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Chapter 530: The Ranking on the ‘Strong Ranking’

Xiao Yan was slumped in a chair in the spacious large hall as he listened to Xun Er tell him about the situation of ‘Pan’s Gate’ after he had left. Occasionally, he would stretch his lazy waist and let out a big yawn. His lazy manner caused Xun Er to stop her speech and helplessly shake her head.

“How are Hu Jia’s injuries?” Xiao Yan smiled and asked her a question. His spirits were slightly lifted when he saw Xun Er helplessly cease speaking.

“Her injuries are quite serious this time. However, with the medicinal pills that you have refined, it is only a matter of time before she can completely recover. Moreover, from the looks of the fluctuations in her breath, it appears that there are faint traces of her about to break through to a nine star Da Dou Shi.” Xun Er smiled and replied.

Shock flashed across Xiao Yan’s face when he heard this. He immediately nodded slightly. Hu Jia’s and Wu Hao’s training talent belonged to the very excellent category. If Xiao Yan had not supported himself with many elixirs, it was likely that he would not be able to surpass them this swiftly.

“Has the outside world become a little calmer these two days?” Xiao Yan suddenly smiled bitterly and asked as he lifted a teacup by his side to take a shallow sip.

Two full days had passed since he had defeated Bai Cheng in the Fighting Arena back then. Xiao Yan had basically stayed within the house without taking a step outside during these two days. One reason was because that battle had exhausted his spirit while the other was because he had defeated Bai Cheng and leaped into being an expert on the ‘Strong Ranking’.

According to the rules, as long as there was someone who could defeat a person on the ‘Strong Ranking’ within the Inner Academy, the victor would be able to replace the loser’s ranking on the ‘Strong Ranking’. Bai Cheng was ranked thirty-four on the ‘Strong Ranking’ Now that Xiao Yan had defeated him, he had catapulted up and become an expert on the ‘Strong Ranking’, occupying this position.

Thirty-four. This result may not appear to be close to the front, but in this Inner Academy where talents were as numerous as the clouds, it was sufficient to show the excellence of possessing this position. On the ‘Strong Ranking’ one would undergo extremely tough fight each time one’s ranking increased by one. Although it was extremely difficult to leap into becoming an expert on the ‘Strong Ranking’ the great treatment was enough to cause many people to have eyes red with envy. According to what Xiao Yan knew, this thirty-fourth rank on the ‘Strong Ranking’ of his would be able to obtain two hundred days of ‘Fire Energy’ from the Inner Academy each month. Although the current Xiao Yan did not lack ‘Fire Energy’ to squander freely due to the sale of medicinal pills, this was an extremely rich reward in the eyes of others.

As long as a person rose by a small rank on the ‘Strong Ranking’, the treatment that he received would be much richer. Therefore, there were people who began to appear in succession after Xiao Yan defeated Bai Cheng, who had occupied the thirty-fourth rank on the ‘Strong Ranking’. Stacks of challenge letters were delivered to ‘Pan’s Gate’ one after another. Although the strength that Xiao Yan had displayed in the Fighting Arena was extremely strong back then, his strength was merely that of a one star Dou Ling no matter how one put it. Therefore, many people subconsciously thought that it might not be too difficult to defeat Xiao Yan. After all, he did not have a second ‘Dragon Strength Pill’ to consume.

The reason Xiao Yan had not left the house was partly because the stacks of challenge letters had given him a headache. He gave the outside world the excuse of ceasing to fight because he was recuperating. This caused those people who wanted to borrow Xiao Yan as a pedal to raise their position to helplessly look on with despair. After all, the Inner Academy similarly had some rules. Those injured had the right to reject the challenge of others. Moreover, they would not have any burden.

“Ke ke, there are a lot more people who want to challenge you compared to yesterday. I think that as long as Xiao Yan ge-ge walks out of ‘Pan’s Gate’, I’m afraid there will immediately be seven to eight people issuing a challenge to you.” Xun Er covered her mouth and laughed.

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. He did not expect that this position of an expert on the ‘Strong Ranking’ would bring him such a large amount of trouble. He saw that Lin Xiuya and the others appeared to be recollected everyday. They were in no way similar to him who was badly battered by these challenge letters.

Xiao Yan was complaining in his heart. However, he had forgotten an important caveat, how many people within the Inner Academy dared challenge Lin Xiuya and the others given their strength? The treatment that he received could be considered something quite special within the entire ‘Strong Ranking’.

“Ah.” Xiao Yan lay in the chair feeling bored. He softly muttered, “I wonder when the Grand Competition will begin…”

“Ha ha, Xiao Yan, it is really unexpected that you have actually broken through to the Dou Ling class after not seeing you for two months. Moreover, you even defeated Bai Cheng. This news was really somewhat shocking. I did not really dare to believe it when I heard this from within the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’.” The tightly shut front door was suddenly pushed opened and a familiar voice was transmitted into the house. Lin Yan’s figure immediately walked in.

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this laughter. He immediately rejoiced as he raised his head and eyed Lin Yan who was walking in with a smiling face. With a smile, he said, “It is actually Senior Lin Yan. How are you? Have you recovered from the fire poison within your body?”

