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Chapter 505: Training, Three Thousand Lightning Movement

The lush green color extended to the edge of his vision within the vast deep mountains. It was like a borderless green-colored sea. When one stood within and the wild wind blows, the sea of trees would sway, and a green-colored wave that was over a thousand feet long would come sweeping over from afar. The sight was so spectacular that one would be left speechless.

A rushing wind sound suddenly sounded above the sea of trees. Immediately, a figure rushed over from the distance. Finally, his pair of wings flapped slightly, and his body was suspended in mid-air. He eyed the boundless sea of trees below and laughed bitterly. It was really unexpected that the forest outside the Inner Academy was actually this vast. Moreover, speaking from a certain point of view, the Magical Beast Mountain Range that spread horizontally over the Jia Ma Empire could not compare with it.

Xiao Yan sighed. He felt a little helpless as he recalled the harsh training environment that Yao Lao had mentioned. Where was he going to find a swampy area within these vast mountains?

Xiao Yan’s gaze searched all around him. He heard some low and deep Magical Beast roars and hisses deep in the forest. Finally, he gently flapped the Purple Cloud Wings on his back as his body once again turned into a black shadow that shuttled past the unbroken mountain range.

In order to search for the training ground that Yao Lao requested, Xiao Yan wasted an entire day roaming all over the mountain ranges. However, it was fortunate that his luck was not so bad to the point that it left one speechless. Around noon on the second day, the training area he was looking for finally appeared in front of him while he was shuttling through the forest.

It was a spot caught between two mountains. Perhaps it was because the mountain streams converged down the middle, but this area was exceptionally wet. Moreover, the further one ventured into it, the wetter the mud under one’s feet became. This was especially apparent when he entered the middle area. This place had nearly been completely transformed into a swampland that was covered by green grass.

Xiao Yan’s body borrowed the suspension from the Purple Cloud Wings to remain above this swampland. He randomly threw a stone into it, and eyed it as it broke through the grass and spluttered the mud water. Some joy surfaced on his face. The size of this swampland also met what Yao Lao had requested.

The dark-black ancient ring on his finger fluctuated slightly as Yao Lao’s illusionary spirit floated out. His gaze swept over the swampland that was hidden under the green grass and a satisfied look appeared on his face. He smiled and said, “Not bad. This place could not be a more suitable to practice the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement.’”

“There appears to be some Magical Beast hiding within the swamp?” The occasional green grass that sunk into the swamp did not escape Xiao Yan’s notice. He immediately frowned and spoke about the matter.

“They are just some small fellows. They are no problem. You also require them to practice your Agility Dou Technique.” Yao Lao laughed softly. Hs body gently landed on a large tree by the side before speaking to Xiao Yan, “Try and see if you can shuttle past this swamp without being blocked by them.”

Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment when he heard this before nodding slightly. His body descended slowly and his shoulders trembled a little just as he was about to land in the swamp. The Purple Cloud Wings on his back withdrew. Having lost the suspension of the Purple Cloud Wings, his body fell into the swamp.

The instant that his feet made contact with the muddy water of the swamp, a ferocious charging force erupted from his feet. A clear energy explosion resounded unceasingly above this swamp.


A large cluster of black mud exploded under his feet. However, Xiao Yan’s body did not charge forward like it did in the past. Instead, Xiao Yan’s body sunk due to a black mud swirl appearing under his feet.

Xiao Yan’s feet were wrapped with black mud, and his expression changed slightly. There was quite a strong suction force within the black mud that pulled his body into the deep regions of the swamp with all its strength.

Xiao Yan lifted his hands vertically. He immediately patted them down on virtual space. A powerful invisible force swarmed out, and one could see that two sunken holes appeared on the surface of the swamp. Xiao Yan borrowed the force from the ‘Fire Palm’ to pull his legs out of the swamp. His back shook and the Purple Cloud Wings appeared in a lightning-like manner. After which, he hurriedly flapped them and maneuvered his body in such a way, it became suspended in mid-air.

The instant Xiao Yan’s feet left the swamp, the surrounding area suddenly churned violently. Numerous dark black water arrows viciously shot out from the swamp. The target of those water arrows was Xiao Yan, who was in mid-air.

The sudden attack caused Xiao Yan’s heart to be extremely surprised. However, it was fortunate that he was not totally without preparation. His hands once again violently pushed down. A shapeless wind collided with the water arrows in mid-air. It immediately shook the place until black water spread over the sky.

Xiao Yan’s flapped his wings swiftly. His body was lifted over ten meters from the swamp before it slowly stopped. His eyes observed the swamp only to see that there were quite a number of serpent-shaped creatures swimming within the swamp. Among them, a black serpent had coincidentally extended its savage head out from the swamp at this time and a foul smelling black muddy water arrow was shot out aimlessly…

“Hee hee, how is it?” Yao Lao involuntarily teased when he saw Xiao Yan. One of the latter’s legs had already been stained with black mud.

“Explosive Step is not suitable for this kind of terrain…” Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and shook his head. In this kind of terrain, the ‘Explosive Steps’ was clearly firmly restrained. Not only did it not achieve its usual effect, it actually hindered him to the point where he fell into the ground, because of how soft the swamp terrain was.

“This so-called ‘Explosive Steps’ of yours cannot be considered a brilliant Agility Dou Techniques. It merely borrows the push force that is formed from the explosion on the ground to increase your speed.” Yao Lao smiled and spoke indifferently, “If you successfully learn the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement,’ this swamp would basically be like flat ground to you. If you practice it until you reach its pinnacle, the technique could even allow you to perform short distance flying and mid-air suspension by just relying on this Agility Technique.”

