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Chapter 515: Searching For Treasure

With the help of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ blocking the ape, Xiao Yan successfully rushed into the mountain valley. Hearing an explosion that sounded like thunder outside the mountain valley, his body also paused for a moment. He turned his head and eyed the outside of the mountain valley, only to see that the sky was nearly completely covered by a seven-colored glow. The enormous size of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ was vaguely visible within the glow, emitting an extremely strong pressuring feeling. Under that pressure, another similarly strong snow-white cold air covered half the sky. The icy-cold gust even caused Xiao Yan, who was within the valley to involuntarily tremble.

“Relax. Although the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ may have some difficulty if it wants to kill the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape,’ there should not be any problem if it just wants to delay it. Now, you should swiftly search for the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk.’” Yao Lao appeared to clearly know of the worry in Xiao Yan’s heart as he comforted him.

“Yes.” Xiao Yan nodded. He did not continue to hesitate as he turned his head around and threw his gaze toward the dark-black valley. His brows were slightly knit together as he rubbed his finger gently. A couple of green-colored flames shot from his finger before finally spreading out in the surrounding mid-air, like numerous lanterns. The light from the flames scattered down and slowly expelled the darkness from the valley.

Xiao Yan discovered the size of the valley was actually quite big after borrowing the light from the flame. Trees grew all over the valley and rubble stood all around. However, it did not have any other living creatures. Clearly, they had been expelled by the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape.’

“The environment within the valley was a little complicated. It would likely take some time to find the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk.’” Xiao Yan muttered. He flapped the Purple Cloud Wings on his back as his body floated through the air. Those tiny green-colored flames moved along with him, lingering around his body just like bodyguards.

Xiao Yan slowed his flying speed as he gradually rushed toward the interior of the deep mountain valley. The area along the way was silent and did not have the slightest sound. Borrowing the light from the fire, he was able to see exposed deep white bones. This seemingly death-like scene caused people’s hair and bones to stand.

“Looks like humans are not the only ones who desire this ‘Core Quenching Body Milk.’ Even some Magical Beasts have the intention to snatch it.” Xiao Yan involuntarily sighed as he softly spoke when he saw large bones that were obviously not human.

“The effect of washing and refining one’s bones that the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ possesses has an attraction to Magical Beasts that far exceeds that of its attraction to humans. If a beast were to obtain this thing, it would make it much simpler to train into a human form in the future.” Yao Lao explained faintly.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He suddenly recalled the Amethyst Winged Lion that he had met in the Magical Beast Mountain Range of the Jia Ma Empire back then. At that time, that fellow had suggested a ‘Body Transformation Pill’ as an exchange for the ‘Violet Spirit Crystal’ when Yun Yun wanted to exchange for the latter. Now, Xiao Yan was no longer the novice he was back then. On this road of an alchemist, he had already reached the stage of having gained a foothold in the path. Naturally, he had an even clearer understanding of the value of a ‘Body Transformation Pill.’ At the same time, he also understood just how difficult it was for a Magical Beast to escape its beast body.

Xiao Yan’s flying speed suddenly paused when that name abruptly flashed across his mind. He pressed his lips tightly together as a beautiful and elegant face surfaced from deep within his memory. Those quiet water-like pupils still carried the majesty of being the leader of the strongest sect within the Jia Ma Empire.

“Yun Zhi… Yun Yun…” Xiao Yan softly muttered these two names that gave him two totally different feelings. However, he mocked himself as he used his strength to shake his head, tossing aside that feeling within his heart. Now, the both of them stood opposite one another due to various different relationships. She was the sect leader of the Misty Cloud Sect and it was likely impossible that she would change for him. On the other hand, he had a grudge with the Misty Cloud Sect that could not be mediated. Given his character, he would similarly have hesitation throwing away her status when meeting her. Therefore, when he returned to the Jia Ma Empire in the future, they may… end up facing each other with weapons.

iao Yan gently rubbed his face and rubbed off the self ridicule on the corner of his mouth. His flying body suddenly paused. Not far in front of him was the end of the mountain valley. Using the light from the flame, he could see a dark mountain cave at the end.

“Here?” Xiao Yan muttered as he flapped his wings gently. Only then did his body fly downward. A moment later, his body agily landed on a large rock near the mountain cave.

Xiao Yan gently sniffed the air that drifted out from the cave. There was a faint scent of wild beast that was similar to that on the body of the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape.’

This should be the lair of the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape.’ Since it views that ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ with such importance, it likely lives quite close to it…” A thought flashed across Xiao Yan’s heart. With a wave of his hand, a wisp of green-colored flame that lingered around him immediately shot into the mountain cave. It randomly collided all over the place before Xiao Yan was sure that there were no traps and lifted his feet to enter.

The size of the mountain cave was quite big. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to accommodate the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape,’ which lived in it. The top of the cave was at over at least ten meters tall. Rubble was spread all over the place within the mountain cave, and white fur could be seen everywhere. Xiao Yan’s footsteps were swift as he walked within the mountain cave. A moment later, he frowned slightly as he stood in front of the back cave wall. In a soft voice, he muttered, “Don’t tell me that the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ is not here?”

