin Xiuya’s words stimulated some echos by others. They had indeed felt that their senses to natural energy had become sharper after their bodies had been refined by the ‘Heart Flame’. Clearly, this should be some of the benefits of one’s body being refined by the ‘Heart Flame’.

“Forget about it. It is not up to us to intervene in this manner. Everything should be fine with the strength of the First Elder and the other Elders.” Xiao Yan laughed softly as he spoke.

If it was Xiao Yan’s old strength and status, these most outstanding people within the Inner Academy would definitely not be too bothered with what he said. However, things were different now. It was likely that no one among those present would neglect any word he spoke. Hence, everyone smiled and nodded when they heard his words, and did not get entangled further on this topic. They increased the pace of their footsteps and quickly headed to the top of the tower.

After over ten minutes of hurrying, Xiao Yan’s group finally walked out of the meandering dim tunnel, and climbed into the spacious area on the first level of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’.

As his footstep climbed the final flight of stairs, Xiao Yan’s gaze instantly turned to that enormous deep hole at the middle. However, his gaze had just drifted over when his expression changed a little. This was because he discovered that the originally dark-black interior of the deep hole now had a kind of faint blood-red color emerging from within it. Moreover, there was an enormous pillar shaped energy barrier at the edge of the deep hole, appearing just like a water curtain as it firmly wrapped around the deep hole.

Xiao Yan’s gaze followed the circular pillar shaped energy barrier and moved up. He discovered that this energy barrier was actually connected directly to the dark-black tip of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower…

Xiao Yan’s mind recalled the energy barrier that he had seen in the level below. He suddenly came to a sudden understanding. These holes were facing each other from a distance and the surrounding energy barrier was an axis that connected all of these deep holes together. With the protection of these energy barriers, even if the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ erupted, it could only follow the energy barrier and charge to the peak of the tower and would not cause much damage to the interior of the tower. If it was to charge to the top of the tower… Xiao Yan recalled the first time he had seen the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ where he had sensed that the exterior of the dark-black tower had a layer with an extremely powerful seal. It was likely that the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ would exhaust quite a great amount of energy in order to break through that seal layer.

The energy barrier that had appeared in the spacious center of the tower had similarly attracted the attention of Lin Xiuya and the others. Their expressions were immediately a little stunned. They exchanged glances with one another, each feeling somewhat doubtful.

“*Cough*. Forget it, let’s leave. This should be taken care of by the Inner Academy’s Elders. Let’s not be meddlesome. The result would not be too good should any accident occur.” Lin Xiuya eyed the blooming red light from the deep hole, and felt a faint uneasiness in his heart. Hence, he quickly hastened everyone.

The other few people also shared the same feeling upon hearing him press them on. After their bodies were refined by the ‘Heart Flame’, they appeared to have a kind of extremely faint sense for some dangerous things.

Although Xiao Yan was a little unwilling when he heard that everyone wanted to leave, he could not show any actions that were too independent and special. He immediately nodded his head. However, just as everyone had pressed against the edge and walked for a few dozens steps, a liquid surged. A loud crashing sound like that of a falling waterfall suddenly sounded.

The expressions of Xiao Yan and the others were startled under this strange loud sound. Their gazes immediately followed the sound and moved before finally facing that deep hole that contained a blood-red glow.

“What is happening?” A person quietly swallowed a mouthful of saliva and spoke carefully. Under this kind of environment, such a strange crashing sound was able to cause one’s heart to become afraid.

Xiao Yan’s gaze stared intently at the entrance of that deep hole. He was able to clearly sense an extremely majestic, wild, violent energy was swiftly approaching.

Zi Yan by the side appeared to have also sensed the terror of that wild and violent energy. Her small faced changed slightly, and her little hand tightly grabbed onto Xiao Yan’s sleeves.


Just as everyone was feeling extremely nervous, a layer of colorful energy barrier seemed to have suddenly appeared at the entrance of the hole. However, the energy barrier had just appeared when a blood-red heat surged up in a lightning-like manner. Finally, the heat was accompanied by a furious roar as it collided with a bang to the barrier!

The extremely firm colorful energy barrier was merely able to endure for less than one minute under the increasingly frightening wild and violent energy before it burst apart!

As the energy barrier burst apart, a blood-colored magma pillar that was dozens of meters large immediately came surging out explosively in all directions from under the deep hole. Finally, it moved along the surrounding energy barrier and violently collided against the top of the tower under the shocked gazes of Xiao Yan and the others.

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