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Chapter 532

Chapter 532: Asparagus Ice Fire Fruit

Behind the wooden door was a spacious room that was covered by a faint fluorescent light. Xiao Yan slowly walked, in as he gazed about in all directions. Surprise gradually surged onto his face. The inner wall of the entire room was wrapped by a creamy white layer of jade. Even the ground under his feet was put together by pieces of neatly arranged white jade without the presence of any crack lines. That faint fluorescent light was actually being emitted from these white jade pieces.

“What a grand masterpiece.” Xiao Yan clicked his tongue and exclaimed to himself. These white jade pieces were extremely expensive. However, they were quite effective when used to preserve medicinal ingredients. In this kind of airtight environment, these valuable medicinal ingredients would not lose even the slightest medicinal effect. Moreover, the time that they could be placed in storage lengthened greatly. This kind of arrangement was far from what Xiao Yan’s usage of the storage ring to store the medicinal ingredients could compare with.

The spacious room that was surrounded by white jade had a couple built-in walkways. Positioned on the two sides of the walkway were tall and large shelves that were built with white jade. Xiao Yan randomly entered one of them and his gaze drifted toward the shelves. Immediately, various unique medicinal ingredients, which one could identify as being extremely rare at a glance, were quietly placed there. Various medicinal fragrances of different scents faintly flowed out.

“‘Yin Magical Flame Grass’… ‘Purple Spirit Plastic Flower’… this appears to be called the… ‘Cold Blood Fruit’?”

Xiao Yan’s footsteps followed the walkways next to the shelves as he slowly walked around. The various unique medicinal ingredients that were placed within it caused the shock on Xiao Yan’s face to become increasingly dense. In the end, he was unable to even name some of the medicinal ingredients. However, from the medicinal fragrances that these medicinal ingredients emitted, one could tell that they belonged to a kind of elixir where one may not find one in ten thousand medicinal ingredients.

Xiao Yan completed walking a single corridor after spending nearly ten minutes. Although the Asparagus Ice Fire Fruit that he needed was absent, those other various and extremely rare medicinal ingredients caused Xiao Yan’s heart to beat much more quickly.

Xiao Yan’s throat rolled as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva. If not for his still present reasoning, it was likely that he would not be able to resist storing all of these medicinal ingredients into his storage ring. However, this thought was suppressed by him the moment it flashed in his heart. If he really did something like that, it was likely that he would not be able to stay in the Inner Academy any longer. Should this be the case, the matter of him wanting to obtain the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ would also fall through. These medicinal ingredients may be precious and rare, but they paled a lot in comparison to the latter.

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at a dry tree branch which was blood red in color and formed a twisted shape that appeared like a meandering python. The rate at which his saliva was secreted in his mouth had become much faster. He was acquainted with this thing; Yao Lao had once told him that this ‘Blood Python Branch’ was an extremely rare medicinal ingredient. Moreover, it was a key ingredient to refine the ‘Dou Ling Pill’.

The ‘Dou Ling Pill’ was basically one of the most sought after tier six medicinal pills on the Dou Qi continent. This kind of medicinal pill could only be consumed within the Dou Wang class. As long as one consumed one pill during this period of time, one would be able to ra

ise one’s level by one star without any risk. Of course, one could only consume one within this class. If one consumed more than that, one would simply waste the pill due to the resistance to the medicinal effects that had formed. Just think, raising one level at the Dou Wang class was something that one might not be able to achieve even with a few years. Yet, this small medicinal pill could save many years of accumulation. Moreover, it did not have any side effects. Those elite Dou Wang could not help but go crazy over it.

“Ah. I can see, but cannot touch.”

Xiao Yan did his best to shift his gaze away from the ‘Blood Python Branch’. He let out a bitter laugh before forcefully turning his body and forcing himself to walk to another corridor to search for the medicinal ingredient that he needed.

There were nearly six to seven walkways in the entire spacious white jade room with over a hundred types of medicinal ingredients placed on them. Moreover, all of them were of the extremely rare category. Xiao Yan walked down one corridor after another. The movement of his footsteps suddenly paused in the final corridor as his eyes shined while he stared at the shelf in front of him.

On the shelf was an extremely exquisite jade plate with a palm-sized fruit placed on it. This fruit was quite unique. Half of it was red in color while the other half was white in color. Xiao Yan could sense the heat seeping out from the red-colored side even though he was two feet away. The white-colored side, on the other hand, emitted a completely different ice-cold temperature. These two extremely different affinities were perfectly merged into one fruit. It must be said that nature was truly incomparably unique and unusual.

Additionally, there was faint line markings spreading out on the surface of this fruit which contained the two affinities of ice and fire. These lines all over the place and appeared to have a certain hidden pattern. However, if one was to carefully study it, one would see a cluster of complete mess that one could not understand.

Xiao Yan was surprised as he eyed this unique fruit. Although Xiao Yan had never seen the so-called ‘Asparagus Ice Fire Fruit’ before, he was still able to conclude from Yao Lao’s description that the thing in front of him should be the final medicinal ingredient that he had searched bitterly for, the ‘Asparagus Ice Fire Fruit’!

