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Chapter 478: Seven Star Da Dou Shi

The invisible flame soared and burned within Xiao Yan’s heart. Threads of Dou Qi swarmed out unceasingly from the Dou Crystal. After which, they passed through the refinement of the flame, and once again returned to the Dou Crystal within the vortex.

Under this perfect cycle, the Dou Crystal, which was originally only the size of a thumb was already nearing the size of a pigeon egg. Moreover, the glow that was contained on the surface of it was becoming increasingly bright…

This change of the Dou Crystal naturally did not escape Xiao Yan attention. Since he was in a training state, he was not too certain just how long he had trained this time around. However, from looking at the powerful Dou Qi contained within the Dou Crystal, it appeared that he had already reached the peak of a six star Da Dou Shi. Perhaps he would be able to truly enter the seven star Da Dou Shi level very soon!

The Heart Flame rose endlessly near his heart, providing Xiao Yan with inexhaustible refining energy. All the cycles currently in Xiao Yan’s body were basically in a sort of an automatic process after having circulated for a long time. The Dou Qi did not require the control of Xiao Yan’s mind as it swarmed out of the Dou Crystal by itself, followed the path of the cycle, passed through the flame, and finally returned to the Dou Crystal once again.

Xiao Yan was naturally not foolish enough to break this kind of automatic training condition that was relatively difficult to come across. He simply quietly watched the increasingly bright glow of the Dou Crystal by the side.


There was no concept of time when it came to training. When Xiao Yan’s somewhat chaotic mind was once again woken up by a strange fluctuation, he was surprised to realize that the rhombus Dou Crystal within the vortex was actually like a star, repeatedly pulsating with a unique glow.

This sudden action of the Dou Crystal caused Xiao Yan to feel surprise for awhile before he understood with great joy that the chance for advancement had actually arrived!

Xiao Yan forcefully suppressed the wild joy that had rose within his heart. He did not issue any order to the Dou Crystal, but merely adopted the attitude of an observer as he carefully watched its actions.

The rhombus-shaped Dou Crystal was suspended within the vortex. Suddenly, a suction force seeped out from within it. Following the appearance of this suction force, Xiao Yan could sense that the powerful Dou Qi, which was still flowing through the Qi Paths in his body, appeared to have received a dragging force. It began to turn into a turbulent flood water as it carried a muted bang and swiftly swarmed into the vortex located in his lower abdomen.

At this moment, not only was the interior of Xiao Yan’s body experiencing a change but a large movement had also appeared on the exterior of his body. The moment the Dou Crystal emitted a suction force, the energy that was spread all over Xiao Yan’s body involuntarily swiftly fluctuated. A moment later, waves of heated energy began to wildly pour into Xiao Yan at the middle!

The energy in the training room far exceeded the outside world. Hence, when the energy was pouring in, the people around could even see a partially visible energy swirl being swiftly formed with Xiao Yan at the middle.

The remaining four students within the training room were also awakened from their training condition due to the shock from the sudden movement. They were startled when their gazes saw the energy swirl over the surface of Xiao Yan’s body. Immediately, their faces were filled with envy. Clearly, they knew what this movement meant.

“This fellow has trained without eating or sleeping for nearly four days. He really is an abnormal being…” A student eyed Xiao Yan who was wildly absorbing the surrounding energy and involuntarily whispered.

Since Xiao Yan arrived at this training place four days ago, he had not made even the slightest movement. During these four days, the other four students had all left to rest a couple of times before returning to the tower to train. Xiao Yan, on the other hand, had continued training until this day under their astonished eyes. If it were not for Xiao Yan’s calm breathing, it was likely that they would have already reported it to the instructor within the tower.

“I have inquired around today. This fellow is the leader of the new students this year. He is called Xiao Yan and is very strong. Rumor has it that even Fu Ao from the ‘White Gang’ was defeated by him.” A lady with a somewhat tender and lovely appearance stared at Xiao Yan’s face and carefully informed the rest.

“He is Xiao Yan? Hei, originally I did not really believe the rumors about him. However, now that I have seen him, it looks like they are true.” A surprise immediately swarmed onto the faces of the other three students when they heard this. Clearly, they did not find Xiao Yan’s name unfamiliar despite them not having joined any faction.

“Shh, be a little quieter. If we are to accidentally interrupt his advancement, we will be in trouble…” That lady placed a finger on her lips as she softly chastised.

“Yes.” The remaining three nodded slightly. They similarly understood just what kind of fury a person would have should their advancement be interrupted.


The Dou Crystal in Xiao Yan’s vortex repeatedly released a suction force. The Dou Qi within his Qi Paths had been completely withdrawn. The Dou Qi that endlessly swarmed into his body from outside was not immediately absorbed into the Dou Crystal like the Dou Qi in his body. Instead, it was controlled such that it passed through that invisible flame within his body, undergoing a refinement. After which, it once again followed the Qi Paths in his body and completed a cycle before it entered into the Dou Crystal under the observation of Xiao Yan’s pleased mind!

