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Chapter 507: Successful Refinement

Following the appearance of the green fire, the green-colored Dou Qi instantly turned from a gentle sheep into a ferocious hungry wolf. It immediately began to form a capsule-like shape as it surrounded the threads of vague silver-colored energy that were lingering in the middle.

“Hiss hiss!”

Faced with the swarming green fire Dou Qi, the silver-colored energy was somewhat unresigned as it once again erupted with a powerful glow. It was like a hedgehog which had sensed danger, erecting the spikes on its body with the intention of frightening away the enemy.

However, after the green-colored fire mixed with the current Dou Qi, the certain coercion contained within the silver-colored energy no longer posed the slightest pressure on the former. Instead, when the silver-colored intense glow soared, the green-colored flame within the Dou Qi appeared to have been provoked as it swarmed out with a chi sound.

The first brush of the two kinds of energy caused an energy ripple to be swiftly emitted. However, there was Dou Qi blocking all around it, which prevented it from causing much damage to the interior of the body.

The green fire and silver-colored energy intertwined with one another. In merely a short while, the strong silver-colored glow began to show signs of defeat as the glow repeatedly shrank back…

In less than a minute, the silver-colored energy ended up in complete defeat in its fight with the green fire. Under Xiao Yan’s control, the green fire chased after the silver-colored glow after it won before surrounding it and shrinking it into a small ball that was only around the size of two hands. The essence wind-lightning strength appeared within the ball!

At this moment, this thread of wind-lightning strength had its strong outer glow incinerated by the green fire. When it lost the cover of the silver-colored glow, its actual body appeared clearly under the focus of Xiao Yan’s mind.

It was a thread of extremely tiny, silver-colored lightning. Perhaps it could be said that it was a silver-colored lightning with a shape that was only slightly different from a small snake… this thread of lightning was merely around half an inch long and was extremely tiny. If one were to take a rough glance over it, it was likely that this thread was not even as thick as Xiao Yan’s finger. Having lost the protection of the surrounding energy, this thread of silver-colored lightning carefully lingered in the body, twisting itself into a tiny lightning snake. When the snake widened its mouth, there was actually a vague wind-lightning sound that was emitted.

“This is the wind-lightning strength huh… it is indeed different than ordinary energy. Although it does not possess an intelligence, it could rely on a thread of instinct somewhere to do things.” Xiao Yan’s mind watched this lightning small snake which appeared to be surrounded by a group of hungry wolves as he spoke in a somewhat surprised manner within his heart.

“Ah. After all, it is a strength that is formed between the Heavens and Earth. A kind of energy that is formed from human cultivation like Dou Qi, would really have difficulty contending with this type of natural energy unless one already cultivated to an extremely deep degree.” Yao Lao’s laughter also sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart.

“It is really unexpected that the ‘Heavenly Flame’ is actually this ferocious. Even the overbearing wind-lightning strength is a little afraid of it. With the suppression of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame,’ it would not be too difficult for you to absorb it… Therefore, make the most of the time you have.”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His mind slowly became focused. The green flame surrounding the silver-colored energy suddenly shook. Immediately, it pounced over in a turbulent manner. With one mouth, it swallowed the latter…


Xiao Yan sat cross-legged on the peak of the mountain. His body would occasionally have a thread of seemingly substance-like lightning flash over it. At this moment, there was much less lightning in the sky. However, bean-sized heavy rain came splattering down furiously under the cover of the dark-black night sky. In an instant, the entire mountain range was covered within this wild wind and violent storm.

Although it was raining extremely hard in the outside world, the area within a three-foot-radius around Xiao Yan’s body was as dry as summer. All the rain would be vaporized into fog by the high temperature that shrouded nearby. This fog would immediately rise before being directly shattered by the raindrops falling down.

Xiao Yan’s face was tense as his hands, which had formed the training seal, trembled slightly. Occasionally, there would be a thread of lightning that would shoot from his finger before quickly disappearing.

Time swiftly flowed by in his training state. The dark-black, dense clouds had become much fainter unknowingly. The violent storm raged for a night before it gradually appeared to tire. It would take long breaks before there a wave of scattering rain droplets came down. It no longer had the momentum that it did earlier.

Dark clouds slowly swam in the deep, black sky. Suddenly, a thread of light passed through the dark clouds, and shot toward the endless sea of trees. Following the appearance of the first thread of light, thread after thread of light began to scatter down swiftly not long after that, appearing as though the first thread of light had started a chain reaction. The threads shot through the dark clouds until they were filled with holes. Finally, the clouds could not bare it any longer as the threads completely tore the clouds open. In an instant, a warm eye-piercing light scattered down, covering this forest, which had endured the destruction of a night of bad weather.

Warm sunlight shone onto the black-robed young man, who was seated cross-legged on the mountain peak. Seemingly having sensed the change in the weather of the outside world, the young man’s tightly shut eyes moved slightly. A thread of silver-colored lightning lingered on his finger before quietly entering his body and finally disappearing.

Following the disappearance of the silver-colored lightning, the shaking of the black-robed young man’s eyelashes became increasingly intense. A moment later, they finally appeared to have escaped from a restraint as they opened abruptly. Immediately, a substance-like silver-colored lightning carried some overbearing sharpness as it shot out from his eyes and reached a total distance of over ten feet!

The silver-colored lightning merely lasted for an instant before it suddenly disappeared. Following the disappearance of the silver-colored lightning, that pair of dark-black eyes once again descended into a calmness.

