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Chapter 506: Wind-Lightning Strength

The thick, dark clouds piled layer upon layer and blanketed the entire sky. Occasionally, there would be flashes of lightning around ten feet long winding through the dark clouds, much like a giant silver-colored python. It would tear through the sky, and its eye-piercing intense glow would cover the entire mountain range under the brilliant might of the Heavens. Under this kind of extremely wild environment, even the indigenous Magical Beasts of the deep mountains did not dare to carelessly appear. All of them shrunk within their caves. There were some faint low roars that followed this wind as it spread throughout the mountain range.

A small tree was uprooted, without reason, not far from Xiao Yan’s body. After which, it was heavily thrown down the mountain peak. There was not the slightest sound being transmitted from below even after a long while.

Xiao Yan sat cross-legged on a green rock. His hands were tightly holding the silver-colored scroll. Under this kind of terrible weather where lightning occurred simultaneously, this scroll, which usually appeared old and ordinary, gradually emitted a faint warmth. Occasionally, Xiao Yan would even be able to see threads of extremely small silver-colored lightning flickering from within when his gaze glanced over it.

Xiao Yan lifted his head. He eyed the sky covered by dark clouds and lightning. He exhaled a long breath of air as he supported his right hand on his thigh. He could sense the slight tremble of his hand. In this kind of weather and environment where extremely frightening lightning could come smashing down at any moment, his heart was clearly not as calm as what he displayed on the surface.

“Teacher, when should I begin?” Xiao Yan held the silver-colored scroll in his hand. At this moment, the four ancient words, ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement,’ on the scroll appeared to want to leap out of it, repeatedly releasing a faint silver crackle.

“You can begin. Be careful. This wind-lightning strength is not as terrifying as that of the ‘Heavenly Flame,’ but it is also extremely overbearing. If you are not cautious, your life might be in danger.” Yao Lao’s serious voice sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart.

“Yes.” Xiao Yan nodded slightly. In his heart, he clearly knew that if he wanted to obtain strength, it would naturally be impossible for everything to be smooth. Although he had obtained the ‘Flame Mantra,’ a kind of mysterious Qi Method that could swallow a ‘Heavenly Flame’ after meeting Yao Lao back then, he would need to use his life to gamble time and time again during the evolution of the Qi Method. Therefore, these dangers no longer scared him.

He believed that since that frightening ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ did not burn him to death, this current wind-lightning was insufficient to cause Xiao Yan to withdraw midway even though it was extremely overbearing.

“Open the scroll and place it on your legs. During this time, the force of the wind-lightning is the strongest. You need not direct it. The thread of wind-lightning hidden within the scroll will automatically surge out. At that time, you will grab it when it flashes out. After which, all you need to do is absorb it into your body and refine it.” Yao Lao spoke of all the refining steps in one go.

Xiao Yan repeated it once in his heart. After realizing that nothing was lacking, he finally nodded heavily. Both his hands held the scroll and pulled open the surface of the scroll, where a special medicinal water with some sealing properties had been pasted on it in a sudden manner.

As the scroll was opened, an eye-piercing strong silver glow shot out explosively and abruptly. Immediately, it turned into a large rough silver-colored lightning energy pilliar that shot into the thick dark layer of clouds. The powerful light pillar made it such that one could still clearly see the area over fifty kilometers away.

The strange action that suddenly erupted from the scroll caused Xiao Yan to be greatly shocked. His expression also paled. However, it was fortunate that the lightning pillar did not last for long before it swiftly shrank back from the dark clouds with a ‘chi’ sound. Finally, it once again returned completely into the scroll.

Seeing that the scroll had returned to normal, Xiao Yan finally quietly sighed in relief. He rubbed some cold perspiration on his forehead. This place was not too far from the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ If he was to alarm someone, it was likely that some unexpected and undesirable situation would occur again. Xiao Yan clearly understood the degree of greediness of those fellows within the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ Of course, the thing which caused Xiao Yan’s inner heart to feel somewhat guilty was that this scroll of Agility Dou Skill had a shady origin. After having done the act of blocking the path and snatching the treasure in the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ Xiao Yan clearly knew that he and the ‘Blood Sect’ had already quietly reached a point beyond reconciliation.

Xiao Yan did not believe that the father would easily let him off after he had killed his son. Currently, that leader of the ‘Blood Sect’ was still unaware that he was the secret murderer. Otherwise, it was likely that the fellow would forcefully ferret him out and kill him, even if he was a student within the Jia Nan Academy.

Xiao Yan withdrew his thoughts as his gaze turned to the scroll that was placed in front of him, only to be slightly startled. Perhaps it was due to that unusual acton earlier, but the silver-colored scroll was currently already wrapped in a faint silver-colored glow. The surface of the glow had a vague, strange shape materializing. However, if one were to carefully look at it, one would have no clue as to what it was.

When he recalled Yao Lao’s instructions earlier within his heart, Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air, and began to sink his mind within his body and calm his heart. His Spiritual Strength broke from his body and firmly covered this green rock. Even a sand particle falling within this region would not be able to escape Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Perception.

Not long after Xiao Yan entered a focused condition, the silver-colored glow on the scroll became increasingly stronger with the flashing lightning in the sky. In the end, the scroll actually slowly floated, reaching Xiao Yan’s chest level before it came to a stop.