“Thanks to those medicinal liquids of yours, the fire poison has basically been removed.” Lin Yan greeted Xun Er before he carelessly searched for a chair to sit. The fiery-red color in his eyes currently showed the trend of having completely disappeared. It was completely different from the bright redness a couple of months ago. Moreover, Lin Yan’s demeanor was also a little less hot tempered following the removal of the fire poison. There was an additional thread of ordinary calm. Looking at his aura, it appeared that his strength had also advanced quite a lot.

“Tsk tsk, you have actually really reached the Dou Ling class. This training speed of yours really leaves people speechless.” Lin Yan could not help but sigh. His gaze carefully swept over Xiao Yan’s body as he sensed the aura within Xiao Yan’s body that was more than a few times stronger than before.

Xiao Yan smiled and waved to Xun Er. The latter immediately and obediently took the tea from one side and handed it to Lin Yan.

“Hee hee, I heard that Junior Xun Er did not even put Liu Qing in her eyes at the Fighting Arena. Now, however, she is carrying tea for me. Xiao Yan, you really do have some skill.” Lin Yan hurriedly received the tea and raised a thumb to Xiao Yan. The latter was able to partner with such an outstanding woman who was obedient to only him. This skill really caused Lin Yan to feel some admiration.

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. This Lin Yan may not be as hot-tempered after expelling the fire poison, but it appeared that his mouth could not control his words.

“I have also heard of the matter within the Fighting Arena. It is really unexpected that you have really come into conflict with Liu Qing. That fellow is not an ordinary person.” Lin Yan smile withdrew a little as he spoke somewhat seriously.

“Who among the top ten of the ‘Strong Ranking’ is an ordinary person?” Xiao Yan smiled. He was not overly worried. Although his current strength was merely a one star Dou Ling, he was not too afraid of Liu Qing and the others after having leaped across that enormous threshold. If it had been in the past when Xiao Yan was merely a Da Dou Shi, he would have endured and would not have come into a head-on collision with Bai Cheng even though he had a trump card like the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’. This was because he knew that the gap between two classes was really too enormous. Even if he had powerful Dou Techniques, it was likely that he would end up in a predicament should he fail to defeat his opponent with his attack. It was completely different now. He had currently advanced into the Dou Ling class. Although he had a gap of many levels when compared with Liu Qing, who was at the peak of the Dou Ling class, it was likely that Liu Qing would still only be barely victorious in a fight between the both of them.

This was the gap between the classes!

Lin Yan was startled when he saw Xiao Yan’s somewhat unconcerned expression. He immediately smiled and said, “What courage. It is really difficult for anyone to see through you brat. I think that you must have some capital hidden for you to be this arrogant. I have really worried too much.”

Xiao Yan smiled. He did not become entangled on this topic. Instead, he mused for a moment before saying, “Does Senior Lin Xiao know just when the so called ‘Strong Ranking Grand Competition’ will begin?”

“Oh, ke ke. Now that you have a name on the ‘Strong Ranking’, this grand competition does really have something to do with you.” Lin Yan smiled and nodded as he continued, “Counting the time, this grand competition should begin after one month. Why? Don’t tell me that you have some intentions toward the top ten?”

Xiao Yan gave a noncommittal smile. He held his teacup and rolled it in his hand as he softly said, “I wonder just what rank does Lin Qing hold?”

Lin Yan smile became dull. He was silent for awhile before he extended three fingers.

“Third?” Xiao Yan was slightly startled. Xiao Yan was speechless. The strength of this Liu Qing had actually exceeded his expectations.

“The second is Lin Xiuya, the fourth is Yan Hao, the fifth to the eighth positions are renowned people within the Inner Academy. As for me, I am moving back and forth between the ninth and tenth. Of course, that is the ranking of the past. Now that the fire poison in my body has been completely expelled, my strength has soared by quite a bit. If we were to rank again, I believe that I will be able to squeeze into the top six.” Lin Yan laughed as he explained the situation.

“Lin Xiuya is actually second?” Surprise drew across Xiao Yan’s face. It was really unexpected that Lin Xiuya’s ranking was actually one step higher than Liu Qing’s ranking. However, he also felt relieved as he thought in his heart. Back then, Lin Xiuya was still jumping around in a lively manner after receiving a blow from the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ who had awoken its wild and violent bloodline back in the deep mountains. If it was another person at the peak of the Dou Ling class, it was likely that he would have lost his life on the spot. This fellow did indeed have quite a great strength.

“Don’t underestimate Lin Xiuya. This fellow has nearly practiced his wind affinity Dou Qi until it has reached its pinnacle. Moreover, he has quite a great background. The Qi Technique and Dou Skill which he practice are undoubtedly of a high class that a commoner can only have extravagant dreams of.” Lin Yan spoke seriously. Even a person as arrogant as him still had some admiration for this name. From this, it was sufficient to see Lin Xiuya’s strength.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. Having seen the battle between Lin Xiuya and the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’, Xiao Yan would naturally not underestimate such a strong person. He mused a little within his heart before suddenly laughing, “There is the second and third place. In that case, who is in the first place?”

These words of Xiao Yan’s were originally just a random inquiry. However, after they left his mouth, the hands of Lin Yan in front of him suddenly stiffened. A faint fear flashed across his face. He opened his mouth, but failed to spit out the name that the older students feared like a tiger…

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