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Chapter 512: Wild Violent Bloodline

The sudden appearance of the Dou Qi wings on Lin Xiuya’s back not only caused Xiao Yan to be shocked. Even Yan Hao and the others who were familiar with him had faces that were involuntarily stunned. It was a long while later before they gradually recovered. They exchanged glances with one another, and a solemn look flashed across all their eyes.

Although Yan Hao had touched a little of the barrier of the Dou Wang class, that little contact merely caused him to be a little stronger than an ordinary strong person at the peak of the Dou Ling class. There was still a great gap if he wanted to reach the point where he could truly rely on his strength to agglomerate Dou Qi wings just like Lin Xiuya. From this, one could see that Lin Xiuya had once again surpassed him.

Dou Qi transformation into wings was basically an extremely symbolical result in the training of Dou Qi. This symbol represented a natural barrier in becoming a strong person on the continent. Everyone clearly knew that as long as one was able to transform Dou Qi into wings, it represented that one would be able to enter into the class that caused countless number of people to halt their progress: Dou Wang! The simple two words were the symbol which countless numbers of talented individuals had trained hard to achieve. However, the hardship that these two words represented caused most of the people to halt their progress before reaching that stage. Finally, these people would quietly withdraw.

Dou Ling and Dou Wang were merely separated by a class. However, the difference between them was larger than any of the class differences before them. Those of the Dou Ling class or the classes before it could only squander the Dou Qi in their body to fight with others. Although people like Xiao Yan may have Dou Qi that was stronger and purer in their body, regardless of how powerful one’s Dou Qi was, there would be a time when it would be exhausted and there would be a limit to its strength.

As long as one entered the Dou Wang class, however, the Dou Qi in one’s body would begin to respond with the nearly endless majestic energy in the vast outside world and vice versa. It would maneuver this energy, transforming it for his own use. It was not impossible for that terrifying energy to tear the mountains and split the ground. From this, it was sufficient to see the difference between the two. One relied on the strength of one’s body while the other maneuvered the natural energy. At a glance it would be obvious just which was stronger and which was weaker.

Therefore, everyone displayed similar expressions when they saw the energy wings on Lin Xiuya’s back.

“Green Killing Tornado!”

While everyone was stunned, a cold stern cry was suddenly emitted from Lin Xiuya’s mouth. Following the sound of the cry, everyone felt that the flowing wind in the mountain valley appeared to suddenly solidify. Quickly following this, wild wind rose with great force. An extremely powerful strength swiftly agglomerated in mid-air. In merely the blink of an eye, the agglomeration of the strength was complete. Finally, the powerful strength tore through the air. The sharp rushing wind sound was like a whistle that lingered endlessly by people’s ears.


A vague green-colored shadow containing an extremely powerful wind shot explosively down from above. Although the green-colored shadow was extremely vague, one could still faintly identify it was a green-colored longsword that was formed by energy. The speed of this longsword was so fast that it was a little frightening. From the looks of the wildly surging rotating wind on its surface, it appeared that this was like an energy object that was compressed and agglomerated from wild wind. This substance-like energy acted in coordination with his Dou Technique, producing an extremely powerful strength.

The target of the green-colored shadow was clearly the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ which was dozens of feet below Lin Xiuya. Although the latter had borrowed a pushing force to rush to the sky, it ended up being unable to dodge. It was unable to move like it was on the ground since it did not have any place to leverage strength from and had to face this attack head on. Therefore, even though the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ sensed the powerful force that was shot over, it did not have the slightest solution. Immediately, it opened its mouth wide and bared its fangs, emitting wave after wave of low roars. A pale-white energy glow flashed swiftly from its body. Finally, it agglomerated into an icy-cold ball that wrapped around the latter.

The ice ball had just agglomerated when the sharp rushing wind sound arrived. The two collided violently and everyone could only hear a loud bang. Immediately, the enormous ice ball swiftly descended. Finally, it collided heavily with the rock fragments not far from the entrance of the valley. The instant it landed on the ground, the frightening landing force formed a large pit over ten meters wide just like that of a cannonball. Numerous thick crack lines began spreading out in all directions. Finally, they extended into the forest.

Seeing the ice ball that had been knocked into the ground, Yan Hao hurriedly moved his body and flashed toward the messy rocks and the tree branches around the spot where the ice ball had landed. Dou Qi swiftly surged within his body in order to prevent the injured ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ from taking the opportunity to escape.

A few gazes firmly stared at that dust permeated spot where the ice ball had landed. A green-colored human figure flashed down from the air. Finally, it firmly landed on the top of a tree. As everyone glanced over, they saw the somewhat pale-faced Lin Xiuya. At this moment, the pair of Dou Qi wings on his back gradually became thinner. An instant later, they turned into glowing particles that permeated the sky with a slight cracking sound before the lights slowly faded into oblivion.

