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Chapter 496: Conflict

Xiao Yan eyed the number that had reached a high of three hundred forty-eight on his green Fire Crystal Card within the large hall. He was involuntarily a little absent-minded, and was filled with emotions. Now that they had this route of selling medicinal pills, the matter of being frustrated and distressed over ‘Fire Energy’ could be considered to have been thrown far behind him.

At this moment, Xun Er, Hu Jia, and Wu Hao were also seated in the large hall. After two days of selling medicinal pills, their medicinal pills had also gained some reputation. Therefore, the current ‘Pan’s Gate’ could be considered to have gradually got on track. Therefore, they did not need to personally show their faces during the sale. Instead, they simply just announced a specific selling place and let the members of ‘Pan’s Gate’ wait there. All they needed to do was wait to collect the ‘Fire Energy’ at the end.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s emotional manner, Xun Er laughed softly, “Although selling medicinal pills is indeed very lucrative, if we did not have Xiao Yan ge-ge’s speed and success rate in refining medicinal pills, we would also be unable to achieve our current success. I have heard that even with the entire ‘Medicine Gang’ refining pills, their results after a day was only just a little better than the result of Xiao Yan ge-ge. Let’s not even talk about the material resources first. Just the efforts of those people would have consumed a lot of human resources.”

Xiao Yan smiled. He merely relied on the effects of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ and the help of Yao Lao by the side. He got up and stretched his lazy waist and began to feel a little bored. He had been refining medicinal pills unceasingly these few days. Now, the reserve medicinal pills that ‘Pan’s Gate’ had was sufficient enough for them to sell for a week. Therefore, the current him had more resting time. This caused Xiao Yan, who was used to training, to feel a little uncomfortable. However, he had just broken through to the eight star not long ago. If he were to undertake a retreat again, it might be overkill and would yield poor results.

“Have the people that we sent out to purchase medicinal ingredients today not return?” Xiao Yan stuffed a cake into his mouth as he asked in a vague voice. The refining these few days had also used up most of the medicinal ingredients that they had purchased earlier.

“Ai, but they should be back soon.” Xun Er nodded slightly. However, her words had just sounded when a hurried knocking sounded outside. Immediately, a couple of human figures ran in.

“What is it? Atai?” Xiao Yan asked with some surprise as he saw Atai and the others panting.

“Chief, something happened!” Atai took in a deep breath. After he calmed his harried breathing, he finally spoke with a gloomy expression.

“What happened?” Xiao Yan frowned slightly. He swallowed the food in his mouth and his voice had also slowly become cold.

“The people who went to purchase medicinal ingredients today have all return empty-handed.” Atai said furiously.

“As expected… looks like the ‘Medicine Gang’ has taken action. However, the speed of their retaliation was so fast that it exceeded my expectations.” Xun Er bunched up her eyebrows and spoke coldly.

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed. Some cold glints flashed across them.

“Moreover, the brothers that we had sent out to sell medicinal pills were also blocked by other people. There were even some fiery-tempered brothers who wanted to resist, but were beaten by the other party until they were injured. Now, it is likely that the selling points were already destroyed.” Atai grit his teeth as he spoke of the final matter that caused him to be extremely furious.
TL: brothers here does not refer to blood brothers. Instead they are people from the same group

“What!?” The moment these words were spoken, the expressions of the four people in the room immediately became angry. Xiao Yan slammed the table on the spot and stood up. His expression was so dark and cold that it was like the prelude to a great storm.

“This ‘Medicine Gang’ actually dares to be so arrogant? Do they really think that our ‘Pan’s Gate’ is fun to bully?” Hu Jia’s pretty face was dark and solemn as she roared angrily.

“They are not people from the ‘Medicine Gang.’” Atai shook his head. He clenched his teeth and said, “According to the report by our brothers, those people that had come to create trouble appeared to be those fellows from the ‘White Gang!’”

“White Gang…” Xiao Yan was initially startled. A coldness immediately flashed across his face. Xiao Yan said thickly, “Those bastards. They certainly refuse to stop.”

“Chief, what should we do now? We cannot endure this matter!”

Xiao Yan’s expression was dark and solemn. He sensed the numerous fiery gazes looking at him within the large hall. A long while later, he waved his hand and said in a dark, cold voice, “Atai, go and gather everyone. Follow me to look for the ‘White Gang!’ Since they want to step on the head of our ‘Pan’s Gate,’ I must force them to take a beating too!”

“Alright! Chief, let’s finish them off!” Upon hearing that Xiao Yan did not cower once again, A wave of hot blood and flushed redness swarmed onto Atai’s face. He nodded heavily before dashing out of the pavilion house. After which, everyone heard his loud cries.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, are you planning to fight with the ‘White Gang’ now?” Xun Er mused for a moment before asking.

“Let’s just fight. During this period of time, ‘Pan’s Gate’ has received quite a lot of bullying from the ‘White Gang.’ If we continue to ignore it, it would not only increase their prestige but would also cause the heads of ‘Pan’s Gate’ to be pointed at and condemned as weak.” A fierceness flashed across Wu Hao’s face as he laughed coldly.

“Wu Hao is right. Even if we cannot defeat them, we would also let them know that our ‘Pan’s Gate’ isn’t meant to be trifled with!” Hu Jia’s almond eyes glared angrily as she cried out. Her character was originally that of someone who was afraid of nothing. During this period of time, she had held back a lot because she had only just entered the Inner Academy. However, she could not allow the ‘White Gang’ to provoke and insult them repeatedly in this manner.