As the silver-colored glow became increasingly intense, the picture that was vaguely visible on the surface also became increasingly clear. When one looked at it in this state, it was actually like numerous human figures in various kinds of running form. Although the stances were different, their legs were all covered by silver-colored, lightning-like, tiny, electric pythons. The glow moved slightly, causing the human figure to appear like it was alive. With a slight fluctuation of the air, the numerous energy human figures broke through the restraints of the glow and rushed directly toward the distant sky.

The speed of the illusionary human figures was so fast that it was frightening. It was as though it totally ignored the distance in space. In a mere instant, these human figures charged out from within the area covered by Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Perception.

Although Xiao Yan had long since entered a focused condition and had sensed those energy human figures the instant that they rushed out from the glow, him having the ability to stop it was altogether another matter from having sensed it. The moment the Dou Qi in Xiao Yan’s body spurt out from his palm, those energy human figures had already rushed out of his attacking radius. Xiao Yan’s face was immediately filled with some shock.


Just as Xiao Yan was feeling shocked and upset, Yao Lao’s familiar voice suddenly sounded. There was a powerful Spiritual Strength contained within this old voice. Moreover, the wind would even come to a sudden stop in all the regions where the voice passed.

The wild wind became still. Those energy human figures which were about to charge into the sky also became still. In an instant, these energy human figures were stagnant in mid-air while forming various different kinds of strange posture.

“Return!” Yao Lao’s low and deep voice sounded once again. The powerful Spiritual Strength which basically completely covered this entire mountain peak rushed back ferociously. Following the shrinking back of the Spiritual Strength, those human figures appeared to have received an extremely powerful pulling force as they were thrown and sent flying until all of them were poured into Xiao Yan’s head.

Xiao Yan’s heart was still shocked at that overly frightening Spiritual Strength of Yao Lao when his wide awake mind shook. Immediately, a giddiness surged. He could see some of the extremely strange human figures flashing images in a vague manner. However, he did not remember much of them in his dazed state.

His drowsiness merely lasted for a while before the human figure images that surfaced in his mind also gradually disappeared.

Xiao Yan gradually woke up from his drowsiness. Lightning was still flashing in the sky. The dark-black, dense clouds appeared to be suppressing one’s heart, causing one to have some difficulty breathing.

“Teacher’s Spiritual Strength is really powerful. If we were to just discuss about Spiritual Strength, it was likely that there aren’t many people on this Dou Qi continent who could compare with him. No wonder he was able to contend with an elite Dou Zong with just this Spiritual Strength.” Xiao Yan once again recalled the Spiritual Strength, which had basically caused space to become stagnant earlier, and an astonishment involuntarily flashed across his mind.

“Stop having random thoughts. The wind-lightning has already moved along with those images and entered your body. Hurry up and refine them!” Yao Lao’s low cry suddenly sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart.

Yao Lao’s cry had just sounded when Xiao Yan’s body suddenly became still. His face was flushed purple-red. A thread of tiny lightning that had been shrunk countless times actually flashed across his eyes.

Xiao Yan’s hands swiftly formed the training seal. He was so proficient at forming it that it was ingrained in his bones. His mind entered his body in a lightning-like manner. Following the entrance of his mind into his body, the Dou Crystal within the vortex in his body also swiftly trembled. A powerful green-colored Dou Qi erupted out. A turbulent flow that was like a flood water flowed into his numerous Qi Paths. Finally it turned into a capsule-like form that surrounded a thread of silver-colored obscure energy at an intersection of veins.

Since Yao Lao had reminded him in time, the various wind-lightning strengths that were secretly hiding within his body were surrounded by Xiao Yan before they could form any powerful destructive force. Xiao Yan could not help but feel fortunate when he saw the increasingly stronger fluctuations that were spread out from the areas where those threads of silver-colored energy lingered.

“Hiss, hiss!”

The obscure silver-colored energy repeatedly twisted and let out a strange unceasing hissing sound, much like an entrenched enormous python.

Under the strange sound emitted by the silver-colored energy, Xiao Yan was somewhat surprised to discover that the Dou Qi that surrounded the former had actually begun to tremble faintly. That manner seemed to have some fear. At one glance, it was like a large group of sheep surrounding an incomparably vicious, enormous python, fearing that the other party would retaliate and cause its death at all times.

Those threads of obscure silver-colored energy also appeared to have sensed the trembling of the surrounding Dou Qi. In an instant, they suddenly surged. Wherever the powerful silver glow passed by, the green-colored Dou Qi would hurriedly shrink back. Upon seeing this dodging action of the Dou Qi, the hissing sound within the silver glow also became increasingly intense. It was as though the silver glow was laughing arrogantly. This kind of human-like reaction caused Xiao Yan to be greatly shocked.

However, on top of being shocked, Xiao Yan also had a faint cold smile. A thread of wind-lightning was actually this arrogant?


A low snort sounded within his body. Following this snort, the Dou Qi that surrounded the silver-colored energy suddenly fluctuated intensely. Immediately, the Dou Qi became slightly distorted and wisps of green-colored flame quietly spread out from within it.

Following the appearance of the green-colored flame, the silver-colored energy appeared to have received a shock. Its bright glow swiftly shrank back.

Faced with the withdrawal of the silver-colored energy, the green fire Dou Qi appeared to have turned from a sheep into a ferocious and hungry wolf in this instant. It closed in hard, one step at a time, preparing to eagerly leap powerfully forward at any time!

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