“This fellow is indeed very strong. It is really unexpected that even with so many people blocking it, we did not stall him for too long. If it were not because the Qi Methodthat I practice is somewhat unique, enabling me to barely agglomerate this pair of wings, I’m afraid that it would really have killed me with that attack. Although I may have escaped from disaster, the exhaustion of my Dou Qi is too great.” Lin Xiuya held the green-colored longsword tightly in his hand as he spoke with a bitter smile to Yan Hao and the others.

“Because of the Qi Method?” Yan Hao and the others were stunned when they heard this. Immediately, they came to a sudden comprehension and their hearts quietly sighed in relief.

“It is actually due to the Qi Method. I did indeed just said that this fellow may already have one foot in the Dou Wang class, but it would be impossible for him to agglomerate Dou Qi into wings while at this stage.” Xiao Yan, whose figure was hidden within the forest, also heard Lin Xiuya’s earlier words. He immediately came to a sudden realization as he quietly muttered in his heart.

Normally speaking as long as one was able to rely on one’s own Dou Qi to agglomerate into a pair of wings, one would be able to be called a strong person who would definitely become a Dou Wang. If one could agglomerate a pair of Dou Qi wings and pause or even fly for a period of time in mid-air, that person would be a true strong Dou Wang. However, the precondition of all of these was the strength of the original body. Relying on some ability of one’s Qi Method was not included in this category. Moreover, they also clearly knew that Lin Xiuya practiced wind affinity Dou Qi. Usually speaking, this kind of Dou Qi would have an easier time agglomerating a pair of Dou Qi wings compared with other affinities. Looking at it in this manner, Lin Xiuya had not truly strode across the enormous gully between a Dou Ling and Dou Wang.

“Senior Lin, is the fight over?” Han Yue also withdrew the shock in her pretty eyes, caused by the powerful strength Lin Xiuya displayed earlier, as she spoke softly from outside the battle circle.

Yan Hao and the rest also recovered when they heard Han Yue’s words. They hurriedly threw their gazes toward the dust permeated area below. They placed their ears close and listened carefully for a while, only to discover that there was no actual movement. Their faces immediately revealed faint joy and tiny doubt.

Lin Xiuya frowned as he eyed the area below which had no movement. He clearly knew the degree of strength of his attack earlier. Although it was able to cause the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ to be slightly injured, it was definitely impossible to kill it with just that strength.

A few thoughts flashed across his heart. Lin Xiuya waved his sleeves and a wild wind appeared from nowhere. After which, it blew away all of the dust below.

As the dust gradually dispersed, the enormous pit appeared in everyone’s gaze. Since this hole was quite deep, everyone could only see a distant darkness and the slight ice layer which spread around the deep hole.

Lin Xiuya’s eyes focused tightly on the distant deep pit. His eyes suddenly became cold as he discovered that there was a faint strange red glow being emitted from the pit.

“Something is not quite right. Be careful!” Lin Xiuya’s heart tightened as he reminded in a deep voice.

Lin Xiuya’s reminder also caused the expressions of Yan Hao and the rest to become serious. Dou Qi surged out from their bodies and wrapped around them. Seeing them from a distance, it was as though they were a couple of different colored light clusters. However, these light clusters were repeatedly unleashing the pressure of powerful energy.

Xiao Yan, who was hidden in a dark place, was also surprised at the unusual change in the battleground. His gaze stared at the dark-black hole. Due to his sharp Spiritual Perception, he could faintly sense that there seemed to be a frightening thing about to surge out explosively.

“Be a little careful. The strength of the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ is increasing. Looks like it is just as I had expected. This beast should have already woken its Wild Violent Bloodline. It is likely that the siege by those fellows is going to fail.” Yao Lao’s voice suddenly sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart. There was a gloating feeling that seeped out from his voice.

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. He immediately let out a bitter laugh and ceased speaking. All he did was to carefully suppress his Qi and observe the movements in the battleground.

The silence continued for around three to four minutes. As more time elapsed, the strange red glow within the black pit grew increasingly intense. In the end, it was so sensationally red that it was like fresh blood. This kind of unusual phantasmal scene caused an uneasiness to rise within the hearts of Lin Xiuya and the others. If it was not because of the great attraction of the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’, it was likely that they would have retreated immediately.

Han Yue stood on the top of a tree. She clenched her cold, sweat-filled hand. Although she was a great distance away from the battleground, she repeatedly felt that there was a pair of wild violent eyes filled with killing intent staring at her from within the red glowing black for some unknown reason. Perhaps that beast which had quite great intelligence knew that if it were not for her discovering that this place concealed the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk,’ it was likely that all of these troubles would not come about.