“Back then, the head of the Wind Lightning Pavilion had once relied on this ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’ to successfully escape from the combined attack of three elite Dou Zongs. Moreover, he had relied on the brilliance of this Agility Technique to counter attack and seriously injure one of the elite Dou Zongs while fleeing. From this, one can see the strength of this Agility Dou Technique. Although it is merely at the Di class Low level due to some reason, if one were to discuss its speed, it would be able to contend with that of a Di class Middle level Agility Dou Technique.”

“If you really master this thing, you would be able to run away in one piece, even if it was a strong Dou Wang chasing you…”

Xiao Yan’s heart became much hotter when he heard this. If he managed to successfully learn this ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement,’ it would undoubtedly increase his chances of success when he snatches the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ in the future.

Xiao Yan’s finger gently flicked his storage ring. Immediately, a silver-colored scroll appeared in Xiao Yan’s hand out of nowhere. His palm gently rubbed the body of the scroll. The scroll was a lightning-like color, and he appeared to be able to faintly hear some sounds of wind and lightning.

“Teacher, how can I successfully learn this ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement?’” Xiao Yan’s gaze shifted toward Yao Lao as he anxiously asked.

“The ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’ is an Agility Dou Technique that would cause a countless number of people to covet it, even when it is placed in the entire Dou Qi continent. Back then, I once had the intention of borrowing this Dou Technique from the ‘Wind Lightning Pavilion’ to take a look. However, I was still turned away in the end.” Yao Lao smiled faintly and said, “This is one of the Safeguarded Pavilion Treasures of the ‘Wind Lightning Pavilion.’ The creation of each scroll consumes a great amount of effort. This is because there is a thread of wind-lightning strength that the Pavillion Head seals within it. Only by absorbing this thread of wind-lightning strength will one be able to truly learn this unique ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement.’ Therefore, only some people of the Elder level or extremely outstanding disciples who had great contributions to the Pavilion would have the qualification to practice it.”

“Wind-lightning strength…” Xiao Yan softly muttered in his mouth before he continued with a gentle smile, “No wonder I can hear some wind-lightning sounds when I hold this scroll. It is actually due to this.”

“This wind-lightning strength is the most important factor for the ‘Wind Lightning Pavilion,’ allowing them to be able to endure on the Dou Qi Continent for a long time without declining. It is said that only if one sat on the peak of a mountain when the sky is completely covered in dark clouds with lightning flashing will one be able to barely absorb a thread of wind-lightning strength that is flowing through the empty space. However, this wind-lightning strength is extremely overbearing. If one’s mental strength is not strong, it is likely that it would be difficult to control. Moreover, there is the risk of a backlash if one is not careful. There have been an unknown number of outstanding disciples of the ‘Wind Lightning Pavilion’ whose spirits were torn into pieces at this step… However, once one is successful, the attacking strength of one’s Dou Qi ends up being something that even lightning affinity Dou Qi, which is known for its powerful attacking strength, cannot compare with. On this point, it has some similar effects, via different means, to the ‘Flame Mantra’ swallowing the ‘Heavenly Flames,’ enabling the strength of the Dou Qi to soar.” Yao Lao smiled and explained, “Currently, your Dou Qi, which contains the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame,’ is undoubtedly much stronger than an ordinary fire affinity Dou Qi. You should have already sensed this, no?”

“Yes…” Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He secretly remembered the name ‘Wind Lightning Pavilion’ within his heart. After which, he waved the silver-colored scroll in his hand toward Yao Lao and once again spoke with a smile, “How should I train now?”

“Wait!” Yao Lao replied with a smile.

“Wait? Wait for what?” Xiao Yan asked in surprised.

Yao Lao raised his head to eye the somewhat dark sky. He smiled and said, “Wait for the wind to rise and the lightning to flash… After which, absorb the wind-lightning strength within the scroll. Only through this can you begin the initial step of practicing the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement.’ From the look of the color of the sky, it should be soon…”

Xiao Yan was a little surprised when he heard this. He immediately understood something. As he raised his head, he threw his gaze toward the dim, borderless sky and nodded slightly.

The weather changed in an unpredictable manner within the mountains, making it difficult for one to fathom it.

This wait did not last for very long. On the second night since Xiao Yan came to this mountain range, the sky, where the setting sun hung a moment ago, was suddenly covered by dark clouds that appeared from an unknown direction. The wild wind blew down from the dark clouds, causing the mountain forest to emit a ‘hua hua’ sound.

Dark dense clouds covered the sky. Low rolling thunder was slowly emitted. Under the face of the might of the Heavens and Earth, the entire mountain range descended into a panicked silence.


Lightning shot from the dark clouds, and an eye-piercing glow brightened the mountains until it was like daytime.


A black-robed young man was seated cross-legged on the peak of a mountain. He sat without moving like a rock regardless of how the wild wind blew. As the lightning fell, it flickered and revealed a delicate, handsome, calm face.

Xiao Yan raised his head slightly. He eyed the dark mass of clouds above his head only to smile slightly. With a rotation of his palm, a scroll with a color similar to that of lightning flashed and appeared. The ancient words on the scroll radiated a faint lightning-colored glow under the lightning.

“Three Thousand Lightning Movement!”

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