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Chapter 537: Obtaining It

The green-colored lotus seed lay quietly in Xiao Yan’s hand emitting a faint glow. Although it was quite small, the powerful hot energy that it contained caused even Elder Liu’s and Elder Hao’s faces to be filled with surprise.

This green-colored lotus seed was the additional item that Xiao Yan had found when searching for the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ within the Great Tager Desert, the ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’. This kind of Fire Lotus Seed was agglomerated and formed from fire affinity energy after a long duration of time. Therefore, it greatly benefited those who practiced fire affinity Dou Qi. Back then, Xiao Yan had obtained a total of eleven ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’. He had consumed one himself. Hence, he was left with only ten of them.

Back when Xiao Yan had just obtained the Fire Lotus Seeds, Yao Lao had told him that he should try his best to avoid revealing it in front of others. Otherwise, he might end up with a lot of trouble for no other reason besides the arousal of other people’s greed. Things were different now. Currently, Xiao Yan was no longer that small Dou Shi he was back then. There were also many trump cards that he had now. Even if he were to face an elite Dou Wang, Xiao Yan would be able to withdraw in one piece. Moreover, he was currently within the Inner Academy, and did not need to worry that these Elders would quietly attack him just because they desired his things.

The atmosphere within the room was quiet. The slightly hot energy fluctuation appeared to have created a faint hot wind within the room.

Elder Liu’s eyes stared directly at the ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’. The glow in his eyes grew increasingly intense. If he were able to absorb all of this powerful energy, it was likely that his strength, which had not seen any movement for a long time, would once again obtain an advancement! He let out a heavy sigh in his heart. It was really unexpected that Xiao Yan was actually able to take out such a treasure. Although this ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’ did not possess an attraction that was as large as a ‘Dou Ling Pill’ in the eyes of a Dou Wang, Elder Liu also clearly understood that unless he met a true sucker, it would be quite difficult for him to exchange a ‘Dou Ling Pill’ from the hands of other alchemists with this rank 6 Monster Core. The exchange terms that he had mentioned earlier was just as Elder Hao described earlier. He really had a lions mouth, demanding more than what was fair.

“*Cough*” A soft coughing sound suddenly sounded, causing the two Elders, who had descended into silence to recover. They exchanged glances with one another, and gave awkward smiles.

Elder Liu coughed dryly. His gaze partially loomed over Xiao Yan’s hand as he studied it. His originally somewhat sunken face had an additional smile, “May I know what this thing in your hand is?”

“This is a lotus seed formed from the coagulation of the core flame. It is something that the little me had obtained with luck. It is rumored that it requires at least a hundred years for such a lotus seed to take form.” Xiao Yan smiled. Since no one recognized it, the other party would be stunned even if he said it took a thousand years.

“Oh.” Elder Liu nodded slightly. The skin on his face twitched a little, feeling uncertain about whether he should believe it.

“What do you say, Elder Liu? This ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’ may not be comparable to a ‘Dou Ling Pill,’ but it is also an extremely rare item. Moreover, it even possesses such pure fire affinity energy. I’m afraid that the benefits it has for you are far more than what that rank 6 water affinity Monster Core can compare with.” Xiao Yan smiled and said.

Elder Hao licked his mouth. His expression was filled with hesitation and indecision. Although this ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’ was rare, he really felt that it was difficult to just hand over the most precious rank 6 Monster Core to exchange for it within this short period of time. His finger knocked against the table and the expression on his face was volatile. It was a long while later before he slowly spoke, “I would lose out if my rank 6 Monster core is exchanged for just one ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’…” He suddenly slammed the table at the end of his words and said, “If you were to take out another ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’, I will endure the pain in my heart and hand this rank 6 Monster Core to you.”

Elder Hao’s face twitched when he heard these words by the side. However, he did not open his mouth to interrupt. Instead, he merely used his gaze to glance at Xiao Yan, appearing to be waiting for his decision.

Xiao Yan frowned slightly. This ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’ was extremely rare. He had been unwilling to consume it unless it was a critical moment. This was because he was uncertain whether he would need them when he wanted to refine some higher tier medicinal pills in the future. These things only formed in the place where the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ was born. However, just how many places in this world could one find the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’? Therefore, he would basically lose one ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’ each time he used it. It was already his limit now that he had taken out one pill to exchange for Elder Liu’s rank 6 Monster Core. It would be Xiao Yan’s turn to feel pain if he were to add another one.

“Ah, I have only luckily obtained one ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’. Elder Liu, you are really making things difficult for me if you want me to add another.” Xiao Yan let out a sigh and shook his head. He slowly withdrew his palm and kept the ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’. From the looks of it, he actually had the intention to give up this transaction.

Anxiety flashed across Elder Liu’s eyes when he saw Xiao Yan’s action. He forcefully suppressed the impulse in his heart as he gave Xiao Yan a forceful smile and said, “Little fellow, this ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’ may be rare, but you should also clearly be aware of the value of a rank 6 Monster Core. How many people would dare to place their intention on a Magical Beast that could contend against an elite Dou Huang? With the exception of the First Elder, this rank 6 Monster Core in my hands is perhaps the only one among all the many Elders of the Inner Academy.”

The meaning of these words were undoubtedly secretly reminding Xiao Yan that only he himself possessed a rank 6 Monster Core in his hand within this Inner Academy. If Xiao Yan did not exchange with him, the former might end up empty-handed.

