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Chapter 584: Separated

“Ling Quan, shut your mouth! The Xiao clan and our clan have a treaty of alliance. How can we allow you to open your mouth to insult them?” Xun Er shouted sternly toward Ling Quan. Her heart became anxious as she sensed Xiao Yan’s expression becoming darker and colder.

“Ke ke, xiao-jie you need not be angry. It is just that I am a little outspoken.” Ling Quan smiled. He changed his words only to suddenly say, “However, the clan head instructed me before my journey that I should inquire about the location of the key from the Xiao clan if I meet Young Master Xiao Yan.”

When he spoke until this point, Ling Quan smiled and turned his gaze toward Xiao Yan, “May I inquire if Young Master Xiao Yan can inform me?”

Xun Er’s heart shook when she heard this, being afraid that Xiao Yan would reveal some traces. She was just about to interrupt when Xiao Yan by the side knit his brows and asked uncertainly, “Key?”

Ling Quan frowned as he watched Xiao Yan’s doubtful expression. He quietly spoke in his heart, “Don’t tell me he doesn’t know? Now that the Xiao clan has fallen apart, no one knows whether the ‘Hall of Souls’ has snatched the key. It would be troublesome if they have already obtained it.”

“I have not obtained any news of that ‘key’ after staying in the Xiao clan for so many years. Aren’t you dreaming if you think you can obtain it so easily?” Xun Er sighed in relief within her heart as she spoke indifferently.

“Ke ke, I am only randomly asking. The main purpose of my journey here is to bring Young Miss back. The other things are just offshoots.” Ling Quan smiled and immediately bowed to Xun Er and said, “Young Miss, please! The clan head really misses you.”

Xun Er knit her eyebrows. She shook her head slightly and was just about to move her foot when Xiao Yan by the side grabbed her hand. He inquired in a low voice, “Are you leaving?”

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, I have already left the clan for many years and have already delayed the time of my return a couple of times. This time around, it appears that I cannot push it back. Xiao Yan ge-ge, remember the words that I spoke to you before. You must not reveal the news that the ‘Tou She Ancient God’s Jade’ is in your hands. In the future, you will also know who exactly the faction is behind Xun Er. However, Xiao Yan ge-ge must not come and look for Xun Er before you possess the strength to protect the ancient jade. Otherwise, some people in the clan will definitely hold you there. The ancient jade in your hands has too great of an implication.” Xun Er lowered her head slightly while her lips moved gently. A gentleness that carried a pleading voice was transmitted to Xiao Yan’s ears.

Xiao Yan’s expression was volatile. The hand which held Xun Er’s arm trembled slightly.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, Xun Er will wait for you. I will wait until you have become an expert that looks down on everyone. Xun Er has always believed that you will stand at the peak of the continent. At that time, the declined Xiao clan will once again stand on the continent because of you!”

Xiao Yan’s arm trembled repeatedly. His emotions had become a mess due to Xun Er’s words. Although he was no longer the impulsive young man he used to be after the experience these years have brought him. Experiencing this kind of separation after experiencing the upheaval of his clan really caused him to have a feeling of being unable to accept the situation. Moreover, only at this moment of separation did he clearly realize just what kind of weight the young lady in front of him occupied within his heart…

“Young Master Xiao Yan, this is our mission. Therefore, please release our xiao-jie.” The expression in Ling Quan’s eyes slowly became cold as he watched Xiao Yan who was holding onto Xun Er’s arm. However, his face still carried a warm and inspiring smile.

Xiao Yan completely ignored Ling Quan’s words. His gaze stared intently at Xun Er. A moment later, he finally slowly released his arm under the malicious gaze of Ling Quan. However, just as Xiao Yan was about to release Xun Er’s arm, his hand was abruptly extended and rounded that delicate and soft waist. He violently pulled her into a hug and his head was buried in the black hair of Xun Er which emitted a faint clean fragrance. He muttered, “Xun Er, wait for me. I will go and look for you! I don’t care how large or frightening the faction behind you is. You are mine. If I need to reach Dou Zun in order for the faction to look straight at me, I will strive to become a Dou Zun. If Dou Zun won’t do, then Dou Sheng. If Dou Sheng won’t do, then Dou Di! The ancestor of the Xiao clan was able to reach that height back then. I, Xiao Yan, will definitely also be able to!”

The back of Xun Er’s teeth bit her lower lip. Her gem-like pupils flickered a little. “Fool, if you were to really reach Dou Di, you could choose any girl you want in the continent.”

The smile on Ling Quan’s face was finally withdrawn a little as he watched Xiao Yan boldly pull Xun Er into a hug. His eyes were as dark and cold as the blade of a knife as they paused on Xiao Yan’s body. He slowly tightened his fist. A faint substance-like flame gushed out from his fist.

Xun Er forcefully escaped from Xiao Yan’s hug after having appeared to sense the fluctuation of the natural energy. She swiftly spoke in a soft voice beside his ear, “Remember what I have said. At the very least, do not come into contact with my clan before you have reached Dou Zong.” Once she said this, Xun Er turned around and her toes pressed gently on the ground. Her body flashed into the air before her shoulders shook slightly. A pair of brilliant golden-colored Dou Qi wings surfaced on her back. The pair of wings flapped and she landed on one of the four-winged horned beasts. Finally, she was carried by the latter under a wild wind, and flew toward the distant horizon.

