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Chapter 540: Medicine Emperor, Han Feng!

Two human figures were seated in a quiet room of a pavilion home within the deep regions of the Inner Academy. One of them was wearing a large black robe and had white hair. His old face was like a monk where it was difficult for a shred of emotion to ripple over it. The back of his hand rested by the window as he eyed the lush greenery outside. A long while later, he spoke in an indifferent voice, “Qin Xuan, what is the activity within the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ recently?”

“First Elder, the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ is becoming less and less calm. Currently, it will writhe out once every half a month. If the Elders had not joined hands to lay an energy mirror knot, it is likely that a great number of deaths and injuries would appear among the students training within the tower.” A yellow-clothed old man who was a little hunched was bowing respectfully from behind as he replied.

“It is becoming sooner and sooner huh…” The old man who was addressed as the first Elder sighed gently. He muttered, “Back then, the Headmaster had established the Inner Academy in this place after he discovered the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’. At that time, he had said that the repression and seal could only obtain a temporary effect. Instead, the more vicious the seal was, the even more terrifying the eruption in the future would be. From the looks of the trend of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ this time around, it is indeed extremely powerful. If we are not careful, it might well destroy the entire Inner Academy.”

“What can we do?” Anxiety flashed across the face of the yellow-clothed old man as he asked softly, “Why don’t we inform the Headmaster to return?”

“The headmaster is roaming around in places far away. He shows himself at times then quickly disappears. How can we inform him?” The First Elder shook his head. He waved his hand and spoke, “From today on, all the leave of the Elders are cancelled. All the Tower Guarding Elders must return to their post. Once anyone discovers that there is any unusual movement of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ everyone must join hands to seal it. We must not let it completely erupt. Otherwise, the aftermath will be too serious.”

“Yes sir!”

“Additionally, prepare a backup plan. Expel all the students from the tower when the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ becomes violent. Do not let any student enter!” The First Elder’s face was calm and steady. Orders were being given one after another in an orderly fashion from his mouth, “Inform the Outer Academy and tell all the strong people within the academy to prepare to await for orders anytime. If the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ were to suddenly erupt, the mirror seal that covers the space of the Inner Academy would shatter. At that time, those fellows from the ‘Black-Corner’ region would definitely sense the powerful fluctuations of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’. Chaos would arrive once they come to ascertain what it is.”

“First Elder is worried about Medicine Emperor Han Feng from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ right?” The yellow-clothed old man was quiet for a moment before he suddenly spoke.

The glow in the First Elder’s eyes flashed as he nodded slowly and said, “Han Feng is an alchemist. The attraction that the ‘Heavenly Flame’ poses to him is incomparable. Back then, he had faintly guessed about the existence of a ‘Heavenly Flame’ in the Inner Academy. However, he cannot be certain. It is due to this that he does not dare to have any rash actions. After all, our Jia Nan Academy is not something that just anyone can offend.”

“This time around, the eruption of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ will be stronger than any other previous ones. When the seal is broken at that time, Han Feng, with his abnormally sharp Spiritual Perception, will definitely sense the fluctuations from the ‘Heavenly Flame’. At that time… he will definitely go all out to snatch it!”

“We naturally need not be afraid of him if he is merely an ordinary elite Dou Huang, However… this fellow has another identity. He is a tier 6 alchemist. The excellence of his medicinal refining skills are something that even Old Huo from the alchemist department cannot compare with. Once he wants to snatch the ‘Heavenly Flame’, it is likely that he will use his connections… You should clearly understand just what kind of frightening ability to summon people a tier 6 alchemist has. Moreover… according to the intelligence that I have gathered, Han Yue appears to be also be in control of a kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’…” The First Elder’s face already carried a slight seriousness when he spoke his last few words.

“What? That fellow already possesses a ‘Heavenly Flame’?” The yellow-clothed Elder immediately revealed a shocked face when he heard this. For an alchemist at Han Feng’s level, possessing a ‘Heavenly Flame’ was similar to adding a pair of wings to a tiger. On this point, one could clearly understand just how enormous the help a ‘Heavenly Flame’ provided an alchemist from the way Xiao Yan was able to refine a tier 5 medicinal pill with just his Dou Ling strength.

“Do not forget who the teacher of this fellow is.” The First Elder said indifferently.

“Yao Zun-zhe (Also a power level), Yao Chen!” The face of the yellow-colored old man changed slightly. He spat out a name that was once extremely prominent on the Dou Qi continent. He finally recovered from the shock of that name a long while later. With a frown, he said, “It is rumored that Yao Cheng was also in possession of a kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’. Now that he has fallen, it is likely that he passed on that ‘Heavenly Flame’ to Han Feng, right?”

“I’m not certain. Yao Chen’s fall is really too strange. Other than Han Feng, no one is clear about what actually happened. Although the latter said that he had died from a backlash while refining a medicinal pill, this kind of excuse appears a little too far-fetched. With Yao Cheng’s medicinal refining skills that were unrivaled in the world, how would he make such a mistake? Perhaps, there are some tricks involved.” The First Elder let out a cold laughter as he spoke.

“First Elder, your meaning is…?” The yellow-clothed Elder was startled. He immediately lowered his voice as he questioned.