“The ‘White Gang’ has gone overboard this time around. If we still remain silent and do nothing, it would likely cause those injured brothers to become disillusioned.” Xiao Yan’s expression carried an angry green color as he nodded. A moment later, he turned toward Xun Er and said, “Xun Er, your suggestion of forming or hiring a group to harvest medicine that you proposed the last time might have to be brought forward. With the financial strength of the ‘Medicine Gang,’ we would have no strength to retaliate if they want to block our path of obtaining medicinal ingredients. Hence, we can only rely on ourselves.”

“Yes!” Xun Er nodded slightly and said, “I will begin preparing for this tomorrow!”

Xiao Yan nodded. His expression was dark and cold as he said, “As for now, everyone will put down everything they are doing and follow me to the ‘White Gang.’ We will let those bastards in the ‘White Gang’ know that if they want to step on ‘Pan’s Gate,’ which is full of thorns, it would be wishful thinking if their feet did not leave behind bloodstains…”


The passersby coming and going on the spacious large road lined with trees eyed the large group of humans with steaming murderous auras. They involuntarily ceased their footsteps with faces filled with stunned looks. Most of this large group of people were holding shining weapons in their hands. The fierce look on their faces caused the people to the side to feel cold.

Only after they watched this large group of humans disappear from the edge of their sight did the road, which was shocked until it was completely silent, release waves of private whispers.

“What are these fellows planning to do? Their manner is like they have profound hatred. Are they planning to hack someone?”

“From the looks of the badge on their chest, they appear to be members of ‘Pan’s Gate,’ right?”

“Uh? The ‘Pan’s Gate’ that recently started selling medicinal pills? Don’t tell me that the black-robed young man leading them is that Xiao Yan, who is rumored to have refined those medicinal pills?”

“I heard that the members of the ‘White Gang’ had made a mess of the ‘Pan’s Gate’ selling places. From the looks of it, ‘Pan’s Gate’ should be charging toward the ‘White Gang’ right? Hee hee, this time around, there is great fun to watch…”

The calm Inner Academy had become a little noisier because of ‘Pan’s Gate,’ which had suddenly become bloodthirsty. Many students adopted the intention of taking a look at the fun as each of them ran around and told one another. In a short while, it attracted most of the curious people as they swarmed over to where the ‘White Gang’ was. After all, this kind of large scale great faction battle was extremely rare despite there being quite a lot of fights in the Inner Academy.

“Bad news, Chief!”

The door to a room bursting with unceasing laughter was suddenly pushed open. A human figure rushed in somewhat hastily as he shouted loudly.

“What is the matter that causes you to be so panicked?” Bai Cheng, who was in the leader’s chair, frowned slightly as he spoke unhappily. Yesterday, the ‘Medicine Gang’ offered a price that caused him to be extremely attracted merely to get him to cause trouble with ‘Pan’s Gate.’ He originally had great dislike for ‘Pan’s Gate’. How would he not be happy now that there was someone who was willing to pay a hefty price to get them to strike? Therefore, he had promised to undertake it the moment the other party opened its mouth.

As long as they got the support of the ‘Fire Energy’ of the ‘Medicine Gang,’ Bai Cheng would be able to exchange it for the scroll of a powerful Dou Technique from the Dou Technique Hall. At that time, his position on the ‘Strong Ranking’ would likely be able to move up a little. Having his thoughts interrupted by the shouting of someone at this moment naturally caused him to not have a nice expression.

“Xiao Yan has led the members of the ‘Pan’s Gate’ to come charging over toward us, the ‘White Gang!’”

Bai Cheng was initially slightly startled when he heard this. An instant later, however, his expression suddenly changed drastically after he recovered. He suddenly stood up and coldly laughed, “It is really unexpected that this brat has such a bloody character. However, it is like a chicken egg colliding with a rock. He is simply asking for it!”

“‘Pan’s Gate,’ which does not even have a single ‘Dou Ling,’ wants to have a big fight with us, the ‘White Gang?’ Chief, the last time it was because of me that caused us to not be allowed to touch them for half a year. Now that they have come and looked for us by themselves, this bet would naturally be useless!” Fu Ao’s face was flushed red as he stood up and laughed out loud.

Bai Cheng glanced indifferently at the extremely happy Fu Ao before he coldly laughed, “You should also not be too careless. It is rumored that that fellow’s fire lotus Dou Technique is something that even Lei Na is no match for. I’m afraid that even in a head on fight, you would be unable to defeat him.”

Fu Ao’s face slightly reddened when he heard Bai Cheng’s words. His mouth remained tough as he spoke, “That kind of Dou Technique may be strong, but it appears that with his strength, using it once a day is perhaps his limit. As long as I can endure one wave, won’t he be like a cluster of soft clay without any resistance, allowing me to mold as I please?”

“What is the use of saying this now. Immediately gather our people. Since ‘Pan’s Gate’ has come and looked for trouble with great fanfare, our ‘White Gang’ cannot show even the slightest sign of being timid. Otherwise, how will we survive in the Inner Academy?” Bai Cheng scolded once before he let out a sharp cry.


Everyone in the room immediately responded in unison upon hearing Bai Cheng’s order. They immediately charged out of the room. They began to shout out loud to gather the members of the gang.

A cold aura drew over Bai Cheng’s face as he heard the chaotic noisiness outside. He said with a cold smile, “Since you have come looking for us yourself, you should not blame me. This time around, if I do not cause all of you to lose your reputation in the Inner Academy, I would disgrace my ranking on the ‘Strong Ranking.’ A group of novices who do not know the immensity of the Heavens and the Earth!”

Once he said this, Bai Shan brushed his sleeves. His face contained some cold ridicule as he strode out of the room…

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