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Chapter 519: Mixing Medicinal Liquid

Xiao Yan eyed a large wooden basin that was placed in front of him within a spacious and bright mountain cave. The wooden basin was filled with a transparent and clean water that allowed one to see its base. By the side of the wooden basin was a simple wooden shelf. Various kinds of medicinal ingredients were placed on it. At a glance, there was likely over ten different kinds of medicinal ingredients. Xiao Yan had spent a total of nearly three days in order to search for these medicinal ingredients.

“Hand the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ to me.” Yao Lao extended his hand toward Xiao Yan and commanded him after he had checked that all the necessary medicinal ingredients had been gathered.

Xiao Yan hurriedly placed the thing into Yao Lao’s hands when he heard this. The latter held that jade bottle which was completely filled with ‘Core Quenching Body Milk.’ He weighed it a little before opening the cap. A faint emerald fog drifted out immediately, before finally gathering around the opening of the bottle. It did not disappear for a long time.

Yao Lao inhaled a deep breath of this fog, only to sense a faint warm stream flowing into his spirit. He involuntarily praised, “It is indeed worthy of being a spiritual object that has gathered the strength of the land. It is actually this rich and pure. No wonder it possesses such a unique effect of washing and refining one’s bones.”

Yao Lao tilted the jade bottle slightly after letting out a praise. He carefully poured ten drops of the emerald-like liquid into the wooden basin. After these ten drops of emerald liquid left the bottle, the liquid in the bottle was reduced by nearly a quarter.

Following the ten drops of ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ being dropped in, the clear water in the wooden basin immediately began to turn into a rich emerald-green color at a speed visible to the naked eye. Moreover, there was a faint fog that gradually seeped out from the surface of the water. This fog strangely did not disappear for a long time.

Xiao Yan curiously eyed the change of the liquid within the basin. He rubbed his head and asked in a surprised manner, “Don’t tell me that I will also need to train in here this time around?”

“Yes.” Yao Lao used his entire focus to eye the change in the color of the liquid. He carelessly said, “The energy of the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ is far too great. It is impossible for you to directly consume it orally with just your current strength. Hence, you can only adopt this method. Moreover, even this manner of using it must be used in conjunction with other medicinal plants in order to be able to gain the effect of washing and refining your bones. If you were to forcefully do this, forget about washing your bones, it is likely that your little life would be directly washed away first.”

Xiao Yan smiled awkwardly. His body was not that weak, no?

“Hand over the ‘Incense Grass.’” Yao Lao ignored Xiao Yan’s quiet muttering. Under his observation, the color of the liquid turned extremely rich. After which, he faintly ordered Xiao Yan to do something.

Xiao Yan swiftly extended his hand to the wooden shelf after hearing this. He picked up a small incense-like red-colored grass before handing it over to Yao Lao.

Yao Lao waved his hand while holding this ‘Incense Grass.’ A cluster of thick white-colored flames formed in his palm. The thick white flames curled and rose up, much like a cluster of icy flames.

Yao Lao threw this grass into the flames. In merely an instant, the ‘Incense Grass’ swiftly wilted. Finally, it turned into a drop of red-colored liquid that was boiled by the ‘Bone Chilling Flame.’

Yao Lao used the ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ to refine the red-colored liquid a couple of times. He flicked his finger and the red-colored liquid fell into the wooden basin.

Following the entrance of this drop of red-colored liquid, the originally emerald-colored water’s surface suddenly become a dash of dark-red.

“Green Lotus Fruit.” Yao Lao once again opened his mouth and commanded indifferently. Xiao Yan hurriedly searched for this fruit-like medicinal ingredient from the wooden shelf.

After a couple of minutes of refinement, that ‘Green Lotus Fruit’ had also turned into a drop of green liquid that fell into the wooden basin, causing an additional pale-green color to appear within the liquid.

“Snake Shedding Flower.”

“Buddha Flame Root.”

The names of different medicinal ingredients were repeatedly emitted from Yao Lao’s mouth one after another. As his voice was emitted, the medicinal ingredients on the wooden shelf were swiftly being reduced. An hour later, dozens of different medicinal ingredients had been completely turned into various liquids of different colors that were then thrown into the wooden basin.

Yao Lao sighed in relief after refining the final medicinal ingredient. His eyes looked at the wooden basin. He nodded in satisfaction after seeing the gorgeous multicolored liquid surface within. Facing Xiao Yan beside him, Yao Lao said, “Go and take your clothes off. Enter into it and train until the color of the liquid once again turns into that of clear water.”

Xiao Yan’s face was astonished as he eyed the multicolored liquid that emerged from the dozens of medicinal ingredients’ pure essences. This kind of technique had no relation to one’s talent. It completely required the accumulation of experience as well as the understanding of various kinds of medicinal ingredients in order for one to achieve it.

