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Chapter 498

Chapter 498: Compete

“Suggestion? What suggestion?”

Han Xian was startled for quite awhile upon hearing these words of Xiao Yan. It appeared that it was totally beyond the former’s expectations. It was a long while later before he asked in a somewhat cautious manner.

“Since all of us are Alchemists, it does not really suit our status for us to fight openly with real weapons like ordinary people… Therefore, if Senior Han Xian has the ability, we can use the Alchemist’s method of doing things and have a showdown. If I lose, ‘Pan’s Gate’ will not even be slightly involved in the sale of medicinal pills. However, if you are to lose, please withdraw all the covert things. How about it?” Xiao Yan flicked his sleeves, looked directly at Han Xian and laughed clearly

“You want to compete with me in terms of refining pills?” Han Xian was once again startled as he involuntarily mocked. His pill refining skills could be considered among the top not just within the entire Inner Academy, but even within the entire Alchemist Department. The rank of a tier four alchemist was sufficient for him to look down upon the alchemists in a similar age group as him.

“Of course, if Senior Han Xian likes to use Dou Qi to compete, I will also not reject.” The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth was lifted into a cold smile as he spoke. Although Han Xian’s strength was of the Dou Ling class, he was at the most around that of Lei Na from the looks of his Qi. If they were to really fight head on, if Xiao Yan used a small scale ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame,’ which had shocked Lei Na into losing his fighting spirit, this Han Xian would likely be not much better.

Han Xian had similarly heard rumors of Xiao Yan’s shocking fighting strength. Therefore, he would naturally not agree to use Dou Qi to fight with Xiao Yan. He was not afraid if they were to compete in pill refining skills. However, he could not help but take some precaution since this suggestion was first spoken from Xiao Yan’s mouth. For a moment, he was actually not very certain of how to reply.

“The ‘Energy Recovery Pill,’ ‘Body Recovery Pill,’ and ‘Quiet Ice Pill’ may have quite good medicinal effects. However, his techniques appears somewhat coarse. If the medicinal formula for these three medicinal pills are given to me, the medicinal pill that I would refine would likely be of better quality compared to him.” A thought swiftly circulated in Han Xian’s heart. However, he had forgotten that Xiao Yan had refined so many medicinal pills by himself. Regardless of how exquisite the refining techniques was, they would all become much more coarse.

“Why? Do you not dare to accept, Senior Han Xian? Ke ke, if word were to be spread around, I’m afraid that it would not be very good for the reputation of your ‘Medicine Gang’…” Xiao Yan could not help but laugh coldly and mock when he saw Han Xian changing his expression as he hesitated.

“You need not incite me. It is useless.” Han Xian coldly glanced at Xiao Yan. He was not a fool and could see Xiao Yan’s intention with a glance.

“It is fine if you want to compete pill refining skills with me. However, the stakes are too small.” After a few thoughts flashed across his heart like lightning, Han Xian suddenly spoke, “How about this? If you are to lose in the competition, not only is ‘Pan’s Gate’ not allowed to sell medicinal pills, but you also have to hand over the medicinal formula for the ‘Energy Recovery Pill,’ ‘Body Recovery Pill,’ and ‘Quiet Ice Pill.’ If I lose, not only will I not block your sales, but I will also hand over the five exchange sites with the highest human traffic within t

he Inner Academy to your ‘Pan’s Gate’! Our ‘Medicine Gang’ has spent around eight hundred days of ‘Fire Energy’ in total in order to purchase these five sites from the Inner Academy. It is far better than those random exchange sites of yours. Therefore, you will not lose out.”

“Ah… it is really unexpected that Senior Han Xian has taken a fancy to the medicinal formula in my hands. What good calculations.” Xiao Yan mocked laughingly.

“Do you dare, or do you not dare?” Han Xian was not angry despite having his thoughts exposed. He simply cried out with a cold laugh.

“Alright, since Senior Han Xian has such a fierce will, I, Xiao Yan will likely carry the name of a weakling if I am to shrink back.” Xiao Yan waved his hand and spoke faintly, “It is just that I do not know how Senior Han Xian wants to compete?”

“Follow the same medicinal formula and take out the cauldron to refine at the same time. Let’s see whose medicinal pill quality is better after the pill is formed!” Han Xian spoke in a deep voice.

“Alright. However, whose medicinal formula will we use?” Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and asked.

“If we use each other’s medicinal formula, it is likely that both of us will have doubts in our hearts.” Han Xian said calmly, “Therefore, I suggest that we use a medicinal formula that is stashed within the Inner Academy. Coincidentally, I have met Elder Hao, the elder in charge of medicinal formulas. This time, we can borrow a medicinal formula from his elderly self. We can also invite him to become the judge at the same time. What do you say?”

“Elder Hao? Someone acquainted with you?” Xiao Yan frowned slightly as he spoke.

“You need not suspect that this elder might collude with me. I don’t have that kind of ability. Lin Yan by your side could not know any better about the character of this Elder Hao. Within the entire Inner Academy, it is likely that this Elder is the most impartial one.” Han Xian clearly knew about Xiao Yan’s doubt as he opened his mouth to laugh coldly.

“Yes. What he said is true. That Elder Hao is indeed a good choice. Deceptions and fraud are the things he hates the most.” Lin Yan nodded and explained when he saw Xiao Yan looking over.

“This… alright.” Xiao Yan mused for a moment before raising his head and smiling as he spoke to Han Xian, “Let’s go and find that Elder Hao after this. Once we have negotiated everything, let us compete to see who is better at the northern stadium tomorrow. What do you say?”