During the time that Han Yue was imagining things, the sound of ice shavings bursting apart suddenly emanated from the black pit. Following the appearance of this sound, everyone’s hearts tightened. Immediately, they saw that there was an extremely vague red glow flashing from out from the pit. This speed was so frightening that it left one speechless. Everyone was blank for an instant under this frightening speed. Quickly after this, their expressions changed drastically. There was no need to call out. All of them began to hurriedly withdraw and flee like rabbits.

The red glow first appeared in front of Lin Xiuya who was rushing away explosively. The latter did not even see the exact figure of the other party when he sensed an extremely icy-cold wind viciously smash over from in front of him, seemingly tearing through the air.

As he sensed the sharpness of the wind, the longsword in Lin Xiuya’s hand hurriedly danced as he drew numerous wind nets in front of him with great speed. When that icy-cold wind arrived, however, the wind nets merely endured for an instant before they burst apart with a bang. The icy-cold wind that was not completely blocked viciously struck the body of Lin Xiuya. Immediately, a mouthful of blood was wildly spat out from Lin Xiuya’s mouth as his body was heavily shot, like a cannonball, into the forest.

In just a single exchange, Lin Xiuya, who was the strongest among those present, was thrown back in defeat with just a single blow. The expressions of Yan Hao and the others turned extremely ugly.

After the red figure defeated Lin Xiuya, it did not chase after Yan Hao and the others. Instead, its large irritated crimson eyes were directly thrown onto Han Yue, whose silver hair was drifting as she stood on a tree far away. Its roar, which was filled with killing intent, resounded throughout the entire mountain forest.

“Han Yue, leave quickly!” Yan Hao was startled when he saw the target of the red figure. He immediately and hurriedly cried out.

From the top of the tree, Han Yue had also discovered the red figure which was swiftly rushing over. Her icy and alluring face became a little pale. However, she did not lose her presence of mind and flee. She clearly knew that since Lin Xiuya’s speed and strength could not last one exchange against the apeh, it was likely that she would only be killed if she were to turn around and flee. If she were to use all her strength to fight, she might perhaps have an extremely small chance of survival.

This intelligent lady did not stumble because of her panic in this instant. Instead, she did her best to find a tiny chance of survival in a hopeless situation.

Han Yue clenched her hand. White-colored cold air swiftly surfaced from it. However, before the Dou Qi agglomerated, the red glow in front suddenly flashed and arrived. A beast’s face that was filled with a savage look appeared in the reflection of that pair of beautiful eyes.


The roar that was filled with killing intent reverberated over the skyline. A cold wind, which was even sharper than when it was chasing Lin Xiuya, viciously tore through the air and smashed down at Han Yue, whose pale-white face and lovely body swayed like a flower in the wind.

Not far away, fury as well as a feeling of being unable to bear the situation surged in the eyes of Yan Hao and the others when they saw the situation. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of their strength, they could not act. They could only watch a beautiful, cold, alluring snow lotus fall in the most wretched manner.

Faced with this nearly fatal blow, Han Yue also gave up. She shut her pretty pupils, and a heart wrenching sadness lifted onto her cold but alluring face.


The sharp cold wind did not even have the slightest pause because of this sad and moving scene. It still viciously swung toward Han Yue. However, just as the wind was about to make contact with Han Yue’s head, a black shadow that carried the sound of muffled thunder suddenly flashed past. As the black shadow flashed past, the sharp wind actually pounced empty air. Han Yue, who was originally supposed to be struck to death with a palm, disappeared in an instant.

Yan Hao and the others not far away were also stunned at this sudden unexpected turn of events. Immediately, they hurriedly turned their gazes, only to see a black shadow flash and appear on the top of a tree a hundred meters away. Han Yue was lying feebly on his chest and seemed to be terribly frightened.

On the top of the tree, the black shadow lowered his head and eyed that originally cold, alluring person lying against his chest. However, her beautiful face now appeared extremely lovely because of its paleness. Although his hand was extremely comfortable as it drew around that soft and delicate waist, he could only straighten her body due to the few gazes observing them from not far away. With a soft laugh, he asked, “Senior Han Yue, are you alright?”

Only after hearing this voice did Han Yue’s tightly shut long eyelashes tremble a little. She immediately opened them with some surprise. When her gaze landed on the delicate and handsome face in front of her, she suddenly became startled. Finally, a stammering and disbelieving voice was emitted from her small, red, sleek mouth.

“You… you… Xiao Yan?”

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