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Chapter 543

Chapter 543: Urgent Matter?

“The matter of the clan head of the Xiao clan being missing has been spread to the clan.” Ling Ying eyed Xun Er as he said with a bitter smile, “Currently, the clan is a little chaotic. Xiao Zhan’s disappearance may also mean that the portion of the ‘key’ belonging to the Xiao clan has also disappeared with him. Xiao-jie also knows just how seriously the clan views that thing.”
TL: xiao-jie – young miss/lady from a well off or powerful family

“Did the clan send someone to investigate the whereabouts of uncle Xiao Zhan?” Xun Er knit her eyebrows slightly before suddenly asking a moment later.

“They have begun to investigate. However, they don’t have any news for the time being. The only ones who know about the details of Xiao Zhan’s disappearance is perhaps the First Elder of the Misty Cloud Sect who had given chase back then. Unfortunately, Xiao Yan has already killed him in his anger.” Ling Ying shook his head and said.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge values uncle Xiao Zhan greatly. Xiao Zhan was chased by the Misty Cloud Sect until he ended up disappearing. Xiao Yan was naturally furious to the point that he lost a little of his reasoning.” Xun Er sighed. Immediately, she changed the topic and said, “Tell me about Father’s order first.”

“The clan head has said that if xiao-jie (young miss) continues to be unable to find that portion of the key, you will have to immediately return to the clan. Since, the key has already gone missing following Xiao Zhan’s disappearance, there is no need to waste your time on young master Xiao Yan.” Ling Ying said softly, “Xiao-jie (young miss), with your repeated refusal to return and your staying with young master Xiao Yan, the clan head might have vaguely guessed something. He appears to be extremely dissatisfied with this. There are some Elders in the clan who also think this way. They think that young master Xiao Yan is not worthy of you.”

Xun Er’s face was calm. Hre face did not even move a little because of this. A long while later, she finally said indifferently, “They will naturally know whether he is worthy of me in the future.”

“However, you cannot wait until the future. Xiao-jie should have already returned to the clan when young master Xiao Yan left Wu Tang City back then. You have already dragged this matter along for three years. There is an increasing amount of dissatisfaction within the clan. After all, your importance to the clan is not something the other offshoot young miss and young master can compare with.” Ling Ying said softly, “Therefore, this time around, the clan head has issued a strict order. If you do not return within one month’s time, there might be people from the clan who will personally come over. Xiao-jie likely doesn’t wish to allow the current young master Xiao Yan to come into contact with the clan, right? You should clearly know that young master Xiao Yan’s current strength does not give him the slightest qualification to be viewed seriously by the clan.

The back of Xun Er’s teeth bit her lower red lip. She clenched her delicate hand. A moment later, she nodded slightly. “Ah, I know.”

Although she already knew where the so called portion of the ‘key’ belonging to the Xiao clan was, she did not reveal it. This was because she clearly understood that Xiao Yan would definitely disappear should this news be spread into the clan.

Ling Ying helplessly sighed as he eyed Xun Er’s beautiful face that was as calm as water. He twisted his body and turned into a blurry black shadow before rushing into the darkness. Finally, he wiggled slightly and disappeared.

It was a long while after Ling Ying disappeared before Xun Er slowly mo

ved her footsteps and came before the window. She eyed the vast night sky, and a faint bitterness involuntarily surfaced on her face. She had never had the slightest doubt about Xiao Yan’s potential. Even during the time that he had fallen into being a cripple from a genius back then, she had also believed that he would sooner or later once again stand at the peak where others looked up to. However, a genius was still just a grain in a vast sea in front of that faction that was so enormous that it caused people to be shocked. He could not cause them to pay much attention to him. The countless number of years of heritage had caused that ancient faction to witness the sudden rise and fall of geniuses, one after another. Therefore, the term genius would not cause them to be even the least bit attentive. What they cared about was only what kinds of achievement one currently had accomplished!

Currently, Xiao Yan was merely a Dou Ling. Although he was not even twenty years old, this did not mean much. After all, the journey of one’s cultivation was incomparably dangerous. No one dared to be certain or believe that Xiao Yan would be truly able to walk all the way to the peak of this cultivation journey and look down on everyone. That ancient faction was far too big. Therefore, unless one reached that pinnacle level, one would ultimately appear to be just like the difference between fifty and a hundred steps. There was basically not much fundamental difference between them.

“They do not believe…” A faint ridicule was lifted on the corner of her mouth as Xun Er softly muttered, “It is fine with just me believing…”


After one night of rest, Xiao Yan’s energy was once again lively the next day. The moment he got out of bed, he spent half an hour completing the refinement of Zi Yan’s ‘Fire Spirit Root’. Since Elder Liu did not state a time where he needed that ‘Dragon Strength Pill’, Xiao Yan was not in a hurry to refine it.

Xiao Yan walked out of the room. He had just walked down the stars when Zi Yan’s figure flashed and appeared like a ghost. Her dark-black eyes blinked as they stared at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan was neither able to laugh nor cry when he saw this manner of hers. He threw the jade bottle into her hand and could not help but quietly laugh in a bitter manner when he saw that joyous expression. This little girl may be very strong, but her mentality was not much different from someone of her age.

Zi Yan finally ceased pestering Xiao Yan after obtaining some delicious Danwan that was filled with energy. However, she felt a little embarrassed at immediately wanting to leave after just obtaining the thing. Hence, she obediently sat in one corner. That tender and cute manner of hers caused Hu Jia by the side to have a desire to charge forward and viciously pinch her.