“I really anticipate your three medicinal formula.” A faint disdain was lifted from the corner of his mouth. He waved his hand and walked out of the open ground.

“I also anticipate the selling locations of your ‘Medicine Gang.’” Xiao Yan smiled coldly. His gaze suddenly turned toward Bai Cheng and said faintly, “Senior Bai Cheng, our ‘Pan’s Gate’ will remember your ‘favor’ of smashing the selling area of our ‘Pan’s Gate.’ We will get everything back in the future.”

“Hee hee, as long as you do not rely on anyone at that time, I will take you on anytime.” Bai Cheng rolled his eyes and mocked.

Xiao Yan smiled faintly. Now that he had the instigator of the entire incident, he would naturally need to find him to take revenge. This ‘White Gang’ could be put behind…

After Xiao Yan and the others left the open ground, they went to the medicinal formula management and storage area together with Han Xian’s group. After telling Elder Hao about the competition, the latter displayed quite a bit of interest. Openly fighting with real weapons was basically something that happened everyday within the Inner Academy. However, something like this kind of pill refining competition was extremely rare. Therefore, upon hearing that Xiao Yan and Han Xian needed to borrow a medicinal formula from that place, Elder Hao agreed to it without even the slightest hesitation.

However, this Elder Hao had similarly raised a condition. That was that the medicinal formula would be personally selected by him. Xiao Yan and Han Xian were initially a little stunned by this condition, but they finally could only helplessly nod their heads. After which, each of them returned to their residence. They had already agreed to see who was better at the northern stadium the next day.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, that Han Xian appears to have some confidence…” Xun Er said with some worry on the way back.

“He naturally has some confidence. As a dignified tier four alchemist, he would be able to enjoy the treatment of a strong Dou Wang no matter where he is at. Moreover, with his ability, he would be among one of the best when placed among the Alchemist Department. After arriving in the Inner Academy for three years, there is seldom anyone who can invite him to refine pills now. This was after the initial two years in which he frequently refined medicinal pills.” Lin Yan curled his lips and said.

“Yes. By being able to reach a tier four alchemist at such an age his training talent can indeed be considered outstanding.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He did not refute it.

“Do you have any chance of winning?” Wu Hao frowned slightly and asked. Now that they had tasted the pleasant flavor of the fiery profits from the medicinal pills, they were naturally unwilling to give up this enormous cake.

Xiao Yan merely curled his lips under the observation of everyone. He placed both hands behind him and slowly stepped forward. It was a long while later before he laughed and softly said, “Isn’t it just a mere tier four alchemist? What is there to be afraid of? Wait and see his expression tomorrow.”

The footsteps of Lin Yan and the rest paused when they heard these words of Xiao Yan, which contained a confidence that was borderline arrogant. They exchanged glances with one another, and could only shake their heads with a bitter smile. What other methods did they have now that things had developed to such a stage? In just one short night, the news of Xiao Yan of ‘Pan’s Gate’ competing with Han Xian in refining pills appeared to have grown wings as it spread throughout the entire Inner Academy.

The Inner Academy immediately filled with interest and excitement under this shocking news. Similarly, the Inner Academy may have students fighting daily, but something like this pill refining competition was extremely rare. Therefore, nearly all the students had great curiosity for this competition. Moreover, some of the Elders in the Inner Academy who were bored from having nothing to do had also become a little curious after hearing about this competition. The name Xiao Yan was something that they had heard until they were familiar with during this period of time…

The first rays of sunlight in the morning finally slowly scattered down from the horizon under the expectations of countless people. They wrapped around the entire enormous Inner Academy hidden deep in the mountains…

The Inner Academy had four stadiums, namely the North, South, East, and West. Each stadium could accommodate thousands of people. The location of Xiao Yan’s and Han Xian’s competition was placed in the Northern Stadium.

Today, the Northern Stadium, which usually had hardly anyone, was packed with a large crowd of people until it was full. The noisy sound was nearly even more fiery than that of the Fighting Arena. As they eyed the black clusters of heads in the arena, some Elders who had secretly come to watch involuntarily sighed. The Inner Academy’s Trading Area, Fight Arena, and other special places did not appear to be this lively,


A clear gong sound suddenly, but slowly resonated throughout the stadium. Following the sound of this gong, the surrounding noise immediately became much quieter.

As countless numbers of gazes focused in the arena at the center of the stadium, an elderly human figure flashed and appeared. From the looks of his appearance, he was that Elder Hao.

Elder Hao’s gaze slowly swept over the black masses in the stadium. His gaze would occasionally pause at some areas. Immediately, a smile involuntarily surfaced in his eyes, “These Elders are really unable to restrain themselves any longer…”


A hoarse coughing sound was emitted from Elder Hao as he immediately suppressed all the noise in the stadium.

Following the quieting noise, a human figure wearing an Alchemist robe suddenly flashed onto the platform. After which, he stood beside Elder Hao without moving. One could see the extremely flashy four silver-colored ripples on his chest. Clearly, he was the leader of the ‘Medicine Gang,’ Han Xian.

The moment Han Xian showed himself, waves of cries sounded from the audience. It appeared that this fellow did indeed possess quite a great reputation in the Inner Academy.

Not long after Han Xian ascended onto the platform, a pathway suddenly opened up in the crowd. A smiling black-robed young man slowly walked forward under the numerous bizarre gazes around him. Finally, he got into the arena alone and bowed toward everyone. His posture was calm and indifferent, causing some people who were quietly watching him, to praise him in their hearts.

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