“I also wish to. Unfortunately, I am unable to fork out the price that Elder wants.” Although Elder Liu hid his anxiety quite well, his original character was not suited for such concealment of his feelings. Therefore, Xiao Yan, who was sitting on the opposite side, was able to clearly grasp this thread of emotion. Immediately, he let out a snicker within his heart. On the surface, however, he sighed and shook his head. He actually stood up slowly and stored the ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’ back into his storage ring. After which, he cupped his hands toward Elder Liu before speaking to Elder Hao beside him with a bitter smile, “Elder Hao, let’s leave.”

“Ah, forget it. It is alright that you are unable to exchange for it. Later, I will help you inquire with the First Elder.” Elder Hao helplessly nodded as he stood up and spoke to Xiao Yan.

The eyes of Elder Liu, who was seated beside him, twitched upon hearing this. He was slightly furious as he quietly cursed. When he saw that Xiao Yan had turned around and was about to leave, he was finally unable to endure it any longer. He hurriedly stood up and said, “Little friend Xiao Yan, don’t be in such a hurry to leave. We can continue to discuss.”

Xiao Yan’s footsteps paused for a moment. His heart finally sighed in relief when he heard Elder Liu open his mouth. He turned his head slightly, only to see the smile on Elder Hao’s face and was instantly startled. Elder Hao had actually understood Elder Liu’s impatient manner. Therefore, he had fanned the flame.

Xiao Yan threw a gaze of gratitude to Elder Hao. Only then did he turn around and speak with a helpless look on his face, “Elder Liu, it is not that I am unwilling to exchange but I am really unable to take out a second ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’.”

Elder Liu’s face turned slightly red. He wanted to obtain that ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’, but felt heartache over the value of the rank 6 Monster Core. He became somewhat silent immediately. After struggling in this manner for a while, he finally sighed in a disspirited manner and said, “It is fine that you don’t add another ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’. However, you must promise me one thing.”

“What is it?” Xiao Yan asked cautiously.

“Help me refine one ‘Dragon Strength Pill’.” Elder Liu sighed. He was dissatisfied to simply take one ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’. Therefore, he must definitely get something else. Only then will his heart be in equilibrium.

“Refining a ‘Dragon Strength Pill’ huh…” Xiao Yan rejoiced within his heart when he heard this. On the surface, however, he hesitated for a moment before speaking, “Alright. However, according to the rules, Elder Liu must prepare the ingredients for the refinement by yourself.”

“You… you stingy fellow!” Elder Liu immediately blew at his beard somewhat angrily when he heard Xiao Yan’s words. After cursing loudly, however, he suddenly became dispirited. With a wave of his hand, he said, “Alright I will prepare the medicinal ingredients by myself, by myself. Little fellow, you are a little too stingy. Can’t a young person be a little more generous?”

“I cannot be a little more generous on this. Even I myself cannot gather all the ingredients needed to refine the ‘Dragon Strength Pill’, where will I find them to help you refine it?” Xiao Yan muttered in his heart. The ‘Dragon Strength Pill’ that he gave Elder Hao was refined from the medicinal ingredients that the latter had prepared himself. Although these medicinal ingredients cannot be compared to the ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’, they were still quite rare. It was likely that he would have to waste a lot of time if he were to go and search for them by himself.

A glow flicked from the storage ring on Elder Liu’s hand. An azure-colored crystal body that was the size of a fist appeared in his hand. Following the appearance of the azure-colored crystal, the originally dry room immediately became somewhat fresh and cool as well as a little moist.

Elder Liu rubbed this azure crystal body whose shape was not uniform, unwilling to part with it. A moment later, he clenched his teeth and gently placed it on the table. He said, “Ah, take it, take it.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at the blue-colored crystal on the table. The slight glow which it emitted was gentle and did not pierce one’s eyes. One could even vaguely hear a little wave sounds resonate from the crystal body. A fieriness rose quietly within Xiao Yan’s heart. His expression did not change as he took a step forward. He held it in his hand under the extremely painful gaze of Elder Liu. Only after he sensed the powerful water affinity energy like a surging river did he sigh in relief and appeared to have been freed from a heavy burden. He had finally obtained this final thing that he needed to refine the ‘Ground Spirit Pill’.

“Ke ke, Elder Liu. You can keep this ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’ first. As for the ‘Dragon Strength Pill’, I will help Elder refine it once you send the medicinal ingredients that you have gathered to ‘Pan’s Gate’.” Xiao Yan swiftly stored the rank 6 water affinity Monster Core into his storage ring before smiling and respectfully handing over the ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’ in his hand to Elder Liu.

Elder Liu shook his head with a bitter smile. He grabbed this ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’. Only after sensing the enormous fire affinity energy within it did his expression become a little better. He let out a faint ‘ai’ sound before waving his hand toward Xiao Yan and Elder Hao.

Xiao Yan knew that Elder Liu was definitely in somewhat of a bad mood at this moment. Therefore, he did not dare to continue remaining here. He secretly laughed in his heart before exchanging a look with Elder Hao. The both of them left with their limbs feeling light, leaving behind Elder Liu, whose expression alternated between joy and pain as he held the ‘Ground-Fire Lotus Seed’. The latter was alone in the room, tasting the feeling of conflict.

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