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Chapter 583: Deputy Commander of the Black Submerged Army, Ling Quan

Xiao Yan’s days had once again become as calm as before after waking up. Although he would attract quite a number of surprised and various kinds of gazes each time he revealed himself in the Inner Academy, it became natural to him after getting used to it. After a long time, Xiao Yan was able to reach the point of completely ignoring them.

Although the Grand Competition had already ended, the matter regarding entry into the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ was being pushed back, perhaps in order to provide the competitors sufficient time to recuperate. This caused Xiao Yan, who was filled with anticipation, to begin feeling that it was difficult to pass the time.

Xiao Yan did not enter the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ to train during this period of time as he had just raised his strength by two stars. Instead, he chose to quietly refine the Dou Qi within his body that had suddenly soared. This kind of sudden, large increase in his Dou Qi may cause people’s hearts to be filled with joy but such an abrupt surge did not have the same kind of firmness of Dou Qi that one received upon advancing one step at a time. Superficially advancing was a taboo in advancement. Hence, for the sake of the future, Xiao Yan must ensure that his body maintained a truly filled condition at all times, and not that kind of empty superficial strength.

The Junior Sect Leader of the Blood Sect which he had killed in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ was the best example of this. Although he had advanced to the Dou Ling class at such a young age, his strength was much weaker than an ordinary Dou Ling in a true fight. Moreover, due to his superficial strength and unstable Dou Qi, the fighting strength he displayed was naturally limited.

The originally superficial Dou Qi within Xiao Yan’s body gradually became substantial during his laid back and quiet training every day. With the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’, an excellent assistant in the refinement of Dou Qi, the time and effort that Xiao Yan needed to spend in refining Dou Qi was clearly reduced and easier compared to that of an ordinary person.

For some unknown reason Xun Er liked to pull Xiao Yan away to enter the deep mountains together during this time that had once again become laid back. After which, they would lie on the lush green grass and cuddle together while the warm sunlight shone on them. The days were enriching and blessed. However, Xiao Yan felt a repeated inkling that something was about to happen while they made time to enjoy their enriching experiences in this quiet mountain forest… They were on a slightly inclined grass surface. The lush green-colored grass was like a green-colored carpet that extended to the edge of one’s sight. There was an extremely spacious mountain gorge in the grassland not far below. The gorge was extremely deep. With the faint clouds lingering there, that place appeared to be like paradise.

Xiao Yan and Xun Er laid in the grassland. The faint sunlight covered their bodies, giving them a warm drowsy feeling.

Xun Er tilted her head slightly. Those gem-like bright eyes watched the calm and content face of the green-robed young man beside her who had his eyes shut. Her small mouth was slowly lifted into an arc. A moment later, she appeared to have recalled something, and her eyes became slightly gloomy. She spoke in a deep voice, “Xiao Yan ge-ge, you must definitely properly practice the scroll that Xun Er has given you after you reach the Dou Wang class in the future.”

Xiao Yan opened his eyes when he heard the soft gentle voice beside his ear. He smiled and rubbed Xun Er’s head while speaking, “That’s only natural. How can I not put in all my effort to practice something that Xun Er gave me?”

Xun Er smiled and laughed sweetly upon hearing this. Her laughter was like that of a mountain stream colliding against a rock, crisp and pleasant.

“However, girl, why is it that you have appeared a little strange during these past few days?” Xiao Yan suddenly spoke as he looked directly at the moving face of Xun Er.

Xun Er was slightly startled. Her gaze flickered as she avoided Xiao Yan’s gaze. She spoke in a soft voice, “No. I feel no different from in the past.”

“Is that so?” Xiao Yan smiled. He was just about to say something when Yao Lao’s solemn voice suddenly sounded in his heart, “There is a large group of auras flying in your direction. These auras are extremely strong, and their targets appear to be the both of you.”

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard Yao Lao’s words. His expression immediately changed. Without having time to think why such a large group of extremely strong foreign auras had appeared within the Inner Academy, Xiao Yan stood up and pulled Xun Er, preparing to leave this place.

The latter appeared to have faintly sensed something when Xiao Yan pulled her up. Her pretty face immediately changed as she hurriedly pushed Xiao Yan into the forest. Her mouth anxiously spoke, “Xiao Yan ge-ge, quickly go and hide. Do not come out no matter what!”

“What is it? Are those people coming after you?” Xiao Yan grabbed Xun Er’s delicate hand and spoke with a sinking expression.

Xun Er’s gaze swept over the distant northern horizon. She sensed the auras that were swiftly rushing over, and her delicate hand hurriedly pressed against Xiao Yan’s body. She spat out forcefully and a gentle wind pushed Xiao Yan into the forest. At the same time, she instructed, “Xiao Yan ge-ge, suppress your aura and don’t allow them to discover you.”

Xiao Yan’s expression kept changing after being pushed by Xun Er into the forest. He did not understand why Xun Er would suddenly become this anxious.

“Just who are these people?” Xiao Yan’s fist slowly tightened as his gaze followed Xun Er, and turned to the northern horizon. An unusual anger was quietly rising in his heart.

A large cluster of rushing wind sound appeared from the sky not long after Xiao Yan was pushed into the forest. Finally, over ten extremely small black dots appeared on the northern horizon. The route of these black dots was extremely clear. They were directly rushing to where Xun Er was.