“Who knows? I heard that Yao Chen’s old friend, Feng zun-zhe has been investigating this manner during these many years. I think that he does not believe that Yao Chen would die in such a dubious manner.” The First Elder replied with a deeper meaning hidden in his words. He immediately waved his hand and said, “Alright, these matters do not have much relation with us. Currently, the most important thing is that we should tighten our guard against Han Feng. If he were to gather those factions from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ and cooperate with one another, even our Jia Nan Academy would face a headache.”

“Yes, I will immediately go and settle this matter.” The yellow-clothed Elder nodded as he spoke.

The First Elder nodded slightly before asking abruptly, “That’s right, how is that new student who also possesses a ‘Heavenly Flame’, Xiao Yan, like recently?”

“Ke ke, it is rumored that he had entered the deep mountains to train for two months. By the time he returned, he had already broken through to the Dou Ling class. This training speed really leaves one speechless. Moreover, in a pill refining competition with Han Xian, he had even successfully refined a tier 5 medicinal pill.” The yellow-clothed Elder’s voice was filled with amazement.

“Oh?” The face of the First Elder moved slightly. He nodded and said, “He is also an alchemist. Moreover from the looks of the circumstances, his refining ability is quite great. Moreover, he also possess quite a great training talent. It is within reasoning to have such a training speed. Give the instruction that everyone should try their best not to make things difficult for this little fellow. Allow him to do what he wants to do. We might need to rely on him in the future.”

“Yes.” The yellow-clothed Elder nodded once again. The last time they heard this they wondered what use could a feathering boy have. However, ever since news got out that Xiao Yan could refine a tier 5 medicinal pill, the opinion these Elders had toward him had changed quite a lot. A tier 5 alchemist. This status was much more distinguished compared to these Elders whose strengths were at the Dou Wang class.

If a tier 5 alchemist and an elite Dou Wang were to be placed in the same place to get people to invite them, the person who was issuing the invitation would definitely choose a tier 5 alchemist without any hesitation as long as he was not a fool. Although the latter was strong in combat, this little strength was not even worth mentioning under the value that an alchemist could create!

All the Elders in the Inner Academy were extremely clear about this point.

“You should leave first. Pass my instructions to every single Elder.” The First Elder waved his hand. He was just about to ask the yellow-clothed Elder to leave when his expression changed abruptly. Surprise surfaced on his rippleless, old, well-like face at this moment. His eyes looked through the greenery outside the window and directly shot toward the deep mountain range in the distance.

“First Elder?” The yellow-clothed Elder involuntarily cried out in an uncertain manner when he saw this behavior of the First Elder. With his strength, it was still impossible to sense the enormous energy undulation from such a great distance away.

“What a strong undulation. This activity can only be created by a medicinal pill that is at least tier 6!” A glow flashed across the First Elder’s eyes. His gaze appeared to be able to see through the gap in space and was studying a mountain peak deep within the mountains.

“A tier 6 medicinal pill?” The expression of the yellow-clothed Elder by the side also changed greatly. He cried out involuntarily, “There is no one within this Inner Academy who can refine a medicinal pill of such tier.”

“I will need to go and take a look. You should do as I have ordered. Someone who is able to refine a tier 6 medicinal pill… could it be Han Feng?” The First Elder muttered. His expression immediately and suddenly became extremely ugly. It would be something that was far from reassuring if such a great enemy was to quietly sneak into the Inner Academy.

The body of the First Elder shook the moment his voice sounded. By the time the yellow-clothed Elder raised his head, a black-colored afterimage was already slowly disappearing in front of him. The latter hurriedly lifted his head, and saw a faint black shadow that appeared fleetingly within the sky.

The moment the First Elder discovered the energy fluctuations within the deep mountains, a man within a certain quiet pavilion house in the chaotic region on the other side of the mountain range also raised his head slightly. The man was wearing a green-colored, long-sleeved garment with a maple leaf sewn on the back of it, and the direction his gaze was drawn in was actually the spot where the energy had suddenly erupted from.

The face of the green-clothed man was quite handsome and outstanding. His long black-colored hair dangled to his shoulders. He also appeared to be carrying a strange medicinal fragrance on his body, causing people to involuntarily have a feeling of wanting to get close to him.

“This undulation… it is something that appears when a tier 6 medicinal pill is formed.” The green-clothed man muttered softly. A moment later, he frowned slightly and said, “The other side of the mountain range should be the place where the Jia Nan Academy is located. Could it be old man Huo who is refining it? However, with his medicinal refinement skills, it seems that he would have some trouble refining a tier 6 medicinal pill, no? Don’t tell me that his medicinal refining skills have soared during the few years that I did not see him?”

“This undulation is within the boundary of the Jia Nan Academy and it is not easy for me to go and investigate. Although I am not afraid of the repercussions, there would be some trouble if I am discovered by those old fellows.” The green-clothed man slowly turned around as he shook his head. There was an ancient medicinal cauldron badge on his chest. On it, there were six strange golden flickering slight ripples that pierced people’s eyes until they felt pain.

Six golden lines. It was something that only a tier 6 alchemist had the qualification to wear in the alchemist world. This man whose appearance seemed to be that of someone in his thirties was actually able to wear it. There was only one person of such ability within the ‘Black-Corner Region’.

Medicine Emperor, Han Feng!

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