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Chapter 477: Exploration and Meeting

Xiao Yan walked along the spiral-shaped staircase for around five minutes before the sight in front of him suddenly became spacious. His body once again turned around a corner, and another spacious level within the tower appeared in his sight.

The size of the second level of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ did not differ much from the first level. However, compared to the first level, it appeared a little more desolate. Moreover, it did not contain the congested feeling of the first level. Although there were small groups of students who were repeatedly walking past, it was undoubtedly much better compared to the the situation in the first level where even walking was difficult.

Xiao Yan’s appearance caused the students who had come out from the surrounding training rooms to get a temporary rest to feel somewhat strange. However, there was not much commotion. Everyone’s gaze shifted away after they swept over Xiao Yan’s body. They talked privately among themselves, appearing doubtful about why Xiao Yan was still able to come down at this time.

Xiao Yan withdrew his gaze that was sweeping all around him. He was not too concerned about the gazes around him. He walked slowly and headed to the second level within the tower.

Xiao Yan breathed in a mouthful of the somewhat hot air after entering the tower. He could sense that the fiery heat contained in the air of this second level was far greater compared to the first level. It appeared that each time one descended one level within this ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower,’ the temperature would be much higher. He really did not know just how hot the last level was. It was likely only some Elders would dare to enter that kind of place.

Xiao Yan moved his feet and slowly walked through this corridor which had a circular path. On the left side of the corridor were the low grade training rooms at the outermost section of the tower. However, Xiao Yan’s aim was not here. Hence, he did not pause his footsteps as he continued to walk along the corridor and entered into the inner part of the tower. After nearly seven or eight minutes, he arrived at the middle grade training room area toward the inner part of the tower.

Xiao Yan stood in front of a middle grade training room where a tag, which represented there was no one within, was hung outside. He hesitated a little and did not immediately enter it to train. After musing for a while, he quietly headed to the middle area of this level. Since he had intentions on getting the ‘Fallen Heart Flame,’ he needed to figure out just what exactly was the bottomless black pit in the middle.

Xiao Yan walked out of the middle grade training room area and headed for the high grade training room area. The training rooms here undoubtedly appeared more exquisite compared to those outside. Moreover, they were much fewer in numbers. Xiao Yan carefully counted and realized that there were only eighteen high grade training rooms. Moreover, a special tag that indicated that there was someone training within was hanging outside the doors of these training rooms at this moment. Clearly, these training rooms had already been occupied by people.

A tall, enclosed wall stood further in the high grade training room area. Three middle-aged men wearing instructor badges on each of their chests stood straight by the metal door at the bottom of the enclosed wall while wearing an indifferent expression. When they saw Xiao Yan, who was at the intersection on the other side, the three of them threw over their gazes in union. Their gazes were filled with warning.

Seeing the tight defense, Xiao Yan could not help but shake his head in his heart. He could only give up the thought of inspecting. His gaze simply looked randomly around him before he turned around as though nothing had happened and headed to the middle grade training room area which he had passed while coming here.

Although Xiao Yan’s footsteps were slowly leaving, Xiao Yan could still sense that the gazes of the three instructor were firmly placed on his body. This cautious defense really caused Xiao Yan to be a little speechless.

“Looks like there should be a secret that cannot be made public at the middle area. Otherwise, there would not be such a tight defense. Ah, this damn ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ is really troublesome.” Xiao Yan muttered in his heart. His footsteps slowly paused as he raised his head to eye the small-sized middle grade training room not far away. This kind of small-sized training room could only accommodate three to five people to train. It obviously could not be compared to the kind of spaces on the first level.

Xiao Yan looked left and right only to realize that there was only this room that carried a tag that informed people an empty spot remained in the room. Immediately, he moved his feet toward the middle grade training room and hurriedly walked over.

When he approached this middle grade training room, Xiao Yan gently pushed open the room’s door. After which, he entered the room lightly, flipped his hand and closed it.

Warm light shone throughout every single corner of the training room. In the middle of this training room, there were five stone platforms which were around two to three feet apart. There were people seated cross-legged and training on four of these stone platform. Hence, Xiao Yan could only lift his leg and walk toward the remaining empty stone platform.

Perhaps it was because of the sound of the door opening but when Xiao Yan entered the training room, the four closed-eyed students opened them. Their gazes revealed an alertness as they watched Xiao Yan walk over. They sighed in relief only when they did not discover any badge that represented a faction on his body.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept over the four of them. He similarly discovered that they did not have any badges that represented any faction on their chest. It was likely that they were free people, who were those students that did not join any faction.

Although Xiao Yan did not wear the badge of any factions, the four people did not take the initiative to open their mouths to speak. They simply used their gazes to observe every single action of Xiao Yan.

“Four Da Dou Shi. However, seeing their unstable Qis, it is likely that they advanced to the Da Dou Shi class not long ago.” Xiao Yan sat cross-legged on the dark black platform. His gaze randomly swept over the back of the four of them and immediately muttered in his heart,

Xiao Yan flicked his hand and a green-colored Fire Crystal Card appeared in it.