At this moment, Xun Er, Hu Jia, and Wu Hao were all present within the hall. Today, Wu Hao did not hurry over to the Fighting Arena. Even Xiao Yan and the others felt a little speechless at the fanaticism that this fellow had toward fighting.

Xiao Yan inquired about the recent matters occurring for ‘Pan’s Gate’ from Xun Er and the rest during the time that he ate breakfast. He only sighed in relief after ensuring that everything was fine. No matter how one put it, he was ultimately the leader of ‘Pan’s Gate’. Although he was not very responsible as its leader, he had never denied his status.

Xiao Yan was just about to get up after eating his breakfast when the tightly shut door to the room was pushed open. Immediately, that loud voice of Lin Yan howled loudly within the hall.

“Xiao Yan, I heard that you have returned? Ha ha. Do you have time to spar today? These few days, I have not had any fun while fighting a couple of matches in the Fighting Arena. Those bastards simply run after seeing me.” Lin Yan, who appeared looking careless, swaggered into the room. He ignored the helpless expressions of Xiao Yan and the others and directly came to the side of the table. He randomly grabbed a bun on the table and viciously took a bite while speaking in a vague manner.

“Huh, who is this little girl… grug…” While the bun was being chewed in his mouth, Lin Yan ignored Xiao Yan and the others and suddenly turned his gaze toward Zi Yan who was seated by the side. He had just smiled and inquired when his face swiftly stiffened under Xun Er’s, Xiao Yan’s, and Wu Hao’s stunned gazes. The bun which was chewed to pieces in his mouth was being violently spit out along with his saliva. A moment later, his entire face was filled with shock as he hurriedly withdrew as though he had been electrocuted.

“You… why are you here?” An extremely shocked and sharp voice was emitted from Lin Yan’s mouth as he stepped back.

Xun Er, Hu Jia, and Wu Hao were at a loss when they saw this sudden change of Lin Yan. Only Xiao Yan understood that it was likely that this fellow had recognized Zi Yan.

“Why are you shouting so loudly?” Zi Yan covered her ears and said with extreme dissatisfaction to the shocked Lin Yan.

Lin Yan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He only quietly relaxed a little when he saw that Zi Yan had no other special action. He made a detour around the large table in the hall and carefully went behind Xiao Yan and the others. He said softly, “Dammit, why is this fellow here? Are all of you alright?”

“We are very well.” Xiao Yan spread his hands and smiled as he replied.

Lin Yan involuntarily widened his eyes when he saw Xiao Yan’s calm attitude. “Do you know her identity?”

“Yes.” Xiao Yan smiled. He walked to Zi Yan’s side and rubbed her head as he smiled and said, “A very cute little girl.”

“Cute…” The corner of Lin Yan’s mouth twitched as he spoke in his heart. If you are able to see the frightening scene of how this fellow kicked all the competitors down from the arena during the last ‘Strong Ranking’ Grand Competition, you might no longer think so.

“I have already finished eating. Hmph, I’m leaving.” Zi Yan stuffed the breakfast into her mouth. She swung her head and shook Xiao Yan’s hand off. With a snort to Lin Yan, she began leaping up and down as she walked out. She even turned to face Xiao Yan to speak just when she was about to exit through the door, “Remember our agreement. Additionally, I feel that you are pleasant to look at. You can come and find me if there is anyone who dares to bully you. I will give a punch to every single one of those fellows just like that one beside you.”

The little girl proudly waved her little fist after saying this. After which, she swung her purple ponytail before leaping and disappeared from the sight of Xiao Yan and the others.

“Dammit. Xiao Yan, when did you actually get to know the Brute Force Queen?” Lin Yan only recovered his normal state following the disappearance of Zi Yan. His fist was smashed on Xiao Yan’s shoulders as he spoke with surprise.

“It is really unexpected that the person ranked first on the ‘Strong Ranking’ that you said you are extremely afraid of is actually such a little girl.” Xiao Yan shook his head and teased.

Lin Yan’s face turned somewhat flushed when he was mocked by Xiao Yan. He snorted and said, “With this monster protecting you, do you still need to be afraid of Liu Qing. That fellow can only take another path when he sees her.”

“I am hoping for a little girl to back me up?” Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. As an alpha male, he really did not wish to rely on a little girl’s name to swagger around triumphantly.

Xiao Yan smiled and patted Lin Yan’s shoulders. He was just about to say something when a hurried knocking sound was suddenly emitted from the door. Immediately, a human figure hurriedly charged inside after Xun Er responded in a soft voice.

“Atai? What is it?” Xiao Yan was involuntarily spoke in a stunned manner when he eyed the panting man who had rushed in.

“Hee hee, chief, there are some matters that involves you.” Atai rubbed his head and said, “Yesterday, I had taken leave to return to the Outer Academy, only to hear that someone is looking for you urgently.”

“Oh? Who?” Xiao Yan was slightly startled as he inquired with a frown.

“It seems that she is called Xiao Yu. She even said that she is your older sister.” Atai said, “From her expression, she appears to have some urgent matters to inform you of. The Inner Academy doesn’t allow the students from the Outer Academy to enter. Therefore, she asked me to inform you to go to take a trip to the Outer Academy no matter what.”

Xiao Yan’s expression changed slightly. He understood Xiao Yu very well. She would not be so anxious unless something big that had happened. However, what could have happened while in the Outer Academy?

Xiao Yan took two steps back and forth. He finally could not endure it any longer as he turned around and walked out of the door. He said in a deep voice, “Let’s go!”

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