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Chapter 546: The Participation of the ‘Hall of Souls’

Silence once again surfaced in the room. It was a long while later before Xiao Yan, who had understood the cause and effect, to slowly let out a breath of air. His voice was low as he asked, “How is big brother?”

“We were being chased all the way. With our strength, the Xiao clan’s elimination would not be unexpected if it continued. However, it was fortunate that some reinforcements appeared at a critical point which saved our remaining Xiao clan.” Happiness appeared on Xiao Li’s pale-white face when he spoke until this point.

“Reinforcements? There is still a faction in the Jia Ma Empire who dares to contend with the Misty Cloud Sect?” Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this as he spoke with a frown.

“The reinforcement appeared in the dark-black forest. At first, we also did not know about it. Those who came only revealed their identities after pushing back those that were giving chase. That person is also someone you know. It is that old man who had once followed beside you.”

“Hai Bodong? Old Hai?” Xiao Yan was slightly stunned. The face of an old man who always had a cold and indifferent expression slowly surfaced in Xiao Yan’s mind. Xiao Yan nodded as he came to a sudden understanding. He kept gratitude within his heart. This kindness of Hai Bo Dong who had took action to rescue the remnants of the Xiao clan was quite great. It was likely that Xiao Yan had to return it properly to the other party in the future.

“Big brother may have also been seriously injured, but it was fortunate that he retained his life with the help of that old man. That person appears to have an extremely high position within the Primer clan. Therefore, the remnant members of the Xiao clan who had survived have been secretly moved under their protection to a place beyond the reach of the Misty Cloud Sect. The flying Magical Beast that I rode to the Jia Nan Academy was also borrowed from the Primer clan. Otherwise, with our current financial ability, I would only be able to walk to the Jia Nan Academy on my feet.”

“However, this ‘Black-Corner Region’ is indeed worthy of being the most chaotic place. Hee hee, I had been secretly backstabbed a couple of times during this period of time and had nearly left this little life of mine there. These injuries were also obtained from the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Those fellows are really as vicious as hungry wolves.”

Xiao Yan clenched his teeth tightly. He had personally experienced how chaotic and bloody the ‘Black-Corner Region’ was and naturally clearly understood that Xiao Li could have been considered to have traveled tens of thousands of kilometers, climbed mountains, and waded through waters in order to come and inform him about the unexpected change in the Xiao clan.

Xiao Li smiled bitterly and said, “Currently, the Desert Metal Mercenary Company is completely finished. The Xiao clan is a little better off. However, it is in a battered shape. Its strength is no longer like it was in the past. We have to live in secret and struggle to survive while at death’s door.”

Xiao Yan held Xiao Li’s hand. He said in a soft voice that has a repressed vengeance, “Second brother, I will definitely avenge this blood debt!”

“We must naturally avenge it. This Misty Cloud Sect has forced our Xiao clan into this manner. How would we account to those Elders who had fought to their death to protect it if we don’t kill that old dog Yun Shan?” A malice surfaced on Xiao Li’s face as he spoke with a thick smile, “As long as us three brothers are still alive, we will let the Misty Cloud Sect suffer great losses!”

Xiao Yan nodded quietly. His heart felt a little wider. At least, nothing had happened to his big brother and second brother. He really dared not think whether he would be able to retain his sense of reasoning like he did now if his big brother and second brother were to die in an attack by the Misty Cloud Sect.

“Older cousin Xiao Li, my… are my parents alright?” Xiao Yu at the side suddenly spoke. Her voice carried a tremble.

“Ke ke, Xiao Yu, you are really becoming more and more beautiful after not seeing you for a couple of years…” The malice on Xiao Li’s face disappeared as he eyed Xiao Yu, whose eyes had turned red. He mused for a moment and said in a somewhat ashamed manner, “Aunt Xiao is alright, but uncle lost an arm during the battle…”

Xiao Yu’s eyes became even redder. However, it was fortunate that the worst situation that Xiao Yu had expected did not occur. Therefore, her extremely tense mind did not collapse because of this. She quietly stood to one side after nodding slightly.

“Second brother, you should first recuperate from your injuries. The blood feud of our clan must be avenged, but you can rest assured that I will not be reckless. It was just that the blood had rushed to my head earlier.” Xiao Yan once again took out a medicinal pill from his storage ring and handed it to Xiao Li as he spoke softly.

Xiao Li received the medicinal pill and stuffed it into his mouth without the slightest hesitation. His eyes stared directly at Xiao Yan and he said in a deep voice, “Other people can be reckless, but you can not. Now, you are the only hope of the entire Xiao clan. The matter of Father’s disappearance also requires your strength. Your big brother and I possess training talents that are inferior to you. We can die, but you can not! If any accident were to befall you, the Xiao clan would be completely finished!”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly as he smiled and patted Xiao Li’s hand. He spoke to Xiao Yu, “Can you take care of second brother first? I need to speak with Xun Er.” Once he said this, he lifted his chin toward Xun Er before the two of them slowly withdrew out of the room.

“Tell me some information about the so called ‘Hall of Souls’. With your background, I think that you should have heard of them.” Xiao Yan’s expression once again turned dark and solemn on the roof as he spoke indifferently to Xun Er.

“‘Hall of Souls’? How do you know about them?” Xun Er’s face immediately changed a little when she heard this name pop out of Xiao Yan’s mouth.

