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Chapter 525: Fighting a Six Star Dou Ling

Xun Er and the others were aware that Xiao Yan could suddenly unleash an extremely great strength. Therefore, they did not feel much surprise when they saw that his current strength had greatly soared. However, Lin Xiuya and the rest from high above involuntarily emitted a shocked ‘huh’ sound. They, who possessed powerful strength, were naturally able to discover that Xiao Yan’s current strength had nearly caught up with Bai Cheng. This kind of large increase, or leap of strength, really caused others to be astonished. After all, that was a total six star gap.

“This fellow, no wonder I felt a faint solemn feeling when I first met him. It is actually because he possesses such tactics.” Lin Xiuya’s eyes suddenly danced with an additional surprise within. Clearly, this eruption by Xiao Yan had exceeded his expectations.

Beside him, Yan Hao’s eyes were staring intently at Xiao Yan below. From the looks of his expression, he appeared to have quite a great interest in the way Xiao Yan suddenly unleashed his strength. He also nodded slightly when he heard Lin Xiuya’s words before his gaze moved up and finally landed at a place where it was a little dark. He could faintly hear an extremely soft surprised exclamation being emitted from that spot.

“This time around, Bai Cheng has indeed kicked a metal plate. He might end up handing over his ranking on the ‘Strong Ranking.’” Yan Hao skimmed the corner of his mouth as he spoke with a gloating smile.

Lin Xiuya and the others laughed before they once again threw their gazes into the battle circle below.


After Xiao Yan had displayed the ‘Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change,’ his strength has undoubtedly reached a plain where he was able to contend with Bai Cheng for a short period of time. When Bai Cheng saw Xiao Yan, whose Qi had suddenly soared, charge over, his cold smiling face involuntarily changed a couple of times. He also knew a little about Xiao Yan being able to forcefully raise his strength. However, he did not really put that matter in his heart. From what he thought, this kind of method which forcefully increased one’s strength was ultimately an unorthodox method. One would return to one’s true form after the time limit had passed.

This disdain within his heart had begun to shake a little by the human figure in front, who was carrying lightning momentum in his attack. At this moment, Bai Cheng finally understood that he had truly underestimated Xiao Yan right from the beginning.

Bai Cheng clenched his teeth violently and tightly held the long spear in his hand. His eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan who was becoming increasingly close. A cold glint flashed in his eyes. He clearly knew what this battle meant for him. If he was to unluckily lose, his ranking on the ‘Strong Ranking’ might immediately be replaced by Xiao Yan. Moreover, even the reputation of his ‘White Gang’ would be reduced, resulting in a great decline in their position within the Inner Academy. Therefore, no matter how difficult it was to deal with the Xiao Yan in front of him, he had to use all means to defeat the latter today!

“What a wild and arrogant fellow. I shall let you see the true strength of an expert on the ‘Strong Ranking’ today! These mediocre tactics cause your confidence to be a little too full.” Some cold sharpness drew by Xiao Yan’s face. The dark-yellow Dou Qi was like a yellow river that flowed out from Bai Cheng’s body unceasingly. Finally, it wrapped his entire body. The surface of the light cluster was like a flood that flowed slowly, much like swirling water that emitted a yellow-colored glow.

The yellow-colored Dou Qi light cluster trembled. It immediately unleashed a low roar under everyone’s gazes. The long spear swiftly pierced out in a lightning-like manner. Each time the long spear pierced out, numerous afterimages would appear in front of him. The speed of Bai Cheng’s shaking long spear was very frightening. In merely an instant, the afterimages of the long spear covered by the space in front of it. At this moment, Xiao Yan, who was rushing over like a Magical Beast instantly appeared just outside the blockade of the spear shadows.


The dark-yellow long spear afterimages paused in mid-air. A strange cold glow flashed on the tip of the spear. Under the strengthening of the dark-yellow Dou Qi, each of these afterimages possessed the strength to penetrate rock walls. Bai Cheng watched Xiao Yan who was already in close proximity. A cold cry suddenly erupted. Following the sound of the cry, the dark-yellow long spear afterimages, that covered the area in front, suddenly shot out explosively. In an instant, the sharp rushing wind sound began humming within the battle circle, appearing extremely eye-piercing.

There were many spear afterimages. By being able to agglomerate so many afterimages in one go, it was sufficient to show the strength of Bai Cheng’s ability. A member of the ‘Strong Ranking’ did deserve such a reputation.

If it was an ordinary Dou Ling, it was likely that the person would end up scrambling around for awhile under this sharp attack of Bai Cheng. However, Xiao Yan’s fighting experience was not the slightest bit inferior to Bai Cheng. Additionally, due to him having displayed the ‘Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change,’ he also possessed the strength to contend with Bai Cheng head-on. Although the spear images flashed in front of his eyes and the breeze blew sternly, it did not cause Xiao Yan to show even the slightest sign of shrinking back. The enormous Heavy Xuan Ruler in his hand was abruptly lifted, and he immediately violently hacked it downward in an extremely plain manner.


The trace of the swing of the Heavy Xuan Ruler was extremely ordinary. There was not the slightest bit of fanciness within it. This ordinary hack, however, carried a matchless force that could split mountains and crack the land. The body of the ruler split the air and even left a faint black-colored trace in the air. A wild and violent wind formed under the ruler. Under this powerful pressure, the tough ground quietly cracked, forming a crack line. From this, one could see the strength of this current attack of Xiao Yan, Quite a number of people in the viewing gallery changed their expressions slightly upon seeing the great strength of this attack. This intense fight was really a little exciting.