The nine human figures behind Ling Quan also swiftly flashed onto the four-winged horned beasts before finally catching up in a lightning-like manner and firmly protecting her in their midst.

Xiao Yan’s heart had a desolate feeling as his gaze firmly looked at the four-winged horned beast which had gradually become distant. He turned his gaze before finally stopping on the body of Ling Quan who was still standing in the same spot. He spoke faintly, “Isn’t deputy commander Ling Quan leaving?”

“I am not in a hurry.” Ling Quan smiled. His smile gradually became cold as his gaze looked at Xiao Yan in a dark and cold manner. He coldly laughed, “It is just that I want to inform you of something. With your achievements and the background of the Xiao clan which has become like a dog which has lost its home, you are not good enough for xiao-jie. I will tell you honestly. The clan head has already guessed that xiao-jie might have some feelings for you. Therefore, he had tasked me to bring some words to you. Forget xiao-jie. It is best that you treat those matters of the past as though they have never happened.Xiao-jie has an extremely important position in the clan. Only the truly strong people in the continent are good enough for her. You… Are not worthy!”

Ling Quan’s face contained harsh disdain during those last three words. Xun Er was sought after by all the geniuses in the clan. He was naturally included among them. However when he saw that Xiao Yan had actually dared to pull Xun Er into a hug earlier, it was likely that he would have been unable to control himself and kill Xiao Yan on the spot had he not been taken into account by Xun Er’s presence. Now that he was conveying a message, he naturally needed to dig and ridicule all he could. According to his presumption, it would naturally be a most satisfactory result if he could use words to devastate Xiao Yan.

However, the Xiao Yan in front of him was unexpectedly calm after his words sounded. His indifferent black pupils stared at Ling Quan. A moment later, he laughed softly, shook his head and spoke, “It is not up to you to find fault with whether I am good enough. Moreover… you should be jealous of me, right?”

The meanness on Ling Quan’s face was slowly withdrawn as he looked at Xiao Yan in a gloomy manner, “Are you seeking death? Don’t think that you can be this arrogant because xiao-jie is protecting you. If I want to kill you, it would be like crushing an ant.”

Xiao Yan indifferently studied Ling Quan whose face hid a killing intent. The manner which did not have the slightest fear caused the killing intent within Ling Quan’s heart to writhe repeatedly. He hated this ant-like fellow displaying such an indifferent manner.

Just as Ling Quan’s killing intent slowly spread, a faint old voice suddenly sounded in the grassland, “Deputy commander, letting all of you enter the Inner Academy is already a great act of tolerance. Now you are actually thinking of acting against a student of our Academy?”

A black figure strangely appeared in mid-air as the old voice sounded. It was surprisingly First Elder Su Qian.

The killing intent on Ling Quan’s body was swiftly withdrawn when he saw Su Qian appearing. He cupped his hands toward the former and laughed, “What is First Elder saying. I am merely having a heart to heart conversation with Young Master Xiao Yan.”

“Alright, don’t beat around the bush in front of me. I have already given the greatest face to your clan by allowing you to come and search for a person. You should leave immediately now that you have found her.” Su Qian knit his brows and spoke in a deep voice.

Ling Quan smiled when he heard Su Qian giving the order to expel him, but did not retort. He bowed his body slightly toward the former before once again turning toward Xiao Yan. He gave a superficial smile and said, “Looks like you have not given up. All right, if you have the ability in the future, you can come to look for the Young Miss (xiao-jie) in the clan any time. At that time, this deputy commander will let you witness the true gap between us.”

Ling Quan’s shoulders trembled upon saying this. A pair of deep-red Dou Qi wings shot out. The pair of wings were flapped slightly before his body swiftly rose into the air. He finally flew in a lightning-like manner into the horizon, disappearing from the edge of the sky in a short time.

Su Qian’s body slowly descended as he watched Ling Quan leave. He landed beside Xiao Yan and patted his shoulders. He sighed, “Little fellow, don’t allow that fellow to give you a blow. Otherwise, you will really align yourself with his intentions. Their clan is a little different from ordinary people. They are somewhat blessed when they train. If one were to truly discuss about training talent, he would not be able to match you.”

Xiao Yan smiled slightly and quietly nodded. He spoke softly, “If he were to really act just now, I would have let him leave something behind even if I had to fight all out until I ended up seriously injured.”

Su Qian was slightly startled he he heard that soft spoken Xiao Yan’s words. He clearly knew that the former was not simply trying to be brave… he nodded and smiled as he said, “I believe that it is not surprising for a person who was able to rely on his own strength to turn the Misty Cloud Sect upside down has this ability.”

“Ke ke, alright. Little fellow, tomorrow is the time to enter the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ to receive the refining of one’s body by the ‘Heart Flame’. If you are able to endure it, it will pave the way for the advancement into the Dou Wang class. It is useless saying anything now. Only by becoming a truly strong person would you be able to go to that clan and search for your little girlfriend.” Su Qian patted Xiao Yan’s shoulders and comforted. He immediately turned his body and walked slowly toward the forest.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He eyed Su Qian’s back which had disappeared within the forest. Only then did he turn around and throw his gaze toward the distant northern horizon. He muttered, “Xun Er… wait for me. Moreover…” Xiao Yan’s fist slowly extended out from his sleeves. Drops of blood was seeping out from the gap between his fingers. That meanness and disdain of Ling Quan from earlier did not have no impact on Xiao Yan.

“Ling Qian right… I will remember this debt and humiliation…”

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