Although no one controlled the actions of the Dou Crystal, the latter completed this absorption, circulation, refinement and other steps without any mistake. Its control over the strength of the flame was perfect. Xiao Yan would likely be unable to achieve such a level of control if he controlled it himself.

Xiao Yan’s action of totally washing his hands off and not bothering about anything appeared to have coincidentally allowed him to obtain a greater achievement.

As time flowed by, the suction force that was emitted from within the Dou Crystal grew increasingly powerful. The energy that poured into his body from the outside world also grew increasingly swift. If it were not because of the special terrain at this place and that the invisible flame could unceasingly appear, perhaps even the flame which refined the energy would cease working because of exhaustion of its energy.

Once the invisible flame disappeared, this refinement step would automatically disappear. At that time, Xiao Yan might have to personally take the helm. Otherwise, if he allowed the mottled energies to enter into his Dou Crystal, it was likely that he would not only have no hope to advance, but it would also cause him damage that would be difficult to remedy.

All the activities in the interior of Xiao Yan’s body and the outside world were being orderly carried out under the command of his Dou Crystal. This advancement was undoubtedly the easiest one Xiao Yan had experienced. By borrowing the effect of the invisible flame, Xiao Yan had successfully become a leader who abandoned his duty for once.

When the suction force in the Dou Crystal had been emitted for around twenty minutes, it finally began to weaken. As the suction force weakened, the energy swirl that Xiao Yan had created also slowly became weaker and finally completely disappeared.

The final thread of somewhat mottled energy passed through the invisible flame. Its body, which had shrunk by nearly ten times, was finally carried and circulated in a complete cycle through the Qi Paths before entering the Dou Crystal within the vortex…

As the final threads of Dou Qi poured in, the somewhat trembling Dou Crystal suddenly stilled. The glow which it emitted suddenly surged. Bright intense light shone on every single spot within his body. Under the shine of this strange powerful light, Xiao Yan could vaguely feel his Qi Paths, bones, and even cells emitting an inaudible relaxed sigh…

The strange powerful light continued for merely ten seconds before it slowly withdrew. A moment later, the light grew increasingly dim until it finally disappeared.

The moment the powerful glow disappeared, the Dou Crystal which was hidden within it appeared!

When the Dou Crystal appeared, it let out a slight tremble. A thread of powerful Dou Qi swarmed out. Finally, it was entrenched into his Qi Paths like a green-colored torrent. It swiftly channeled past, giving Xiao Yan repeated feelings of being filled with energy!

Xiao Yan’s mind studied the rhombus-shaped Dou Crystal, which was nearly two to three circular layers larger than before. He sensed the Dou Qi reserve was more than twice what it was before. Xiao Yan could not help but let out a long sigh of relief. At least this tough training of his was not wasted…

As Xiao Yan’s tensed heart slowly relaxed, he was gradually unable to maintain his training condition. His spirit was a little too giddy and he immediately withdrew from his training condition…

Xiao Yan slowly opened his eyes within the spacious training room. A faint green-colored glow flashed across his dark black eyes. He lifted his head slightly and swept it toward the other four people in the room. When they saw him sweep his gaze over, the remaining four people hurriedly turned their gazes away. At this moment, Xiao Yan had just completed his advancement and the force all over his body had reached its peak. How could they, as people who had just advanced to the Da Dou Shi class, contend with him?

Xiao Yan did not bother with the four people. He released a long turbid breath. His dark black eyes immediately became even deeper and more transparent.

Xiao Yan twisted his body and adjusted himself quietly before he withdrew the green Fire Crystal Card in front of him. He randomly glanced at it with his pupils and was stunned to realize that eight days of ‘Fire Energy’ had been deducted…

“How long have I trained for?” Xiao Yan frowned, turned his head and asked a student.

“Four days…” Seeing that Xiao Yan had voiced a question, that student hurriedly replied honestly.

“I actually trained for four days… no wonder…” Xiao Yan muttered helplessly. However, he rejoiced slightly within his heart. He had merely trained for four days, yet he had actually broken through to the seven star level. If it was in the outside world, this was impossible without one or two months.

“This ‘Fallen Heart Flame’… does indeed have unceasing wonders… its split body that shoots into people’s hearts can actually cause a person to raise their training speed to such an extent. If one possessed its actual body, just how frightening will one’s training speed be?”

Xiao Yan praised once before he stood up. He directly walked out of the training room. After training for four days without rest or sleep, he needed to temporarily rest for awhile. Although working hard when training was good, Xiao Yan also knew that one would not be able to achieve anything if one overdid things…

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