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Chapter 588: Fallen Heart Flame, Erupt!

At the lowest level of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’, there was a scene that was completely different from the top levels. The hot temperature that was rising within the enormous space even caused one’s vision to become hazy. When one gently inhaled a breath into one’s body, one immediately felt like one was inhaling a breath of flames.

A fiery-red light had seeped out from an unknown source and lit up the entire space until it became quite bright. The middle area of this space also had an extremely spacious deep hole. The entrance of this deep hole was bigger than any of the upper levels. Its interior was also not black in color, but filled with a kind of dark-pale-redness like that of coagulated blood.

An energy barrier that was visible to the naked eye formed a circular pillar and firmly locked the place just outside of the deep hole. The surface of the energy barrier was filled with somewhat mysterious varying lines. They were like snakes passing by, leaving behind various winding dents. Additionally, the energy barrier at this spot was extremely wild and violent. Threads of powerful energy ripples spread out repeatedly. There was even an extremely deep explosive sound.

Su Qian sat cross-legged not far from the energy barrier. His eyes appeared to be partially closed. Borrowing his enormous Dou Qi, his will had wrapped around the entire lowest level of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’. Any slight ripple would not be able to escape his senses.

The faint sound of liquid flowing suddenly sounded in the quiet bottom level. That sound was like lake water churning. However, just this slight sound caused Su Qian’s solemn expression to change drastically. His eyes were abruptly opened and two eyes that were like sharp glows directly shot toward the deep hole in the middle. The sound was being emitted from there.

Su Qian stood up in a lightning-like manner. His body moved, and the next time that he appeared, he was already by the edge of the deep hole. His eyes were aglow like that of lightning, as his gaze shot toward the interior of the deep hole. However, the flowing liquid sound that had suddenly sounded earlier appeared to have completely disappeared a moment later.

Su Qian frowned slightly. He hesitated for a moment before both his hands slowly touched that layer of extremely wild, violent energy barrier in front of him.

The wild, violent energy that was sufficient to easily convulse any elite Dou Wang until he was injured appeared to have become a pet that had seen its owner in Su Qian’s hand and swiftly quieted down. As the former’s hands slowly parted, that circular energy barrier was also divided into a tunnel that allowed a person to pass.

Su Qian’s body flashed and instantly squeezed into the energy barrier. His feet firmly stood on the edge of that deep hole. Immediately, an extremely great heat pounced at him from in front of him. Even Su Qian’s strength did not dare to underestimate this kind of high temperature. As his sleeves were waved, a powerful Dou Qi wrapped around his body, isolating that extremely hot heat.

Only after performing these protections did Su Qian’s gaze shoot into the deep hole. A faint fluorescent light gradually covered his eyes. Under this fluorescent light, the deep regions of that bottomless hole finally revealed a little bit of another scene. There was a sea of magma. However, the color of the magma here appeared exceptionally dark-red compared to ordinary magma. It was as though it was mixed with countless amounts of fresh blood. Its entirety was filled with a strange color.

The solemness on Su Qian’s face increased as he eyed the corner of the magma world that extended into the ground with an unknown depth. Although he clearly knew that the original body of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ was hidden within it, he did not dare to easily charge into this kind of extremely harsh environment even with his strength. Moreover, there was also the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ which possessed some intelligence hidden within it watching him menacingly.

Borrowing the increase in his eyesight, Su Qian was able to vaguely see a corner of this magma world. Even with his strength, the dark-redness that filled his eyes caused his heart to feel irritation after watching for a long time. He clearly understood that this was trouble created by the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’. This kind of flame that formed from people’s hearts was the most unusual.

“Why is there no activity?” The magma world was still as calm as it was in the past. There was not the slightest sign of any unusual movement. However, before this, Su Qian had clearly sensed the flow of extremely large energy. In this deep area underground without any other living beings, what else other than the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ would be able to possess such a large amount of energy that caused even him to feel shock?

Su Qian knit his brows tightly. With his strength he naturally knew that it was impossible for him to have sensed wrongly. Yet, now…


A slight sound suddenly and quietly sounded from within the magma world. Immediately, it passed through the deep hole of unknown height and was transmitted into Su Qian’s ear.

This slight sound was just like that of a heartbeat, causing the heart of the person who heard it to involuntarily beat with it.

Su Qian’s eyes instantly shrank to the size of pinholes. He was able to reaffirm that the magma world under him was definitely preparing for an event that was imminent. That strange sound from earlier was definitely somewhat off-putting!

However, even though he knew that something was about to happen in the underground area beneath him, Su Qian still did not dare to enter it. After all, should anything happen to him, it was likely that this Inner Academy would descend into catastrophe once the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ suddenly erupted again.