“I have once met them by chance. The attacking method of those black shadows that second brother described is nearly completely the same as those few people from the ‘Hall of Souls’. I think that they are definitely somehow involved in this matter.” Xiao Yan waved his hand. His eyes stared at Xun Er as he spoke in a deep voice, “Tell me.”

Xun Er hesitated a little while under Xiao Yan’s gaze. She finally smiled bitterly and nodded. She arranged the information related about the ‘Hall of Souls’ within her mind before speaking slowly, “The ‘Hall of Souls’ is an extremely mysterious and strange organization on the continent. The thing that they like to do most is to search for spiritual bodies all over the continent. After which, they capture them. Even I am not certain why they want so many spiritual bodies… this organization has traces that are all over the continent. It is just unexpected that they would infiltrate even a conservative country like the Jia Ma Empire.”

“The ‘Hall of Souls’ has existed for quite a long time. Therefore, they are similarly aware of many secrets on the continent. I think that the reason for them to look for the Xiao clan should be related to the ‘Tou She Ancient God’s Jade’ in Xiao Yan ge-ge’s hands.” Xun Er sighed softly. She quickly continued, “The piece of ‘Tou She Ancient God’s Jade’ in Xiao Yan ge-ge’s hand is actually merely a portion of a ‘key’. There are other portions that were left in other places of the continent. My clan has a portion. Additionally… this ‘Hall of Souls’ also possesses a portion.”

“These ‘keys’ contain an extremely great secret. I am also not the slightest bit aware of what exactly this secret entails. The only thing I can tell Xiao Yan ge-ge is that no matter whether it is my clan or the ‘Hall of Souls’, they value these ‘keys’ to the extreme. Back then, in order to fight for these ‘keys’, my clan fought with the ‘Hall of Souls’. Although we were finally victorious, we did not get what we wished.”

“Now that the ‘Hall of Souls’ has attacked the Xiao clan, it is likely that they had obtained some news about that portion of the ‘key’ from some unknown source. Otherwise, the strength of the Xiao clan would have been insufficient to attract them to take action. What is a little unexpected is how the Misty Cloud Sect has become associated with the ‘Hall of Souls’.” Xun Er said softly.

“However, from what second brother has said, that old man called Hai Bo Dong was able to force back those people chasing the Xiao clan. From this, it seems that the ‘Hall of Souls’ did not really send their true experts. Of course, my clan is constantly observing their actions. Therefore, their true experts could not have gone.”

“Key, key, it is that damn key again!” Xiao Yan’s hand violently smashed on the wall in front of him as he spoke furiously.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, remember the words that I spoke to you the last time. You must not tell anyone about the matter of the ‘Tou She Ancient God’s Jade’ being in your hand. Do not even tell older cousin Xiao Li. Otherwise, should he accidentally leak the information, the ‘Hall of Souls’ would come after you just in a never ending manner like the maggots in the tarsal bones.” Xun Er took a step forward. Her soft body was pasted on Xiao Yan’s body as she lowered her voice and spoke to him in a serious manner.

Xiao Yan clenched his teeth tightly and eyed the elegant face that was just next to him. He sniffed the faint fragrance that drifted into his nostrils as his hands embraced abruptly, violently pulling Xun Er into a hug. He had been unable to hide the remorse he felt in his heart in front of the person closest to him. His voice was hoarse as he said, “If I had not acted in a young and arrogant manner back then and created the whatever Three Year Agreement with Nalan Yanran, I’m afraid that things would not become like what they are today. I would also have not implicated the clan until it became ruined, and my relatives would not have to be separated!”

“If a person did not act frivolously, their youth would have been in vain. Xiao Yan ge-ge, you are not wrong.” Xun Er’s soft and gentle cheek leaned on Xiao Yan’s shoulders as she replied gently, “Wealth would bring greed and bring harm. Even if Xiao Yan ge-ge did not come into conflict with the Misty Cloud Sect, that ‘Hall of Souls’ would have sooner or later arrived at the door of the Xiao clan. Moreover, with their vicious means, they would definitely have wiped out everyone. At that time, the Xiao clan would have either suffered serious losses or have been completely destroyed.”

“The only thing that you can do now is to get yourself to become stronger. It is just as second brother said. Both the vengeance of the clan, and the matter of the disappearance of uncle Xiao Zhan must rely on you. You are currently the support pillar of the Xiao clan. If you were to fall, the entire clan would no longer have the chance to stand up!”

“Therefore, Xiao Yan ge-ge, you must remember that the Xiao clan has yet to fall at this moment. Big brother is currently in the Jia Ma Empire leading the remaining members of the Xiao clan. They still require you to return.”

The gentle voice that came out like a strength-draining drug that caused Xiao Yan’s heart, which had been filled with vengeance and killing intent, to gradually recover its previous clarity and brightness. It was a long while later before Xiao Yan eventually raised his head and inhaled a mouthful of icy-cool air. He relaxed his arm that was embracing Xun Er’s waist. That delicate and handsome face lacked the lazy smile that was usually carelessly hanging on it. Instead, there was an additional faint cold sternness. At this moment, Xiao Yan could have been considered to have completely extracted himself from the tenderness of youth under the blow of the changes in the Xiao clan.

A person would only truly change and grow up after experiencing a setback.

“Relax, I will no longer be reckless in the future. I will return once I have sufficient strength. At that time, I will get the Misty Cloud Sect to repay all its debt by a hundred times!” Xiao Yan’s hand touched Xun Er lovely and tender face. His voice was, however, dense, cold, and dark.

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