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Chapter 497: Han Xian of the Medicine Gang

Not far from the entrance of the ‘White Gang’ was a spacious open area. At this moment, this open space that was empty for a long time was being surrounded by a crowd that came from every direction until it was bustling.

Numerous gazes that contained various emotions were emitted from the crowd. There were also numerous private whispers, eyeing the people from the two groups which were facing off against each other.

One of the two groups present in the open ground had more people than the other. There were at least forty to fifty people clustered together. Just this imposing presence without mentioning any other thing was sufficient to let others feel surprise. The other side, on the other hand, had fewer people. From a rough count, they had around thirty people. However, regardless of whether it was in terms of aura or their expression, these thirty plus people did not show any sign of being frightened just because the other side had more people. Instead, each of them was more arrogant than the other. The intention to provoke within their eyes was extremely rich.

“Xiao Yan, are you thinking of giving the ‘White Gang’ a blow by leading so many people over today?” Bai Cheng hugged his arms and laughed mockingly at Xiao Yan from the leader’s spot in front of the ‘White Gang.’ Behind him stood Bai Shan, Fu Ao, and the two others. From the looks of the aura of the other two people, it seemed that they were all elite Dou Lings with similar strength as Fu Ao.

“Bai Cheng, our ‘Pan’s Gate’ has never provoked you, but you have stopped our ‘Pan’s Gate’ from selling medicinal pills. Isn’t this going too far?’ Xiao Yan’s face was somewhat gloomy. The coldness in his voice was something that anyone could easily identify.

“The Inner Academy has never restricted fighting. These kinds of small troubles happen everyday. What is there to make a fuss about? If you want to blame someone, then blame yourself for not having strength.” Bai Cheng rolled his eyes and spoke indifferently.

“From the looks of this situation, the ‘White Gang’ is intending on taking the lead in destroying the agreement back then. Ah. I really did have some wishful thinking. I naively thought that even with your terrible character, you would at least be able to keep your promises… from the looks of it now, you are actually all just a third rate gang without any integrity, credibility, or face.” Xiao Yan spread out his hands and softly laughed. His laughter was filled with ridicule that the people around could hear. Immediately, laughter burst from the crowd around. After all, quite a number of students in the Inner Academy had heard of the promise that Fu Ao had given to Xiao Yan back then.

Bai Cheng’s face became much uglier after hearing the laughter from around him. His eyes were dark and cold as he eyed Xiao Yan and said, “Looks like other than being remarkable at relying on women, your mouth is also eloquent. Back then, the agreement did indeed state that we would not randomly find trouble with the ‘Pan’s Gate.’ Hei. However, this does not include being requested by another person to teach you, this group of arrogant new students, a lesson…”

“Being requested by another? Who is giving you the request?” Xiao Yan’s eyes solidified as he coldly laughed.

“I have nothing to say.” Bai Cheng still laughed coldly. He twisted his neck slightly as his eyes harbored malicious thoughts as he eyed Xiao Yan’s group. He said thickly, “Since you have all come here today, I think that the agreement is already useless. Since that is the case, don’t blame my ‘White Gang’ for using its bigger strength to bully the weak!”

“Why don’t you come and try?” Xiao Yan’s eyes were as dark and cold as a snake. He moved his right hand slightly and an enormous Heavy Xuan Ruler flashed and appeared. Today, he had already made up his mind. If it really reached that stage, he would beat this bastard until he was seriously injured even if he had to display the ‘Flame Splitting Tsunami.’

“Oh… how lively?”

However, just as the anger in Xiao Yan’s heart gradually surged, a familiar mocking voice was suddenly emitted from the human crowd. Immediately, a gray figure flashed and appeared like a ghost before finally appearing in front of Xiao Yan’s group.

“Lin Yan?” Xiao Yan was startled when he saw the person who had come. He immediately frowned slightly. “Why have you come?”

“Such a lively matter has basically spread throughout the entire Inner Academy. I naturally needed to come and take a look…” Lin Yan shrugged his shoulders toward Xiao Yan as he smiled and replied. He had just completed his adherence to the procedure to expel the Fire Poison today when he heard of the rumors. Moreover, he had always claimed to owe Xiao Yan a favor. Therefore, after he hesitated for a moment, he hurried over toward the ‘White Gang.’