“Clang, clang…”

Numerous spear shadows, containing a sharp wind, hit the heavy ruler. They repeatedly erupted into the clear sound of metal colliding. The spear shadows swiftly disappeared. Only the swiftly spreading forceful ripples allowed one to know where the intense exchange erupted from.

A large portion of the spear images disappeared. In the end, merely a few spear images remained before finally giving up their senseless defense. The spear body stilled and a substance-like long spear tore through the air in a lightning-like manner. The sharp wind swiftly agglomerated on the tip of the lance. It violently pierced toward Xiao Yan’s chest.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. He agilely withdrew the heavy ruler in his hand. Immediately, the ruler stood heavily in front of him just like a dark-black shield. That dark -yellow long spear hit against the wide body of the ruler.

The moment the two came into contact, the body of the spear suddenly unleashed a powerful force. Under this force, Xiao Yan’s feet was dragged along the ground and moved backward for a total of two to three meters before coming to a stop.

“Hmph.” Bai Cheng let out a cold snort after shaking and forcing Xiao Yan back. His hand that held the hilt of the spear shook slightly. The glow on the body of the spear suddenly became much brighter. An eye-piercing yellow-colored glow that was like a sun shone from within the battleground.


As the yellow-colored glow became more intense, a yellow-colored energy sand snake suddenly rushed out. Its savage enormous mouth ferociously collided with the heavy ruler.


A great and loud explosive sound erupted from the point where the two collided. A ripple force visible to the naked eye swiftly spread out. Numerous crack lines spread repeatedly from the hard ground under Xiao Yan’s feet.

“Get lost!” Bai Cheng’s palm heavily struck the hilt of the spear. The strength of a six star Da Dou Shi was unleashed without reserve at this moment. An incomparably powerful force struck the ruler’s body. With a powerful lift by the tip of the spear, the dark-black heavy ruler emitted a ‘xiu’ sound and left Xiao Yan’s hands under everyone’s eyes. Finally, it rolled a couple of times in mid-air before being inserted into the ground outside the battle circle.

The viewing gallery was in an uproar the moment the heavy ruler left Xiao Yan’s hand. Other than Xun Er and the others who understood Xiao Yan very well, even the members of ‘Pan’s Gate’ involuntarily tightened their clenched fists. Their faces were filled with anxiety.

“Just how are you going to fight without your weapon?” The attack which contained all his strength finally got rid of Xiao Yan’s weapon. In an instant, Bai Cheng saw that victory was within close proximity as he laughed out loud in a high-spirited manner. The long spear in his hand did not pause as it continued to pierce explosively toward Xiao Yan’s chest.

Xiao Yan knit his eyebrows slightly when the heavy ruler left his hands. It must be said that Bai Cheng’s spear techniques were even sharper and more vicious than Bai Shan’s. The long spear was like lightning. When Xiao Yan sensed the faint piercing pain feeling that rose from his chest, the silver-colored lightning surfaced from under his feet. His body trembled slightly and an extremely vague afterimage remained on the spot. His body, on the other hand, had appeared over ten meters from the original spot.

The long spear pierced through the afterimage in a lightning-like manner. It stirred slightly and struck it until it turned into nothingness. Bai Cheng raised his head and eyed Xiao Yan who was over ten meters away, “Are you still not going to admit defeat? If you get on your knees and beg for mercy, I can show you some. Otherwise, knives and spears do not have eyes. Do not blame this senior for being vicious if I were to cut or break your arm or leg later.” The Inner Academy did not restrict one from using a killer move in a place like the Fighting Arena. In normal circumstances, however, most people would hold back a little unless the relationship between both parties was extremely terrible. After all, no matter how one put it, this was an academy and not a true bloody Fighting Arena.

Xiao Yan ignored the proud Bai Cheng. He randomly glanced at the heavy ruler outside of the arena before shaking his body slightly, sensing the flood of powerful Dou Qi. It had suddenly begun to flow at this moment only after it had escaped the strain of the Heavy Xuan Ruler.

Xiao Yan turned his gaze and eyed the dark and solemn ice-cold eyes belonging to Bai Cheng. He laughed softly, but did not open his mouth to speak. Silver glow once again appeared on his feet. He immediately stepped softly and his body was just like a ghost as it suddenly appeared beside Bai Cheng. His fist, was covered in a hot green-colored Dou Qi carried a hot wind and sharpness as it violently smashed toward Bai Cheng’s head.

The frightening speed that Xiao Yan had displayed at this moment caused Bai Cheng’s eyes to shrink suddenly. His head leaned back as a reflexive action, and the fist carrying hot wind drew by his face, causing it to feel a fiery hot pain.

“This fellow… why is that that his speed has suddenly soared again?” The black shadow that flashed in front of his eyes caused a monstrous startling wave to rise in Bai Cheng’s heart as he scolded in a flustered and exasperated manner.

Not having understood Xiao Yan, Bai Cheng naturally did not know that when Xiao Yan detached from the Heavy Xuan Ruler, his fighting strength would be completely unleashed. For other people, losing their weapon may be a fatal blow, but for Xiao Yan, that was equivalent to helping remove a kind of restraint from him.

The Xiao Yan who was holding the Heavy Xuan Ruler was not frightening. The unarmed and barehanded Xiao Yan was a true fighting machine.

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