As the sharp rushing wind sound became more intense, the speed of the black dots became even faster. Finally, they appeared within a visible boundary.

Xiao Yan’s gaze passed through the gap between the tree leaves and watched those ten plus black spots within his sight. Shock immediately surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face. Those black spots were not human figures, but were over ten completely black Magical Beasts with silver-colored horns on their heads that were over a foot long. The horns were filled with strange lines, and a wild thunderous sound was emitted from them. There were four large wings which grew on the back of the Magical Beast. A wild wind howled and whistled down from the sky as the wings were flapped, suppressing the forest until it rested a little lower.

Xiao Yan had never seen or heard of these foreign Magical Beasts. However, this did not hinder him from feeling stunned in his heart. This was because he had sensed an extremely ferocious aura from these Magical Beasts. Clearly, these Magical Beasts were not merely ordinary transport Magical Beasts, but a kind of flying combat beast.

Flying beasts were rare in and of themselves. Flying beasts used in combat were even rarer. Only those extremely large factions had the capital to breed and tame them.

Xiao Yan’s gaze shifted away from these four-winged horned beasts before finally stopping on their enormous backs. Xiao Yan was once again startled. He saw that there was a human figure standing on the backs of each of the four-winged horned beasts.

These people were wearing purple-black robes on their bodies and displayed expressionless faces. As their gazes shifted slightly, they appeared like sharp blade glows that caused one to feel a chill over one’s body. Xiao Yan was somewhat shocked to realize that the aura of all of these these ten plus human figures were just like deep lakes where one could not see the bottom. This kind of situation was something that Xiao Yan was only able to sense from those Elders within the Inner Academy.

The ten enormous four-winged horned beasts flapped their wings before finally stopping in the mountain gorge. Numerous gazes swept toward the green-clothed young lady standing in the grass.

“Ke ke, Xun Er xiao-jie. I have finally found you.” The leading four-winged horned beast descended slowly. On it was a man who was spoke with a laugh to Xun Er.

This man was not considered very old. From the looks of his appearance, he appeared to be around twenty-four to twenty-five. His appearance was extremely handsome and relaxed and could compare with Lin Xiuya. The purple-black robe on his body caused him to have an additional steady aura compared to Lin Xiuya. Most importantly, this man seemed to be the leader of this group. This was because the positions the other nine people stood in were clearly behind him. Such small and insignificant details were the best at revealing the differences in status.

“I am the new deputy commander of the Black Submerged Army, Ling Quan. I have been ordered by the clan leader to bring xiao-jie back!” The man who called himself Ling Quan stood on the four-winged horned beast as he cupped his hands toward Xun Er, and spoke respectfully to Xun Er.

“I have said that I will return by myself. Why do all of you have to hurry over from such great distance?” The sudden arrival of Ling Quan and the others caused Xun Er’s expression to become cold. Therefore, her words also contained a chillness when she spoke.

“The clan head has given the instructions as such we can only obey them.” Ling Quan smiled slightly. He was just about to say something when his eyes suddenly solidified. His gaze was instantly thrown toward the forest as he spoke in a deep voice, “Who is eavesdropping?”

Ling Quan words had just sounded when the expressions of the nine human figures who were quietly standing on the four-winged horned beasts’ back instantly turned cold. In an instant, the bodies of the nine human figures flashed into the forest. A wave of low and deep collision sounds appeared immediately.

“Stop!” Xun Er’s pretty face changed as she cried out sternly.
As Xun Er’s stern voice sounded a human figure suddenly came out from the forest. Finally, he flapped his wings and paused in mid-air before eventually slowly landing beside Xun Er. He was Xiao Yan whose clothes were somewhat disorderly.

“Xiao… are you alright?” Xun Er’s pretty face was anxious when she saw Xiao Yan’s somewhat panted breathing. Her habitual form of address was just about to be shouted out when she became cautious. Immediately, she forced herself to become calm as she asked.

Xiao Yan frowned a little because of this change of Xun Er. He asked, “What is happening?”

After Xiao Yan flashed out of the forest, the nine human figures also appeared to be like a single body as they came out together. Finally, the landed behind Ling Quan. Their gazes were like sharp knives that were firmly locked onto Xiao Yan.

You…” The change of the expression on Xun Er’s face did not escape Ling Quan’s notice. The latter’s eyes narrowed slightly as he immediately turned to look at Xiao Yan who had appeared. He was slightly startled when he saw that face. His finger gently knocked on his forehead as he suddenly spoke in a half smiling manner, “If my guess is correct, this should be that Young Master Xiao Yan who was once the trash of the Xiao clan? I have seen a drawing of you.”

“Who are you?” Xiao Yan’s face was as deep as water as he asked in a deep voice.

“The deputy commander of the Black Submerged Army. However, it is pointless telling you this. You, or perhaps I should say the Xiao clan, does not have the qualification to come into contact with such a level.” Ling Quan smiled as he replied. His voice contained an extremely straightforward contempt. He had long heard of the news of the Xiao clan nearly being exterminated. The current Xiao clan had completely declined. In what way did they possess the greatness they had back then?

Xiao Yan’s expression gradually turned dark, cold upon hearing the disdain that Ling Quan words had toward the Xiao clan. His hand also slowly grabbed the Heavy Xuan Ruler.

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