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Chapter 479: The Changes of Pan’s Gate

The warm sunlight scattered down as Xiao Yan walked out of the tower, causing Xiao Yan, who had stayed in the tower for a full five days, to have an impulse to simply lie down and not move. He covered his face with his hand and gazed at the blue sky through the gap between his fingers. He involuntarily inhaled a deep breath of fresh air with all his might. Although training in the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ was able to let one train at a faster pace, that kind of dullness caused people’s hearts to be far too depressed.

The Inner Academy had also thought of this point, which was why the light within the tower was made such that it was warm but not gloomy. However, no matter what was done, the tower was ultimately a tower. No matter how sufficient the light was within the tower, it would still feel like a cage-like area in anyone’s eyes. Only by looking at the vast sky outside would one be able to feel one’s emotions opene up.

“No wonder the Inner Academy tries to think of all ways to prohibit students from staying in the tower for too long. By staying for a long time, a deformity might really form in one’s mentality…” Xiao Yan quietly muttered. Only then did he move his feet and walk along the path that slowly headed for the area where ‘Pan’s Gate’ was at.

“I have not come out for four days. I wonder just how Xun Er and the rest are. They should not have encountered any problems…” As Xiao Yan thought in this manner within his heart, his footsteps involuntarily increased in speed.

Having walked this path for quite a number of times, Xiao Yan did not reach the point of making the mistake of being lost. Hence, after half an hour of rushing, the new students’ residence area appeared in his sight. His hurried footsteps also became a little slower after discovering that there was nothing amiss.

Using a laid back pace, Xiao Yan slowly walked into the residence area when his footsteps suddenly came to a halt. He knit his brows together as he eyed the four students at the entrance of the residence area as his eyes swiftly swept over their chests, only to discover a similar badge on them. The badge was entirely pale green in color and there was a black-colored object carved onto it.

“What faction do these people belong to? Don’t tell me that they are here to find trouble with us again?” A thought flashed across Xiao Yan’s heart. His expression became much darker and gloomier. Were these fellows not being too much like bullies? They had come to create trouble time and time again. Did they really think that these new students did not have a temper?

Xiao Yan moved his hand slightly and an enormous heavy ruler strangely flashed and appeared. He held the hilt of the ruler tightly as he walked toward the four students at the entrance with a dark and solemn face. The dark and deep anger on his face was something that anyone could see.

At this moment, the four students at the door also saw Xiao Yan. They were immediately startled before the four of them directly rushed over to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and directly watched the four people. His toes stepped on the ground. However, his body had just rushed forward when the excited cries from the mouths of the four people caused his face to be stunned.

“Chief, you are finally back!”

The heavy ruler in his hand was abruptly inserted into the ground, using this to stop his body which was just about to charge forward. He was surprised as he eyed the four people who had come to his side. A long while later, he asked somewhat uncertainly, “You are… people from ‘Pan’s Gate?’”

“Hee hee, Yes.” A young man among them who had an ordinary face, but a brilliant smile, nodded and spoke with that smile on his face, “Senior Xun Er said that since we are a faction, we should have a badge that belongs to us. She said that this would increase the sense of belonging the members have toward ‘Pan’s Gate’.”

Xiao Yan sighed in relief within his heart. He felt a little ashamed. As a leader, he was really somewhat irresponsible. He was actually not able to remember the faces of the members and had even nearly attacked them earlier…

Xiao Yan swept his gaze over the four people. Now that they had come close to him, Xiao Yan realized that the black-colored object on the badge seemed to be the Heavy Xuan Ruler in his hand while that green colored background seemed to be the same color as his ‘Green Lotus Core Flame.’

“This girl is really quite meticulous…” Xiao Yan laughed softly, patted the four excited people beside him and asked, “Xun Er should be inside, right?”

“Yes, Senior Xun Er is inside. Now, our ‘Pan’s Gate’ also have our own guard unit. Everyday, four people will take turns to stand guard and protect the residence. Moreover, there are ten members waiting for orders inside at any one time, ready to handle any unexpected situations. Senior Xun Er gave the other members the freedom of movement so that they can be familiar with the geography of the Inner Academy as soon as possible.” That young man appeared to be eloquent. He was leading the way while talking about the changes that had happened to ‘Pan’s Gate’ during these short four days as though he was pouring beans.

Xiao Yan quietly listened to him speak and could not help but praise within his heart. This girl really did have some ability. In just a few short days, she was able to consolidate ‘Pan’s Gate’ such that it appeared totally new. These kind of measures were something that Xiao Yan, who was used to being alone, could not produce.

When they were entering into the entrance of the residence area, the other three members of ‘Pan’s Gate’ paused. They continued to perform sentry while that eloquent young man continued to lead the way at the front until he brought Xiao Yan to the small pavilion home at the innermost area. Only then did he stop.

“Hee hee, chief, you can go in by yourself. I still need to return to do sentry. Senior Xun Er said that as long as we complete three full days of sentry and that no unexpected events happen during this period of time, we will be able to receive one day of ‘Fire Energy.’ The other brothers and sisters are all snatching to do this work now. Ha ha.” The young man smiled and explained after he stopped walking.

Xiao Yan opened his mouth when he saw the young man’s somewhat urgent and prideful face. His heart was finally filled with admiration. The girl had merely used some simple means to cause people to compete for the work of doing sentry. Although this kind of means was not too special, how many factions within the Inner Academy had the boldness and resolution to take out ‘Fire Energy’ as a reward? They themselves would feel that there was not enough of it. Xiao Yan, who had went to the second level of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower,’ clearly understood just how large the demand for ‘Fire Energy’ was in the lower parts of the tower.