The seal that Xiao Yan’s hands formed loosened as he raised his head slightly and eyed the warm sunlight that radiated from the sky. His chest rose and fell. Finally, muddled air moved along his throat before being spit out. Following the spitting out of this muddled air, Xiao Yan’s face immediately had an additional faint radiance. Under the shine of sunlight, it appeared like jade, which greatly attracted the attention of others.

Xiao Yan’s body quivered slightly and without . His body, which was seated cross-legged, stood up like a spring. He twisted his body and the cracking sound emitted from between his bones caused the smile, lifted on the corner of his mouth, to quietly expand a little.

Xiao Yan slowly extended his palm. His finger rubbed gently. Immediately, a thread of extremely faint silver-colored lightning that carried a slight hissing sound surfaced from his finger.

“Have I successfully refined it?” Xiao Yan eyed the tiny thread of lightning as joy involuntarily leaped from between his brows. This refinement of the wind-lightning strength was not as difficult or dangerous as he had imagined. Did those outstanding disciples from the ‘Wind Lightning Pavilion’ halt their progress at this step?

“Do you really think that everyone has the ‘Heavenly Flame’ to help suppress the wind-lightning strength?” Yao Lao snappy voice suddenly sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart. The wind-lightning strength was extremely overbearing. How could an ordinary Dou Qi suppress it? If Xiao Yan did not possess the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame,’ it was undoubtedly the ravings of an idiot if he wanted to refine the wind-lightning strength for his use in such an easy manner.

Xiao Yan smiled awkwardly when he heard Yao Lao’s reprimand him. He dispersed the wisp of energy from the tip of his finger as he rubbed his head and said, “Teacher, since I have already refined the wind-lightning strength, I think that I should be able to practice the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement,’ right?”


Joy once again surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face when he heard this. He lowered his head to pick up the silver-colored scroll on the green rock only to be slightly startled. At this moment, the scroll had already become black. Forget about the pictures within it, even the four words ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’ on the surface of the scroll had disappeared.

“Where are the things?” Xiao Yan hurriedly asked as his expression changed slightly when he eyed the completely blank scroll.

“The things have already entered your head. How can it still remain on the scroll? Remain calm and recall those images from yesterday night. They are the key part of practicing the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement.’ Now that you have the wind-lightning strength, practicing it is just like water falling into the drain. As long as you practice hard and possess sufficient talent, you will be able to enter the complete mastery level sooner or later.” Yao Lao helplessly explained.

Only after he was reminded by Yao Lao did Xiao Yan come to a sudden understanding. He let out a bitter laugh. It appeared that he had become much more stupid after training in the storm for an entire night.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of fresh morning air. He raised his eyes to look at the sea of greenery that made up this vast forest. After a wash from an entire night of heavy rain, this forest appeared to give people a feeling of being completely new. Xiao Yan’s gaze slowly swept over it. His somewhat fluctuating heart also gradually become peaceful.

Following the peacefulness of his mind, Xiao Yan’s eyes were once again gently shut. However this time around, darkness did not appear after he shut them. Instead, it was as though he had entered into a silver-colored region. In front of him, numerous, flashing, vivid human figures with strange postures swiftly surfaced. Although the flashing of the images were extremely fast, they would firmly imprint themselves in Xiao Yan’s heart each time they did so. They no longer had the kind of trance-like feeling where he was thought that he would forget the moment he stopped looking at them..

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept across these flashing human figure images and realized that threads of silver-colored glow were being emitted from under their legs. These glow were like an accelerator that was carrying these human figures in their flight.

“Turning one’s body into lighting, using one’s heart to drive it!”

After Xiao Yan firmly remembered the final image, the images in front of him suddenly aggregated swiftly together. It agglomerated into eight glowing and flashing ancient words.

Xiao Yan gaze focused firmly on the eight large silver words in front of him. It was a long while later before Xiao Yan appeared to have understood it. As his heart moved, the thread of wind-lightning strength that was refined began to seep out of his body. Finally, it formed into threads of lightning that wrapped around the surface of his body. As the light surfaced, it finally automatically began to surge down. In merely an instant, it agglomerated into a cluster of silver-colored glow that completely wrapped Xiao Yan’s body.

Xiao Yan lowered his head and eyed the silver-colored glow that completely covered his legs. His right leg carried a threads of a strange arc as it was gently raised. Finally, it formed into a posture that was completely the same as that in an image earlier.
The posture was maintained for an instant before Xiao Yan’s feet gently landed. Following the landing of his feet, he suddenly felt a giddiness in his mind. The silver-colored space was also suddenly shattered. When his gaze once again roamed around him, he was somewhat astonished to discover that his body was currently in mid-air around the mountain peak. That gentle stride he took earlier actually caused him to charge from the mountain peak to the sky.

Xiao Yan lowered his head slightly. He eyed the bottomless deep abyss under the peak of the mountain and his face suddenly paled. He turned his head feeling somewhat shocked, but he did not see the Purple Cloud Wings extending from his back. In this empty space, the flashing silver-colored glow under his feet appeared to have insufficient energy. After trembling for a moment, it suddenly dissipated. His body also fell toward the deep abyss at this moment much like a bird whose wings were broken…

“Ah… save me!”

A miserable wail suddenly resounded during the cheerful morning, deep within the mountain.

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