“I have finally found it. This Inner Academy really does have a rich collection. It is even able to possess such a rare medicinal ingredient.” The joy on Xiao Yan’s face was difficult to hide. He rubbed his hands excitedly and extended his hand to remove the ‘Asparagus Ice Fire Fruit’.

However, he had just extended his hand when an extremely delicate, small hand seemed to appear out of nowhere and took the ‘Asparagus Ice Fire Fruit’ from the jade plate under Xiao Yan’s incomparably stunned gaze.

Xiao Yan was actually unable to react in time when his target was snatched. His gaze eyed the empty jade plate blankly. An instant later, he suddenly turned his head in a lightning-like manner. His gaze carried some shock as he looked to his side.

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth twitched a little when his shocked gaze saw the owner of the small hand beside him.

The person who appeared beside Xiao Yan was a young girl in white clothes who was level to his waist. The little girl appeared to be twelve to thirteen years old. Her pale-purple hair was let out to her waist and her face was very soft. The girl’s appearance was beautiful, white, and clear, and her pair of black watery eyes blinked at Xiao Yan. It appeared to have a demonic strength that caused the shock in Xiao Yan’s heart to gradually disappear.

Xiao Yan’s throat rolled a little. His gaze shifted down slowly only to discover that the little girl’s left hand was holding a gold-colored medicinal ingredient that appeared to possess the gold affinity. Her right hand was tightly clenching the target of his current trip, the Asparagus Ice Fire Fruit.

Xiao Yan blinked his eyes. He recalled the scene earlier and shock suddenly swarmed into his heart. Just when did this little girl appear by his side? If she had not extended her hand to take the Asparagus Ice Fire Fruit earlier, it was likely that he would still be unaware that there was a person standing beside him…

The white-clothed little girl opened her innocent large eyes and studied Xiao Yan for a while. After which, she suddenly took the seemingly gold-like medicinal ingredient in her hand and placed it into her small mouth. From the looks of it, she was actually thinking of biting it.

“Don’t!” Xiao Yan shouted as a reflex action when he saw the action of the little girl. He recognized that ingredient. It was a rare medicinal ingredient named ‘Hard Gold Pu’. It could be used to refine medicine but its body was as hard as metal. Forget about using one’s teeth to bite it. Even an ordinary flame would be unable to do anything to it.

The little girl completely ignored Xiao Yan’s cry. Her neat, snow-white, small teeth bit down with great strength. Immediately… a clear sound like that of a mountain rock breaking began to reverberate within the spacious room.

Xiao Yan was dull as he eyed the tiny gap on the ‘Hard Gold Pu’. One could still see teeth marks in the spot where the gap was. Droplets of golden yellow color liquid dripped out from the gap and landed on the snow-white jade floor, appearing extremely eye-catching.

“Creak, creak…”

The little girl’s mouth wrapped around the ‘Hard Gold Pu’ that she had bitten off and her teeth chewed repeatedly. A thread of golden-yellow liquid spilled out from the corner of her mouth. Finally, it dribbled down her chin. That hard metallic ‘Hard Gold Pu’ was just like an ordinary snack in the mouth of this little girl as it was easily chewed into pieces before being swallowed into her stomach.

Xiao Yan’s dull gaze continued for a long time. Finally, he slowly recovered. As he eyed the golden-yellow liquid on the corner of the mouth of the white-clothed girl in front of her, he felt a great heartache. Was this not too much of a waste of naturally rare things?

The white-clothed little girl used the pinkish back of her hand to rub away the golden-yellow liquid from the corner of her mouth. She took one glance at Xiao Yan. There was a faint indifference in her large dark-black eyes. After which, she once again lifted the ‘Asparagus Ice Fire Fruit’ on her other hand. She opened her small mouth and appeared to actually be intending to take a bite of this thing.

This action of the little girl immediately shocked Xiao Yan until he was terror-stricken. This ‘Asparagus Ice Fire Fruit’ was something that he had found with great difficulty. If she was to just take a bite like this, just how long would it take before he would be able to find a second one?

“Don’t eat it!” Xiao Yan cried out once again. Xiao Yan could not be bothered by the strange condition of the little girl in front of him. He hurriedly extended his hand out and grabbed for the ‘Asparagus Ice Fire Fruit’.

His hand had just been extended out when the small hand of the little girl, which was still holding the ‘Hard Gold Pu’, extended out in a lightning-like manner. Finally, she extended two snow-white-pinkish finger and gently gripped Xiao Yan’s palm.

Although the actions of the little girl were quite light and agile, Xiao Yan’s face suddenly changed when the two fingers gripped onto him. He tried to pull his hand with all his might, but it did not cause the little girl to even move her hand slightly. Immediately, shock could not help but surface on his face. This… what kind of a monster was this little girl? She actually possessed a strength that even a Dou Wang did not possess at such a young age. This… a thought rapidly rotated around his heart as he felt his back persperate with cold sweat.

The white-clothed little girl’s small mouth moved a little after gripping Xiao Yan’s palm. A crisp moving tender voice of a little girl carried an indifference as it sounded within the room. Xiao Yan did not know whether he was mistaken, but he even felt that this tender voice contained some killing intent…

“You want to take my thing?”

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