Just as Su Qian was deep in thought, another low and deep sound suddenly appeared. Additionally, this sound was even clearer and louder than before. That manner… appeared to be as though there was something about to break out of its cocoon and appear.

The fist in Su Qian’s sleeves slowly tightened. His expression was dark and volatile. Under the reflection of the dark-red light, it appeared somewhat dark and solemn.

“Bang!” Another sound that appeared like that of a heartbeat once again sounded. This time around, it was even stronger than the previous one.

“Bang!” Another one sounded five minutes after that previous one. After which… another one in three minutes…

As time flowed by, the frequency of that somewhat strange sound beating became increasingly rapid. In the end, Su Qian was somewhat shocked to discover that the sound was actually completely in rhythm with the sound of his own heartbeat!

“Just what exactly has happened…” Su Qian muttered softly in his mouth. His expression suddenly changed drastically as his gaze eyed that underground magma world with shock. An extremely wild and violent majestic energy was slowly surging from the bottom of the magma from that spot. Moreover, as this wild, violent energy surged, the calmness of that magma world was suddenly broken. A wild wind from an unknown source began billowing above the magma, bringing that magma as it roiled and rose, forming a hundred foot large fire-colored wave that immediately smashed heavily down. That instantaneous ‘bang’ was just like mountains-collapsing and the land-splitting!

“This energy…” A green color surfaced on Su Qian’s face as he sensed that familiar energy that had suddenly surged. After so many years of exchanges, he was naturally extremely familiar with this energy. This was something that belonged to the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’!

“What has this thing done? Why has its energy suddenly changed and become a couple of times more powerful than in the past?” Su Qian’s expression was shocked as he muttered.

“The energy has become so much stronger… then… this seal’s effect…” Su Qian suddenly recalled something extremely important. His heart instantly became cold. Just as he was planning to immediately gather some people to reinforce the seal, a wave of loud rumbling bangs suddenly sounded from the bottom of that deep hole. The former’s eyes looked down and immediately slowly inhaled a breath of cool air.

The dark-red magma in the endless magma world suddenly began to churn intensely. An extremely wild and violent energy spread within it.

As the magma churned, there appeared to be something that was about to break through the surface. A moment later, the rolling magma suddenly became calm. However, Su Qian’s eyes did not relax just because of this. He clearly sensed that the wild, violent energy was coming increasingly closer to the surface…


A great wave suddenly rose from the surface of the magma. As the magma flew, a fire python whose nearly transparent body broke through the magma. It was dozens of feet long and its entire body was covered with an invisible flame seeping out from it. Majestic energy that caused one to be shaken until they could not bear it appeared in the solemn gaze of Su Qian.


Having broken through the magma, the enormous transparent fire python, which was so huge that one could not see its end, lifted its enormous head as though it had been imprisoned for a thousand years. A sharp sonic wave that was sufficient to convulse an ordinary Dou Ling until he died on the spot was swiftly spread out.

As that sonic wave spread, a countless number of bombs appeared to have been thrown into the magma world. Low and deep explosive sounds repeatedly resonated. The magma shot out explosively and flames gushed out wildly in all directions.

After venting out in a near insane manner, that enormous transparent fire python appeared to have sensed the focus from the ground. It abruptly lifted its massive head. Those triangle pupils that contained an invisible flame focused intently on Su Qian at the exit of the deep hole!

Su Qian immediately felt a chill in his body as he was locked on by that invisible flame. That manner was as though his entire body had been scanned from inside out by the other party.

The snake eyes locked onto Su Qian. A mere instant later, the being which had quite a great intelligence appeared to have recognized its old opponent. Immediately, a frightening energy fluctuation suddenly rose from its enormous body. The degree of its majesty, filled with wildness and violence, immediately caused even Su Qian to feel a chill in his heart.


Another wild, violent, sharp sonic wave erupted. The enormous body of that invisible fire python suddenly slammed on the magma. Immediately, that gigantic body that was nearly twenty to thirty feet long, carried a high temperature and extremely violent energy as it charged explosively toward the exit of that deep hole, much like invisible lightning!

“This is bad. That beast wants to attack the seal!” The action of the invisible fire python caused Su Qian’s expression to change. His toes pressed on the edge and his body withdrew outside of the energy barrier in a lightning-like manner. The seal on his hands moved abruptly and one could see the energy at the entrance of the deep hole suddenly surge. Finally, it formed a colorful energy barrier that firmly sealed the hole!

The instant the seal was moving in his hand, a thunder-like cry was suddenly emitted from Su Qian’s mouth. Finally, it mightily reverberated throughout the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ and the entire Inner Academy.

“All Elders, hurry immediately to the tower. All students must leave any area within a hundred meters from the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower!”

Upon hearing this thunderbolt-like cry that resounded throughout the sky, the entire Inner Academy fell into a complete silence.

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