“Be a little careful after you enter it. Although the effect of this ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ has become much gentler after being neutralized by these medicinal ingredients, the energy contained within it has increased instead of decreased. Therefore, you might feel some pain while you are training. You will gain a great amount of benefits if you endure.” Yao Lao clapped his hands and spoke with a smile.

Xiao Yan nodded. He swiftly removed the clothes on his body before stepping into the wooden basin in a manner that suggested he could not wait any longer.

As his body broke the multicolored liquid surface, he immediately gave a violent shiver. The temperature of this water was so cold that it was frightening. If he did not use Dou Qi to protect his body, his skin would feel waves of piercing pain from the coldness.

“Do not release your Dou Qi to wrap your body. That will hinder the medicinal strength from entering it. This water is this ice-cold because of my ‘Bone Chilling Flame.’ It does not pose any harm to you.” Yao Lao’s voice suddenly sounded just as Xiao Yan could not resist it any longer and wanted to use his Dou Qi to resist the cold.

Xiao Yan could only helplessly nod his head when he heard this. He was able to clearly feel the enormous energy that was contained within the multicolored liquid as his body soaked within it. Before he had even entered his training state, the energy that had filled the water began to uncontrollably enter his body, causing Xiao Yan to feel an itchy feeling all over it. This was similar to ants clawing his skin.

Xiao Yan violently swung his head. He suppressed the discomfort he felt on his body. He had suffered quite a lot of hardship during these few years. Hence, this tingling feeling did not pose much of a hindrance to him. Xiao Yan sat within the wooden basin. His hands formed the training seals as he gradually shut his eyes. His breathing suddenly became calm and long. A long while later, the itchy feeling on his body slowly became fainter before disappearing. Xiao Yan had entered into his training state.

Yao Lao eyed Xiao Yan, who had entered the training state, from the side of the wooden basin. He smiled and nodded as he softly said, “Although there is an extremely great benefit from washing and refining your bones, there is also quite a bit of suffering during this process. Your path ahead will be flat if you endure through it. If you fail to endure through it, not only will all your effort be wasted, but the Qi Paths in your body might also show some signs of injuries due to the assault by the enormous energy. In the end, you may end up in a situation where you lose more than you gain. Although there are some risks, if you do not take the risk and possess a fearless heart in your training journey, how will you be able to walk far?”


As Xiao Yan entered his training condition, the multi colored water in wooden basin was suddenly filled with tiny bubbles. A moment later, the surging of the bubbles became increasingly intense. That manner was as though Xiao Yan’s body was in boiling water. However, this boiling water caused Xiao Yan to feel incomparably icy-cold.

The instant when the bubbles surged, Xiao Yan’s body stilled suddenly. He was clearly able to sense that the unmeasurable amount of pure energy within this liquid appeared to have received a suction force as it followed the slightly opened pores on Xiao Yan’s body. It forcefully poured into his body!

Xiao Yan felt that his skin had become painfully swollen as the energy that surged in was far too large. However, this pure energy that swarmed in did not come to a stop just because of how he felt. Instead, it began pouring into his body at an even more ferocious speed. As it transversed into his body, numerous scurry traces were plucking up randomly under his skin. That appearance was as though many small snakes were hidden under his skin, appearing extremely frightening.

Xiao Yan naturally could not sense his savage, frightening outer appearance. He could currently only use all his strength to circulate his mind and observe the movement within his body.

The multicolored gorgeous energy that swarmed into Xiao Yan’s body did not obey any of Xiao Yan’s order. Instead, it charged into all the bones in Xiao Yan’s body in a manner that caused it to seem like it had a specific target. Any bone that it came into contact with would instantly turn multicolored. Under this multicolor, Xiao Yan was able to vaguely sense that there was something entering his bones and doping them.

Xiao Yan did not have any means to stop the actions of this energy. Therefore, Xiao Yan did not have any other choice other than to simply watch an increasing amount of his bones turn multicolored.

In less than ten minutes, the bones in Xiao Yan’s body were nearly completely covered by that multicolored energy. At a glance, every part was filled with different colors, appearing extremely bizarre.

Xiao Yan’s heart suddenly shook violently as he felt some uncertainty at the actions of these energy. He could sense that his bones appeared to have suddenly been incinerated. A deep searing pain swiftly seeped out from his bones. Finally, the pain spread to every corner of his body.

Xiao Yan clenched his teeth tightly. His body, which was seated cross-legged within the wooden basin, began to involuntarily tremble slightly. An unusual sleek redness also surfaced on his skin. His forehead was filled with cold perspiration. Finally, it began to roll down his face, like a drizzle, before falling into the wooden basin. Only then did he understand why Yao Lao said that there would be some pain. However… was this little pain not a little too much?

The corners of Yao Lao’s eyes were involuntarily lifted as he eyed this action of Xiao Yan while standing outside the wooden basin. He immediately let out a soft sigh. In a soft voice, he said, “Little fellow, you must hang on. If the washing of the bones is a success, you will be able to save a great amount of trouble when you advance to the Dou Wang class in the future.”

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