Lin Yan’s appearance naturally invoked a commotion within the surrounding crowd. With his status within the Inner Academy, there was nearly no one who did not know him. Moreover, from the looks of this situation, it appeared that he was on quite familiar terms with Xiao Yan. In an instant, private conversations involuntarily began to spread. Those gazes which were originally filled with pity toward the ‘Pan’s Gate’ had become much dimmer. With Lin Yan’s help, it was likely that the ‘White Gang’ would not have such great courage… after all, the name of Crazy Axe Lin Yan was not someone that Bai Cheng could compare with.

Bai Cheng’s expression had similarly changed when he saw Lin Yan, who had suddenly appeared. This was especially the case after he saw him smile while conversing with Xiao Yan. Bai Cheng’s expression became extremely ugly after that. Lin Yan was a top expert who was ranked tenth in the ‘Strong Ranking.’ His strength naturally far exceeded Bai Cheng’s, who was ranked thirty plus.

“Lin Yan, this is a private matter between my ‘White Gang’ and ‘Pan’s Gate.’ You…” Bai Cheng’s expression may be ugly, but he was unwilling to shrink back just like this. He immediately took a step forward, cupped his hands toward Lin Yan and spoke in a deep voice.

“There is no need for any nonsense. I owe Xiao Yan a favor. Naturally, I will need to help them. If you want to touch them, you can only ask the ‘Distant Fire Axe’ in my hand.” Lin Yan curled his lips and did not say any courteous words. He flicked his hand and a red-colored giant axe that was five feet long appeared in his hand. As the giant axe was randomly waved, the sharp blade of the axe cut open the air, leaving behind a faint red glow.

“You…” Being blocked by Lin Yan’s words, Bai Cheng was momentarily dull. His heart wanted to be angry, but when he thought of Lin Yan’s strength, he could only swallow the words that had reached his throat. He could only turn his gaze toward Xiao Yan and speak with a furious smile, “Xiao Yan, when can you not rely on others? The last time it was Han Yue. This time it is Lin Yan. Who will you invite the next time?”

“Do you even want your face? How long has it been since you entered the Inner Academy? How long has it been since Xiao Yan’s group entered the Inner Academy? You act as though you are so strong and arrogant in front of ‘Pan’s Gate,’ which was just established. If you have the ability, you can go and fight with Lin Xiuya’s ‘Wolf Teeth’ now. If you dare to go, I would also not stop you from getting rid of ‘Pan’s Gate’ in whichever manner you want. Should you not have the guts, you can just get lost. You are still debating here and there. Are you trying to provoke Xiao Yan to fight one-on-one against you? If the both of you have stayed in the Inner Academy for a similar period of time, I would not be creating trouble for you here.” Lin Yan’s expression sunk as he scolded Bai Cheng in a somewhat sarcastic manner until the latter’s expression turned green.

The observers around the open ground were also choked quite badly by these words. In their hearts, they quietly said that this fellow was worthy of being the craziest person in the entire Inner Academy. When he spoke, he actually did not give anyone face. Asking Bai Cheng to go and find trouble with Lin Xiuya. It was likely that Bai Cheng would rather give himself a tight slap than to be foolish enough to perform such a thing.

Xiao Yan was neither able to laugh nor cry as he was protected by Lin Yan. This fellow’s words were quite vicious. However, he felt such comfort after hearing them.

“Yo, it is indeed Crazy Axe Lin Yan. This realm of scolding people and finding trouble is indeed something that no one in the Inner Academy can match.” A somewhat cold ridiculing laugh was suddenly emitted. Everyone turned their gazes only to see that an empty path had been formed from the parting of the human crowd. A large group of people wearing Alchemist robes swaggered into the open ground. At the front of this group of people was a man who had some ridicule hanging on the corner of his mouth. The earlier cold laughter should have been emitted by him.

“Huh? Isn’t this the ‘Medicine Gang?’ Why have they also become involved?”

“Is the one leading them the chief of the ‘Medicine Gang,’ Han Xian? It is really unexpected that he has also appeared.”