“Green Fire Crystal Card?” The moment the Crystal Card appeared in Xiao Yan’s hand, four shocked voices immediately sounded in this training room. These voices contained some shock, envy and yearning…

Xiao Yan could not help but raise his eyebrows when he sensed the four yearning gazes that were shot from around him. He snorted as a powerful Qi surged out from within his body.

As they sensed the powerful Qi that surged out from Xiao Yan’s body, the expressions of the four of them involuntarily changed a little. They hurriedly withdrew their covetous gaze and no longer dared to display the slightest greed. Looking at the Qi which Xiao Yan displayed, he was undoubtedly much stronger than them.

Seeing that these fellows were shaken, Xiao Yan slowly withdrew his Qi. The Green Fire Crystal Card was inserted into the notch in front of him. Immediately, a faint glow was emitted. During the time this glow shot out explosively, Xiao Yan suddenly realized that two days of ‘Fire Energy’ was deducted from the number of ‘Fire Energy’ in his Fire Crystal Card at one go!

Xiao Yan frowned slightly and muttered in his heart, “Don’t tell me that the further one descends, the fee required to train for one day also increases? This Inner Academy is really harsh.”

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. He gradually closed his eyes as his hands formed the training seal in front of him. Awhile later, his breathing gradually became calm and he once again entered into his training condition.


Over ten old men were seated orderly in a spacious large bright room. Under the warm light, one was able to clearly see the badges that they wore on their chest. They were shockingly all special badges which only Elders had the qualification to wear.

Although the room was large, the atmosphere was somewhat depressing. A long while later, an old man seated on the leader’s chair with an appearance that one could not clearly see coughed softly. He took the lead to break the silence in the room as an old voice slowly resounded across the interior of the room, “That thing is beginning to be unstable again during these few days…”

The remaining old men frowned when they heard his words.

“After observing it during this period of time, I discovered that the fluctuations which ‘it’ emitted are much more intense than in the past. Moreover, from the emotions that ‘it’ emits, it is also become increasingly irritable…” The old voice continued to talk as it pleased, “From the looks of the situation, I’m afraid that within these few years, a huge counterattack will appear. If it is not handled properly, I’m afraid that it will be an extremely great trouble.”

“What about if we join hands and reinforce the defense once again? If that is really not going to work, let us inform the Headmasters of the Inner and Outer Academy. This thing cannot be exposed. Otherwise, those fellows from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ might covet and charge over to snatch it. Although our Inner Academy is deep within the mountains, it is coincidentally not far from the northern part of the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ Once something happens, those old fellows who have been paying attention to the Inner Academy will immediately rush over after hearing the news. With their experience, the seal on the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ may not escape their notice…” An old man voiced his thoughts.

“It is a must to strengthen the defense… however, the Headmaster is undergoing a deep retreat. The Outer Academy Headmaster is also likely to head out and travel around. No one knows where he is now.” The old man at the leader’s seat slowly shook his head. He mused for a moment before he suddenly lifted his head and threw a gaze toward an Elder in a corner. He said, “Elder Liu, how is that little fellow who possesses a ‘Heavenly Flame’ now?”

“He is currently training in the second level. Perhaps it is because he also possesses a ‘Heavenly Flame,’ but he is actually not afraid of the Fire Poison erosion. I have also did as First Elder has instructed and gave him sufficient care.” Elder Liu, who had met Xiao Yan once, hurriedly stood up and replied respectfully.

“Ah.” The black-robed old man in the leader’s seat nodded slightly. His old voice appeared a little low, “Ah, it really is unexpected. A ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ caused our Inner Academy to rise. Yet, a little fellow who is not even twenty years old actually possesses such a mysterious object all by himself. It really causes people to be envious.”

“All Elders, if you meet this little fellow, you can try to make things convenient for him. Perhaps, when the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ rebels in the future, we may need to rely on his strength… Ah, we cannot underestimate the strength of a ‘Heavenly Flame.’ Such a mysterious object is born from assembling the spirits of the Heavens and Earth. It possesses destructive strength. If one is not careful, I’m afraid that even the Inner Academy can face the threat of being destroyed.” The First Elder whose entire body was wrapped in a black robe sighed and said.


The ten plus Elders who were extremely respected by the Inner Academy’s students all stood up at this moment and replied in union.

“Yes, alright. All of you can disperse. Oh, that’s right. Remember to watch the movement of those large factions in the northern region of the ‘Black-Corner Region’ all the time. Especially those few fellows. There has been some unusual action in the Blood Sect recently. I heard that it is because of the death of that old fellow’s son. It really doesn’t allow us to stay relaxed…” The First Elder waved his hand and coughed a couple of times before speaking.

All the Elders nodded slightly. Their bodies immediately swayed, and they turned into vague black shadows that accompanied a breeze and disappeared from this tight room.

When everyone from the room had disappeared, that First Elder, whose entire body was wrapped within a black robe, finally stood up slowly. As his body straightened, it actually became increasingly illusionary. When he completely stood up from the chair, his body had already strangely disappeared from the room…

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