Xiao Yan frowned intently as his gaze swept all over. Immediately, his gaze paused on the corner of a mountain wall. An extremely large chunk of the ground was sunk in at that spot. The sunken region was filled with white-colored fur and a larger number of huge footprints more than any other areas. Xiao Yan walked forward, squatted down, and carefully observed the place. He discovered that this appeared to be the resting place of the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape.’ The sunken region appeared to be formed from the pressure of the latter’s large body.

Xiao Yan did not discover any other strange places and involuntarily shook his head in disappointment. He was about to stand up when his heart moved. His sleeves gently flicked over a spot covered by a pile of white-colored fur. Immediately, a wind appeared, blowing all the white-colored fur away.

A layer of sand appeared under the fur as it was blown away. However, this color of this sand was much deeper when compared to the other places. Its manner was as though it had been turned over.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and slowly took a step back. He curled his hand slightly and suddenly tightened his fist. A powerful suction force surged out. Following the surge of this suction force, the spread sand also shot out explosively. Finally, it agglomerated into a sand ball that was the size of a basketball in his hand.

Xiao Yan randomly threw aside the agglomerated sand ball. He sucked the sand away a couple more times in this manner. It was a while later before the sand was completely sucked away and a dark-black hole appeared on the ground in his sight.

It was obvious that this hole could be expanded. However, it was already sufficient for Xiao Yan’s size. He immediately smiled and patted his hand before waving it. The green-colored flame suspended around him shot into it. When he drew his head over to take a look, the tunnel in the black hole was more spacious than he had expected. He let out a laugh before leaping into it. After which, he advanced swiftly along this twisting and turning large underground tunnel.

Xiao Yan was extremely cautious and summoned the green flames to their limits as he was worried about some of the hidden dangers within the tunnel. A total of nearly twenty plus green-colored flames were scattered around him. They repeatedly flew in front of him, searching for any dangers.

The tunnel was extremely tortuous, but Xiao Yan could still feel that he was gradually moving deeper underground.

Xiao Yan walked for over ten minutes under this silent atmosphere. He suddenly realized that a little white glow had appeared at the edge of the dark-black tunnel. He immediately rejoiced within his heart. As he moved closer, the white glow gradually magnified until it finally turned into a cave entrance that was filled with a white light.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath as he stood at the entrance to the tunnel before his leg stepped over.

As his feet stepped out of the dark tunnel, Xiao Yan suddenly felt the area in front of him brighten. His gaze began to look around after he got used to the light. A shock involuntarily surfaced on his face after he saw the surrounding environment.

The place which appeared in front of him was a world filled with stalactites. At a glance, the cream-colored stalactites unceasingly covered the area until the edge of his sight. A pale white-colored light was emitted from within, expelling all the darkness present. Stalactites grew everywhere. Some of them on the ceiling above were even as long as a hundred meters. At a glance, the mountain dome was completely covered with enormous stalactite. Occasionally, droplets of white-colored emulsions would drip down, forming flower-like splashes on the ground.

“What an underground world…” Xiao Yan slowly recovered a long while later. He smacked his lips in surprise before speaking with a bitter smile, “Is the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ here? How can we search for it? Uniform stalactites are everywhere.”

“Head to the place where the richest land strength is gathered.” Yao Lao’s body drifted out from the dark-black ring. His finger pointed to his left and said, “This way.” Once he said this, he took the lead to turn his body and rushed in the direction that his finger was pointed at. Xiao Yan hurriedly followed behind.

The two of them shuttled through this stalactite world for nearly ten minutes before Yao Lao finally took the lead to stop his footsteps. He lifted his head to eye the incomparably enormous stalactite in front of him and he could not help but let out an exclamation despite his experience.

This stalactite in front of him came from the top of the mountain dome and hung vertically down. Its huge size was at least over a hundred meters long, and its diameter was at least that of two people hugging together. A pale white glow lingered on its body, rendering it just like a crystal pillar. This stalactite was undoubtedly the largest one in this underground world. This size was like the emperor among the stalactites, receiving the worship of the countless number of stalactites surrounding it.

Xiao Yan’s gaze gradually shifted down. Below this stalactite was an extremely large green rock. Half of the green rock was buried in the ground. At this moment, there was a notch that was not even a foot wide at the top of the green rock. The notch was coincidentally facing the tip of the stalactite above. A two inch deep creamy-white liquid filled the notch. Floating on the creamy liquid was a faint drifting white fog. The white fog was quite strange. No matter how it drifted, it never scattered. Xiao Yan inhaled a breath of air, and the bones of his entire body felt a numb and strange feeling at this moment.

Xiao Yan’s gaze stared intently at the creamy-white liquid in the notch. Xiao Yan’s throat rolled involuntarily. An excitement surged on his face. In his heart, he clearly knew that the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk,’ which he had searched for a long time without success, had finally appeared in front of him.

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