“From Han Xian’s tone, it appears that he is here to help brace the power of the ‘White Gang.’ Now, there is a really good show to see. ‘Pan’s Gate’ has Lin Yan while the ‘White Gang’ has Han Xian…”

Bai Cheng’s green face immediately revealed some joy upon seeing this group of Alchemists who had walked into the open ground. The ‘Medicine Gang’ possessed quite a high position in the Inner Academy. There were usually many experts on the ‘Strong Ranking’ who had some relationship with them. Hence, if one was to discuss factions which were not to be trifled with, it was undoubtedly the ‘Medicine Gang’ besides the few factions established by those abnormally strong fellows in the top spots of the ‘Strong Ranking.’

“Hei, so it’s you, the one who has been selling fake medicine…” Han Xian’s appearance similarly caused Lin Yan to frown slightly. However, a similar voice full of ridicule was emitted soon after.

Han Xian was not too concerned about Lin Yan’s ridicule. His gaze leaped passed the later before colliding with Xiao Yan’s gaze behind. The four eyes interacted and some sparks were shot out.

“Ke ke, this person must be the chief of ‘Pan’s Gate’, the Xiao Yan who refined the three types of medicinal pills, right? It is really unexpected that you are also an Alchemist.” After they looked at each other for a moment, laughter was emitted from Han Xian’s mouth.

Xiao Yan stared at the Han Xian in front of him indifferently. His gaze swept over the four silver-colored ripples on the latter’s chest. Surprise flashed across his face. It was really unexpected that this fellow was really a tier four alchemist. After the surprise flashed passed, a cold smile surfaced, “Senior Han Xian. I think that the person who hired the ‘White Gang’ to find trouble with us ‘Pan’s Gate’ should be the ‘Medicine Gang,’ no?”

Xiao Yan’s words caused Han Xian’s eyebrows to be lifted slightly. The latter did not admit to it, but merely said in a slow and orderly manner, “Why doesn’t ‘Pan’s Gate’ think about what taboo actions they performed which resulted in having such an ending? Since you are all new students, you should be law-abiding during your first year. If your appetite is too big, you will only eat to your death.”

“Senior, thank you for your reminder. However, whether I eat to my death or I grow fat because of it, one will only know after one does it.” Xiao Yan coldly laughed in the face of the little hidden threat and warning of Han Xian.

“Unfortunately, you don’t have the chance to eat until you become large. The ‘White Gang’ is sufficient to cause ‘Pan’s Gate’ to lose all its reputation, yet you still want to eat until you become bigger?” Han Xian laughed softly.

“Han Xian, after hearing the meaning behind your words, are you truly the ones who got the ‘White Gang’ to attack ‘Pan Gate?’” Lin Yan frowned and asked to the side.

“Lin Yan, I advise you not to meddle in the affairs of others. Although you are ranked tenth in the ‘Strong Ranking,’ you should clearly know that the tenth is not the first. There are still the nine people in front of you who are stronger. If you really want to forcefully stand up for someone else, I can only invite the people in front of you to come and finish you off. Although the price is expensive, our ‘Medicine Gang’ can still afford it!” Han Xian’s expression sunk slightly as he coldly cried out.

Hearing this, Lin Yan’s expression similarly became dark and solemn in an instant. He had just opened his mouth to curse when Xiao Yan stopped him.

“Big Brother Lin Yan, leave these matters to me.” Xiao Yan smiled at Lin Yan. He slowly took a step forward in front of everyone’s gazes and looked directly at Han Xian. He said in a faint voice, “I know that you are afraid that I will sever your lucrative source of revenue. However, by just relying on this suppression of yours, it will merely have a temporary effect. As long as I, Xiao Yan, have my hands and legs, I will be able to continue refining. Moreover, there will naturally be people who will distinguish the medicinal pill advantage that ‘Pan’s Gate’ has over the ‘Medicine Gang.’ At that time, these measures of the ‘Medicine Gang’ will still be useless.”

“Is that so?” The corner of Han Xian’s mouth was raised slightly. His eyes were increasingly icy-cold.

“However, it is also possible for our ‘Pan’s Gate’ to completely give it up and not get involved in the sale of medicinal pills! That is as long as you agree to a suggestion of mine.” A cold smile suddenly surface on Xiao Yan’s face as he eyed Han Xian on the opposite side.

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