“What is your name?” Xiao Yan smiled and asked just before the young man left.

“Chief, I am called Tie Mu. You must definitely look for me if you have problems in the future. Even if I cannot win in a fight, there are many brothers within our ‘Pan’s Gate!’” The young man who called himself Tie Mu smiled as he rubbed his face, feeling a little shock at the great treatment Xiao Yan was giving him by inquiring for his name.

“Ke ke, alright. You should go and do your stuff.” Xiao Yan nodded. He eyed the back of the other person as the latter ran with large steps and once again sighed at the changes of ‘Pan’s Gate.’ The current ‘Pan’s Gate’ was filled with an extremely solid cohesion. This kind of strength was the most basic factor that would enable a faction to grow.

Xiao Yan smiled in his heart as he turned around and pushed open the door to the pavilion home before slowly walking in.

Upon entering the pavilion home, Xiao Yan’s gaze swept in all directions before finally stopping on a windowsill on the second story, where the beautiful back of someone carefully watering a flower was.

At this moment, faint sunlight poured through the window, shining on the tall and delicate body. The body was like a green lotus swaying under the sunlight, appearing elegant and otherworldly, but was filled with temptation at the same time.

Xiao Yan’s gaze was somewhat blurred as he watched that beautiful figure. He remained quiet, unwilling to break this beautiful drawing.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge?”

No matter how beautiful the drawing was, there would ultimately come a time when one returned to reality. After she placed the watering pot in her hand down, the young lady finally saw the black-robed young man below. A faint joy and sleek redness involuntarily surfaced on her exquisite face.

Xiao Yan recovered when he heard the clear voice of the young lady. He smiled at the latter before slowly walking up to the second story. As his hands rubbed Xun Er’s head, he smiled and praised, “Girl, not bad. I didn’t expect that in only four days, you would have managed ‘Pan’s Gate’ in such a manner. I have really underestimated you.”

“There is also Elder Sister Hu Jia’s efforts here.” Seeing that there was no strange expression on Xiao Yan’s face, Xun Er quietly sighed in relief. She naturally pulled at Xiao Yan’s hand and said with a lovely smile.

“It is fortunate that there are the both of you. Otherwise, this ‘Pan’s Gate’ would sooner or later be managed by Wu Hao and me until it is about to collapse…” Xiao Yan laughed bitterly. He understood his own ability. Moreover, Wu Hao, that fighting lunatic was clearly no expert in management.

“That’s right, where is Hu Jia and Wu Hao?” Xiao Yan swept in gaze in all direction and asked uncertainly.

Xun Er pursed her lips and laughed softly. She said, “Elder Sister Hu Jia has gone to the Dou Technique Hall. She wants to see if there are any high class Dou Technique suitable for her there. As for Wu Hao… he went to the Fighting Arena. Moreover, he has not come back for the past two days, but Xiao Yan ge-ge need not worry. There are people from our ‘Pan’s Gate’ there. Someone will inform us if there is something wrong.”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He eyed that artfully smiling, splendid and exquisite face, and his heart could not help but pound. He extended his hand and held that delicate narrow waist which filled his grip. After which, he pulled the somewhat embarrassed Xun Er into a tight hug.

“You’ve worked hard. Xun Er…” Xiao Yan’s chin was placed in front of Xun Er’s forehead as he softly muttered.

“Why is Xiao Yan ge-ge being so courteous to Xun Er? When we were young…” Xun Er suddenly smiled. Before she had completed saying what she wanted to, she was interrupted by Xiao Yan.

“During these few years, you have already repaid me by over a hundredfold for those accidental actions that I did when I was young…” Xiao Yan softly sighed. What this girl had given to him was a little too much. Originally, with her elegant lotus-like character, it was very difficult for her to worry about a certain man in her heart. Moreover, with her outstandingness, there were truly very few men of similar age who could catch her eye. Although the strength on the surface was but a seven star Da Dou Shi, Xiao Yan would never forget how she, as a person who had just become a Dou Zhe back then at Wu Tan City, had unleashed the strength of a Da Dou Shi because of the alchemist Liu Xi, whom the Jia Li clan had hired.

Three years ago, she was able to reach the strength of a Da Dou Shi. Three years later…

As he thought up to this point, Xiao Yan once again laughed bitterly.

Xun Er’s face gently leaned against Xiao Yan’s chest. Xun Er did not mind. A stubborn shallow arc was lifted at the corner of her mouth. A moment later, she suddenly recalled something and her expression became straight. She broke free from Xiao Yan’s chest and pulled him along as she hurriedly walked into her room.

“What is it?” Xun Er’s action caused Xiao Yan to be startled as he asked doubtfully.

“There’s someone I want you to see.” Xun Er smiled. She gently clapped with her delicate hand. The dark shadow from a corner of the room was suddenly slowly extended. After which, it agglomerated together and wiggled swiftly.

In Xiao Yan’s somewhat shocked gaze, the dark shadow gradually agglomerated into the human figure of an old man. Finally, a somewhat familiar face that carried a smile appeared in Xiao Yan’s eyes.

“Ke ke, young friend Xiao Yan. Have you been well since we parted…” The old man could not help but ask with a smile when he saw Xiao Yan’s increasingly stunned gaze.

“You… you are old man Ling?” Xiao Yan’s eyes stared at the old man in front of him. A moment later, he spoke in a somewhat disbelieving manner.

Old man Ling. The old man who had appeared in front of Xiao Yan was shockingly that mysterious Dou Huang helper with an unknown background back when the latter had charged into the Misty Cloud Sect…

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